LAWLESS Obama Administration Files Suit Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Over Trumped Up Racism Charges (Video)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio reacted to the news today that the Obama Justice Department was suing him on trumped up racism charges.
The Obama Administration actually accused Arpaio of blatant disregard of the US Constitution.
My FOX Phoenix reported:

Arpaio reacts to U.S. DOJ lawsuit:

The lawless Obama Administration filed suit today against Sheriff Joe Arpaio over trumped up racism charges.
FOX News reported:

The Obama administration announced Thursday that it is suing Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio, accusing him and his Maricopa County office of engaging in a pattern of discrimination against Latinos.

The announcement by Justice Department officials came after months of negotiations failed to yield an agreement to settle claims that his department racially profiled Latinos in his trademark immigration patrols. Arpaio defended himself in response, claiming the federal government is trying to tell him how to run his office.

Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, at a press conference Thursday, described this as an abuse of power case. He accused the sheriff of scuttling negotiations by refusing to allow independent monitors.

The Department of Justice lawsuit marked an escalation in the agency’s civil rights investigation of Arpaio and puts the dispute on track to be decided by a federal judge.

The DOJ first leveled the allegations against Arpaio in December, saying that a culture of disregard for basic constitutional rights prevailed at the Maricopa County sheriff’s office, which covers metro Phoenix. Federal officials held off on filing a lawsuit as they tried to reach a settlement, but talks broke off last month.

The Justice Department wants to place a monitor at the sheriff’s office, basically watching everything he does. But Arpaio says he won’t allow that.
This is criminal.

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  • SSBN 627(B)

    Every organization must have a Political Officer to ensure compliance with Party doctrine.

  • Multitude

    “What good is being in control of the world’s most powerful government if you don’t wield that power to terrify, intimidate and coerce its subjects?” – attributed to an anonymous senior Obama official in the White House

  • bobdog

    Based on their history, the Racial Justice Department ought to be ready to go to trial in about 5 years.

    Unless the November election constitutes “exigent circumstances” or something.

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  • Taqiyyotomist


    If Naziism is right-wing…

    …this administration sure is shaping up to be extremely right-wing.

  • Paul in N. AL

    Ah trying to shore up his Hispanic vote, first gays now hispanics.

    Oh and if Holders looking for a place to oversee Arpaio, I know a good dumpster that Holder should be used to. We’ll get a nice desk and lamp set up in there and don’t worry you won’t get any rain in there as we’ll make sure that the top is bolted down firmly.

  • Oh Noes!

    The truth will come out and Sheriff Joe will be around long after January 2013!!!!

  • mg4us

    I hope Sheriff Joe uses this suit and the discovery process to go place and get into things that our news media refuses to investigate. . . He may be able to ask for and find things that would have been private or out-of-reach. . like what was Holder’s role in the FAST-and-Furious Gun running scheme. . .and what deals Obama and Acorn have cut along with LaRaza. .

    Follow-the-money trail Sheriff Joe. . .

    And know we are here supporting you!

    You cannot be a racist if your job is to SERVE lawful American Citizens. . . key words Lawful Citizens. . .American citizens. . .

    And while you are at it, ask to see Obama’s Original Birth Certificate. . .how about doing a DNA test to see if the Kenyan Obama was really his Dad and not Malcolm X!!!!;_ylt=At7HGFAVUP9RGE4ENT6.6mGbvZx4?p=malcolm+X&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-540

    See the resemblance????

  • Sasja

    Actually Sherriff Joe does not have to comply with any directive from the DOJ, as his authority exceeds that of the DOJ, IRS, NSA, etc. More and more sherriffs are learning of their Constitutional authority and are using it to halt federal strong-arm tactics in several counties around the country.

  • owl

    Yep, this is criminal conduct by Justice. Can anyone type Justice with a straight face?

    Sherriff Joe does not want their KGB agent? Do we happen to have any ELECTED voices that do not like KGB agents turned loose on Americans?

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  • Even Democrats are getting their fill of the criminal Holder.

    ‘The House Wednesday evening voted overwhelmingly to prevent the Justice Department from using taxpayer funds to lie to Congress.

    The vote came in a Wednesday evening series of amendments to a bill, H.R. 5326, funding the Justice Department for 2013. Members approved the language in a 381-41 vote; all 41 “no” votes came from Democrats, although 142 Democrats voted with Republicans in support of the amendment.

    The vote reflects the ongoing frustration Republicans — and apparently some Democrats — have with Attorney General Eric Holder.’

    House to Eric Holder: Stop lying to us

  • Sasja

    This most recent article takes up the Consitutional authority of Sherriffs and two very different bills.

