Mitt Romney on Marriage at Liberty University: “One Man and One Woman” (Video)

Governor Mitt Romney spoke today at the Liberty University commencement. The Republican nominee for president focused largely on a message of faith, family, hard work and service, but he also addressed the emerging same-sex marriage issue by saying “marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman.”

The conservative crowd loved it.

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  • Patty

    And he is absolutely correct. He may lose some youth votes and of course the gay community but this is a NATION UNDER GOD.

    I don’t care what someone’s private love life is but Marriage is Sacred. Half America doesn’t care but remember one more important thing, IT IS THE ECONOMY AND JOBS and 70% of America is unhappy with the JOB Obama is doing on that front.

    Social issues have been in the headlines but this is only because Obama will not focus on his failures. But here again Obama putting his foot into once again proves he is quite the Socialist. Like we didn’t know this already.

  • artsykr

    Yes it is about the economy and this lesbian would remind you all that Mitt(ens) needs to stay on message and step away from the social issues. I livd under that very same God and you all would do well to remember that as well. God and God alone gives me the right to breathe and to exist and to Love and be Loved … btw you do realize there are several Republican “Leaders” who do disagree with you all on same sex marriage, just a damned shame that their support has been hidden. Nontheless it is the economy and jobs etc…that should be the focus of this election…can we please stay on track here, because quite frankly gay or straight or whatever…joblessness sees none of the that… Thank You.

  • Hank


    We are perfectly happy to leave you alone.

    Why can’t you leave us alone? Why must we accept your beliefs when you do not accept ours?

    The essence of dictatorships, monarchies, socialism, liberalism is to promote minorities, their priviledges and beliefs over the majority.

    Accordingly, get lost, cupcake.

  • Greg

    May shea, this coonass doan no nutting about gay folks. Only that my definition of a threesome includes two wimmin. Why they keep bringin up thet stuff I doan no

  • Karen Morey

    Let us not forget there is only one God. HE wants peace between us all & that means gay, lesbian, transgender, etc. God does not judge even when we leave this earth. I would love to know just what the ones who are against Gays, is their problem. God also said “Love one another”. Yea I know there is a verse that says a man & woman should live together. What about all the divorces that separate them? :Live & let live.

  • Patty

    May 12, 2012
    No Thanks Close
    If we can what this thug says:

    Trumka: Obama gay marriage endorsement ‘could turn off some labor people’ [VIDEO]

    Read more:

  • Patty


    NY Senator: Honor Mother’s Day by supporting pro-abortion group VEIW

    There was a time that I was naive enough to think that Mother’s Day would be one occasion that the pro-abortion lobby would lay low, but that assumption left the building long ago thanks to things like this:

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a New York Democrat, has a great idea for you when it comes to honoring your other for Mother’s Day. She thinks the best thing you can do is make a donation to one of the wealthiest pro-abortion groups in the country.

    In an email she sent this afternoon, Gillibrand primes the ump for donations for Emily’s List, a leading pro-abortion political action committee, using Mother’s Day as he reason for supporting them.

    “This Mother’s Day, I can’t think of a better way to honor all the mothers in the country — past and present — than with a contribution to EMILY’s List,” Gillibrand writes. “They’re the ones working tirelessly to elect the pro-choice Democratic women who are making sure that our freedoms are protected for generations to come.”

    If you’re a bit of a self-loathing type who wants to honor your mom tomorrow, give a gift in her name to the organization that would have been happy to help relieve her of the burden of, well, you.

    What’s next, Senator? A pitch for donations to the King George III Foundation on the 4th of July? {..}

    Read much more here:

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  • Patty



    But truthfully, for a liberal and a leader to come up with such a hateful way to celebrate Mother’s Day speaks to a nation in real disgrace for our God and our unborn, the manner in which they love to destroy a wonderful day for Mothers everywhere speaks volumes on their hypocrisy and evil.

  • valerie

    #3 May 12, 2012 at 12:15 pm
    artsykr commented:

    You need to understand that, if you and your partner want to marry, you can do so, even in states that “ban” gay marriage.

    All that “ban” means is that the state will refuse to record your marriage, or will record a civil union instead of a marriage. That. Is. All.

    You can confer all the rights and privileges of a married person on your gay partner in a state that “bans” gay marriage simply by signing all the paperwork a straight, married person does. These include a limited power of attorney, will, insurance contract, mortgage, etc.

