Media Springs Into Action – Defends Obama For His ‘Born in Kenya’ Lie

Barack Obama was either born in Kenya or he lied about it for years. published a 1991 booklet by Barack Obama’s literary agent today that says Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Here’s the clip from the booklet:

Well, the Breitbart report must have stunned the media because it took them several hours to jump to Obama’s defense.
The media blamed the publisher, not Obama for giving the publisher the information.

The Ticket reported:

A possible source of the so-called “birther” issue–or at least a potential cause of the rumors that have dogged President Barack Obama–has been identified.

Obama’s former literary agency misidentified his birthplace as Kenya while trying to promote the then-Harvard Law grad as an author in 1991.

According to a promotional booklet produced by the agency, Acton & Dystel, to showcase its roster of writers, Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

“This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me–an agency assistant at the time,” Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. “There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more.”

A copy of the booklet was published on, under the headline: “Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'”–part of the “vetting” of the president the site’s late founder, Andrew Breitbart, had promised.

The publisher was using the bio for years. Obama never had the publisher correct the information.
It must have served him at the time.

More… The New York Times sprung into action on Friday morning with their attempt to make this latest devastating news all about “racial politics”:
Racial Politics, 2012-Style

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  • Granny

    “The publisher misidentified his birthplace” . .. . HAHAHAHA! PUH-LEASE! That isn’t even rational! And just NOW somebody is mentioning that they have their facts wrong? Twenty YEARS later – after this thing has been in use for years? (And what about that other publisher in 2004?)

    SURE – and the moon is made of green cream cheeses too!

  • well if obama didn’t tell him about Kenya how did the publisher know about obama’s Kenya conections

  • If this was a mistake then why did Obama go along with it until it became inconvenient?

  • We are so afraid, so politically correct that everyone is stepping on eggshells on this. Michelle Obama said he was born in Kenya, Obama did, his relatives did, the Kenyan newspaper did, and when anyone suggest it here, they are called birthers. Breibart site is cautious to say that they are not birthers, nor was Andrew Briebart-why? I do believe that a bit of pc caution in play.

    Folks if the media is so in the tank-why can’t this be possible? The birth certificate is questioned, the twins born after Obama have birth certificates with lower numbers than his…

    Make no mistake about this, the Left has serious radicals that HATE our country and would love a coup that would spit on the Constitution.

  • It was in his bio until 2007, clearly he liked it there and left it in place on purpose because it served him well. Its not the only place he claimed to have been born in Kenya either. Do I think he really was born there? Nah, but he wanted people to think so, because it made him seem more exotice and “authentic.” Like Warren’s faux Cherokee blood, Harvard liked it too.

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  • Sasja
  • CR

    That happens right:? My publisher keeps saying I was born on Uranus and I have to keep correcting them. It’s so hard to keep track of a birthplace these days.

  • Tom

    News flash?

  • RKae

    This is laughable. Why would a literary agent guess at his client’s birthplace? And why would he guess Kenya?

  • bg


    what about this, or this, or any and all of these?? /s/


  • Bill Mitchell

    To believe this literary agent we need to believe a few hard to believe things:

    1. She just randomly said Obama was born in Kenya without asking anyone – and odd thing to do since publishing false information could damage a client.
    2. Obama was never consulted about this and never read it himself after it was released because he never requested it be changed. So Obama is a new author but doesn’t even read his own press release?

    Both of these are utterly implausible. When will we stop accepting the word of Obama’s apologists when we all the facts tell us they are lying? Like with the birth certificate. One MSM outlet gave it a cursory glance and declared it authentic and all further studies which were far more in depth are considered wrong?

    I can’t wait till this man loses in November.

  • Miriam Goderich started working for Dystel & Goderich Literary Agency in 1995. The Obama ‘born in Kenya bio’ is dated 1991. Cuban-born Goderich [whose personal blog lists Joan Walsh as her favorite & whose FB page screams Leftist] claims responsibility for the Obama bio ‘mistake.’ But how could that even be possible when in ’91, Goderich didn’t work for D&G? Wonder how much $ this chosen ‘fall-girl’ is being paid?

  • wtd

    If the “Kenyan-born” feature is/was a (mis)characterization, what, pray tell, was the significant achievement requirning the use of a ‘literary agent’.

