Face-Eating Cannibal Attacked & Stripped Homeless Man Before Eating His Face (Video)

Injured: This undated booking mug made available by the Miami-Dade Police Dept. shows Ronald Poppo, the victim in a horrific face-chewing attack in Miami. (Daily Mail)

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2151886/Rudy-Eugene-Miami-cannibals-victim-Ronald-Poppo-pictured-vicious-attack.html#ixzz1wMeEEFyE

Rudy Eugene, the 31 year-old face-eating cannibal, stripped and beat homeless man Ronald Poppo before he ate his face.
The Daily Mail reported:

Shocking new video footage was released today of the Miami cannibal eating the face off a homeless man during the gruesome and brutal 18-minute attack while a number of passers-by did nothing to stop it.

In the harrowing attack which has shocked America, Rudy Eugene, 31, originally from Haiti, chewed lumps of flesh from the face of homeless man Ronald Poppo.

The new footage was released hours after the first picture emerged of the victim – as well as stomach-churning images of his horrific injuries.

Eugene was eventually shot and killed by a Miami police officer after he refused to stop eating his victim on the MacArthur Causeway on Saturday afternoon.

Former friends of the dead attacker today spoke of their shock at the brutal assault.

A former classmate of Eugene Victoria Forte, who attended North Miami Beach High School, told the Sun Sentinel: ‘Drugs did this to him. Drugs took over a person we knew as a beautiful person.’
She claimed that he never got into trouble.

In the extended video footage of the attack released today, it was revealed during the almost 20 minutes that Eugene was beating and eating homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face, a number of people cycled and drove past and did nothing to stop it.

Here’s video of the attack.
(Warning on cannibalism)

UPDATE: Here is a grisly photo from the crime scene. (Warning: very graphic)

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  • Al Sharpton to Press: White Cop murders black man who made the simple mistake of thinking a man’s face was skittles. Resist We Much!

  • Rob Crawford

    Originally from Haiti? Here legally?

    Any bets?

  • Brandon In Baton Rouge

    Originally from Haiti? Here legally?

    Any bets?


    I’ll bet that he got asylum during one of the two times Aristide got tossed out via military coup.

  • Redpillpatriot

    Always double tap, Always. The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us!

  • Seth

    You ever notice that when some horrendous crime happens, the MSM always features interviews with/quotes from relatives and friends that always say the same general things about the perp, “he was very peaceful, never in any trouble, and a real nice guy.”

    Never, “he was a crazy, scarey, mean SOB, and we tried to stay away from him.”

    Now,why is that, do you think?

  • Ghost

    #6… “nothing like this Ever happens here, this is a quiet neighborhood, nice place to raise a family- he was quiet-like, said hi when we passed… but now, we’ve lost our innocence!”
    I even heard a radio report quoting a passerby in Greenwich Village saying just this garbage about the Etan Patz tragedy- if I hadn’t heard it I wouldn’t believe it either

    others… my first thoughts also, black-on-white… and in Miami, must be Haitian.
    Stereotypes are stereotypes For a Reason!

    “Liberalism is a philosophy designed to dissuade you from your stereotypes”
    Lord Christopher Monckton

  • Dave in NYC

    Originally from Haiti? Here legally?

    Any bets?

    One article said he went to high school in Florida, and that his driver’s license was found along with his clothing and other personal items on the causeway. I would guess he is here legally.

    You ever notice that when some horrendous crime happens, the MSM always features interviews with/quotes from relatives and friends that always say the same general things about the perp, “he was very peaceful, never in any trouble, and a real nice guy.”

    Not really. I can think of a couple instances off the top of my head (Jared Loughner and the guy who committed the Virginia Tech massacre) where people said the perpetrator had been acting abnormally for a long time prior to the incident.

  • Chris W.

    To be fair, his face does have a beef-jerky quality to it.

  • Patty

    Dead head hippie freak and let prison deal with him. Scum Bag.

  • Indy

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Mr. Poppo, the first responders and medical team who have to deal with this horror. Nothing can prepare our first responders / healthcare providers to deal with this, they will need lots of support.

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    “. . . while a number of passers-by did nothing to stop it.”

    If any of the passers-by had actually stopped Eugene (the black man) from eating the face of Poppo (the white man), they would have been charged by Eric “My People” Holder with denying the civil rights of a hungry black man who is the victim of 400 years of oppression and institutionalized racism in the restaurant industry.

    Let Rev Al say, “No Justice, No Face! No Justice, No Face!”

  • Noovuss

    “In the extended video footage of the attack released today, it was revealed during the almost 20 minutes that Eugene was beating and eating homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face, a number of people cycled and drove past and did nothing to stop it.”

