Governor Romney Releases First Official Ad: “Day One” (Video)

This is great!
Governor Mitt Romney released his first official television ad, “Day One.”

Mitt Romney has outlined a bold agenda to spur economic growth and create jobs. On his first day in office, he will approve the Keystone pipeline, introduce pro-growth tax reforms, and repeal Obamacare.

Sounds like a pretty good plan, huh?

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  • bigkahuna

    Great start…. Needs mto be a bit longer and more meat

  • Militant Conservative

    Better than the opposition.

    Obama’s agenda: green tech, gay marriage, cut

    Military, raise taxes, no drilling, apologize for

    America and lie like a cheap rug.

    Oh yea, Obama is going down, ( not on Emanuel).

    Powder is dry

  • Remco Kimber

    What’s great about this sort of ad. It brings the game to the One and prepares the country to the change that’s about to happen. Sets a tone of inevitability. And when the One’s campaign sees and feels that, it will flip out and continue making in response amateurish mistakes. Because there’s nothing behind the One except all manner of things NON-American.

  • Mona

    gave me a tingle up my leg 🙂

  • bigL

    Have you opened your mail from your health insurance Co lately?
    They are changing everything to comply with Obama care. They call it the Affordable health care act. The health is cos consider it a done deal.
    A doctor I talked to said that no matter if Obamacare scotched. Obama and Sibelius will just put it all into the Medciare program…Nationwide and all set up with $500,billion dollars removed so everyone gets lousy care.

  • Liz

    You just don’t want it to end. Where do I vote?

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  • owl

    This is a great ad.

    Darn shame I am still as furious today as I was yesterday about his little ‘repudiating’ speech. That was a major mistake. Romney can not afford a lot more like it.

  • Patty


    Oops: Chicago Occupiers Try to Protest Rush Limbaugh‘s ’Office’…but Get City Wrong

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  • Patty


    Van Jones rips Holder over Operation Fast and Furious: ‘We just don’t value all life the same’

    {..}“I believe that if this was happening across our other border in Canada, we’d probably take it a little more seriously,” Jones said, implying much of the carelessness over Operation Fast and Furious came because many of the victims are Hispanics from Mexico.{..}

    Read more:

  • Patty

    This ad is good and remember one thing. ANYONE BUT OBAMA.

    Romney needs to work with the Congress and Senate on a couple of his promises. I do believe Romney will make a good president. Great, we will have to see.

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  • mcc

    A fantastic ad!

    Precisely what Americans – who’ve been down in the dumps – need to hear and see. I agree with Liz: you don’t want it to end and it makes you want to vote for him this very minute.

  • Joanne

    Don’t get all comfortable. Eyes and ears need to be out in force to stop Obama from taking the election through fraud. Obama is not going down easy; remember Obama is a nutjob.

  • Patty

    I never heard mention of this in Ad, Possibly on is coming, I HOPE!!

    Because of Debt we are facing even worse CRISIS

    America’s aging aviation force: Father, son flew same fighter jet 30 years apart WATCH VIDEO HERE ARTICLE HERE

    Our nation’s security is the utmost importance and Obama is reducing our military might.

    This is dangerous has our debt. You truly need to listen to this video, NOW.


  • Andrew

    I think Romney has done research and found a majority of voters don’t care about Rev Wright. If people didn’t care in 2008 they probably still wouldn’t now

  • Patty

    OT but staying on theme of ads

    Crossroads mocks Obama as ‘fourth greatest’ president in ‘Masterpiece’-style Web video

  • Tom in CA


    With due respect, I am glad he is against Reverend Wright ads.

    I am a crazy conservative, and that tactic in 2008 failed as bad as Obama did. No one cared.

    He has so many giant failures on his Presidential record that Romney could not even begin to touch all of them.

  • Patty

    3 dead, 3 injured after shooting in West Louisville … –

    TV cameras were rolling and police were there. All went down in front of them and Public.

    Wild Ride in Louisville, Kentucky YESTERDAY WATCH VIDEO.

    Did they count the Pregnant woman as TWO MURDERS??

  • Patty


  • Patty
  • Patty


    Some of “6” injured are clinging to life. More deaths may come. Worse Black section in the City of Louisville. Updates are coming.

  • donh

    At this point Romney can film 30 seconds of himself licking as tootsie roll lollipop and that’s enough to win.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Romney is actually a BRILLIANT strategist. Opponents NEVER see it coming. He thinks, he plans, he acts, and he makes the right thing happen. I like that about President Romney. Plus, he’s genuine, and THAT, my friends, is very rare in the public sector now. Romney and Ann know what they’re doing. Just watch. And pray. They are up against some major principalities.