    If you are gay, and if you want to marry, consult a family law attorney, and set up your affairs the same way a straight couple does. That will work, because it is the COUPLE that controls the marriage, not the state.

  • no2liberals

    So now we are supposed to ignore Myth Romney’s homosexual friendly actions in the past?
    Ain’t gonna happen.

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  • bg


    good on him, he speaks the unadulterated truth..


  • bg


    no2liberals #12 May 12, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    because one supports homosexuals, does not
    mean one sanctions “homosexual marriage”..


  • Steve

    THANKS FOR POSTING! I used it with a Hat Tip to The Gateway Pundit!

    Common Cents

  • Joanne

    Marriage for sodomites? What is next? Marriage for pedophiles? Hah. Muslims have the market on that already.

  • sandy

    Thank you Obama for giving Romney an issue he can sink his teeth into.

  • sandy

    I was thinking of tying the knot with my Yorkie — but I’ll have to see how the Gay marriage thing works out.

  • sandy

    If our laws forced gays to marry — they would be out there screaming NO TO MARRIAGE NOT TODAY OR ANY DAY.

  • artsykr

    Where in my comment did I say I wanted to get married? Your hatred is really no different than those on the left… wow… and they let you vote? Dick Cheney, Laura Bush, Rudy Guilliani, Ann Coulter all sjpport Gay marriage and George W. Bush supported same sex Civil Unions and the State’s Rights to protect gays and lesbians. I see ignorance sees no party affiliation. Had you been able to see past your own ignorance you would have seen that I do not support socialism or the ball less wonder in the WH…But hey, like I said, ignorance and hatred sees no party affiliation, cupcake…

  • sandy

    As far as Romney giving that kid a haircut in the 60’s. Nothing unusual there. Back in 65/66 when long tresses for males first made the scene. It was not unusual to hear a guy shout out Cut That Girly Hair. A couple of years later long hair was totally mainstream.

  • Joe College

    Extended unemployment benefits have suddenly ended for 230,000 Americans in 9 states., and there has barely been a word about it in the press.

    A quarter million people effected. This is a huge huge story and there has been no press at all on it.

    230,000 Unemployed Will Lose Benefits This Weekend

    I wonder if removing these people from the unemployment rolls is going to reduce the unemployment rate. That would make Obama look better. This has the appearance of another re-election trick Obama and the media are playing on the American people.

  • Woody

    I don’t care what the president thinks, it’s a state issue just like marijuana should be.

  • obama is a mole

    Why don’t gays leave the straights alone!?? The bible is the bible…do they want to rewrite it to make it say something differnet?? We will never change that it says it is a sin for a man to lie down with another Leviticus 18:22 /Romans 1:27 and 1 Corthians 6:9..! Why can’t you stop picking on Christians and leave us alone! This is our belief, not yours so quit trying to change it! I could never hurt any human being ever..every human has a soul. Just get a friggin civil union and be done with it!

  • bg


    artsykr #21 May 12, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    re: [Your hatred is really no different than those on the left…]





  • Awesome speech by Romney!!!!
    Romney has honor and integrity and what a difference in Mitt and the socialist, marxkst America hater Obama.
    I can hardly wait to get Obama OUT for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Valerie, you are mistaken. Gay couples cannnot arrange things just like a heterosexual couple. Yes, they can desginate power of attorney, etc. but if the marriage is not recognized at the federal level, there are a whole range of financial arrangements (including joint filing of income tax and quite a few inheritance issues) that are no available.

    As someone who believes that government should stay out of our private lives, I believe that civil marriage should be available to gays and it is only a matter of time before that becomes the law of he land. In the meantime, the Democrats will use this as a wedge issue to make the GOP and conservatives look like small minded, head-in-the-sand bigots. There are much more important issues and if we keep fighting these small, losing battles, we’ll never win the war.

  • Ella

    Oh for Pete’s sake the absolute vast majority of us would all agree that gays be given all the rights and benefits that married people have but call it a civil union. A married couple consists of a man and a woman who can procreate. That is the difference.

    What I can see coming down the pike now is a disproportionate number of gays on sitcoms and other television shows so it’s going to be in our faces all the time in order to make it seem mainstream. Because this is not going to stop with obama flapping his gums. The left is only just getting started.

    By the way what about polygamy? Is that okay too with you lefties? Shall we draw the line anywhere or not at all?

