Hey guys! The primary’s over!
Ron Paul supporters booed Mitt Romney’s son Josh off the stage in Arizona on Saturday.
The Paulians were calling for Ron Paul’s son Rand.

AZ Central reported:

Supporters of Ron Paul booed the son of presidential hopeful Mitt Romney off the stage Saturday at the Arizona Republican Party convention as he sought to solidify support for his father’s nomination.

Hundreds of state GOP members were gathered at Grand Canyon University to elect delegates for the national convention in August in Tampa, which is expected to select Mitt Romney as the official Republican nominee to challenge President Barack Obama.

“We cannot afford four more years of President Obama,” said Josh Romney, the third of Mitt Romney’s five sons. “We need someone to step in there and turn things around.”

But Josh had to stop repeatedly as people booed and yelled for Paul, who has continued campaigning in the Republican primary. All other challengers, including Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, have dropped out of the race, and Romney has a commanding lead over Paul in the estimated delegate count.

Paul’s supporters wreaked havoc at state GOP conventions in Maine and Nevada last weekend.  They stripped Romney of delegates in Maine but let him keep the ones he won in Nevada’s February caucuses.

More… Here’s more of the rude Paul-nuts booing Romney.
via KPNX-PHX and Mediaite:




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  1. Well, the title just about says it all, Nuts but very determined ones. A Ron Paul supported that is still sticking with their man is like a dog biting at the Mailman’s pant leg. You try and try to make them get away but they keep on biting.

  2. Third party challenge is coming. I just get the feeling Paul would rather see Obama in the WH than Romney.

  3. It’s time for Romney and the GOP to recognize the powerful and persistent voice of Ron Paul and his supporters. #1 is right — they are not going away. Paul’s delegate statistics are not going away either.

    It’s time the Libertarian and traditional Conservative elements start reaching for some common high ground upon which to fight the battle of a lifetime.

    I fear that the alternative consequences will write the last chapter for this Country.

  4. The Republican party will never support a pro-freedom agenda. The Paulites are truly retards if they think otherwise.

  5. Paul supporters have to realize that Romney isn’t the enemy. Another four years of an Obama Administration will destroy the country. If Obama wins, there may not be any more elections.

  6. Correcting the blatant LIES of the socialist media, like AZ Central website of the Arizona Repugnant newspaper, is a never ending task….

    FACT (from somebody who was there): Josh Romney held firm, was courteous and although his speech was disrupted by the lunatic fringe group of Paulbots, he stayed at the podium and finished his comments.

  7. Ron Paul zealots are NO BETTER than Obamabots. Both are rude.

  8. Paul supporters are liberals who just want their drugs legal. Anyone who thinks they are conservative is just a plain moron. They are cool with Obama winning but just want paul for the drugs.

  9. They are acting like a bunch of union thugs, right Democrats?

  10. Paul supporters are as nuts as he. We have a couple of them living across the street from us and they are looney-toons. Any day now, I expect to see those men in the white coats come to carry them off.

    And Paul is a nutty, nut, nut, nutty, nut!

  11. If you will remember, the last time Ron Paul ran for office, he never did give his delegates over to McCain. Instead he kept them all and kept the money so he didn’t have any money needs the next time he planned on running for President. It doesn’t matter that Romney doesn’t have Paul’s delegates so long as he has enough to get the Party nomination. But the problem comes at the Republican Convention in August if the Paul people can get some of Romney’s delegates to come to their side. Paul may cause Romney to have a very low count. What that does is make it look like Romney is not that supported, but barely supported. Of course as long as he wins the election with enough states, and their delegates, he’ll need them when it comes to what he may end up with in the Electoral
    College. And there’s where the problems will occur. If Romney doesn’t get enough votes in the Electoral College he’ll loose, and the election will go to Obama. Paul doesn’t really have very many delegates to begin with, but I don’t know if the states he has won have as far as their states delegates go, will have the count needed for Romney to win when the states that go with Romney have enough delegates the Electoral College needs to put Romney in the White House. We could see a real screw up.

    And I’ll tell you this, if Pauls little bitty count of delegates causes Romney win in votes in the national election but loose in the Electoral College, I want Paul banned from ever being able to run for any office let alone for President. The little weasle! The only reason why all the young people are supporting him is NOT because he represents the Constitutional law. They support him because he represents Libertarianism of being able to be free to walk around naked smoking a joint and no one could bother them. And probably drinking all the beer they want to, I suppose. Paul represents the Libertarian belief in Total Freedom, which is freedom to do ANYTHING you want to do and really causes alot of deep excitement in young people who want to be free to do whatever they want anyway. That’s just what young people believe is not having to follow rules and laws because they have just gotten loose from their parents anyway and want total freedom to smoke all the dope they want (because Paul believes in legalizing pot and other drugs like Acid, and whatever), and world peace, which is also what young people want. They don’t like trouble and problems being friends with whoever they want to be friends with, see? So sure they would support a candidate like Paul.

    But does Paul teach them about the Constitution and all the rules, being responsible for one’s behavior, and laws? Hell no! That’s boring, and makes young people cringe.

  12. Normally I support many monetary and fiscal policies of Ron Paul, however his nutjob supporters are completely turning me off him. You Ron Paul supporters say you want adherance to freedoms, freedom of speech, but you silence those who you are opposed to you?
    How exactly are you different from Obots then?
    These people should be ashamed of themselves!

  13. The only time Paul talks about the Constitution is when he’s telling his listener’s the thing about Total Freedom, to be able to do whatever you want. Of course young people would want our Constitution to say those kinds of things. It means that they don’t have to mind like they were being taught from their parents, see. It’s to much like being “a adult”, and not enough like being young and free as the breeze, to have to hear about our Constitutional law being violated by Obama. So Paul just talks about the Constitution in regards to being Totally Free! Yea! We get to get naked! Smoke Dope! Drink all the beer we want! Screw all we want! And be freeeeeeeee!

    Yeah, and all that kind of freedom is the kind of freedom Obama and the Communists are promising to. Maybe you can’t get naked as much as you would want, or walk around smoking all the dope you want, but the Communists can add that if they need to because obviously they don’t have to give that to anyone once they are in office. See, that’s the goal so promising anything is right up their alley, and they aren’t above making promises that they have no plans on keeping.

  14. I think or am beginning to realize that millions of people “feel” more comfortable with the Obama in.
    They have never been taught about freedom and free enterprise. Remember that 70% ‘mas o meno’
    of the population has been born since the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up.
    So there is no real continuity of Constitutional Law or Govt. They don’t teach Civics anymore

    And Obama acts the clown and the talk show guest and sings a ballad, with a big grin always.
    Romney grim and a fast-talker, and will spoil the fun.
    Plus all the elites want him in office, then we get a 2nd term minimum for Obama, he may never leave office. Better find some good GOPers in yr town that have never voted and get them to Vote

  15. If these clowns allow Obysmal to win I think a very strong response is indicated. Paul cannot take the lead on the ticket. These folks need to wake up and support the lead candidate. While Romney is not my ideal candidate I cannot see Obysmal in a second term.

  16. I agree with Keyser#9.

    These drug addled paulbots are just interested in getting their drugs legalized!! Otherwise they could care less.

  17. They’re like children who take their ball and go home because you refuse to play by their rules. Your guy lost, get over it. Romney wasn’t my first choice either but if you think he wouldn’t be better than a 2nd Obama term calling you nuts would be an understatement.

  18. are comments being moderated here? I dont know a single Romney supporter, everyone I know wants Ron Paul. Why would anyone vote against liberty?

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