David Letterman to Tom Brokaw: “What More Do We Want Obama to Do? Honest to God!” (Barf Alert)

Oh, good grief!
David Letterman and crank Brian Williams held their own whine-fest last night on late night television. Letterman asked Williams,

“What more do we want Obama to do for us? Honest to God!”

Poor guys. Expect to see a lot more of this in the coming months as failed President Obama continues to sink in the polls.

Watch, listen, and prepare to barf.  Skip more than four minutes of nauseating, mutual gushing over Obama, and at 7:10 hear the late night Obama sycophant’s outburst.

Via Mediaite and Lucianne:

NBC News anchor Brian Williams appeared on CBS’ The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night. Letterman discussed Williams’s special on Rock Center about the killing of Osama bin Laden and became agitated when describing President Barack Obama’s successes as compared to what he sees as President George W. Bush’s failures in the War on Terror. “What more do we want this man to do for us, honest to god,” asked Letterman.

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  • Stella Baskomb

    “What More Do We Want Obama to Do? Honest to God!””


    Honest to God.

    Sooner the better.

    We can live with a Biden presidency for 6 months.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    He can go home to Chicago next year, that’s what he can do for us.

  • Granny

    “What More Do We Want Obama to Do?”


    And then move to anywhere in the world that isn’t the United States of America!

  • shibumi

    Yes. Resign. That would work for me.

  • Donya

    Yes, yes, yes…RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

  • Buffalobob

    Letterman and Williams, still after all these years trying to fit in with the cool kids in class.

  • Patty

    Maher Claims Romney ‘Bullying’ Worse Than Michael Jackson Molestation

    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/brad-wilmouth/2012/05/16/maher-claims-romney-bullying-worse-michael-jackson-molestation#ixzz1v3DP7Y7d

    And more of the late night garbage.

  • an observer

    The Illuminati (Soros, Stern, etc) met in Miami last weekend, as GP noted. When Obama started whining about “unfair treatment” by the press, it wasn’t an accident or the plaintive bleating of a narcissist. It was, I believe, a result of this meeting.

    They are going to throw Obama under the bus!

    Letterman, an Obama loyalist, isn’t speaking about REPUBLICANS, he’s really talking about Soros and friends.

    When will this happen? Either before the convention or during the convention. Look for shenanigans with the “superdelegates” to prevent a 1st ballot nomination of Obama.

    Who will replace Obama as nominee? Perhaps Hillary.

    The DNC and the party elders will go along because otherwise they will be OUT OF POWER FOR DECADES, thanks to the inept “rule” of Obama and the fact that he is being increasingly despised. They rightly fear that Obama is going to take them all down!

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  • stuart

    I don’t want Obama to do ANYTHING for us. I just want him to stop doing things to us. (read that last word as both us and U.S.)

  • Patty

    And what more can Obama do, be ready to pack up his bags. Some are even asking what will he do after he loses in 2012!!!


    Barack Obama teases David Beckham for his underwear career
    President Barack Obama teasingly described David Beckham as a “rare man” who could balance a long football career with producing his own line in underwear.


  • Patty

    Here’s more things that Obama is doing.

    Narcissism update: Obama now inserts himself into online bios of past presidents


  • Taqiyyotomist

    Will. Not. Watch.

    Letterman: “Hey, I’m still unimaginably wealthy! What’s the problem?”

    Well, I suppose Christians and Jews and conservatives are not stacked like cordwood yet, so there is more he could do “for” the Left.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    To the Left, Obama is, so far, a failure: because he has not achieved Mao’s or Stalin’s murder-count yet.

    They’ll still vote for him, of course, in hopes that one day he will rid them of their conservative neighbors. That and free up all that property for the “correct” people to take.

    “And suddenly, it came to me: all his stuff was now MINE!” — Che Guevara, after shooting his companion in the head, paraphrased, but accurate.

  • Patty

    And we know he golfs a lot. But just count up how many times Obama has been on the Campaign trail and collecting more money for this re-election initiative. Think about this so called leader and just how much he has campaigned. No leadership, nothing done to help this economy but spend 5 trillion and counting us into DEBT.
    Obama can’t run this nation by campaigning and this is the only thing Obama seems to know.

    For Obama, Gay Is Green

    Unless the Obama-Romney election is extremely close in battleground states, gay votes won’t be pivotal in the outcome. But the money and the activism that gays bring to the Obama campaign do count. Always follow the money (and the shoe leather).

    But it’s late in the day for the flailing Obama campaign. The president is running out of constituencies to try to energize — and the president’s bag of tricks isn’t inexhaustible.

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/05/for_obama_gay_is_green.html#ixzz1v3G0CrSL

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  • sarabeara

    Letterman proves every day how NOT Johnny Carson he actually is.

  • bigL

    switeroo coming.. Just like Toricelli/Lautenberg. Primaries done,convention hel, all election things closed dn and finalized and the NJ Supreme ct sai,d sure, sub in Lautenberg for Toricelli.

  • Never Again

    SB: what more do we want him to do “TO” us?