    What audience would/could this ‘literary agent’ target without the exotic “Kenyan-born” characterisation?

    Remember this is 1991. He was an unknown. He was an unknown up until his run for Senate.

    What made him stand out? Was he the first negro graduate from Harvard? Columbia?

    Without the exotic “Kenyan-born” characterization, does anyone believe he would have gained entry to such prestigious universities as Columbia and/or Harvard on his own merit . . .without affirmative actiion?

    It appears there was/is a great deal of ‘fact checking errors’ and no end in sight.

  • bg


    why would Michelle Obama state his own mother was very young
    and very single when she had him
    (and he was right there in the
    audience, even added his own two cents)??

    [KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A day after the revelation of Jesse Jackson’s crude criticism of Barack Obama’s speeches on fatherhood and faith-based initiatives, this morning Michelle Obama was talking about fatherhood, responsibility and accountability.

    “There’s government responsibility and accountability, and then there’s individual responsibility and accountability,” she said in response to a young woman’s reference to the Democratic nominee’s emphasis on fatherhood. “One never cancels out the other.”


    His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was “very young and very single when she had him.” And, Obama added, he has observed his wife’s attempts to reconcile motherhood with her career aspirations.]


  • BurmaShave

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
    when first we practice to deceive.

    Now the professional liars in the DNC media are about to have a field day.

  • What!

    You can’t let this go can you. You are all obsessed.

  • USMC Thomas

    No surprise, SØBama just practicing good mooselimb Taqiyya.

  • bg



    May 17, 2012

    Obama citizen-detention plan in trouble

    [A district-court judge has suspended enforcement of a law that could
    strip U.S. citizens of their civil rights and allow indefinite detention of
    individuals President Obama believes to be in support of terror.

    The Obama administration has refused to ensure that the First Amendment
    rights of authors and writers who express contrary positions or report on
    terror group activities are protected under his new National Defense
    Authorization Act.]

    there is a God, and we are the people, Amen..


  • Stonedome

    Miriam was just another good comrade using the race bat of the left to promote the future fraud of a leader named Barack Hussein Obama

  • bigL

    But there was no “Kenya” until Late 1963 and finalized in Jan 1964. The area was called British East Africa. There would haveb een no country when Obama was born except part of the British Empire.
    Then he’d be a British citizen he hated the connection with Britain and thus gave the Churchill Statue back first thing in his “administration”.
    So the “Biography” he wrote or his publicist wrote would be a double lie. Not “Kenya” at all but should
    British East Africa.
    Check out Wikipedia on Kenya before the dates are changed, and the history scrubbed.

  • Obama’s internet scrub-team will be out in full force ……….scrubbing off any mention of Kenya,better save all your links that refers to Kenya cause tommarrow want be there……

  • Sparky

    Bio’s are written by the individual and then submitted to the publishing agency.

    Obama wrote his bio well before he was “selected” to be village idiot in chief.

    The problem with Obama’s life of lies is that the truth always wins!

  • mg4us

    #7 Sasja

    Wow. .thanks for the link . .if this is legit. . He needs to be removed yesterday. . .

    and the MSM and all his accomplices need to be tried for treason. Love to see Tingles Matthews and Rachel Madcow along with Barbara Wawa, Whoppi Cushion and Joy Behar all end up either tried for treason or on the unemployment line.

  • donh

    The Brietbart people never lay down all their cards at once. The typo excuse is already absurd . How more so if there is other published material to come out produced by entirely different publishers. This is a Lie Lie situation.

  • jainphx

    What===== Just exactlywhat do you want us to let go? The fact that we may have a president that is not elligable. The fact that he usurps the constitution at every turn. should we let go his giving billions in our money to save the unions. What is it you want us to let go, you tell us.

  • just-saying

    So, why would someone put “Kenya” in the biography, just out of the blue? As CR well puts it, why not Uranus? Where did Kenya come from, Miriam? [Not to mention the inconvenient fact that you weren’t working there when the biography came out, as BoldFreshJew points out.]