    So what!!!
    What do you expect!!
    After what the press did to Zimmerman, do you really expect anyone to shoot someone that looks like a naked version of Obungles son? They would be put on trial in the press with a bounty on their head. It’s racist to interfere with whatever a “Trayvon” wants to do………..

  • Seth

    One newspaper account said that when the cop ordered the cannibal to stop, he just raised his head from eating, and with some flesh in his mouth, just growled, and went on eating.

    So, when someone is so far gone that they do this, are you–as just the average passerby–gonna try to stop him, and perhaps be the new focus of his attack, or are you going to avert your eyes, and get the hell out of there?

  • GRU57

    Bath salts to blame my ass. Call it for what it is ………… SATANIC influence. I need no further evidence that Satan is alive and well in America (and the world). Oh, and Calypso Louie too re-confirms my original thoughts ……….

  • Seth

    Ditto commenter # 14. Obama & Co, the race hustler industry, and our glorious MSM have done a great job– so far–of framing Zimmerman, intimidating witnesses, and tainting/prejudicing the jury pool.

    Do you really think that if this crew saw some profit or advantage from framing/destroying a passerby with a concealed carry permit who stopped this attack by shooting the cannibal–especially if that person was white, or could be made to seem white–they wouldn’t?

    Hell, it would be at least a “twofer,” further inflame racial tensions, get whitey, and strike back at gun ownership and concealed carry too. It would be irresistible to this crew.

  • Bedtime Bonzo

    In hockey it’s called a face off.

  • Carbon Monoxide

    “In the extended video footage of the attack released today, it was revealed during the almost 20 minutes that Eugene was beating and eating homeless man Ronald Poppo’s face, a number of people cycled and drove past and did nothing to stop it.”

    They probably thought it was two gay guys getting it on. If I saw two naked men laying together, I would not look too close either.

  • This is just to creeply on so many levels…

  • wtd

    WTH? Body parts popping up in Ottawa Canada, naked zombie chewing off face of naked victim on highway in Miami and Police: Hackensack Man Stabbed Himself, Threw His Skin And Intestines At Officers all in one week?

  • Candy

    To those who know me, i’m slow and looked at my CalgonBath and Body, etc. collection with tears in my eyes (and a primal scream of NOOO a la Khan)… after I read bath salts. LOL

    Hey Jim, i’ve been looking around the net and noticed several states banning the chemicals called bath salts?



    I see it linked up with hookah sites and smoke shops a lot, (synthetic marijuana, etc. I thank the middle east, yet again, spit). In NYC, Nanny ‘no smoke, no salt’ Bloomberg, has let hookah rooms and stores spread and even dress shops and bodegas have them in the front windows. Mostly Yemeni, middle easterners shops btw.

    Check this out re: New Jersey:


    Calcagni said the products were banned due to their association with extreme anxiety, extreme paranoia, delusional thinking, and visual and auditory hallucinations, violent outbursts, self-mutilation, and suicidal thoughts, and physical symptoms including increased blood pressure and heart rate, severe chest pains, and jerky muscle movements.

    The consumer affairs director also said emergency rooms have reported to the New Jersey Poison Information and Education System that some patients who used the so-called bath salts drugs were so aggressive they had to be sedated, intubated, and placed on respirators before they could be treated.

    Read more: http://njtoday.net/2011/09/14/%e2%80%9cbath-salts%e2%80%9d-drug-raids-lead-to-arrests/#ixzz1wNmF2ued
    Tell everyone to get New Jersey News from http://WWW.NJTODAY.NET


    It would seem some on this google page may need checking out:


    Check out some of the responses on links (on this google page):


    And get this, I even saw one version of these bath salts with Zombie in the title… damn, that’s truth in advertising.

    In another window, i’m witnessing an argument (forum), re: misrepresentation of the drug.
    One side says it’s synthetic meth with a few molecules changed to make it legal, another says it’s more like speed and doesn’t have muscle spasms or violence associated (he ran down a list of all he’s tried, with Khat and others thrown in… genius, oh, unless you’re in withdrawal), then you had your ‘research guys’ explaining the difference. Unreal. Oh, btw, it was also described as a shaman type experience and all agreed it was so safe and the gov’t’s jealous, no control. Lord have mercy, get the ‘this is your brain on drugs’ guy with the eggs cued up… It will not help with this crew.

    I have to find the usual suspects to get the whole truth.

  • boy these new party drugs sure sound like so much fun, don’t they?

  • Candy

    I forgot. re: the forum

    The lines of the day thus far were:

    And it causes you to growl at a cop. Please. Try demon possession.


    *It doesn’t cause possession, but can vastly exacerbate the negative traits of one who is chronically nudged by uninvited interdimesional guests.

    Reply to the above:

    Oh great! It’s the horrors of H.P.Lovecraft in powder form….

