The Iranian regime has issued death threats against rapper Shahin Najafi over a controversial song he recorded.
The regime says the song is blasphemous. Now they want him dead.
Iran 180 reported:

Al Arabiya has reported that Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani, a Shi’ite cleric based in Iran has issued a fatwa against rap artist Shahin Najafi on charges of apostasy. The reality of the situation is that Najafi, who has resided in Germany as a rapper and rock guitarist since 2005, is receiving this sentence after his release of a controversial song called “Naqi” that the regime claims to be offensive to Islam. Since the sentence was announced, an aggressive online campaign calling for the hanging of Najafi has been deployed on “Asr Emrous”, an Iranian news website with strong connections with the regime, and on Facebook.

This screenshot taken of the campaigns Facebook page has been translated to read,
“We Will Kill Shahin Najafi. $100,000 for the person who murders this filthy animal.”

Here is Najafi’s controversial song – Shahin Najafi & Majid Kazemi – “Naghi”

Thanks to Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi for this news.




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  1. Is there a way to get Bill Maher to record a rap song about Islam…

  2. So, is the song actually disrespectful toward God, or to some human, fake big shot?

  3. OT

    Insight: Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears

    Shortly after sending U.S. troops to Afghanistan in October 2001, President George W. Bush focused so intently on freeing Afghan women from the shackles of Taliban rule that empowering them became central to the United States’ mission there. More than a decade later, as his successor Barack Obama charts a way out of the unpopular war, Afghan girls are back in school, infant and maternal survival rates are up and a quarter of the parliament’s seats are reserved for women who at least on paper have the same voting, mobility and other rights as men. But Obama rarely speaks about…

  4. Actually, watch this guy on a report recently, loved it. Have no Idea what he is saying and the Iranian Youth in audience loved it.

  5. Death threats against rappers? Hey, maybe these Muslims aren’t so bad after all.

  6. Afghanistan is falling back into the hands of the Taliban with Zero’s blessing so you can forget about any advances women have made because they will become moot.

    In fact, I read somewhere that girls schools are already being dismantled in some parts of the country. Will have to search for the article.

    As for this rap junk….you know rap was created for those who cannot sing and for those who have a tin ear. It is nothing but noise.

  7. OT sort of


    Wonder what Iran would think of Obama’s Homosexual America

  8. Here is one article on the situation re girls education in Afghanistan:

  9. You people need to accept the fact that Obama is a Muslim.

  10. #13…

    Wrong thread? Nobody here denies that. Kind of a moot point here.

  11. Jim Hoft:

    Everyday you could list the thousands of people who are on the Muslim scum’s hit list.

    They sure love killing. It’s that religion of peace thing doncha know.

  12. so, what’s new?

    this country must have a special department that sits around and decides who their next victim is going to be.

    can’t we just bomb the middle east into oblivion and be done with it?

  13. @ #13 American Woman = dhimmi

  14. … that cover painting will be on the cover of next week’s TIME magazine.

  15. Is there an English translation of this delightful song anywhere?

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