  • atticcellar

    This is why Obama and his handlers have spent well over one million dollars keeping his records sealed from public eyes. He lies everytime he opens his mouth. No better the GWH. Both have brought in the Illegals (whom Obama is one of). These illegals do not love America but hate it. I live in a neiborhood that had become largely Mexican. They hate the US Flag and the english language. They were brought into the country to destroy the US identity and soverignty.

  • atticcellar

    Alex Jones and his “tin foil hat” followers are 100% right on.. AMERICA.. WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TO LATE!!

  • BurmaShave

    @#17 What!

    Say What! It is pretty clear that you don’t care what Obama is, says, or does. He can be, or say, or do just about anything; and that’s cool with you, because Obama is cool; what more could anybody want.

    Many people posting here have thought for a long time that he is the biggest liar that ever strode in our country, and now they have more proof on top of lots of other proof that this is exactly the case. This satanic liar lied literally before God and country WHEN and AS he took the presidential oath of office. He is living a lie, and is a living lie; and he is sitting in the White House at the apex of world power ruling our country and the world. He has betrayed our allies and encouraged our enemies. He has wasted our treasure and the blood of soldiers. Undoubtedly, he has compromised our nation’s security. Lord only knows the myriad ways Obama has [email protected] our county.

    Of course Obama had to have help, lots of help: From Communists in academia; from Communist union leaders, and their thugs; from ACORN; especially from the DNC, and the DNC media (aka the MSM), and from millions of people like you.

    You may think this is a bunch of silliness now; but I suggest you set aside the sports section and Variety magazine and re-read the second paragraph above. This may just be quite a bit more serious than you think.

    Oh and PS: There is absolutely nothing racist in anything I have said here.

  • donh

    It will be interesting to see if Miriam Goderich has any hair on her head a week from now after eating that plutonium sandwich David Axelrod’s goon squad has contracted for her. Got to punish the failure at information control , spread fear, and set the example publishers better burn all their old Obama papers …or your skin becomes game.

  • MN Jim

    This is not new news but the GOP never reacted to it in 2008, except to join in mocking anyone who questioned obama’s birthplace as a birther. A link with the headline “Kenya-born obama all set for the US Senate” worked yesterday, but now goes to a dead link.

  • Mac in NM

    Simple: Obama is the consummate manipulator. He was from Kenya when it served his purpose. From Hawaii when it serves his purpose. A super charlatan.

  • bg
  • pink tie Republican

    1. Why are the Breitbart people so freaking naive about Obama that they do not believe the birther claims? Are they just stupid?

    2. Yea, if I was this babe, I would be denying too, less Barry’s peeps come around and whack her.

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  • MarizyDotes


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  • thescribbler

    People! People! How dare you use common sense?! Get serious, if the woman says it was a mistake, then it’s a mistake. Pfffft. What a bunch of conspiracy theorists. (Me included, he’s as corrupt as they get and I am eager to see who has the guts to be the person to bring him down.)

    Can we make a list of the people Obama has run over with his bus?

  • rivet

    “This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me” —Goderich

    Well, the agency ought to have had the facts from the start. According to this piece, Goderich’s boss (and later partner,) Jane Dystel, first learned of Obama when she read about him in a New York Times article—an article that clearly places Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

    But it’s hard to believe that up till 2007 Dystel never once checked her own company’s bio of the man she believed from the start could become president one day.

    And Obama was unaware of the “error”?

    I don’t think Obama was born in Kenya, but I do believe he and his agent pulled a Warren.

  • Liz

    The reason the founding fathers put this in the Constitution was to avoid people who’s sympathies did not lie with the United States of America, but instead had antipathy towards this country. Where Obama was born does not matter. The fact that he told others he was born in Kenya, before he decided he wanted to go for the presidency, does matter. The dude’s sympathies lie elsewhere, he isn’t qualified. Suit up Biden, as incompetent as you are, at least you are arguably American.

    Check the AP article from 2004, was it. Apparently that reporter “made a mistake” too.

  • Liz

    Oh please, for Goderich it’s either she made a mistake or gets a bullet in the back of her head. What do you think she’s going to pick.

