Illegal Alien Students Sue to Stop US Senate Filibuster

It’s an Obama world.


Illegal alien students sued today to overturn the US upper chamber’s filibuster rule.
They want you to pay for their education.
The Washington Times reported:

Illegal immigrant students and members of the House sued the Senate this week to try to overturn the upper chamber’s filibuster rule, arguing that the 60-vote supermajority requirement violates the Constitution and is blocking important legislation such as legalization for illegal immigrants.

If successful, the lawsuit, filed Monday, would rewrite the way the Senate operates — though courts generally have been reluctant to meddle in internal congressional rules.

Still, the effort mixes two thorny issues in separation of powers and immigration, and is likely to keep the Dream Act at the forefront of the national debate. The bill would legalize illegal immigrant students and young adults who were brought to the U.S. as children and who are seen as among the toughest cases in the immigration debate.

In late 2010, the Dream Act passed the House but was blocked from action by a filibuster in the Senate. The 55-41 vote fell five shy of the 60 needed to overcome a filibuster.

“The filibuster is exactly that — it’s a rule that’s crippled our system of government. Undocumented youth, perhaps like no other group, understands about the legislative process,” said Caesar Vargas, an illegal immigrant who went through college and law school and could benefit from the Dream Act legalization bill. “We have lived it; we have shed tears for it. And we have seen a minority able to cripple dreams.”

The filibuster is not found in the Constitution, but rather is a Senate rule that stems from its tradition of extended debate. Lawmakers used to use that extended debate privilege to talk legislation to death, so the chamber came up with the “cloture” rule, which, after several changes, now allows debate to be cut off if 60 of the 100 senators vote to do so.

Far left open border activists are reportedly energized following Barack Obama’s gay marriage flip-flop.

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  • befuddled

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

  • Rachelle

    Deportation not education.

  • ant

    “Oh, boo-hoo!” Mr. Vargas. This makes sense, apparently American citizens can’t sue their government or Senate but foreign invaders can…. the same laws that we must obey need not be followed by the foreign invaders, so hell…why not? Maybe Americans should try to sue our government for failing to prevent this influx of criminals and the destructive drain on resources, infrastructure, and jobs.

  • TiminPhx


    No, it’s more like Pedro and Juanita invade Washington.

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  • Remco Kimber

    FRDP 12(b)(6) on its way,

    Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

    US Const. Art. I, section 5.

  • Nana

    What are these illegals alliens interfering with our goverment, they should be deported!

  • tarpon

    Not much education in illegal aliens is there.

    Why not deport them?

  • Blackbird

    The Democrats have to be out of their minds to try and cripple the filibuster right now. We are poised to take the Senate. If we don’t have to worry about filibuster we will roll them like a drunk at Mardi Gras for the next two years, and without the filibuster they won’t be able to do anything except cry in the corner about it.

  • neverends

    Blackbird: The dems are so out of touch that they actually think they are going to retain control of the Senate and therefore are trying to stop any Republican opposition. I personally think it would be just desserts to get the rule changed and watch the dems cry when they can’t “stop” the repubs. This issue is nothing but another “distraction” to get the illegals out to vote in Nov because Bamey is even losing his precious “base” over the gay marriage issue.
    I say go for stopping the filibuster, dems and then cry about it later!

  • this is what howard dean and the rest of the marxists brought them here to do, enslave the american people. the american people were never going to give up their freedom so the marxists colonized the country with people that would.

    its your job to work to pay for their education, their condoms, their abortions, their birth control pills, or anything else they want. you have no right to the fruits of your labor(that was what americans thought)what you work for belongs to the politicans. that is the way it is in the countries they came from and that is the way they are going to make here.

    americans have been told that their county was being taken over by colonization since the 1980’s but you refused to believe it. well maybe you believe it now.

  • Alvin

    Illegals have no standing

  • spike

    Only thing left to say,WTF

  • bigL

    How come the 2010ers never do this? How come they never seem to do ANYTHING?

  • Time

    I am soooo happy for all these illegals that were able to gain entry into colleges across this nation and have aid in doing so too. When you have millions of legal citizens paying thousands of tax dollars a year and are unable to afford the min, state college for their children it is wrong. When you give other countries free college in this country to go home and better their home lands and you have your own citizens paying for them and yet not able to receive the same education it is wrong… Millions of home owners back in the 90s took second motgs on their homes to send their kids to college because they could not afford it. Now they are in debt to the bankers in their senior years paying off their childrens educations. Parents have learned, no more, they will not wager their futures any more… But in the same breath they see thousands of illegals going to college on their tax dollars and foreign students obtaining free education on their tax dollars and their children are left behind… Something is seriously wrong with this picture and the people that write the laws allowing this to happen… Just saying, enuf…

  • JimmyT

    They can file papers all day long and it won’t do them any good unless a judge determines it has merit and allows it to move forward. I want to see the judge that does this. The good thing is the government has their names and addresses so they can deport them. LMAO!