  • bg


    May 12, 2012

    Romney Tells Liberty Students
    to Honor Family Commitments

    [“Culture — what you believe, what you value, how you live — matters,” Romney told graduates gathered in the football stadium on Liberty University’s campus in the Virginia mountains. “The American culture promotes personal responsibility, the dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion to a purpose greater than self, and at the foundation, the preeminence of the family.”

    Instead of a red-meat conservative policy speech, Romney discussed his own family and offered a defense of Christianity, saying that “there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.” Still, he was inclusive: “Men and women of every faith, and good people with none at all, sincerely strive to do right and lead a purpose-driven life,” Romney said.]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • mg4us

    Many Americans are willing to support giving gay couples similar rights many married couples have by entering into a civil union. . . just do not call it marriage because it is not a marriage.

    Marriage is between a man and a wife. . .

    And is a fundamental and sacred institution across all people, religions and nations because it is the ONLY social arrangement that works to effectively reproduce the species and support child bearing & rearing. And studies have shown that households with both a good father & mother on average end up being better for children than a single parent household or one with two gay parents.

    I have many gay colleagues who understand that the word marriage is what upsets traditionalists and are fine with civil unions. . . it is the militant an leftist leaders of their movement that have a chip on their shoulder and want to undermine tradition and values.

  • bg


    May 12, 2012

    It is time to build the Ark

    [In my opinion, the restoration of civil society in America isn’t just a matter
    of cultural integrity or American exceptionalism. In the end, I believe it will
    be a means of survival in the midst of economic and social upheaval. Does
    that cause me worry or fear, or make me angry at those who can’t see the
    coming storm?

    Honestly, no. I’ve read the book on how all of this
    is supposed to go down, and I know how it ends.

    The hard times my family and I have endured over the past six years have
    taught us that things can get bad, but we can still make it, especially if
    we stay together as a family, and lean on our church and our community
    for strength and encouragement. I also know there are millions of
    Americans out there who will come together in cities, towns and villages
    all over the nation, and take their destinies into their own hands, not
    because government compelled them to do so, but because the times call
    for it, and they will relearn how to care for themselves, their families and
    their neighbors. They will build the ark that will rescue us.

    Most importantly, they will remember the grace that God once shed on
    America, and they will reach out to those people who aren’t doing well in
    these tough times, and offer them the hand of compassion to lift them up
    into the ark with us. It’s already happening in some communities, and they
    are “all in” with rolling up their sleeves and bringing back hope from the
    ground up, rather than waiting on wisdom from the top down.

    Maybe then, we will be reminded of what once made America a beacon
    of hope to the world, and we will rebuild on those values that bring us
    together, rather than continue to quarrel over what separates us, and
    wreck this ship of state on the rocks.

    “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re
    in the same boat now.”
    ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.]


  • bg


    mg4us #31 May 12, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    re: [I have many gay colleagues who understand that the word
    marriage is what upsets traditionalists and are fine with civil unions. . . ]

    same here, except make that family, friends, and
    acquaintances over the years, not colleagues.. 😉

    and again, jmho..


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  • Tim in Cali

    Liberals definition of marriage:

    1. 2 MEN
    2. 2 WOMEN
    3. 1 man and a goat
    4. 1 woman and her snake
    5. 1 man and an aligator
    6. 1 woman and a building

    way to many to type,lifes to short

    BTW,google my examples,I didn’t make them up

  • stephen leach

    Yes you’re a lefty, you won’t fight to be free.
    Yes you’re a lefty, you alway shake at the knees.
    I DON’T LIKE YOU, I’m glad you don’t like me.
    Yes you’re a lefty, the world knows you’re lame.
    Yes you’re a lefty, you only pass out blame.
    You won’t die for freedom , that’s just your game.
    But you’ll enjoy all the bennies cause you have no shame.
    Yes you’re a lefty, The Gay’s Cavalier.
    If it weren’t for the hetero’s
    Yes you’re a lefty, you never offer to help.
    Yes you’re a lefty, you only help yourself.
    Yes you’re a lefty, you’re your family’s jewel.
    You talk double-dribble, and to women you’re cruel.
    Yes you’re a lefty, you’re a chump, punk, fool.
    Yes you’re are a lefty, you sit there & druel.
    Yes you’re a lefty, if you only had friends.
    You wouldn’t be a loser and you’d make amends.
    But you’re a lefty and that ain’t gonna be.
    You wasting all my time as we both cans see.

