Bias on Display: Media Ignores Michelle O’s $2700 Sweater But Attacks Ann Romney for $990 Top

Sorry, lamestream media. We’re on to you.
The corrupt media is all upset that “elitist” Ann Romney wore a $990 top during an interview this week on “This Morning.”

But, as noted yesterday, this same media cheers the fashion and style of Queen Michelle  whose taste in sweaters cost her over $2,000 a pop.

The First Lady hosted an event for children in the East Room of the White House today as part of “Bring Your Children to Work Day”. For the occasion, Mrs. O debuted a gingham houndstooth pleated skirt paired with a L’Wren Scott embroidered peach cardigan. Lovely! (Mrs. O)

The Free Beacon reported, via Weasel Zippers:

The first closet has increasingly become a subject of interest since Michelle Obama swept fashionably into the White House in her Jason Wu ball gown.

Yesterday, Ann Romney’s clothes stole the spotlight as she wore a fashionable top on Tuesday for an appearance with her husband on CBS “This Morning.” Politico reported that the Reed Krakoff shirt would “cost you a pretty penny,” at $990.

But Mrs. Romney will need to step up her fashion game if she wants to fill the shoes of Mrs. Obama.

In March, the first lady visited her British counterpart Samantha Cameron wearing a L’Wren Scott sweater in a trendy bright yellow hue. The embellished cardigan costs $2,720.

Obama, widely regarded as a fashion icon, likes the brand so much that she wore a peach cardigan from the same line last week during the Take Your Child to Work Day festivities.

The next day, she wore another sweater from L’Wren Scott, this one white with red trim from the Spring 2011 ready to wear collection, for a visit to Fort Stewart with the president.

She has been a fan of the brand’s cardigans since at least 2010, when she wore this black and white number to a childhood obesity event.

The first lady’s favorite embellished cardigans from L’Wren Scott range from $2,095 to $3,320.

Of course, there’s a reason for the media madness. The lamestream has to paint the Romney’s as elite snobs so you’ll dislike them. It’s part of their smear campaign. How else is Obama supposed to win in 2012? Certainly not by his failed policies.

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  • Lady Mondegreen

    Neither Anne Romney nor Michelle Obama are running for office. Let’s preserve our own dignity and leave both of them out of it.

  • jorgen

    I agree with #1: neither run for office. Secondly, Romney is from a wealthy family so they can afford it. The Obamas are typical nuveau riche and behaves like it.

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  • forest

    The media is just despicable. Jon Stewart was even making fun of them for the blatant Mormon double standard last night (“why haven’t you asked Harry Reid that question….”)

    But it is nice to see the First Lady in a tasteful outfit for once. Now is she could wipe that smug look off her face and sit up straight she will be on her way to figuring out her job.

  • CR

    I would prefer to leave them both out of it, for the stated reason. However, the MSM promotes a double-standard so we must try to balance it out.

    $2,700! What is it made from to cost so much? (choose one)

    1) The fur of some of the dogs Barack ate last week.
    2) Recycled toilet paper, so it’s nice and green.
    3) The hair of all the people who ended up under Obama’s bus.
    4) The hair of random Tea Party protesters the FBI rounded up.
    5) Tufts of hair from victims of ‘randomly selected’ TSA groping.
    6) A certain kind of hair from Secret Service hookers.
    7) Hair shaved from attendees of drunken parties at a GSA convention.
    8) Magic hair from Barack’s imaginary…err ‘composite’ girlfriends.
    9) Beard hair that fell off Occupy protesters because of all the scabies.
    10) Hair donated by adoring fans, such as Chris Matthews whose leg tingles when he yanks out a hair.

    There. I got that out of my system. She really should have some consideration for optics. Many people can’t make ends meet, yet she parades around wearing 2 mortgage payments, or 7 car payments, or 9 months worth of food, or 2 gallons of gas.

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  • Chad

    Neither #1, Lady Mondegreen nor #2, jorgen get it. The point is that the liberal media points out and shames Anne Romney for the cost of a sweater while they praise Michelle Obama’s “style” that cost 3x to 4x more than Anne’s attire.

  • democraps suck

    doesn’t matter what moo-shell wears…you can’t hide chewbacca ugly

  • Limousine Barry

    What’s the big deal? She wore it once and then tossed it the closet with her hundereds of other expensive dresses.

    Besides, it made her look fat! And, it made her butt look huge! I cannot answer any more questions. Good day.

  • lizzy84

    Michelle Obama to Campaign Supporters: Things Coming ‘That Will Make You Shudder’

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  • bitterclinger

    Same day…2 articles? Looks like the Journolist is alive and well again.

  • kathteach

    Since we’re talking about Michelle Obama’s fashion sense – I posted this May 1 under the
    Bill Ayers May 1 event in Chicago:

    Check out the Red and Black ensembles:

    Obama, Michelle and their daughter on stage in Grant Park, Chicago – Election Night 2008.

    Symbols matter.

    The red-and-black flag is the symbol of the anarcho-syndicalist and anarcho-communist movements. Black is the traditional color of anarchism, and red is the traditional color of socialism (Wikipedia Red and Black)

  • listingstarboard

    So why doesn’t the Romney camp punch back with the facts and the pictures?

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  • Mikey

    @ Lady Mondegreen, Both Mooch and Anne are active campaigners for their husbands so the critiques are justified, and they are fair game. Especially Mooch, who has been campaigning along side her husband for over 4 years now.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    CR! The funniest thing I’ve read today. It’s only 9:09am EDT.