    One thing the OBeast is trying to finish up right now as fast as he can before Romney replaces him, is to put in place, enable, fund, and support the Moslem Brotherhood’s takeover of the Middle East, for the purpose of destroying Israel. Bit by bit he has replaced one blabbermouth, but do nothing, dictator after another, with armed radicals who have one aim–the institution of Sharia and the destruction of Israel.

    That our American votes are being counted by an outfit in Spain, owned by a major Obama contributor, is incredibly disturbing. The major news outlets won’t publish the information about that, but we can keep trying. The word has GOT to get out there, and our ballots should never be counted by foreigners.

    Meanwhile, and because of the above, we all should work as hard as we can to create a grassroots groundswell for Romney. In another four years, Obama will succeed in destroying the country if he wins, and he will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING he can to win.

    And please–work hard for my husband and I who can’t vote–encourage and help people vote for Romney who otherwise wouldn’t. It would mean a lot to us. Thanks.

  • Gary


    Good one

    A while back somebody here said unless he eats a baby on stage, at this point he’s won it.

  • Gary

    Tom in CA, Owl

    Dead right.
    Trying to point out the many, many shady things in Obama’s background was an epic fail in 2008. If it didn’t sway them then, it won’t sway them now, and may even turn some people off.
    The economy is the way to go.
    It worked against Carter, worked against Bush 41, worked against the ghost of Bush 43 in 2008. Now it’ll work against Obama.

  • “Sounds like a pretty good plan, huh?”

    Yeah? Well, not so fast. Romney is a major league flip-flopper. He is as two faced as daylight and dark. It all depends on who his VP choice might be. Remember, Obama has the next eight months to do to us what the Yankees did to Atlanta as they were leaving. He’ll rip our tracks out!

  • At the end of the ad it talks about Romney “replacing” ObamaCare, it didn’t say “repeal”, or eliminate. Remember, Romney helped O cook up ObamaCare. There’s probably stuff in it Romney wants to keep. So, like we were lied to by all those who promised to defund ObamaCare as soon as they took office in the new Congress in 2010, Romney will do the same. He’ll say there are some things he helped Obama put in there that are good ideas, so he’s going to keep those things and maybe get rid of the rest. But here’s the hook, he’ll keep ObamaCare in place doing it’s dirty work until he’s gotten around to fooling around with it all, like for a the first couple of years. And the tax to pay for it? We’ll have to pay that to fund the fixes to the law as Romney patches things up. Just you wait and see. After all, Romney is a politician.

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  • bobdog

    Good start.

    And on the second day, he can fire 20% of all federal employees, abolish federal labor unions, abolish the EPA, the NLRB, the Department of Education, and about 20% of all the remaining government agencies, with no excuses permitted. Federal hiring must stop.

    My guess is that the federal government would actually work better.

    On the third day, he can roll back all new government regulations enacted under the Obama administration, including bans on offshore drilling, ANWR drilling, fracking, mining, and nuclear energy. That would not only solve our energy problems, but go a long way towards solving our unemployment problems. New regulations would be permitted only if they can be proven to be cost justified, unlike our current system, which is largely driven by unaccountable, anal-retentive bureaucrats.

    And don’t even get me started on Homeland Security.

  • mg4us

    I like the ad too with focus on Day One. . .

    but Romney had some more work to do Day One.

    He should deliver to congress a budget that can and will pass something Obama and the Democrat controlled congress have not done in over 2 years. . .

    But before calling it a day on Day One, As President, he needs to unseal ALL of Barack’s files and transcripts for the public to see and know. . .

    Then you would have all the votes. . . especially the undecided. . .

  • mcc

    Heard talk on Ingraham’s show this AM that this great ad being rolled out today was the reason the Left – i.e. the NYTimes – came out with the article about the PAC putting millions into ads re BO and Wright.

    They hoped the controversy would spoil the moment and undermine its effectiveness.

  • 1redbeard

    Great ad. It precisely hits the points that concern Americans the most. Focusing on the positives of a Romney White House (instead of the obvious negatives of the foul Obama cabal) is exactly what must be done. Besides, those Romney positive points will, on their own merit, make folks think about how bad Obama has been, without the ads seeming petty.

    Well done.

  • gwhh

    lets see some results first and than i will say good job