OOPS!… Obama Forgets Michelle On Plane at First “Official” Campaign Stop (MUST SEE VIDEO)

He’s so cool.

Oops! President Barack Obama forgot about the First Lady when leaving Air Force One today at the Ohio airport.  It was his first “official” campaign event of the season.
Via LifeNews:

It’s a War on Women, folks.

You’ve gotta love his reaction once he realized he left Michelle back in the plane!
Good grief.

More… Chris added this:

I’ll be you anything the late night shows or SNL don’t have a skit about this because Mr. media rockstar is too cool to make fun of.


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  • All that matters in Pres. Obama’s world is “Me, Myself & I”. Just listen to one of his speeches.

  • P. Aaron

    He forgot about 230 million Americans too!

  • Joe

    Oops! My wife prop! Where’s my wife prop?

  • Buffalobob

    Hey Bo ya got a giver her time to put on the wig.

  • Bunni

    Bet he wish he could have left her on the plane. Then he orders the plane to fly over the indian ocean and dump the wide load.

  • ChicagoJenn

    This is not unlike what he did at the beer summit, the infamous photo of the policeman helping the professor to walk while Obama was a few steps ahead of them completely oblivious to what was going on around him. ME, ME, ME, I, I, I…… Typical of a selfish, ignorant person.

  • lethargic


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  • mcc

    Well, he’s got alot on his mind. Himself.

  • gracepmc

    Yeah, well when you are new to this campaigning stuff….

  • wiz

    Meanwhile, MObama has a pretty high opinion of herself, too. I’m guessing she’s not going to be letting him forget about that slight any time soon. Probably pretty cold in the Official Residence these days.

  • Funny stuff there.

    Read The Martinez Report.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Its’ not about a war on women. The same thing happened in 2009, at the infamous “Beer Summit”.

    There, Obama again thought only of himself as he left a crippled Professor Gates to be attended to by Cambridge policeman Sgt. James Crowley. Gates was at the center of an entanglement with the Cambridge police — police, who Obama claimed, acted “stupidly.”

    Yet, in front a complete array of press cameras, Crowley supported Gates’ arm as they both carefully negotiated steps from the White House, while the President walked ahead of them — strutting, smiling and waving to press corps.

    Obama couldn’t have cared less about “his lifetime friend, Louis Gates.” Obama thinks of only one thing — always: Himself. It shows in everything he says and does.

    He is the greatest disgrace this Country has ever had to bear.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    My apologies #6 — I think our memories and typing fingers were working at the same time.
    However, it’s good to know that this sort of news doesn’t go unnoticed.

  • regularguy

    Come on, guys, can you blame him? Good grief, that battleaxe is a miserable burden.

  • Sam

    Obviously, it’s easier to take The Mooch with him than it is to kiss her goodbye.

  • bg


    milli vanilli silli post..


  • RWGinger

    I see it differently
    how stupid is Moochelle to not know how to walk off a plane?
    come on

    I think it was either staged to show a human side
    or this Moochelle is even stupider than we thought

  • juandos

    Well if Obama had been smart he would’ve left banjo butt in Chicago a few years ago…

  • Michelle is so going to make him pay for that!

  • Winston Wolfe

    I’m glad others mentioned the Beer Summit, as well. First thought that came to my mind.

    Additionally, watch how this is covered … if covered at all by the press and pundits. It’ll be, oh, how funny. Who hasn’t done that, etc.

    Now, imagine the howls of outrage if George W. Bush did this to Laura.

  • Winston Wolfe


    It has nothing to do with whether or not Michelle knows how to get off a plane. It’s a matter of courtesy and respect to his wife.

    If my wife isn’t walking slightly in front of me, she and I are side-by-side. I never walk in front of her, and I most certainly wouldn’t be ready to run down a bunch of steps while leaving her behind.

    He’s an ass. A self-centered ass who thinks of nobody but himself.

  • NoBama2012

    Where did I leave Mooch???

  • Some of yall’s comments are hilarious. Yeah, when he realized that it was supposed to be the both of them his reactions were perfectly normal. That’s what anyone else would have done if it was a funny situation that he forgot and had to do this little embarrassed jig to go back and get his better half.

  • RWGinger

    The POTUS, by protocol is always first off the plane. How hard would it have been for Moochelle to just be right behind him so he could just turn around and as you say make sure she is beside him to descend the steps.
    He had to go back into the plane out of view. Why was she so far back?

