He’s so cool.

Oops! President Barack Obama forgot about the First Lady when leaving Air Force One today at the Ohio airport.  It was his first “official” campaign event of the season.
Via LifeNews:

It’s a War on Women, folks.

You’ve gotta love his reaction once he realized he left Michelle back in the plane!
Good grief.

More… Chris added this:

I’ll be you anything the late night shows or SNL don’t have a skit about this because Mr. media rockstar is too cool to make fun of.





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  1. All that matters in Pres. Obama’s world is “Me, Myself & I”. Just listen to one of his speeches.

  2. He forgot about 230 million Americans too!

  3. Oops! My wife prop! Where’s my wife prop?

  4. Hey Bo ya got a giver her time to put on the wig.

  5. Bet he wish he could have left her on the plane. Then he orders the plane to fly over the indian ocean and dump the wide load.

  6. This is not unlike what he did at the beer summit, the infamous photo of the policeman helping the professor to walk while Obama was a few steps ahead of them completely oblivious to what was going on around him. ME, ME, ME, I, I, I…… Typical of a selfish, ignorant person.

  7. Oba-me

  8. Well, he’s got alot on his mind. Himself.

  9. Yeah, well when you are new to this campaigning stuff….

  10. Meanwhile, MObama has a pretty high opinion of herself, too. I’m guessing she’s not going to be letting him forget about that slight any time soon. Probably pretty cold in the Official Residence these days.

  11. Its’ not about a war on women. The same thing happened in 2009, at the infamous “Beer Summit”.

    There, Obama again thought only of himself as he left a crippled Professor Gates to be attended to by Cambridge policeman Sgt. James Crowley. Gates was at the center of an entanglement with the Cambridge police — police, who Obama claimed, acted “stupidly.”

    Yet, in front a complete array of press cameras, Crowley supported Gates’ arm as they both carefully negotiated steps from the White House, while the President walked ahead of them — strutting, smiling and waving to press corps.

    Obama couldn’t have cared less about “his lifetime friend, Louis Gates.” Obama thinks of only one thing — always: Himself. It shows in everything he says and does.

    He is the greatest disgrace this Country has ever had to bear.

  12. My apologies #6 — I think our memories and typing fingers were working at the same time.
    However, it’s good to know that this sort of news doesn’t go unnoticed.

  13. Come on, guys, can you blame him? Good grief, that battleaxe is a miserable burden.

  14. Obviously, it’s easier to take The Mooch with him than it is to kiss her goodbye.

  15. ++

    milli vanilli silli post..


  16. I see it differently
    how stupid is Moochelle to not know how to walk off a plane?
    come on

    I think it was either staged to show a human side
    or this Moochelle is even stupider than we thought

  17. Well if Obama had been smart he would’ve left banjo butt in Chicago a few years ago…

  18. Michelle is so going to make him pay for that!

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