Mitt Promises Tit-for-Tat – Will Send His Supporters to Obama Rallies …Then He Does It (Video)

Mitt Makes Promise – Then Follows Through
Last week Barack Obama sent his campaign supporters down to a Romney event in Philadelphia to protest.

In response to this, Mitt Romney promised reporters today, “If the president wants to send his supporters to my rally, we’ll show him that we have the same capacity as he does.”

And Mitt delivered.
Romney supporters met Obama senior strategist David Axelrod at his anti-Romney event in Massachusetts.

The Caucus Blog reported:

Loud and rowdy supporters of Mitt Romney in Boston drowned out an attempt by President Obamacampaign’s top strategist to attack the former Republican governor on his home turf.

In a morning news conference on the steps of the Massachusetts Statehouse, David Axelrod, one of Mr. Obama’s senior strategists, tried mostly in vain on Thursday to level Mr. Obama’s latest broadside on Mr. Romney’s record as governor of the state.

Instead, he was booed, heckled and chanted down by supporters of Mr. Romney who refused to let up even for a moment as Mr. Axelrod and Democratic state lawmakers sought to make their case. The group included several staff members in his Boston headquarters, including an aide’s dog wearing a Romney T-shirt.

With cameras rolling, the Republican hecklers yelled “We Want Mitt!” and “Broken Record!” and held signs that said “Go Back to Chicago!” Mr. Axelrod appeared bemused but rattled by them, at one point saying: “You can shout down speakers my friends, but it’s hard to Etch A Sketch away the truth.”

More… John Hinderaker added this on the Romney strategy, via Instapundit: These aren’t your father’s Republicans. “One of the most heartening aspects of the early stages of the presidential race has been the Romney campaign’s aggressiveness. Nothing discourages activists more than getting out front of a candidate who, it later turns out, isn’t willing to do what it takes to win. A number of Republicans of recent years could be said to fit that description, most recently John McCain. But not Mitt Romney.”

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  • Mad Hatter

    I’m glad to see Romney go out to the empty Solyndra, the Solar Company To Nowhere.

    I’ve emailed just over 20 people about the Solyndra Scandal that was pushed by Obama. Get the word out to others you know, this is a major story the Alinsky Media still wants to downplay, and cover up.

  • Mad Hatter

    ***the empty Solyndra building*** type

  • Multitude

    He truly is Boomerang Barry, the boy wonder that has every damn thing he throws come hurling back and smacking him on the head.

    Bain Capital? Smack. That’s gonna hurt. War on Women? Smack. That’s gonna leave a mark. Dispatching domestic agitators to harass his Presidential opponent? Smack. We’ll do it and do it better.

    Can’t run on your record. Can’t run on the fictional social issues of Mitt takes that off the table. Can’t run on foreign policy since you’re both hated in the world for your creepy drone-killing, Bin Laden bragging behavior and your general incompetence in everything else.

    Where are you going to run to, Barry? $100 says its Choom and more fund raising escapism with the Hollywood parasites.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “You can shout down speakers my friends,…”

    So…how’s it feel being on the receiving end for once?

  • donh


  • CV1


    So appropriate!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    …more fund raising escapism…

    I forgot where I read this, but it seems that Obie has done more fundraising than his past four or five predecessors combined.

    It seems running the country in a responsible manner plays second fiddle to keeping the Democrat Party flush with donor cash. Truly disgusting.

  • Woody Pfister

    AxelSchmuck actually tried to claim Romney “was a drive by governor on his way to run for Presient.” Wow, even for AxelSchmuck that is shameless!

  • American Woman

    This is how you must deal with Progressive scum like Axelrod, who spearheaded Obama’s 2008 run for the Presidency. Everything they do, give it back to them only double it.
    Tit for tat, only worse.

    Axelrod bemused? This scum is responsible for saddling the United States of America with a commie-loving Socialist, who works to destroy our way of life and is enjoying every minute of doing it.

    We don’t need to look to the Middle East to find our enemies. They are sitting in the White House, the State Department, and the Department of Justice. The whole Obama entourage needs to be tried for treason.

    I spit on Axelrod and the whole evil cabal.

  • pagar

    Obama does it again! No vets allowed at the Vietnam Wall while waiting for Obama speech

    “Obama “Insensitive, Cruel To Veterans And Familes” On Memorial Day Says Ex-U.S. Cavalry Captain”

  • ponderon

    Booed and heckled could happen to more deserving Chicago thug……..

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  • proof

    I drove by the empty Solyndra bldgs late today. There were still about four or five TV trucks parked there. So, Mr. Romney should still be on the six o’clock news with his little visit. Smart move!

  • Kelly

    What did Obama say about his foes?? Punch back twice as hard?? I honestly do wonder if Obama isn’t a bit surprised by the Romney campaigns willingness to take the fight to him. He is so used to the slavering media treatment that he hasn’t developed a thick skin. I hope he is surprised and squirming in his short pants.

  • VOM

    Romney is wise to channel the late, great Breitbart — punch back TWICE AS HARD!

  • crackermike

    I’m starting to get pleasantly surprised at Romney. He doesn’t appear to be deathly afraid of Obama as was McCain. McCain would NEVER have allowed his supporters to counter heckle Obama. Instead he would have chastised them and apologized to Obama. Romney IS gonna win, everybody is starting to sense it. It’s becoming ok to ridicule Obama in public now as the raaacism charge has become a tired old cliche.

  • Nomad

    Colonel Tom Parker David Axelrod never looked worse. Totally unprepared for this. But I especially love watching the faces of all the smug tools around him as they realize this isn’t going so well.

  • MVH

    Hear! Hear!!

    Romney spoke from the closed Solyndra plant, today. That was brilliant.

    Romney was not my favoded choice, but he’s the GOP candidate, now. If he doesn’t fold up faster than a chair (like Juan McRINO) John McCain, he just might be the next POTUS.

  • VOM

    When will MSM and Congress go after Corzine??! He ‘lost’ $1B, but because he bundles bucks for BHO he seems immune to even cursory investigation.

  • RM3 Frisker FTN

    It would be poetic if a third-party signed a six-month lease for the Solyndra building(s), sublet it to the Romney campaign, then Romney, with great fanfare, announces:
    (a) Solyndra building is the headquarters of his attempt to win California
    (b) replace the “O” in Solyndra with the Obama logo except a red slash through it
    (c) offer tours of the marvelous Solyndra HQ (charge admission)
    (d) have photos from first Staples HQ hanging throughout to illustrate the differences

    Major roadside advertising possibility due to the freeway that run right by the Solyndra building.