Harvard Law School Won’t Say If Elizabeth Warren Is Its One Little Indian


It figures. Harvard Law School won’t say if Elizabeth Warren is their one Native American listed on its diversity census report.
The Boston Herald reported, via Free Republic:

Harvard Law School lists one lone Native American faculty member on its latest diversity census report — but school officials and campaign aides for Elizabeth Warren refused to say yesterday whether it refers to the Democratic Senate candidate.

Warren — who has been dogged by questions about whether she used her claims of Cherokee lineage to further her career — has insisted she never authorized Harvard Law to count her as a Native American in the mid-1990s, when the school was under fire for not having enough minority professors.

Prior to that, from 1986 to 1995, Warren had listed herself as a minority in a law school directory administrators then used as a tip sheet when making diversity hires. But by 1996, when Harvard Law was boasting that Warren was the faculty’s first minority female, she had stopped appearing in the law school directory.

Harvard Law’s 2011 diversity report does not indicate who the Native American professor is. And the school refused to say whether it’s Warren.

Related: This image speaks for itself.
Via Instapundit:

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  • My, what big hands you have Elizabeth. LOL!

  • *Caption*

    “Look, Spouting Bull, the entire Make Believe Media is coming over the hill and they look pi$$ed that I called you an “Imitation Injun”. I think we are in deep buffalo dung.”

    “What’s this “WE $hit, Racist Pale-face Neo-con??”

  • donh

    Be carefull not to hit this too hard….The Democrats may yank this Marsha Choakly rerun and give Brown wolf a tougher challenger……. Can’t you see Spitting Bull’s resemblance to Ojibwa brave grampaw stone eye Arrowmaker…> http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/ojibwa-brave-arrowmaker-padre-art.jpg

  • bg



    Zimmerman in not a White Hispanic, he has African blood in
    him, oh wait, that’s the Dems definition, has it changed?? /s/


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  • The Elector of Saxony

    Pretty much means that it’s her.

  • BurmaShave

    Hilarious Photoshop work!

    Cracker/Minority visual is a direct hit as well.

  • Multitude

    Yank any Federal funds, including freezing all research grants. They’ve clearly cooked the books to gain diversity bidding points against other universities who weren’t as fortunate to find “high cheekboned” pedigreed white Indians.

    Too bad she wasn’t a white Hispanic. I understand they’re authentically Hispanic, and the whiteness comes only from the bleach the manufactured media dumps on them to produce the right narrative.

  • Faux-chahontas lolol

  • Patty

    I just hope she keeps digging herself in deeper. The more she says about Aunt B and Grannie the more she throws them under the bus, too.

  • She is a vile racist and will never be called on it as she is a leftie from Harvard.

  • Highlander

    Only in an Obama world …

  • Patty

    US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations

    UN’s correspondent on indigenous peoples urges government to act to combat ‘racial discrimination’ felt by Native Americans


    Did someone in the Sioux Tribe call Warren. Or is her grannie sending physic message by way of the weegie board.

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  • bg


    another dear friend of Bill & Bernie


    Ward Churchill confesses

    flashback follow up:

    Cherokee Says Churchill NOT a member of Tribe

    [Ward Churchill’s claim of membership in the United Keetoowah Band
    of Cherokee Indians is fraudulent, according to a scathing statement
    released by the tribal office.

    The statement, issued May 9 in the name of the tribal leader, Chief George
    Wickliffe, and posted on its Web site Tuesday, does not mince words:

    “The United Keetoowah Band would like to make it clear that Mr. Churchill
    IS NOT a member of the Keetoowah Band and was only given an honorary
    ‘associate membership’ in the early 1990s because he could not prove any
    Cherokee ancestry.”]

    Native American group: Elizabeth Warren
    ‘better be able to defend’ ancestry claim

    and a bit of a funny


  • bg


    uhm, pardon my ignorant question..

    but shouldn’t documents be
    proffered BEFOREHAND ❓


  • Patty

    Obama Warns Supremes: Don’t Overturn Healthcare Reform


    Obama is rattled.

  • Patty


    Federal Ethics Center Urges Congress to Promptly Hold Hearings on Unprecedented New Law Set to Sweep Across the Nation that Would Strip All Americans of their Constitutional Rights


  • Patty

    Harvard, Didn’t they hide Obama records. Something is up with this University.

  • Patty

    What sort of law are the teaching there. In recent days it seems to me this University is very liberal…. 😆

  • bg



    what conspiracy??

    the powers that be do not conspire, no no no..

    /gah!! sarc/


  • Patty

    OT -“must read”, sorry no more OT’s at least on this thread

    Famed photographer Michael Clancy, the earliest human encounter, and the cover-up


  • bg


    re: #21 May 4, 2012 at 7:39 pm bg

    re: Patty #18 May 4, 2012 at 7:33 pm


  • bg
  • Patty

    I think Warren is another Julia. She is one of those students who say they are something they are not. And even police reports are public records. Anyone can find the prostitute in Hookergate but Secret Service can’t.