    IIRC most of the time Bush and even Clinton waited on the top steps 2 seconds or so and laura or Hillary would appear.

    If she did that deliberately just to see if obama would come back for her she is the bitch we all know she is
    in trying to be kind to them( and this may be the ONLY time I will be kind to them) maybe she had to use the bathroom and no one told obama

  • Jim

    I thought he remembered his doggy bag!

  • Winston Wolfe

    Or maybe he’s a self-centered ass who thinks of nobody but himself.

  • Michael

    She started out standing next to him near the door but ran back in to scarf down the rest of the on-board buffet.

  • Forgot his beard for a moment…

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  • EBL

    I like slamming the President as much as the next cow, but stuff like that happens to everyone. Moochelle runs that family and controls him.

  • EBL

    And that is what scares me most about Obama, because Moochelle is a bad vindictive person.

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  • RiverRat

    This tells us everything we need to know about narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

  • Patty

    Was it she really was telling the truth and wants to close the door completely on the White House.

    It is he makes some many trips by himself campaigning and not doing the job at hand.

    Or is it I couldn’t give a d… what he does these days. He can sing and dance and consider himself a big celebrity but let’s hope the joke is on him and Michelle finally get that Big Wish of hers.

  • Patty

    what if.


  • Patty


    Open wide and bend over! Freddie Mac wants $19 million bailout after first quarter losses

    Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2.gifI suppose “only” $19 million for Freddie Mac is a big improvement. After all, in the last quarter of 2011, you and the rest of the tax payers in America gave Freddie Mac $146 million. I’m going to assume (but not sure) that the so called “conservatives” in the House authorized the previous $146 million, so the $19 shouldn’t be hard for Freddie Mac to get at all.

    Last year alone, Freddie Mac got a whopping $7.6 billion in tax payer bailout dollars. Again, I’m going to assume Congress had to authorize this, but I’m not 100% sure. As we continue along in Obamaville, Freddie Mac lost $1.2 billion, or 38 cents a share, in the first quarter of 2012. In the first quarter of 2011, Freddie Mac lost $929 million, or 29 cents a share, so you can see where this is going.


    Full circle to no where. The cause is coming back to haunt us. Those who made this economy fail are repeating the same old and tired tactics. We are getting NO WHERE FAST.

    Seems the Obamas are enjoying themselves, though.

    http://www.fireandreamitchell.com/wp-content/gallery/random/thumbs/thumbs_Barney-Frank-Jail-Justice2.gif and this is where he has belonged for years!!

  • drug abuse can cause memory loss and confusion.

  • SeniorD

    I’d believe Bridezilla will have ‘words’ with the Inept One. She’s also bigger than HERSELF! and can throw heavier objects too.

  • paul52

    Agree with #28. The Mooch hadn’t finished her third lobster humidor. (BTW I had grilled Spam for lunch.) Barry had no daddy= no manners toward women.

  • Chris

    I’ll be you anything the late night shows or SNL don’t have a skit about this because Mr. media rockstar is too cool to make fun of.

  • Sasja

    Come on. Give the guy a break. In his excitement at seeing all his adoring fans, he just forgot his manners. Happens all the time with narcissists.

    BTW. If any of you have not seen this from Veterans For a Strong America:


  • Jackson

    She would be easy to forget!

  • Stonedome

    The smoker in chief left Sasquatch behind? Say it ain’t so…

  • jainphx

    We must remember what he did in his acceptance speech, after winning the nomination. I’ve been around long enough to remember many many of these, and everyone of them the stage behind and around were filled with family and supporters. Not so with Obama, do you remember? he was the ONLY ONE on the stage. Do we remember the roman columns, and the lifted head. No this pos is all Obama or what ever his real name is, there is no one else, unless he needs a cymbal.

  • uncivil & right

    She must’ve really been jiggling the kennel door for President Fullofhimself to notice.

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  • bluetopaz
  • mcc

    Re #43 Sasja’s link —

    “Suppose the Seals go in there and some of them get captured or killed…the downside would be horrible for him.”
    —Bill Clinton

    That’s right. Heroic patriots are willing to lose their physical lives. Democrats won’t even risk their political lives.

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  • NiteOwlMom

    She’s just his composite wife anyway.

  • SeniorD

    Then again, the Inept One is truly in love with the man in the mirror.

  • Dylan

    Never agree with a thing he says but I do feel sorry for him in this case…. you know she whipped his __s for that one!!