    I found it surprising to read that Gov Brewer vetoed the Arizona bill because of her concern over the effect it would have on federal law enforcement. In my view, that should not be her concern. Her concern should be the people for whom she represents, not any federal agency. Especially in today’s political climate.

    I truly believe that had the local sherriffs exerted their authority, Ruby Ridge and the Branch Dividian tragedies would not have occurred.

  • Related.

    ‘Should Mitt Romney be elected, there will still be pain for our economy. That is no longer avoidable. Far too much damage has been done over the course of these last few years. Some of this damage certainly pre-dates the Obama presidency, but he and the progressive leaders of the Democratic Party have quite effectively accelerated it, making it increasingly difficult, and now impossible, to manage. A President Romney provides at least the hope of a recovery that leaves most of what we know as American still intact. A President Obama second term leaves little to nothing we know as America intact. I cannot promise whether or not Mr. Romney has the fortitude necessary to face the challenge of what is coming in 2013. I do know that he genuinely wants to at least try. That cannot be said of Barack Obama.

    I told you recently I thought evil had come to the White House and to America. That was not the ramblings of an old sick man. I remain convinced of that belief. I know of evil. I have seen its wicked hand hiding behind the smiling false promise of Hope and Change as it rips away the futures of the innocent from the face of this earth.

    And so, for the first time in my life, I now fight directly against a presidential candidate. And if I might say, hopefully without sounding too terribly arrogant, I am not one to lose. As our mutual friend once said in their own unique and quite appropriate way, ”He needs his ass kicked into the dirt.”

    I intend to do just that.’

    WALL STREET INSIDER: Economic Doom To Follow Obama Re-Election

    So do we all.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    S. Wolf

    ”He needs his ass kicked into the dirt.”

    It won’t be dirt. He has facilitated the theft of ten or more TRILLION DOLLARS from the United States Treasury.

    If he gets beaten in the election, he will leave office as one of the richest men on Earth.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ten billion dollars.

    Even if he only gets back 1/10th of 1 percent he’s still got a cool billion dollars.

    Plus “speaking fees” for the remainder of his life. Plus his Presidential Pension. And he’s probably going to double-dip and take a Senate pension as well. Like a good Democrat.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Ten billion for him if, as I suggested, he facilitated the theft of ten trillion or more dollars.

    Anyone in prison yet regarding Solyndra? Lightsquared? A123? Ener1? MF Global?


  • donh

    Arpaio is just getting too close to the truth about Obama’s fake vital records. This is Obama’s way of putting a severed horse head in the bed of every media reporter . The message is to stay away from Joe’s press conferances and report nothing he says…..or you get one of Vladimir Putin’s arsenic cocktails .

  • Ron?

    Does this idiot administration actually believe that they are shoring up independent votes by sending their brownshirts after sovereign law enforcement agencies, agents and private citizens? Folks, it’s going to be a long 6 months until this stain on our country gets bleached out. In the meantime expect more attacks from the Reichstag against their detracters. Stand tall and stand proud; President Douchenozzle will be defeated in November. Bunker down though, I expect that a certain demographic in our country will use his defeat as justification to rob, rape, riot and destroy on Nov. 05, 2012.

  • Shawn

    Uphold the law you are a racist what a joke. The obama Admin should sue themselves for being racist against America.

  • Sam Stone

    A crucifixion of a good American only following his States laws. “Go in and crucify the first 5 people you see…”

  • Mad Hatter

    Obama and Holder have had Sheriff Joe in their sites from day one, they’ve just been waiting for the right time to strike.

    This is an attempt to do two things,

    1. An attempt to harass, discredit, and smear one of the best lawmen in the country in order to make things so tough on him he’ll resign. Then replace him with a pro illegal alien sheriff that is approved by La Raza to bring “diversity” to the Sheriffs Department.

    2. This is to get the Hispanics riled up during an election year. With Obama all but writing off North Carolina (15 Electoral votes) he’s looking for a substitute state to try to win. Arizona (11 Electoral votes) has been on the back burner of Obama’s strategy to win the White House.

    Personally, I think the Obama and Holder blocking Arizona’s immigration law, and now suing Sheriff Joe is going to backfire on Obama.

  • MJ

    Holder, the PHONEY b*stard

  • bigkahuna

    If it goes to trial I hope Sherrif Joe brings up Obama’s Birth certificate saying that the Justice department is simply after him becuase he was looking into its lack of authenticity.

    Then in defense demand Holder and Obama be called to the stand to testify under oath to Allah

  • SeniorD

    Ths from the criminal regime directly responsible for, not only, ‘Fast and Furious’ (to stock up their personal Cayman Islands bank accounts) and the infamous cover-up (which is subject to Congressional Investigation.

    This gang certainly doesn’t shoot or talk straight, does it?