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Can you elaborate? That is: huh?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #15 Patty

    Gay is Green?

    Gay and Green are Red.

  • Ancient Mariner

    I refuse to watch Letterman on late night TV. I also read only the present screwups of this self appointed emperor. He is a clear and present danger to this country and must be removed by whatever means necessary. He uses every means he can to rule and to obtain votes to keep himself in power. He is steadily destroying our Constitution and other valuable documents. Bozo and his followers must go, NOW!

  • Militant Conservative

    I want nothing more than for the president to self destruct
    Due to getting beaten in

  • Taqiyyotomist
  • Taqiyyotomist


    And when he leaves, no matter how he leaves, he will be a multibillionaire.

    Nearly ten trillion dollars, so far, has been “liberated” from our treasury (our credit line, really), to his friends in the many, many fields whose sole source of income is government grants and “loans”. From “green” tech intentional bankruptcies to billions in Jizya to Gaza, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, to triple-dipping, lavishly-living state and federal union workers — if even a tenth of a percent of what he and the rest of this government have allowed to be stolen is kicked back to him, he’s an instant multi-billionaire.

    He needs to be in PRISON.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Along with a few thousand of his fellow travellers.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Note that I didn’t say “put in mass graves by the millions”.

    That’s how the Left thinks. The “progressives”. The Tolerant Ones.

    Mention Palin, Limbaugh, Cheney, Bush, Hannity? The “progressive” inevitably wish death upon them, one and all, and all their listeners and like-minded brothers and sisters. Not just death, but horrific, prolonged death.

    And I just think that Obama and a few thousand engineers of a deceptive Communist coup and the greatest heist of dollars in HUMAN HISTORY should be in jail for life. For stealing and breaking many, many, many other laws.

    Jail vs. Death Camps. That’s where we’re at.

  • Grow up and take a little responsibility for the messes he’s created!
    Why Obama’s Blame Game Will Sink His Presidency

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  • Patty

    David Letterman has no idea what Obama has done to this nation. Does he read or does he just ask stupid questions. It is much more than this. When celebrities insert themselves in Politics, chalk it up to naivety and bias.

    Those in the business of SHOW, are not making a difference. I would bet a majority of Letterman’s show, have let for the younger host or don’t even vote.

    Articles: The Evidence: Obama Is Undermining U.S. Troops in …

    {..}Why haven’t we been as successful, or as aggressive, in Afghanistan? Evidence is mounting daily that the Obama Administration has not only held back in Afghanistan, but has deliberately undermined the war effort there.

    A stunning Washington Post piece on Sunday documented how we’ve been secretly releasing captured combatants from Afghan jails to placate the Taliban and other insurgent groups and entice them to negotiate with us. Administration officials wouldn’t say if these terrorist thugs went on to murder our troops, probably because they have.

    Why are we so interested in kissing up to these thugs? Obama ultimately intends for the Taliban to rule Afghanistan again, a development that could destabilize the whole region.{..}

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/05/the_evidence_obama_is_undermining_us_troops_in_afghanistan_to_put_the_taliban_in_power.html#ixzz1v3SHDxrH

  • Patty

    I needed to separate my opinions for the American Thinker article. sorry

  • Patty

    Military, Churches, Race Issues, Gay Marriage, Abortions, Contraception, Oil, Cars, Insurance, Homes, Food Stamps, Entitlements, Relations with our Friends Abroad, YOU NAME IT OBAMA HAS DONE IT. HE HAS MADE THIS NATION INTO SOMETHING AMERICANS DON’T WANT NOR NEED.

    This is what he has done. Moveon.org, mediamatters, every left website and those on the left are turning this nation into socialism.

    So, Letterman can take a flying leap. We don’t want him to do anymore to America. He is destroying it.

  • Brae

    Leave. It’s that simple

  • GT

    Tom Brokaw? Granted, there’s not a lot of difference between he and putz Brian Williams.
    “David Letterman to Tom Brokaw: “What More Do We Want Obama to Do? Honest to God!”

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    This is why I don’t watch Letterman anymore. I liked the guy and his brand of humor, but since the 2008 presidential campaign, his inability to keep his leftist inclinations under wraps was the last straw.

  • Kib Blue

    David Letterman Democrat, Tom Brokaw Democrat

    Why not label the media Democrats?

    Everyone knows the media are overwhelmingly liberal and Democrat. New York Times Democrat (NYTD)! Associated Press Democrat (APD)! CBSD! ABCD! 60 Democratic Minutes! ….
    It’s important that readers and viewer know thier information is coming not from an impartial observer but from the point of view of the Democratic Party. The issue is not thier bias but the pretense that they are objective.


  • Peregrine Took, Hobbit S.O.B.

    Count me in the “resign” category.

  • These useful tools have no clue what is to come if Obama gets another term, these idiots will be loaded on trains with the rest of us……..

