Dem Rep. Mike McIntyre Flees When Asked If He’ll Support Obama (Video)

Rats Flee Sinking Ship…
“Blue Dog” Democrat Mike McIntyre (D-NC) fled from reporters when asked if he’ll support candidate Barack Obama for president this year.

NewsMax reported:

Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., who hasn’t endorsed President Barack Obama, declined to say Thursday whether he indeed supports the president for re-election.

A reporter from Wilmington, N.C., TV station WECT asked McIntyre twice for his thoughts about Obama and was rebuffed each time.

At a local prayer breakfast, McIntyre said he wasn’t doing “political interviews, [because] it wouldn’t be appropriate.” When asked to comment again later in the day, McIntyre said, “Not today.”

The National Republican Congressional Committee didn’t have much trouble making hay out of McIntyre’s reticence. It sent a video of his interaction with the reporter to the media with a statement saying McIntyre “won’t be able to hide from his record of supporting President Obama’s failed economic policies that have led to North Carolina’s high unemployment,” The Hill reports.

McIntyre, a conservative Blue Dog Democrat, faces a difficult re-election race after the Republican State Legislature shifted his district, making it more Republican than it already was.

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  • Sam Stone

    Blue Dogs Democrats are an endangered species since Obama grilled and ate most of them.

  • Patty


    see at top of computer first you have maybe file, edit, view, history, etc.

    scroll to next line: it will have title of this story, in upper right corner

    next line scrolling down with have http://www.thegate...

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    doubt if this will help you but I at least tried.

  • Patty

    “hope” this will help you, Sherry, being more optimistic. here! 🙂

  • Patty

    For a politician they are voting for things then their election is at stake then they reflect back on their idiotic votes and it is too late. Many see right through what McIntyre is doing.

    He needs to GO!!

  • Patty

    One more thing Sherry. this is what you want to drag down to last line. Last line would be your bookmarks. Your can bookmark gateway pundit, google, and other sites on this line, if you wish.

  • I. Remember

    Why be put on record for supporting a failure if you can get out of it,eh Mike?

  • Sasja

    Here’s a snippet of his challenger Illario Pantano. Quite an accomplished young conservative. Marine, patriot, family man, author, businessman:

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  • mg4us

    The Repeater. .er I mean Reporter. . forgot to ask the question in the right way to the Congressman. .

    Since He said it was a Prayer Day, the question is:
    Do you pray that Obama wins a second term? What about praying for your own job?

    Do you seek forgiveness for being a flaming Libtard idiot and voting for all of Obama’s failed policies?

    Do you seek forgiveness for all those who trusted in you and voted for you only to see you support leftist policies and Czars that have left many of them out of work with fewer jobs being created?

    Come November, Do you HOPE. . er I mean Pray. . .That there’s CHANGE?

  • mg4us

    On a related point. .since he if for the Marriage amendment. . and pretends to be a “conservative” DemocRAT. . .

    Congressman, where were your objections to Safe School Czar Jennings and his desire to push homosexual teachings to our youngins?

    So you were FOR it like in FORward!

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  • bigL

    Remember, that McIntyre did not inherit this seat in congress. No seat in cogress is inherited.
    they are no t”Life appointments”. So GOP or Donk–clean sweep.If they are great, then they can run in 2 yrs…

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  • bg



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    We already know what happens to Julia, but, what of the guy who
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  • bg


    re: #16 May 6, 2012 at 2:12 pm bg

    Paul Ryan: Obama’s ‘Julia’ website ‘creepy’ and ‘demeaning’

    i respectfully disagree with Mr. Ryan,

    what it is is an outrageous lie from start to finish..

    aka: political expediency food for his ill informed and
    ignorant, Obama worshiping, koolaid drinking base..


  • Ken Hahn

    McIntyre is not a conservative “blue dog” Democrat.
    There are no conservative Democrats. There are no moderate Democrats. Democrats come in only four flavors.
    1. Liberal
    2. Very liberal
    3. Extremely liberal
    and 4. So corrupt that no philosophy can be determined.

    I’d expect McIntyre is a 1 or a 4.