  • Ace

    So,this was a “mistake”, and has been scrubbed.
    Like the AP story from 2004—mistake, scrubbed.
    Like the Kenyan politician on a Detroit radio station—mistake, scrubbed.
    Like “Obama’s” own grandmother—mistake, scrubbed.
    Like the Honolulu newspaper article about two foreign born politicians—mistake, scrubbed.
    Like the African newspapers celebrating the native born’s win—mistake, scrubbed.

    Just a big mistake—scrubbed.

  • decentAmerican

    You know, I have had my birthplace listed or typed numerous times….job applications, banking and school forms, passport, and I’m sure it has been transposed by another individual into computer, and NOT ONCE has anyone ever mistakenly said that I was “born in Kenya”.

    The question here is…..exactly how STUPID do the liberal nutjobs protecing the demon think Americans are……and furthermore, how STUPID are the liberal nutjobs who continue to vote for this lying POS despite all the proof of lying, deceit, narcissism, corruption, and failure in front of them?

  • Faye

    I have always thought that Obama has played fast and loose with his citizenship. I believe he was born in Hawaii. Obama gamed the system and claimed foreign birth to qualify for scholarships and grants available to students of foreign birth.
    Why doesn’t someone check out who got those grants and scholies during the time Obama was in school? It would not make any difference to Obama’s base but it may make enough independent voters angry enough to vote for Romney.

  • The CEO of a well known company had to resign last week after it was revealed that years of his public biographies claimed a degree he did not have; this situation is really no different and particularly interesting given Obama acting like even the suggestion he wasn’t born here was racist or something … yet his own background bio – along with AP articles from the time provide at least enough for the question(s) to have been asked without the insinuations from Obama campaign.

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  • bg


    wow, lots of deleted posts..


  • Limousine Barry

    I will not have my past called into question!

    Let me be clear, I am as Native American as Elizabeth Warren. We both went to Harvard and we both are liars and limousine liberals. So there you have it.

    My limousine is steaming hot and Barney Frank is in the back seat. We have a fund raiser in San Francisco. Barney will be there in his high heals and fish net stockings. Make a donation. Good day.

  • Granny

    #34 May 17, 2012 at 10:29 pm
    bg commented:


    ‘Birther’ Dismissed from Army for Refusing
    Deployment, Sentenced to Six Months in Prison

    bit of good news for him..


    Yeah, too bad that the dude is pulling the “let us see the birth certificate” card rather than the truly legitimate “Your Daddy was a Brit so no matter where you were born you are ineligible for the presidency”

  • Granny

    #46 May 18, 2012 at 12:19 am
    Faye commented:

    I have always thought that Obama has played fast and loose with his citizenship. I believe he was born in Hawaii.

    Somebody posted a link to API up above. Go look at the documents that they have up. Now THOSE look truly authentic for the time period in question and they quite obviously have not been manipulated with Photoshop.

  • Prokop

    “Folks if the media is so in the tank-why can’t this be possible? The birth certificate is questioned, the twins born after Obama have birth certificates with lower numbers than his…”

    Wouldn’t that make the twins fake? Or confirm that birth certificates aren’t issued sequentially? Or mean literally nothing at all since all 3 conclusions are equally as valid if you don’t check if this doesn’t happen every day of the week.

    Meanwhile, the state of Hawaii confirmed his birth records and since there is no higher authority in the universe than them on the matter, I guess you’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

  • patmar

    The Sunday Standard story dated June 2004 headline reads “Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate”. Seems like it was common knowledge prior to 2007.

  • mg4us

    Funny to see the NYT shift into high gear to try to cover this up for OBAMA. .

    It has touched a nerve. .they say the truth hurts. .

    I hope all Republican and Conservative hosts on Sunday morning talk show interjects this in whatever they are discussing such as:

    Interesting how the media has so many questions about Romney and bullying yet there are new materials that surfaced from 1991 saying Obama was born in Kenya, Why hasn’t media investigated Obama thoroughly and why has Obama sealed all his records?

    If this 1991 is a mistake, why did Obama let this lie around for so long. . and why did he use it. . isn’t it like Elizabeth Warren claiming she is American Indian for political and economic gain?