  • coolidgerules

    Davey boy lost it long ago. To think that Johnny Carson was great friend of his I find really baffling. Carson was very neutral in poking fun at both sides and RETAINED most (not all) of his midwest values-its what endeared him to great number of people. Leno, Letterman, Kimmel, Fallon-all pikers.

  • Keyser


  • What do we want him to do for us? Leave us alone.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Was anyone listening? I feel for those assigned to listen to this drivel – give the poor souls a raise.

  • Winston Wolfe

    Fix your title. It’s not Tom Brokaw.

  • bobdog

    Tom Brokaw is the pleasant-looking liberal lickspittle that has trouble with the letter “R”.

    Brain Williams is the pleasant-looking liberal lickspittle with the crooked nose.

    Not much in the way of other differences, though.

  • StrangernFiction

    Heil Obama!

  • mg4us

    Guess Letterman and Brokaw haven’t been following the news and current affairs or thinking. . .

    after all, actors are paid to “act” that is follow a script and make it believable. .
    they are not paid to think nor should they be followed for advice. . .


    And lets talk scandels. .Fast & Furious or Chinese

    And let’s not forget Obama’s own “if-I-had-a-son” Trayvon

    What we are witnessing here with George Zimmerman is tribalism at its finest. Yes, this is how tribes in Africa operate and why there is little to no cohesion in most African states.

    Sharpton, Jackson, NBPP all supporting no_limit_nigga Trayvon. . . right

    As they often say and we’ve heard:
    You can take the boy out of the jungle
    But you can never take the jungle out of da boy!


    and especially this. . .get to know the real Trayvon

    Until then, Floridians need to Stand-their-ground otherwise this happens. . . blacks attacking white
    and here is the video (notice media black-washes it. .and doesn’t mention race much)

    If the army guy was packing, these thugs or animals could have joined Trayvon!

  • Economan

    Resign and go back to Kenya and destroy that economy.

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  • SpySmasher


    What more could he possibly DO?!!?!?!

  • Big Kahuna

    I would like to see Obama resign and start as many green solar and wind companies he can…With his Own money…. Not tax payer subsidies. Let him risk his money and see how he likes it. He can run it too and pay all his workers union wages and full benefits .

    I would also suggest cutting the budget deficit in half at least like he promised. I would also like Obamacare repealed and IRS crippled along with EPA and Nat. Education Association cut by 90%

    Thats a nice start

  • Ripped

    Intelligent people don’t watch Letterman.

  • Lil Obie

    @ Big Kahuna

  • owl

    This is perfect example of why the voters voted stupid. They are not political junkies and believe they are getting truth and news. This is what has been forced fed to them for years.

    What else can the man do? Hmmm and you do the same.

  • jojo


  • Jerry C

    “What More Do We Want Obama to Do? Honest to God!””

    Burn in Hell.

  • RS

    If Obama resigned, he’d have to take his little dog Joe with him.

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  • cali

    Brian Williams, the guy who recently stated, how fascinated he is upon seeing his daughter masturbating in public? This guy – a father so perverted to be elated that way?

    There’s another thing afoot: The Illuminati (vatican in rome, bilderberg, CFR, Bohemian Cove, Fabian socialists, Free Masons, Federal Reserve (Rockefeller, Rothchild, Bush sr etc), soros, oprah etc) selected obama for one reason only.
    They selected obama for one reason only: He is their puppet, a bi-racial man without traces of his corrupted and false history, to bring down capitalism and, the constitution of America to pave the way for the one-world-government and, the birth of the anti christ.

    Hillary is sign treaties in the UN without congressional approval regarding ‘small arms treaties’ meaning to disarm american and, do away with the 2nd amendment. That too is part of the installment of the one-world-government. Abortion, homosexaul acceptance by force and, the integration of our military into the Un is also afoot. Afghanistan plays a big part of it.
    The open borders policy currently implemented silently is also part of hillary’s work, fast and furious is planned as well as all the other strange EO’s, Hillary is the others partner in obama’s destruction.

    I would like to reference a researchers work I’m reading for years: “Petrus Romanus, the anti christ is here”. Obama’s election played a huge and intentional role in it. Have you wondered why the progressives went all out during obama’s election labeling him ‘messiah, god like, the smartest man ever etc”? There’s a reason for it; tearing down and confusing christian beliefs and value systems. The intentional attack on believers is in full force!

    Keep an eye on the upcoming NATO gatherings in chicago, the coming chaos and full assault on americans; the un-announced arrival of ‘100,000+ secial russian military forces”Spetznaz”, the preparation of thousand of red cross, homeland security on hand during the NATO summit; U-tube videos of russian forces burning our flag, threats of burning us american christians aliveetc..
    If there is a black-out on internet access sometimes between now and close to the election date, don’t be surprised; the black out has already begun in chicago as they have made preparation in chicago for a government sponsored assault on americans.

    Here is the site of researcher Thomas Horn, who has written in a series about the Illuminati, their intent, the participation and ground zero of the catholic vatican in rome and, the pope; as well how obama fits into all this:


    It is so far a 16-part series and, continuing. It will open your eyes and, put the puzzle pieces together nicely!