Horde of Leftists Knocked 80 Year-Old Woman to the Ground During Chicago Diner Beatdown

A far left “anti-racist” group beat Chicago diners with bats and hammers last week.

The five Indiana men arrested after a bloody melee at an Irish eatery where they attacked men they claim are white supremists. (NY Daily News)

Five men from Indiana are being held for the terrorist act.

The young far left hoodlums knocked an 80 year-old woman to the ground during the attack.
The Chicago Sun Times reported:

A horde of masked figures stormed the restaurant in a single-file line, wielding bats, claw hammers and metal batons — their presence announced when one shouted, “‘Hey, bitches, the ARA is going to f— up this place.’ ”

With that, the shrouded thugs went on a rampage, clubbing diners at The Ashford House restaurant on May 19 in Tinley Park. They did not discriminate as to the targets of their violence, even pushing an 80-year-old woman to the ground, according to an eyewitness who’s a former Chicago police officer.

“Although the terrorist assault lasted only about a minute, it was the longest minute of my life,” the eyewitness said.

Authorities have said the attackers were targeting a group that believes in white supremacy and calls itself the Illinois European Heritage Association. At least 10 people were hurt during the attack, with three taken to a hospital for treatment.

Five Indiana men who prosecutors say are linked to the Anti-Racist Action Group remain in the Cook County Jail, charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property. They are John Tucker, 26, of Martinsville, Ind.; Cody Sutherlin, 23, and Alex Stuck, 22, both of Bloomington, Ind.; and Dylan Sutherlin, 20, and Jason Sutherlin, 33, both of Gosport, Ind. Two victims also were arrested on charges unrelated to the attack.

The Anti-Racist Action Group (ARA) is a “radical left-wing group” that often resorts to violent acts…

…The attackers began upending tables, hurling plates and silverware and attacking other diners.

“I stood up and grabbed a wooden chair as one of the assailants approached from the left. I started swinging the chair to protect my family and other elderly patrons in our corner,” the man says in a written statement. “Suddenly, another assailant charged at me from the right. He was violently swinging a metal baton. The terrorist swung two or three times at my head and face. Thank God I was able to block the brunt (of) his attack with the chair.”

The witness said he shared his account because he wants people to patronize The Ashford House, 7959 W. 159th St. He suffered a gash to his head, and one of his hands was still swollen days after the attack. But his injuries did not prevent him from dispensing some justice of his own.

“When I was fending them off, I realized my head was bleeding. And my hand was really hurting,” he said. “But when one of those guys said, ‘Don’t let him up,’ I ran across the room and hit him as hard as I could in the face with a chair.”

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  • democraps suck

    another reason for the death penalty…worthless POS thugs…

  • Mad Hatter

    I noticed that the Commie Mark Potok at the Southern Poverty Law Center never denounced their violent actions. Never denounced these violent attacks as being a hate crime that they’re oh so damn worried about. What was Potok’s and the Southern Poverty Law Centers main concern?

    From the Chicago Sun Times,

    The Anti-Racist Action Group (ARA) is a “radical left-wing group” that often resorts to violent acts, said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at The Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization based in Montgomery, Ala. The attack, he said, “did more harm to the cause of fighting racism than almost anyone can imagine.”

    It was easy for the Anti-Racist Action Group to learn the other group was meeting in Tinley Park because it was advertised on two white supremacist websites, Potok said.

    “It was incredibly foolish of them,” he said


    And Eric Holder is has what about this?? (cough cough)

  • since the ARA is supposedly anti-racist do you think we could introduce them to the NBBP.

  • Mad Hatter

    And Eric Holder has said what about this?? ***typo***

  • MAJ Mike

    Yet another reason why I sit facing the door with a concealed .45ACP pistol concealed at my hip. Depending on the weapon of choice, I could take out at least 14 or so with a magazine reload.

  • lizzy84

    via The Blaze–
    Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers are directly tied to the dirtbags at the center of this Chicago Mob Attack.
    The group that has claimed responsibility for a mob attack at a Chicago-area restaurant over the weekend is the same group that hosted former Weather Underground terrorists and Barack Obama associates Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers last year, according to fliers published on the organization’s web site:


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  • freedom_AZ

    Tell me again why I shouldn’t be carrying my piece with me wherever I go.

  • ebayer

    “…charged with felony mob action, aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.”

    These “charges” seem rather innocuous to me.

    No “assault with a deadly weapon?”

  • Tim in Cali

    Will the media condem and Holder arrest them or throw them a parade ?

    MSLSD: What did the radical TEA Party do, to cause these rightous youths to stray?(sarcasm)

  • Tim in Cali


    From the” What’s the worse that could happen” file

    House to consider letting U.N. regulate internet


  • Repubtallygirl

    Reason number 1001 – “why I carry”.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Why these guys aren’t married to swimsuit models is a mystery to me.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    After all, it’s an Obunghole world.

