Bless them.

Just when you thought this far left movement of rapists, killers and public masterbaters could not stoop any lower, there’s this…

The Pelosi-endorsed #Occupiers are protesting in support of child sex trafficking.

Zombie was there.




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  1. “#Occupy Oakland Rallies in Support of Child Sex Trafficking”

    Of course they do.

  2. That’s so extreme… can’t believe even may Occupy folks think that way.

  3. Judge: “Officer, why did you shoot the PERVERT 8 times?”

    Officer: “Well, your honor, my gun only had 8 rounds in it, and I didn’t have an extra clip with me.”

  4. Bless Them……………. nah, F8ck them.

  5. We should remember these people have been supported by Obama and his cronies.

  6. Expose them. They deserve it.

  7. Are them two pictures before botox and after botox pictures of Piglosi ?

  8. #10 Here is the picture of Pelosi DURING Botox proceedure…>

  9. The other side of her sign: Abortion is what allows me to have more stuff. Kill the bastards.

  10. Planned Parenthood makes 100’s of millions from murdering babies
    Welfare parents make money off their kids from entitlements
    And now they’re supporting the sex industry,exploiting kids

    Conservatives have kids and wonder,how much money they’ll need to raise their kids

    Socialist Liberals see kids as an ATM/Debit card

  11. @ #13…continued

    Of course Hollywood has never exploited a kid for money

    Liberals are shameless..

  12. Brought to you by the Oakland chapter of NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association). Though what can you expect from a group like Occupy that includes members that expose themselves to children and leaders that encourage rape victims to not go to the police. I wonder, if a group has official rape free tents if that makes all the other tents sanctioned rape tents by default?

  13. ++

    Obama’s Mama (#72) taught Barry well, that why
    everything he does is “the right thing to do”.. :-(


  14. OT

    Schweizer Applauds Barr Slamming Pelosi for Insider Training

  15. #19

    oT SORRY.

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