Don’t Look Now But… Newbie Upstart John Wolfe Is Giving Barack Obama a Razor-Tight Race in Razorback Country–

When the vote tallies started coming in earlier tonight President Barack Obama led Democrat opponent John Wolfe 80% to 20%. But that has all changed now. With 4 of 75 counties reporting John Wolfe has 35% of the vote against fellow Democrat and former community organizer, Barack Obama.

He doesn’t quite have the star power of Keith Judd, but John Wolfe will do.
Democrat presidential candidate John Wolfe, Jr. spoke with a citizen journalist recently on his campaign strategy to defeat fellow Democrat Barack Obama.

The night is young. There is still hope for John Wolfe. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: (9:00 CST) Wolfe now has 37% of the vote. Obama at 62%.

UPDATE: (9:30 CST) With 45,000 votes counted Wolfe has 40% of vote.  Obama has 59%.

UPDATE: (10:30 CST) With 99,000 votes counted, Newbie Wolfe has 39% of vote.  Obama has 60%.

UPDATE: Via InstapunditIn Kentucky, 42 percent of Democrats pick ‘uncommitted’ instead of Obama. “The results come on the heels of West Virginia’s Democratic primary earlier this month where a felon incarcerated in Texas took 41 percent of the vote from the president.”




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  1. ++

    more, faster!!


  2. Jim, here in KY, Obama lost 65 of 120 counties to uncommitted. Many hard DEM counties. 42% statewide DEMs said no to Obama. This will affect the fall here with GOP taking thr State House in Nov. INC majority in St Senate.

  3. As a side note,

    Another Tea Party Candidate beat two establishment Republicans for the 4th District in Kentucky.

    FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — With the political and financial clout of the tea party behind him, Republican Thomas Massie easily won the GOP nomination Tuesday to run for an open congressional seat in Kentucky’s 4th District.

    The relative newcomer of politics, a protege of U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, beat two well-established Republicans, state Rep. Alecia Webb-Edgington and Boone County Judge-Executive Gary Moore.

    With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Massie had 19,638 votes or 45 percent, to 12,501 votes for Webb-Edgington or 29 percent. Moore had 6,503 votes or 15 percent.

    The race showed that the tea party movement remains strong in Kentucky. Paul endorsed Massie and was actively involved in the race, even appearing in a TV ad. And a Texas-based tea party group put more than $500,000 into the race.—-BULLETIN-AP—-Thomas-Massie-GOP-nominated-US-House-District-4-Kentucky-152778995.html

    But remember kids, the Tea Party is dead. (snicker)

  4. Obama only got 58% of the vote in Kentucky against Uncommitted, lol.

    Obama, Barack (i) Dem 119,277 58%

    Uncommitted Dem 86,857 42%

  5. Obama got whooped big time in KY. . .

    And when you look at actual voted. .Romney and Obama got almost same amount. .but when you factor in all Republican minus Ron Paul folks) it dwarfs what Obama got. . .

    Obama seems to be going backwards not forwards. . .

    Amazing what a lousy economy and a broken record of accomplishments seems to do to a sitting President. . LOL!

  6. None of the Obama!

  7. From the looks of the Kentucky State Board of Elections Map, “Uncommitted” (by my counting) won 66 counties tonight v.s. Obama.

  8. JUDD/WOLFE 2012

  9. Hahahahahahaaaa….Dear Dear Leader! What a freakin embarrassment.

  10. who’s Judd

  11. John Wolfe is actually a composite.

  12. Meanwhile, the DailyBeast can’t figure out why Obama isn’t talking about the murder rate in Chicago, in an effort to get more “gun control.”

    My guess is that they didn’t get the memo that the right-wing nut-bars are primed for this one.

    One of the commenters to that article did something very interesting. He looked at the murder rate, and subtracted crimes committed by people identified as black, to get the murder rate by whites, and then compared THAT rate to other nations.

    If that commenter is right, America’s notoriously high murder rate is a racial problem, just like the high rate of new HIV infections among heterosexuals.

    Rev. Wright, I’m talking to you. This is NOT Dr. Martin Luther King’s heritage. This is yours, and Louis Farrankhan’s.

  13. A felon was gellin’ dissatisfaction in WV….Kentucky showing commitment to uncommitted and a Wolfe huffin’ and puffin’ on Obama’s door in Arkansas?

    Barry’s Fairy Tale is getting a tragic rewrite in November.

  14. I was a Ron Paul delegate at my State Convention & man, it is great to see someone on the other side that’s also talking about the real issues, facing the corruption. This country is waking up!

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