  • Not News Worthy

    I can’t believe the comments that are being made on here. You are all very disrespectful towards the President of the United States. Isn’t he entitled to make a mistake or have a momentary lapse in judgement? I guess not because everyone who commented ignorantly is PERFECT and doesn’t make mistakes. SMH. At least he went back to get her, he coud have just kept going. Important people have lots of things on their minds. He could have possibly thought she was right behind him. And I also don’t think that anyone knows Michelle personally to know what she eats and if she is vindictive or not. Grown up people. She had to be doing something right he he’s been married to her for all these years. This post isn’t news worthy at all.

  • Bad wookie! Follow! Heel!

  • Rachel

    He was so excited about the dog lunch they promised him when he landed, he forgot Michelle.

  • Chalupa

    He’d much rather ride his imaginary stick pony than drag a Moose.

  • jainphx

    Not news worthy, when the scum in the White House shows us respect, or when the scum respects both the constitution and the laws of this land, then, and only then, I will show him respect. Until then I spit in his general direction.

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  • Limousine Barry

    What are you do’ in?

    Stuff that big butt of your in that dress and lets go!

  • A.Men

    uncool, cold, thug from Chicago pretending to be a real Husband and President of 57 states of …?

  • jut

    That was actually very cute. 🙂

  • tommy mc donnell

    imagine how dumb bush would have been if he had done that.

  • Dylan

    #57 – of course everyone makes mistakes, that is not the issue. What is important is the way he blames EVERYONE but himself for his mistakes; it takes a real MAN (and WOMAN) to admit to them and he cannot and will not do that, hence, that opens him up to this kind of criticism. But have no fear, after November you will not have to spend your time defending him.

  • Ridge Roamer

    Seems she still has a hard time leaving the aircraft. No money out of her pocket.

  • Westie

    I think BO had just gotten done with a bit of blow, IYKWIM, to prep his up energy and subconsciously wanted to forget about Michelle…..can’t really blame him.

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  • Quicksilver m.s

    Do you folks posting here, sleep at night with a CPAP Mask strapped to your face . A CPAP Mask that pumps Zyklon B into your Bodies ? .. ? Just wondering ! For you ALL , are so Cleaver and Witty in you comments !

  • Pamela

    I wish I could forget both of them, Howdy Doody and Clarabelle, no class,no idea how to run the country and the most evil person on earth. He has distroyed this country.
    WORSE PRESIDENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ImNoDhimmi

    #57, Not News Worthy –

    Your screen name suits you, and perfectly describes your comment.

  • Kathy Carter

    @ newsworthy…he’s got 3 years of “mistakes” behind him. He is disrespected because he is disrespectful….. of Americans, our laws, and the constitution. He’s just not worthy of respect. And as for leaving his snarky other half on the plane…who cares? She has no more respect for our country than her loser, lying, corrupt other half. After all….she wasn’t even proud to be an American til 4 years ago when the “dick”tator started running to take over the country.

  • Neither of them have any class, Moosebut and her slime ball husband are anti American Raciest s.. just like there minister Rev Right. These two will go down in history as the biggest mistake

    we ever made Politically Incorrect Bob

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  • ladyruth54

    As long as he didn’t leave the teleprompter behind, he’ll be ok.

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  • PDN

    He looks like he loves his wife, and thought she was right behind him. When he realizes she isn’t, he is embarrassed and jokingly goes back to get her.

    I am totally against President Obama’s policies, I think he is ignorant of basic economic principles, I know he wants to grow government over the private sector ——- but in every way he has shown that he loves his wife and he loves his children.

    Let’s be real —- joke about his lapse, but don’t joke about his love for his wife, or her love for him.

  • miker

    Hope you did a full stretch out before posting this, you could STRETCH a groin muscle with this piece of [email protected]

  • Dau Tieng 59

    Hopefully they’ll be flying commercial after next January.

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  • This is sad. You’ve got to look at this from his perspective. He might have assumed his wife was following him already. Who knows? He’s a human like you and I. He makes mistakes. It’s just that he’s the president of te United States. He’s on camera every second of his life, and he’s criticized for every little mistake he makes. Give him a break. Seriously.

  • Littleguy

    If my wife was as ugly as a man’s A$$ I try to forget her too.

  • you

    Obama is the perfect President for this country, just look at all his accomplishments. What do really want from him? He forgets his wife and it is such a big issue? Go get busy or run for President and see how easy that is.

  • Missology

    The man gives new definition to a self centered egotistical narcissist.

  • I’d have left her behind, too.