    And the voice of ‘reason’? and reply that encapsulated my first look of horror re: My Calgon

    The products are to be used as bath salts.
    It’s a different thing that people use them as psychoactive drugs. It’s misusing. Quite simple.


    I’m not sure I want to take a bath in anything that causes people to become flesh eating zombies…

    This is so screwed up; I’m going to talk to a few bodega/hookah selling guys right now to check it out.

    I’ll let you know what they say (we can guess).

    I will also write to the mayor about it.


  • squeaky
  • Seth

    As I predicted in my comment #6 above, here it is.

    Haitian source says face eating man was “funny and friendly” (http://www.news24.com/World/News/Face-eating-man-was-funny-and-friendly-20120530)

  • Wild Bill

    Looks like someone straight from #OWS.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Have not watched the video; will not. (=shudder=) Do not need to invite evil in via my eyeballs.

    Yes, I guess “Satan is alive and well, and living-it-up in downtown Miami”.

    PS- The Daily Mail –waaay across the pond– covers this and US papers don’t? What gives?

  • ant

    I hear there is a suspect in the human foot sent to a conservative HQ case. The suspect is a gay porn actor who often made snuff films in which he killed kittens and other small animals. Allegedly that escalated to include a known film wherein the gay star murders a man with an ice-pick, cuts the body up, commits sex-acts on it, and ‘cannabilizes’ some of the corpse. It looks like the foot and a torso found in a suitcase can be tracked back to the young man. What is going on in this world? Unbelievable, sick acts of evil just seem to be escalating all the time.

  • kato

    The early news reports stated that he growled like an animal.

    Enuff sed.

  • that a dame shame this man was inccent on the other hand that canble was possised and poopo was in the wrong place at the wrong time this is why we should not have homeless people in the world if he had a place to stay then that more likely were he would have been

  • animeksrules14

    Z-day has come! Z-day has come!! Have a pole nearby and stab em in the brain! Make sure they die, they won’t die otherwise!!

  • megan

    i dont even know what to make of this… i can tbelieve how sick and horrible people can be, whats sad is the human race is becoming worse predators than any species, at least animals hunt for survival, the human race is beating each other up, raping , killing and now eating each other for good freakin reason,,, all i know is now i know i do not want to have ne more kids cause id be scared to death to bring a child into this world,, gods probably gonna pass judgement on us real soon anyway,

  • megan

    i meant for NO good reason

  • megan

    btw does ne one think theres more to it than he was on drugs like there was something really wrong with him like a virus or something ???

  • Calling it now. The “naked face eating man zombie” will be a HOT Halloween costume this year.

  • Yes that to… but the man was on drugs they sed, n haiti??? .,aint that…..kommon now haiti, its that creepy stuff man., that ……that ..that evil u feel me?? kmon now , i bet if he wasnt druged up , he problay would have never done that..rite??

  • josh

    it doesnt surprise me at all if gun crimes and gangs werent enough now its down to eating ppl and drugs is always an easy escape goat and im sure the police will be blamed for doing their job too.

  • Earl187

    This really sounds like a classic case of demonic possion! This is what can happen to you when you are very super depressed and down or just use a Oujia board or other form of spirit communication when you dont have a clue what you are doing, so you have opened the door by mistake, and you pay the price. Some people dont do any of these things and they get possessed just as well, mabe out of fear. Fear is control.

  • tanyareachea

    Really! To the jerk with the beef jerky face comment: this was a human being, with a family! Who cares if he was a homeless man. He was a life! And all the “must be, the freakin man was pshyco. It has nothin to do with black/haitan/white, or any other race. He may have been on drugs which is horrible, but unfortunately, I have seen whacked out people,and to be honest, that was the devil! Drugs sure didn’t help, but that’s just not normal. I am not some hollier than thow,church pushing person, but again, not many spun out people would go to that extreme. Quit making it about race,immigration status, hatred, and just no common sense jerky remarks! That’s just sick.

  • Tanya Mc.

    Imagine he snaps out of the trip and see’s what he had done. And he is a vegan!! When sober!!

  • pissed

    I’m amazed at the stupidity of people.This has nothing to do with al sharpton,trayvon martin,or not even zimmerman.First off the homeless man was a innocent victim just like trayvon was,i’m just glad he survived unlike trayvon.

  • Charlotte

    I am still in total disbelief. While I do not understand how a person can hurt someone, I really can’t begin to understand cannibalism at all. I really do hope he is locked up for life. This SOB is really F’d Up.

  • Charlotte

    If the economy does not get better, and if more people are left in severe distress we have no idea what they may do.

    OBAMA – you stuck your face into the TRAYVON case – it was definitely bias.

    You should have stuck your face into this case, begin to see what can happen in larger numbers.
    Very scary, 🙁

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