  • no2liberals

    #15 May 12, 2012 at 1:14 pm
    bg commented:


    no2liberals #12 May 12, 2012 at 12:55 pm

    because one supports homosexuals, does not
    mean one sanctions “homosexual marriage”..

    You should pay closer attention.

    Joint Letter to Governor Mitt Romney from (44)Pro-Family Leaders (This letter was hand-delivered to the Governorfs staff on Dec. 20, 2006.) December 20, 2006
    The Honorable W. Mitt Romney Governor, Commonwealth of Massachusetts The State House Boston, MA 02133
    Dear Governor Romney: You have a few weeks left in your term to take action on the issue of marriage. Contrary to opinions offered up by liberal commentators, liberal legal authorities, and perhaps even your own staff, you have the authority as Governor to reverse the damage that has been done to the sacred institution of marriage. The signatories below urge you to declare immediately that homosexual marriage licenses issued in violation of the law are illegal and to issue an order to all state and local officials to cease violating the law. As is increasingly well known, the Massachusetts Constitution denies the Judicial Branch any role in marriage policy: “All causes of marriage shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision.”
    In hearing the Goodridge case and issuing an opinion, four of the seven judges violated the Supreme Law of Massachusetts. Massachusetts courts have admitted, on other occasions, that neither they nor legislators, nor the governor are authorized to violate the Constitution: [The words of the Constitution] are mandatory and not simply directory. They are highly important. There must be compliance with them. (Town of Mount Washington v. Cook 288 Mass. 67) Nevertheless, after these judges issued an illegal opinion, you told the citizens of Massachusetts and all of America that you had no choice but to “execute the law.” Oddly, you were not referring to a law, but to the judges opinion. Your oath to uphold the Constitution requires treating an unconstitutional opinion as void (as President Thomas Jefferson did in Marbury v. Madison). You failed to do this. Nor did you treat it as an illegal ruling that affected only the specific plaintiffs (as Abraham Lincoln did, refusing to accept the Dred Scott ruling as law, pointing out that judges do not make law). Instead, you asserted that the courts opinion was a law” and thus binding. Though the Legislature never revoked the actual law, you issued- with no legal authority — the first homosexual marriageh licenses in American history. The Massachusetts Constitution does not confirm either your statements or your actions: 2 “[T]he people of this commonwealth are not controllable by any other laws than those to which their constitutional representative body have given their consent.”

    They don’t call him “Flipper” for nothing.

  • bg
  • bg


    no2liberals #37 May 12, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    i was there and enraged at the time myself, but where
    does it state Romney supported homosexual marriage??


  • bg


    no2liberals #37 May 12, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    Romney is not above the law..


  • chris

    Mitt Romney seems to be conveniently forgetting the history of the religion of which he’s a proud member.
    For quite some time marriage was certainly not between a man and just one woman in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
    Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, had more than 30 wives.
    And let’s not even get into the disgraceful part about how African American’s weren’t allowed to join, and believed to not have souls. Disgusting.

  • atticcellar

    Marriage should be none of the governments buisness. The role of the Federal Government should be limited to functions as laid forth by the founding fathers in the Constitution with nearly all governance being handled at the state level. Their should be NO federal entitlements making the whole gay marriage issue of no concern to the Fed’s. Restore the Rupublic NOW!! Ron Paul 2012

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  • She Shaw

    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    Valerie, you are mistaken. Gay couples cannnot arrange things just like a heterosexual couple. Yes, they can desginate power of attorney, etc. but if the marriage is not recognized at the federal level, there are a whole range of financial arrangements (including joint filing of income tax and quite a few inheritance issues) that are no available.

    Sorry moron, but joint filing does not save anyone any money

    NO TAX benefit comes from being married. None. YOU actually are left in a less desirable tax situation if you are married.
    It’s been this way since the late 60’s

    There is no such thing as rights comeing FROM your sexual desires or persersions.

    If rights came FROM desires, then everything is a right and no right means anything.

  • She Shaw

    atticcellar commented:

    Marriage should be none of the governments buisness

    Non-sense A legal marriage is not about the couple . It’s about future children of the couple . Marriage garners rights to children, by insuring they have a designated LEGALLY BOUND father at the time of their birth.
    In fact, thats what all marriages were always about–insuring the father of each child is known and connected to them. It’s the same reason why adultery is rejected.—because you’d end up not knowing who the father of a child is.

    Saying the government should stay out of recording the father’s legal responsiblity to children is a confused unthinking position.