Idiot Environmentalists: Keystone Pipeline Will Actually Raise Gas Prices

It’s an Obama world.
Up is down. Square is round. Hot is cold. Spending is saving.

Irrational policy has consequences.
Energy Tomorrow Blog explained how the president’s policies in oil and natural gas development have contributed to higher gas prices.

This infographic shows how the administration’s oil policy has contributed to record high US gas prices.
Administration Oil Strategy Contributes to Price Increases

Despite the facts... Far left Keystone Pipeline opponents say building the pipeline will actually raise gas prices.
Bloomberg reported:

TransCanada Corp. (TRP)’s proposed pipeline to carry crude from the oil sands of Canada to the U.S. Gulf Coast would increase gasoline prices, according to a report from an environmental group that opposes the project.

The Keystone XL pipeline would divert crude oil from the U.S. Midwest to refineries along the Gulf Coast geared to producing diesel fuel for export, the Natural Resources Defense Council said in a report today. That will decrease the amount of gasoline produced for U.S. consumers and raise production costs, making the fuel more expensive, according to Anthony Swift, author of the report and an attorney with the environmental group.

President Barack Obama rejected the project in January saying that more environmental study is needed. The NRDC findings contradict a report last year from IHS CERA, which provides business advice and analysis to energy companies, that said the pipeline would help lower fuel prices.

“This requires President Obama and his administration and the Congress to take a real look at the impact of tar sands to the environment and not have to worry about the political issue of gas prices,” Swift said on a conference call with reporters.

These radicals really believe you are stupid. They do.

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  • Fuquay Steve

    It is opposite day, don’t you know? It feels like it has been opposite term. Is it november yet?

  • Sam Stone

    I don’t care if costs go up if it is costs that will not go to ANY other country for oil other than our own. There is a company that makes internal combustion engines for transportation that uses natural gas. Something we have far more than we need. NG is is an export for profit. Equalize the trade deficit.
    Westport Innovations Inc. Notice the stock price and compare it to Obama DOE loans to “alternate” energy co’s and comments and regulations. NG and coal are being killed without Congress.

  • Sam Stone

    I meant to add, when the DOE head under Obama AND Obama say they WANT and DESIRE higher energy prices, and the environmentalists agree, why would the environmentalists care about higher prices now?
    I am sure that someone smarter than myself in the mental health field knows a name for that.

  • Sam Stone

    “Is it november yet?” Opposite day. “?tey rebmevon ti sI”

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    These radicals really believe you are stupid.

    As I’ve already said more than once, with the outcome of the presidential election in 2008, they have every reason to feel that way.

  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Anyone remember the last time he NRDC made a claim based upon facts, logic, or truth?

    No? Neither do I.

  • bg


    drink up..


  • Facauwee Tribe

    After reading the claim that zippy has been fiscally responsible, nothing surprises me.

  • of course it would cost more to transport oil from canada than the middle east. it is vitally important to the cause to keep us dependent on the islamomarxists in the middle east.

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  • Facauwee Tribe

    Think globally, buy locally. Meh!

  • kathteach

    The day Obama was elected – America’s average gasoline was $1.89 a gallon.

    That’s all we need to know about his cowtowing and bowing to foreign oil types.

  • chuck in st paul

    It’s the old ‘zero sum’ idiocy once again. As if the Canadians aren’t ramping up production. So somehow this new production flow going into the pipeline will somehow reduce the current flow to the northern refineries.

    BTW, the southern refineries are the ones CAPABLE of handling the stickier, thicker stuff from the tar sands. That’s why it’s going there.

  • kathteach

    Nov. 3, 2008—U.S. Gas prices drop to $1.72 a gallon. Some gas stations even roll out a $.99 cent promotional deal.

    sorry – I was wrong with the above price on November 3, 2008.


  • bear

    Naturally, the natural resources dufuses forgot to mention the tens of thousands of jobs at stake.

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  • valerie

    A refinery currently set to produce diesel can’t be used to produce gasoline???!!!??

    Oh, my, I think I just lost some weight from LMAO.

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  • P. Aaron

    The only thing that gets more expensive when you increase the quantity is government.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    “… Up is down. Square is round. Hot is cold. Spending is saving. …”
    = = = = = =

    Hey, you left out a few: “War is Peace”, “Freedom is Slavery”, and “Ignorance is Strength”.

  • Goober

    Didn’t TransCanada say that’s what their goal for the pipeline was? To eliminate the bottleneck in Oklahoma that causes Canadian oil companies to sell their crude to Midwest refineries at a price below world market value?

    Why, yes they did:

    Various news sources have been reporting that the pipeline may increase gasoline prices in the Midwest for months, so the findings are hardly surprising.

    Gas prices were low in 2008 because the economy took a dump and the speculators dropped out of the market. Are you forgetting that they were at record highs just before that?

  • Rose

    The idiot enviro-whackos intend to jack up EXPENSES on the Construction and Operation of the pipelines UNTIL THEY MAKE SURE THEY WILL INCREASE THE COST OF GAS.

    They don’t think it fair we pay so much LESS than EUROPE for gasoline.