    Seems there is a whole lot of covering up going on. And Harvard has some splaining to do.

  • Patty


    So, that’s where they come from… 😆 other radicals… who knew!!

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s wrong?

    Ward Churchill snookered the Universities for years. Why not Lizzy Warren?

    Heck, I got patronage job at Harvard and I never did a thing. The same goes for my Connecticut driver’s license.

    Four more years! Four more years!

    Let me be clear, work they system so it works for you! Good day.

  • bg


    btw, i also have relatives with higher cheek bones, and albeit they are
    all American in my book, i believe the wonderful ‘diversity’ powers that
    be would label them part Mexican American Indian with an Irish as can
    be last name, go figure.. 😆


  • Patty

    Sorry, I lied..OT but I admit it,,, 😆

    Life in Obamaville: “My Employer is Going Out of Business”


    This is no Julia but real life, no pretense and no agenda.

  • Patty



    I call it abuse of our system and abuse of power. It is quite similar to Commander extrodenar!! Lie and keep repeating the lie. She is digging herself into a dig to China. 😆

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Harvard University — who would have guessed?!?
    Examine those politicians today who have graduated from this school, and you discover a lot.

    Brigadier Generals Huge Mercer, John Cadwalader and George Washington himself would turn in their graves knowing that the blood and treasure spent to preserve this institution and the land upon which it stands are now shat upon by those who presumptuously defile its legacy.

  • befuddled

    If you have ever flown over Oklahoma,Kansas,or Wyoming; congratulations, you’re 1/32 Cherokee. Please send $1200 by check or money order directly to Harvard to receive your voucher for preferential treatment,which can be used at all social functions,political campaigns, and minority hiring quotas.

  • tommy mc donnell

    why does being an indian make her better than a non-indian, isn’t that racial discrimination. does harvard, the pinnacle of liberal education in america, operate under the same racial caste system as the federal government;

    the racial hierarchy of the federal government
    1. black
    2. hispanic
    3. indian
    4. asian
    5. white
    this racial caste system was brought to you by the american people that are opposed to racism and discrimination.

  • befuddled

    “If I had a daughter, she would look like Elizabeth Warren.”~Geronimo

  • Patty



  • Patty

    I think Rev. Wright can answer all our questions!! 😆 he hates everyone but blacks.

  • Don’t Tread

    New Tribal Name : Little Big Liar

  • Tim in Cali

    OK Jim,where’s the picture of fake gf Julia…Great,I suppose the “War on Fake GF’s” continues…..You don’t even respect the voices in Barry’s head..They have feelings to ,you know..( for the Libs,that’s called sarcasm)

  • Facauwee Tribe

    Tailface in heap big trouble!

  • Pat

    Since Lizzy seems to have been caught in a lie about her heritage could she not also be lying about her gender? I suspect Lizzy Warren is really Lenny Warren, hetero white guy, playing the affirmative action scam to his advantage.

  • donh

    Yes #39. Try selling a beaded bag from India as Native American and there will be pure blood american indians all over your behind reporting you to some regulatory bureau. How much worse for this old bag to pass her self off as native indian because she had lunch with Laurence Tribe…..but remeber folks…the goal isn’t to drive spitting bull from the race . With this level of hemorrhaging she could be out by Monday….. Nov 6th is the battle of wounded fee . That is the day to put down this tax hiker and her maurading gang of savages.

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  • bg


    Patty #17 May 4, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    they won’t..


  • lizzy84

    Speaking of Warren, did anybody catch this little exchange?

    via AoS– http://minx.cc/?post=328999

    {“bow tyin’ white boys” at 4:50 }

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Late-night OT:

    All copied, with permission and no changes, from http://barnhardt.biz


    1. I’d like to offer up a public apology to every so-called “crazy” person who talks to themselves, thin air, invertebrate animals, or blank walls. My friends, you, orators to the abyss, are the sane ones. Talking to people is what is insane. To wit, my email box of the last two days, flooded with “My brokerage firm clears through PNSN, but you weren’t talking about me, right? I’m safe as a kitten, right? Nothing bad could ever, ever possibly happen to me, right?”
    [Insert profanity-laden wise-acre response of your choosing here.]

    You know why this civilization is done? Because people are so narcissistic, deluded and dim that they absolutely cannot process that anything bad could ever happen to them. That is why the Obama regime, an oligarchy of a few thousand people at the very most, is going to steamroll over this entire, godforsaken country. And the people will SIT AND WATCH, completely unable to engage reality in any adult manner.