  • lolly

    @bigL – The 2010ers never had the numbers to get anything done. We have the House but they still have the Senate (count how many budget bills they’ve sent up only to be tabled in the Senate).

    We put them there so they could put a break on the dems bullet proof hold on all three houses (house, senate, wh). They’ve done what we asked. Now it’s our turn to clean out the rest of the garbage.

  • lolly

    @Tommy McDonnell – We’ve been screaming about this for decades. Shoot, nobody wanted Reagan to sign that amnesty bill. But both democrats and republicans are guilty of opening our country up to this freeloading, lowlife scum.

    Close to 90% of the country wants these people gone – and they support mass deportations. When has 90% of the people EVER agreed on ANY issue? That means both liberals and conservatives are on the same page on this.

    This is an issue of politicians REFUSING to do the will of the people who put them in office to represent them. It’s treason!

  • mg4us

    Illegals acting against our Constitution. . .sounds like treason.

    They should be rounded up as illegals and deported. .if not then at traitors and tried for treason!

    Do this a few times, and you see how fast they follow the procedures.

  • Yet another law firm that can’t read the Constitution. I wonder who they are, and whether their illiteracy might impact their other clients?

  • Barracuda

    Yeah, really. I am not a lawyer, but I KNOW cases like this have been tossed before because the courts do NOT have the authority to challenge Senate or House procedural rules, and certainly no authority to abolish them.

  • I paid for my children to go to college. We saved, got scolarship, and made it happen. My husband is a contractor (small) and work in my church. Think that was easy? Now I’m supposed to help ILLEGALS? I don’t think so.

  • bigkahuna

    Let me get this right just because your parents were illegals and drug you into our country illegally you want to stay and have us pay for your education ?

    Thats kind of like parents who ARE LEGAL stealing a car, robbing a bank and then demanding that their kids get to keep the car and money becuase they just came here to take care of their family…. Oh and since the kids need those parents you shouldnt put them in jail either.

    Get a clue.. ILEGAL IS ILLEGAL

  • ChicagoJenn

    what’s with the capital “J” instead of “T” in their sign?

  • Texas_Treeroach


    This morning, Bernie Schlempel, manager of Bernie & Ernie’s Grad Goods Emporium reported a break-in at their downtown store, along with the disappearance of its entire stock of caps and gowns.

    Ernie Schlempel, owner of the D.C.-based business, mentioned to reporters that “At this time of the year, this is really going to hurt us; even the hangers are gone.”

    Meanwhile, D.C. Police are puzzled by the number of coat hangers strewn on the sidewalk in front of the White House, following today’s demonstration.

  • valerie

    No. Standing.

    An illegal alien is a person in the US without permission, who has not allowed himself to be subject to the laws of the United States.

    No. Standing.

  • Smarty

    So US citizens do not have standing to sue to see Barak Obama’s real passport, but Illegals have standing to do this? Um, Methinks there are some ditches that need to be filled with judges in this country. And Lawyers and Journalists.

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  • atticcellar

    These illegals came in with the blessing of GWB, WJC, and BHO (aka Barry).. Now we have an illegal occupying the oval office.. Globalization and the loss of American independence is fully entrenched. puppets have been selected for us. Make sure to go to the polls and vote for Puppet #1 or Puppet #2..

  • Where’s ICE?

    Texas_treeroach…that wz funny! After we have supported these illegals with welfare all their lives now we r suppose to send them to school? Where is ICE and why the he’ll are they not doing their job and rounding up these illegals? The illegals take way more out if the system than what they put in. We can’t sue over obdmacare being crammed down our throats yet these illegals think they have the right to sue us? Give me a break!

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Standing is only a question because the claimed injury is probably too generalized. The real nail in the coffin here is the political question doctrine. Courts refuse to hear policy questions or ones that are better decided by the political branches or by the political process. This is an issue for the Legislative branch or in the alternative, the political process. There can be no question of that.

    Just as in Marbury v Madison, a federal court would have to be concerned that it might issue an injunction or writ of mandamus only to have the Senate ignore the court. Then, you have a bona fide constitutional crisis and the future of the judiciary as a coequal branch of government woud be in jeopardy.

  • southernsue

    why don’t they go to their own country and try to reform it?

    now that they are educated, they should go back to their own country and hold massive rallys in the streets like they do here in the USA!

    oh i forgot, the mexican government will kill you if you do something like that and these kids don’t like their own country enough to fight for it.

  • Finncrisp

    Round them up and deport. They are illegals involved in civil disobedience in a foreign land. They would be gone tomorrow if they were White Hispanics. DOJ too busy harrassing the states and Sherriff Joe.

  • Finncrisp

    I’d be surprised if these illegals have standing to sue in a foreign country to overturn rules of our national legislature.

  • the colonizer may have no legal standing but i would be willing to bet there are a lot of liberal judges that would hear the case.

  • Lil Obie

    #33 Southernsue