It figures. Harvard Law School won’t say if Elizabeth Warren is their one Native American listed on its diversity census report.
The Boston Herald reported, via Free Republic:

Harvard Law School lists one lone Native American faculty member on its latest diversity census report — but school officials and campaign aides for Elizabeth Warren refused to say yesterday whether it refers to the Democratic Senate candidate.

Warren — who has been dogged by questions about whether she used her claims of Cherokee lineage to further her career — has insisted she never authorized Harvard Law to count her as a Native American in the mid-1990s, when the school was under fire for not having enough minority professors.

Prior to that, from 1986 to 1995, Warren had listed herself as a minority in a law school directory administrators then used as a tip sheet when making diversity hires. But by 1996, when Harvard Law was boasting that Warren was the faculty’s first minority female, she had stopped appearing in the law school directory.

Harvard Law’s 2011 diversity report does not indicate who the Native American professor is. And the school refused to say whether it’s Warren.

Related: This image speaks for itself.
Via Instapundit:




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  1. My, what big hands you have Elizabeth. LOL!

  2. *Caption*

    “Look, Spouting Bull, the entire Make Believe Media is coming over the hill and they look pi$$ed that I called you an “Imitation Injun”. I think we are in deep buffalo dung.”

    “What’s this “WE $hit, Racist Pale-face Neo-con??”

  3. Be carefull not to hit this too hard….The Democrats may yank this Marsha Choakly rerun and give Brown wolf a tougher challenger……. Can’t you see Spitting Bull’s resemblance to Ojibwa brave grampaw stone eye Arrowmaker…> http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/ojibwa-brave-arrowmaker-padre-art.jpg

  4. ++


    Zimmerman in not a White Hispanic, he has African blood in
    him, oh wait, that’s the Dems definition, has it changed?? /s/


  5. Pretty much means that it’s her.

  6. Hilarious Photoshop work!

    Cracker/Minority visual is a direct hit as well.

  7. Yank any Federal funds, including freezing all research grants. They’ve clearly cooked the books to gain diversity bidding points against other universities who weren’t as fortunate to find “high cheekboned” pedigreed white Indians.

    Too bad she wasn’t a white Hispanic. I understand they’re authentically Hispanic, and the whiteness comes only from the bleach the manufactured media dumps on them to produce the right narrative.

  8. Faux-chahontas lolol

  9. I just hope she keeps digging herself in deeper. The more she says about Aunt B and Grannie the more she throws them under the bus, too.

  10. She is a vile racist and will never be called on it as she is a leftie from Harvard.

  11. Only in an Obama world …

  12. US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations

    UN’s correspondent on indigenous peoples urges government to act to combat ‘racial discrimination’ felt by Native Americans


    Did someone in the Sioux Tribe call Warren. Or is her grannie sending physic message by way of the weegie board.

  13. ++

    another dear friend of Bill & Bernie


    Ward Churchill confesses

    flashback follow up:

    Cherokee Says Churchill NOT a member of Tribe

    [Ward Churchill's claim of membership in the United Keetoowah Band
    of Cherokee Indians is fraudulent, according to a scathing statement
    released by the tribal office.

    The statement, issued May 9 in the name of the tribal leader, Chief George
    Wickliffe, and posted on its Web site Tuesday, does not mince words:

    "The United Keetoowah Band would like to make it clear that Mr. Churchill
    IS NOT a member of the Keetoowah Band and was only given an honorary
    'associate membership' in the early 1990s because he could not prove any
    Cherokee ancestry."]

    Native American group: Elizabeth Warren
    ‘better be able to defend’ ancestry claim

    and a bit of a funny


  14. ++

    uhm, pardon my ignorant question..

    but shouldn’t documents be
    proffered BEFOREHAND :?:


  15. OT
    Obama Warns Supremes: Don’t Overturn Healthcare Reform


    Obama is rattled.

  16. OT

    Federal Ethics Center Urges Congress to Promptly Hold Hearings on Unprecedented New Law Set to Sweep Across the Nation that Would Strip All Americans of their Constitutional Rights


  17. Harvard, Didn’t they hide Obama records. Something is up with this University.

  18. What sort of law are the teaching there. In recent days it seems to me this University is very liberal…. :lol:

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