    2. In a similar vein, and in the spirit of beating dead horses into pink slime (eslima rosa especial, en espanol) let’s talk about “stock certificates”. Many people swear they are “safe” and have nothing to worry about because some broker told them to get paper stock certificates, or something similar. Okay, we’re still not comprehending this on any level, are we? What is a stock certificate? It is a legal instrument, is it not? It is a piece of paper that says that you have the legal claim to x number of shares in a corporation, which is itself also a purely legal entity, yes? Corporations do not physically exist. You can not touch a corporation. You can touch a person who is a part of a corporation by means of a legal engagement, and you can touch the physical assets of a corporation, which belong to the corporation only within a legal matrix, but the corporation itself is an IDEA, not a tangible thing.

    Note the qualifier that is omnipresent in the previous paragraph: “LEGAL”. What is required in order for legal entities or instruments to have any existential actualization or meaning?

    [Insert Jeopardy “Think Music” here…]

    The correct question is: What is THE RULE OF LAW, Alex?

    So when I am screaming, waving my arms, going all “crazy eyes” and telling people that there is no RULE OF LAW, do you understand why I’m just a tad impassioned?

    Your stock certificates are worthless if there is no Rule of Law. Let’s say the poop hits the fan. You have a bunch of stock certificates. Great. How are you going to turn those certificates into food or water? There won’t be a functioning stock exchange. Dollars will probably be worthless, and banks will cease to exist. There will be no electronic movement of money. Given that, HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CASH THOSE CERTIFICATES IN WHEN YOU ARE STARVING TO DEATH? Furthermore, the corporation you think you own shares in will NO LONGER EXIST because there will be no lawful matrix which recognizes the existence of corporations. The people who ran the corporation will either be dead or in exactly the same desperate situation that you are in, namely scavenging for food. The assets of the corporation will likely be looted or taken over by the regime.

    This all gets back to the historical illiteracy of this culture, thanks largely to the Marxist infiltration of the education system. You people honestly have NO FATHOM what happened in Nazi Germany, Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Union, do you? When Marxist oligarchs are your “government” there is NO RULE OF LAW. It doesn’t MATTER what you, or the old just legal system say you own. When jackbooted thugs come to take you away, there is no “law” to turn to, because the jackbooted thugs ARE “the law”, meaning that there is no law at all except brute force and the willingness to use it. When the Soviets came to round up the Ukrainian farmers in 1933, why didn’t the Ukrainians just call the police? Why didn’t they produce the deeds to their homes and order the Soviets off their property? Why didn’t they SUE for violating their civil rights? And the same with the Jews in Poland? And the same with the Chinese peasants under Mao?

    Oh, that’s right. BECAUSE THERE WAS NO RECOURSE WHATSOEVER. THERE WAS NO MORE RULE OF LAW. THERE WAS NOTHING AND NO ONE IN THIS WORLD TO TURN TO. Just ask the MF Global rape victims. There is NO RECOURSE for those people under the law, because the government and the judiciary are 100% complicit participants in the fraud, theft and rape. The only recourse those people would have is literally to war against the perpetrators, which the victims are unwilling to engage in, because they are unorganized, outnumbered, despairing and fearful. They know it would be a suicide mission, and they are not willing to commit suicide. The oligarchs are watching this, have seen the reaction, and now know that they have this entire culture exactly where they want it. They have three of the four criterion outlined above: the people are unorganized, despairing and fearful. Those three factors in combination are more than enough to overcome the “numbers”. We literally outnumber these oligarchs hundreds of thousands to one, but they have the power, because they are organized, confident and unafraid. And so, the Rule of Law is now dead. Divest of ANY paper asset while you can, because ALL paper assets are wholly contingent on the Rule of Law.

    So stop talking to me about all of your “stock certificates.” Before this is all over, people will be rolling cigarettes with stock certificates, or shredding them and using them as fire starter.

    GROW UP.
    WISE UP.
    WAKE UP.

    3. Once again, just making sure everyone understands the sickening farce that is the “unemployment figure.” I said last year that the reported “unemployment number” would be UNDER EIGHT PERCENT no matter what in Q4 2012. Sure enough, it appears that I will be proven exactly right. Is this because unemployment is going down? HELLZ NO! Real unemployment is climbing consistently, and is probably north of 20%.

