Barack Obama arrived in Kabul today to sign a strategic agreement with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. This comes amid increasing militancy and Taliban’s firm resolve to regain power.
China’s Xinhua News reported:

U.S. President Barack Obama arrived in Afghan capital Kabul on Tuesday for an unannounced visit, Afghan officials said.

During his trip here, the U.S. president is expected to sign a strategic agreement with Afghanistan, unnamed Afghan government officials were quoted as saying by local TV channels.

Obama will give a televised speech tonight at 7:30 PM EST to gloat about killing Osama Bin Laden.




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  1. Now we need to get the real news from China?

    And since when does a president grovel to a third world backwater?

    November 2012 can’t come soon enough!!

    Let’s HOPE there’s CHANGE!

  2. Obama’s there looking for another end-zone to spike the football…again!

  3. Suggestion to Comrade Hussein: Stay there. Permanently.

  4. With all the problems at home. .he puts this at the top of his list. .Hey What’s the plan for Iran?


  5. He heard the muzzies just built an all sand golf course, and he’s looking for a sponsor to play a round.

  6. The way Obama was smirking yesterday while spiking the football makes me think he is up to something.

  7. What are the terms of our surrender, how much will it cost us and how many people will be slaughtered because of it?

  8. Just another campaign stop making promises he cant keep.

  9. What happened to the nightly rolling death toll announcements?

  10. Rumor has it that Obama is in Afghanistan to make hay on the anniversary of the Osama Bin Laden “killing” (in quotes ’cause no one saw the body!)

    Apparently Mitt Romney has hurt Obbie’s feelings. . . you know, the little man in the room. . .

    For Obama to delay weks on end and lose the opportunity. .what choice did he have but to say go. . .

    It is even reported that Obama is Wee-Weed Up

  11. “… During his trip here, the U.S. president is expected to sign a strategic agreement with Afghanistan, unnamed Afghan government officials were quoted as saying…”
    = = = = = =

    My first thought on reading this: “What’s our Phooker-In-Chief giving away THIS time ?”

  12. About a week ago, Karzai anounced his demands.
    Nice to see obama jumped right on that.

  13. Oh brother.. now oBama is going to ‘address the Nation’ tonight from Afghanistan:

    I know I won’t be watching.

  14. Well, there goes at least another 100k gallons of jet fuel totally wasted…

  15. do these agreements with foriegn gov’ts require Congressional approval?

  16. i take ozero’s trip to afghanistan as a sign of increasing desperation. he hopes and ole axe told him he’s look “cool” again doing that. NOT

  17. I wish we had a media in America that would be willing to tell even half the truth about Obama’s War in Afghanistan that they managed to squeak out about the Vietnam War – in spite of the lies that Walter Kronkite spewed back then.

    In my little area of Wisconsin, we have lost four young soldiers in Afghanistan in the last two months.

    The lamestream media is not concerned with rigorous reporting about Obama’s War.

    Read this from the Salt Lake Tribune today:

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