  • bg


    as me Dad used to say..

    tell them to go blow Joe!!


  • bg


    this is why Obama’s placing Joe in the bulls-eye..

    Justice Department feels ‘Fast and Furious’ squeeze


  • bg


    i must say that i also believe the attack
    against Zimmerman has a lot to do with
    it as well..


  • 1redbeard

    The leftist operatives at Justice may have decided to pick on the wrong man. Sheriff Joe is very likely to prove himself a formidable adversary, one with huge support from all across the country.

  • Greg

    Barry “The World’s Greatest Emperor” Soterro must be starting to freak out that an honest straight forward duly elected sheriff is focusing in on his fraudulent SS# that belongs to someone else and his fraudulent Selective Service registration. Can’t wait till the evidence against this criminal punk rises so high that the MSM will be forced to out this biggest fraud in the history of mankind.

  • Taqiyyotomist #16

    Probably. But unless he flees to a country with no extradition he will still do hard time in Leavenworth. Hopefully. Maybe he is planning to decamp to Pakistan, Indonesia, Kenya, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Russia or FITB country he has helped out with shady deals to live his luxurious life courtesy U.S. taxpayers.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    Arpaio is going to lose big on this.

  • Patty

    I want Holder locked up.

  • bg


    May 10, 2012

    Sheriff Joe to Holder: ‘Clean your own house first!’

    [‘Prove it!’


    “It’s ironic, don’t you think,” Arpaio said, “that Eric Holder refuses to comply with congressional subpoenas to deliver to Congress the information about his management of the Justice Department, but the Justice Department has no hesitation to make public their complaints about me despite the fact those allegation have never been proved to be true?”]



  • bg


    Lady Mondegreen #33 May 10, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    nah, don’t think so..

    [Phoenix today will be the site of dueling press conferences, with the
    Justice Department scheduling a late afternoon event. In addition, Randy
    Parraz, the radical agitator with a union-trained background as a Saul
    Alinsky “organizer,” also plans to hold a press conference today. Parraz
    moved to Phoenix to launch an effort demanding the Maricopa County
    Board of Supervisors order Arpaio to resign.

    However, Arpaio, who is near the end of an unprecedented fourth term as
    Maricopa County sheriff, is an elected official who cannot be dismissed by
    the county overseers.

    Arpaio cautioned that Holder should think twice about
    joining forces with activist operatives like Parraz.

    “I won’t surrender,” Arpaio insisted, referring to the Justice Department’s
    demand to put federal monitors within the MCSO. “I intend to fight back.”

    In November, Arpaio faces re-election for a fifth term.]


  • can sherrif joe sue the obama administration for racism, he’d have a much better case.

    call your congressional representative to tell them you don’t want the justice department to do this.

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  • bg


    May 10, 2012

    Sheriff Joe demands Obama draft registration

    [Is the microfilm safe?

    In the Communities @Washington Times article, Alan Jones noted that
    the Selective Service System published new privacy rules in the Federal
    Register Sept. 20, 2011, four days after WND reported Sept. 16, 2011,
    that Arpaio had commissioned the Cold Case Posse to open an inquiry
    with full subpoena power into the alleged forgery of several Obama
    identity documents, including his long-form birth certificate and his
    Selective Service draft registration form.

    Jones article noted it was the first update to
    Selective Service privacy regulations in 11 years.

    The key change is that the new regulations reclassify the status of draft
    registration forms from “record copies” to “non-record copies,” with the
    proviso that “non-record copies” are subject to disposal.

    The new privacy regulations further allow the Selective Service System
    to destroy microfilm copies of Selective Service registration forms under
    certain circumstances.]

    as far as i’m concerned there’s nothing to prove, the fact that Obama et
    al have gone to such great lengths to hide his past.. says more than any
    evidence could..


  • Mama Grizzly

    “The new regulations reclassify the status of draft registration forms from “record copies” to “non-record copies,” with the proviso that “non-record copies” are subject to disposal.

    The new privacy regulations further allow the Selective Service System to destroy microfilm copies of Selective Service registration forms under certain circumstances.”

    Certain circumstances? Hmmm. Like Obama doesn’t want it out there who he really is, and more importantly, who is actually supporting him. Foreign powers put Obama into office with the help of American Deconstructionists.

    Just sayin’.

  • DHarvey458

    What??? Did I hear the DOJ monthpiece say that the sheriff was violating the US Constitution? EXCUSE ME!!!! Who are the one’s that are really destroying the Constitution and this country?? I will give you 2 guess’ and first one will not count. GO JOE!!!

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  • jackheart

    Lol. you are aware that this investigation started in 2008, under the Bush Administration, right? I’m surprised you guy’s even know how to write words.

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