    The entire Obama regime propaganda on unemployment is driven by the fact that they keep REDUCING THE SIZE OF THE WORKFORCE. People can only collect unemployment benefits for 99 weeks. As soon as a person goes beyond 99 weeks, the Obama regime declares that person as NO LONGER IN THE WORKFORCE. There are people who have been unemployed for over two years who would work if they could find anything, but the rat bastards in the Obama regime and their propaganda arm, the media, just evaporate these people from existence, and they additionally reduce the size of the labor force arbitrarily, just so they can hit whatever predetermined number Valerie Jarret and David Axelrod decide it is going to be. This is what they are doing on every single unemployment report. It is all as fake as a Thai Rolex. Eventually, the Obama regime will go full-Marxist stupid, drop the labor force to 52 million and declare that Great Leader Obama has delivered a FULL EMPLOYMENT ECONOMY. And anyone who dares disagree will be shot in the back of the head with one of those 450 million rounds of .40 cal that the Obama regime just ordered.


    Like I said yesterday — and like God said through Joel in chapter 2 of his contribution to our Bible — we are not gonna stop this train, no matter how dry our powder is.

    Join the Demonic Horde, and be relatively safe (in this life), or join Christ, refuse to comply, and let them do their worst — and live eternally in God’s Presence.

  • bg


    lizzy84 #44 May 4, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    aww, but it’s so cute when a DEMONcRAT says things like that.. /O’sarc/


  • Bustr
  • bg


    re: lizzy84 #44 May 4, 2012 at 9:57 pm

    ROTF 😆 MBO

    just noticed, first time i have ever
    seen him NOT wearing a bow-tie!!

    btw: he is beyond right..


  • bg


    re: Julia


  • When the school was under fire for not having “enough” minority professor’s. “Enough”?? Enough according to what? What “thing”, since there is no written law or rule that has ever existed in History that has declared ethnic equality with the numbers of professors the school has to have, is there to state that there has to be a certain number of different races of professors working at Harvard? What “thing” tells liberals that there has to be a count of different races of people working anywhere in America so that they can see that a certain place has the right number of different races of a people that this “thing” says that place had to have had??

    I think it’s just liberalism that tells these nuts that there has to be a certain number of American Indian’s and not just whoever wants to work there that Harvard accepts. But isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Whoever shows up for the interview or whatever? Thay they are suppose to be able to just apply and whoever gets the job, that’s how many there are at Harvard. But nooooo, that’s to unfair. Sure, that’s the way it was done for over a hundred fifty years before liberals got hold of it. And it worked out just fine then. Oh sure, there probably weren’t to many Indian’s or Blacks or Hindu’s working there, well I take it back the medical school probably did have some people from India working there because there’s always one Indian guy who is real good in medicine, but probably no Blacks or maybe one, a woman, but that’s it. And that’s just to unfair.

    Yeah, bull!!

  • lizzy84


    I know..it is to laugh at, is it not?
    God help us.

  • bg


    lizzy84 #51 May 4, 2012 at 10:49 pm

    well i sure think so..

    but to just let it go would be remiss..


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  • A newspaper reporter went to an Indian reservation to do a story on the local Indian tribe.
    she noticed all the men wore some sort of head dress with different amounts of feathers in them.
    She confronted the first Indian with a headband with one feather in it and asked what the feathers stood for ? The Indian said it was one feather per squaw they made love to.
    She met another Indian with seven feathers that said he made love to seven squaws one for each day of the week,” oh my” she replied.
    Then she came upon the 96 year old Indian chief with a flowing head to toe head dress with what had to be a several hundred feathers in it, when she confronted him she replied “Oh Dear ” in which the chief replied ” Oh no deer they run to fast and butt to high.

    I don,t think there are ANY Indians stupid enough to have any feathers in their head dresses from Elizabeth Warren.

  • Me

    Harvard = #1 fool school. Look at the finished products it excretes.

  • squeaky

    being 1/32 of anything and being able to claim minority status or privleges…..talk about stretching it. 1/32 fills a quota? could be of the same school of thought employed by the esteemed harry reid to describe obama until he was called on the carpet.

  • Hodgehog


  • Facauwee Tribe

    She’s a Near-oquois!

  • Brae

    This woman may in fact be educated to very well carry her in her endeavors. She has accolades for her teaching style~however, she lacks that which cannot be taught: integrity. If this woman, who is running for a National office, is willing to deceive the establishment for her own personal gain, she will have no problem deceiving the American people to get her way as well. It is about integrity~~obviously something this woman is not familiar with.

  • Tee Dub

    It’s clear that the new definition of race has nothing to do with skin color. It’s how much you subscribe to the Democrat/liberal/progressive/fascist viewpoint. Again the liberals have twisted a supposed non-political topic (race) into a purely political tool, while the conservatives blink stupidly.

    Part two will comes with the bullying laws and gay rights, which conservatives seem to be oblivious concerning its inevitable morph into a gag law. The fact that the liberals keep presenting these “compassionate” sounding laws that ultimately cripple conservative opposition, really makes me wonder if conservatives aren’t kind of stupid.

  • GP Fan

    #60 May 5, 2012 at 12:19 pm
    Tee Dub commented:

    BINGO! Right on the money!

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