  • Barb

    Exactly what concealed carry and stand your ground laws are for. Does everyone understand why these tactics work so well in Ill and other states which ban carry? Why they don’t work in Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona…etc.
    Cases in which guns saved lives http://www.akdart.com/gun3.html

  • Multitude

    I must have missed something. From the mugshots, they all look as diverse as Obama senior leadership (i.e. all white). Oh wait now… I get it. They’re just following Obama’s definition of ‘racism’, which means “middle class, tea party, people that actually are stupid enough to pay taxes and pay for their own healthcare rather than be a choom-loving, golfing, partying parasite.”

  • Kermit T. Frog

    “Illinois European Heritage Association”

    Wouldn’t be a bad farce group name, but they probably are bona fide racist socialists.

    The only thing wrong racist socialists, according to the ‘progressives’ is the racist part. Whether the ‘racist’ came first, or the ‘socialist’, is irrelevant as racism and socialism will ALWAYS marry in the end.

  • Winston Wolfe

    It’s long past time to start wasting these thugs.

    It’s either us, or them. And I’ll be damned if it’s going to be them.

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  • Granny

    #17 May 26, 2012 at 5:22 pm
    Kermit T. Frog commented:

    “Illinois European Heritage Association”

    I have to say, as long as there is a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, charges of racism based on group ethnic identity seem to me to be a bit of a moot point.

  • NoBama2012

    This was in Chicago and Illinois doesn’t allow law abiding citizens to carry a concealed handgun. Hmmm. Let those SCUM SUCKERs try that in Kansas City….they wouldn’t live through it. Effing cowards. It is about time to start thinning the herd.

  • Corsair

    Too bad the Peoples Republic of Illinois doesn’t allow the proles to have concealed weapons. But that’ what they all deserve.
    I have to drive into and through the glorious State of the People almost every week, and I try to manage my fuel so that I never have to buy a drop from that horrid state.
    May they all rot in H-ll.

  • Limousine Barry

    Good! This is exactly the type of “Community Action” I support!

    I told them to get in their faces. I told them to bring a claw hammer to a restaurant. I told them to give some 0bamaCare to the Old White Lady.

    Let me be clear, if I have to divide this country – I will. If I have to wreck mom and pop restaurants – I will. If I have to shove old ladies to the ground – will. Nothing will stop my re-election!

    Further, this is a great diversion from my crappy presidential campaign. It’s Chicago style politics in action. Ha ha!

    I have come close to wrecking America. I am almost there. But, I need four more years to get it done. I am so close. Don’t let my re-election slip away.

    Four more years!

    Four more years!

  • ebayer

    Is this the group these ARA thugs are against?


  • donh

    They likely ALL receive tax payer public funding though the Southern Poverty Law Center.

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Cody looks like he’s got a little Hitler thing going on.

  • Militant Conservative

    I’ll be out and about with my wife tomorrow.

    31 rounds of JHP 9mm. I don’t worry About

    Such events. Too many rely on the civility of

    The uncivil. Me, I’ll just remove the threat.

    You guys van be the cannon fodder.

  • ebayer

    Here is the thugs website:


  • I don’t know anything about this “Illinois European Heritage Association” but I wonder if they’re not just people proud of their heritage and happy with being white. Like the NAACP, kind of, for crackers. And only a hard left radical group like this would hate someone for having that attitude.

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  • mg4us

    They say never to inbreed with farm animals. . . know you know why. . .

  • RiderInTheNight

    The Illinois European Heritage Association has a right to exist just as the NAACP, Congressional Black Caucus, Negro College Fund and any other black separatist group. I’m sick of the blacks telling me I’m racist because I am proud of my heritage.

  • TrickyDick

    I wish I had been there with my Remington 870 Wingmaster and a pocket full of 00 buck.

  • Tjexcite

    It was easy for the Anti-Racist Action Group to learn the other group was meeting in Tinley Park because it was advertised on two white supremacist websites, “It was incredibly foolish of them,” …SPLC.

    Stormfront. If a #OWS advertised and announces a get together on CPUSA you can call them communists if a heritage group advertises and announces on Stormfront you can call them white supremacists.

    Not just foolish it was plain dumb. Asking for trouble all the way around even if done by accident.

  • even steven

    Illinois has all kinds of unconstitutional gun restrictions. I ignore them and urge other patriots to do the same.

  • Mark Potok is the SPLC’s $150,000 donor-dollar-a-year public relations guru. His job is to gull gullible Leftists out of charity dollars that would do far more good at local food banks and homeless shelters.

    Thanks to Potok’s efforts the SPLC now takes in more than $106,000 tax-free donor-dollars a day, every single day, and is sitting on nearly a quarter of a BILLION in tax-free cash assets.


    Potok’s outrage tends to be selective. Last year when former Klan Grand Wizard David Duke announced that he was considering running for another political office, Potok had a meltdown, yet at the same time, when former Grand Cyclops John Paul Rogers actually RAN for political office there was absolutely no mention of him on the SPLC website.

    Why not? Because Klansman Rogers ran as a Democrat. Get it?

  • Let’s assume that those who were the alleged target of the attack actually were Nazis, Kluxers, and skinheads. So what — holding reprehensible opinions is protected by the Constitution. So is talking about them, and gathering with like-minded folks to do so. What we have here is nothing less than an interstate conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the targets of this attack. Will there be federal charges filed? Or does Eric Holder run the department of “Just Us” rather than the Department of Justice?