    Time to turn the tables on the Media and their coverups

  • Jenny

    There are lies, damn lies and then there’s Whatshisname. I need more popcorn.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    This is really rich. There was a youtube video I saw quite a while back but no longer have the link where Michelle Obama says that Kenya was Barack’s home country. She apparantely mispoke. So did Barack’s own grandmother who claimed she was at the hospital in Kenya and witnessed his very birth, then she recanted and said she had been mistaken and really had witnessed the birth of another baby. The lies keep piling up!

  • IL Conservative

    If writers do compose their own bio, then I guess Obummer just “misremembered” his own birthplace. And Michelle “misremembered” her hubby’s “misrememberance”. What do you think? What a load of stuff they spew.

  • Mike

    BigL-You are technically correct Kenya was part of the British Empire known by Kenya Colony, British East Africa, but always called Kenya even then.

    Is it not possible the error could have been because he and his father share the exact same name?

    Or must it always be some form of conspiracy? I know the birthers/Breitbart Bros Joel & Ben’s answer to this already!

  • BlackBush

    I love you Limousine Barry! LOL!

  • Not this time…damage done.

    Had Obama played above the board, and established a reputation of earnest integrity while president, he could shake this off with a smirk and a helping hand from the sychophant media. Instead, he has garnered a reputation of dishonesty, half-thruths, and retribution. It won’t matter how he responds, or how the media circles the wagons this time. People are cautious of him (on both sides of the aisle).

    My prediction is that the polls will take a nosedive on him quickly, and the media will compensate by overloading (beyond what they have done so already) with democrats to try and avoid embarrassment.

    I find it interesting that there was little effort prior to the publishing of “The Amateur” to have it “file 13’d.” That they could see coming, but ignored the potential. Breitbart, on the other hand blindsided everyone. It’s adding up, and I’m betting the Obama administration is going to really do something stupid very soon to try and counter the negative run-off. Really, really, stupid.
    The Worm

  • karen

    Perhaps he’s just 1/32 Kenyan just like Elizabeth Warren is 1/32 Cherokee.

    This must be a liberal thing.

    Or a lying thing.

  • archtop

    None of this makes ANY sense. There are but two possibilities:

    (1) Obama was born in Hawaii, and for some reason didn’t know or care that someone was publishing that he was born in Kenya. And why Kenya (as opposed to some other country)? Did the “literary agent” make this up on his own or assume it? Did he ask Obama or not? You would think that he would have asked the person he was writing about before sending out the bio to be published and printed.

    (2) Obama was in fact born in Kenya, but changed his story later for political reasons. Well, the MSM is telling us this is NOT true, so…

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  • reneeca

    Thank God for Breitbard! Even from beyond his truth will be told! I miss him terribly as he was the defender of truth that we all needed! Keep up the good work!

  • bg


    ht rbo2 – May 18, 2012

    Is this what Obama meant when
    he said he ‘grew up’ in Chicago?

    [First, in April 2010, Jack Cashill wrote at American Thinker
    about the seemingly missing girlfriends in Obama’s life:

    “[Obama] recalls his early days in Indonesia, when he began
    to notice ‘that Cosby never got the girl on I Spy.’ Curiously,
    in his own book, he does not do much better.”

    When I read this little alarm bells began to go off.

    I thumbed my copy of Dreams, Barack Obama’s pre-emptive
    1995 autobiography, where he writes the following on page
    52. Emphasis added.

    … The initial flush of anxiety would pass, and I would spend my remaining
    year in Indonesia much as I had before. I retained a confidence that was
    not always justified and an irrepressible talent for mischief. But my vision
    had been permanently altered. On the imported television shows that
    had started running in the evenings, I began to notice that Cosby
    never got the girl on I Spy, that the black man on Mission Impossible
    spent all his time underground.
    I noticed that there was nobody like me
    in the Sears, Roebuck Christmas catalog that Toot and Gramps sent us,
    and that Santa was a white man.]

    links & more @ link..


  • bg


    Q: how do you spell the Presidents name??

    a: P H O N Y


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  • Deborah

    Yep, it is either Baracka lied or Baracka lied.
    Will MSM or even Fox cover this?
    If Fox does not run with this they have lost me for good.
    We are all Breitbart now.

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  • the woman goderich that said she made a clerical in the 1991 bio for the publisher wasn’t hired until 1995 according to her company bio. its probably been removed by now.

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