    The MSM should lay off both women, however the MSM wants to create this false facade between Romney and the FLOTUS. This whole rich man, poor man meme will be worn out by August. Obama has nothing to run on, however the June swoon is about to roar. SCOTUS will be determining where the campaign goes, for both Romney and Obama, when they announce their ruling on Obamacare. CR great list.

  • At least Ann Romney’s wardrobe isn’t taxpayer funded!

  • BlackBush

    Shave that wookie down and dress it up in designer. Instant 1st lady.

  • Kilroy64

    $2700.00 worth of lipstick on a pig.

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  • Liz

    At least my tax dollars aren’t paying for Ann Romney’s lifestyle.

  • Hey, give moochie a break! Those $2,000 sweaters are a compression of a bunch of $10.00 sweaters!

  • valerie

    #1 May 3, 2012 at 6:11 am
    Lady Mondegreen commented:

    And where were you when Palin was being savaged for wearing much less expensive, loaned clothing?

    We get it. You want the media to get its punches in, and then stop before the same standards get applied to those you favor. That’s not quite the same as leaving the ladies out of it.

  • Kissmygrits

    Didn’t Mooch wear $500 tennis shoes to go feed the homeless last year? Have we come down to flinging open the closets of politicians wives? What is the jobless rate today? Is Chen still alive? We need to pickup a 2×4 and whack some of these media folks up side the head. (Not for real, just using a metaphor)

  • valerie

    I’d much rather be talking about those pernicious fiscal, technological, and social policies of the actual administration, rather than the clothing and hairstyle of the spouses of the politicians. And if the ladies are campaigning, I’d rather hear about what they SAID than what they wore.

    But then, I am concerned about the governance of the country.

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  • Patty

    Clothes don’t make the woman. An especially, when MO was wearing her designer stretch pants during the campaign in 07.

    A world wind of attention over clothes. The left gave Sarah a real winging during her campaign. There is something about clothes.

    Personally, clothes are fun and most women love to have the finer things in life. But if this campaign is going to be stuck on the clothes and how expensive the by the hard left, bring it on. Because the right is concentrating on Obama and his failures and Patriots, serious voters in America will not be voting on the price of someone’s clothes.

    I think this whole thing is to boost the sells of the couturiers. You realize that these designers get sales by publicizing their names in the Fashion world. This happen in the last election and the designer of MO’s apparel made of quite, well.

    So, the only ones making out like a fat rat is Michelle and her designers. Exposure means everything for sales.

    Again, clothes DON’T make the woman or the cost of them. A pair of stretch pants to the most expensive clothes. It is how you play the game. And the left played it well, in 08.
    Distraction and deceive.

  • CR

    No matter what Ann Romney wears they are critical of her. Initially they said she looked like she shopped at Chicos. Now the top cost $990.

    No matter how much MO spends or how tacky it looks she is the greatest.

    I don’t watch these liberal shows.

  • WaitWutt?

    You can dress a pig in a $3000 cardigan sweater but it’s still a pig.

  • tee thompson

    Agree with all of the above !! My comment is Ann Romney paid for her $990 top, WE the taxpayer paid for MO’s $2200 sweather—I am totally embarrased to pay that much money for something that ugly-MO=No taste. Media, get your notebooks out of fashion and try get some Q&A’s on the important stuff ie, economy, jobs etc please

  • Mr. Potato Head

    Didn’t they try the same garbage on Sarah Palin?

  • Catblaster

    Gawd who dresses this cow? those shoes don’t even match the dress! I’ve seen kindergartners accessorize better….

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Neither Anne Romney nor Michelle Obama are running for office. Let’s preserve our own dignity and leave both of them out of it.”

    If you can show me where the media and the Democrat Party left Sarah Palin’s children and grandchild “out of it” we’ll agree with you. If you can show us where the media and the Democratic Party left George Bush’s daughters and wife “out of it”, we’ll agree with you. If you can show us where they plan to leave out Romney’s religion, wife, grandparents, and sons “out of it”, we’ll agree with you. We’re well past playing the “dignity” card. We’re fighting against gutter humans, the absolute trash of humanity. If we don’t get in and fight them like we’re fighting for our lives, we’ll lose our lives.

    McCain tried your tactic and he was destroyed.

  • Patty

    L’Wren Scott is an American fashion designer, costume designer, stylist and model known primarily for her long-term relationship with singer Mick Jagger.

    That answer a lot.

  • Patty
  • Cindy

    Who cares how much of “their money” they spend! I only have a problem with how much of the taxpayers money is being spent!!!

  • Cindy

    Who cares how much of “their own money is spent”. I only have a problem with how much of the taxpayers money is wasted!

  • Well, when you make the kind of money the Obama’s make you can afford a $2700 sweater. And what I would like to know is how can these clothing designers can charge that much for their product. It’s not like they make the thing by hand. I do know of machines that you can put in a design, load the thread, and you take hold of a shuttle and move it back and forth across a bar and the machine actually makes cloth as you move the shuttle back and forth. You can put in any kind of design you want and the machine makes the pattern on the cloth. But I kinda doubt that this guy, who? L’Wren?, made that sweater by hand, but who knows. Usually what those things are, are from bolts of cloth the designer finds made somewhere, or finds a pattern and the textile mill will make the cloth enough so that the designer can make a few sweaters and that run is it. Depending on your reputation you could charge maybe four or five hundred dollars for it. But $2700?? He must be one of those Hollywood designers, and probably Gay!

    Now people, don’t disparage the rich and what they buy. And I agree with the commentor who said they didn’t care how much of their own money they spent they were only concerned how much of our tax money they are spending. And I’ll tell you this, Michelle had better not spent our money on that sweater. If she has we ought to send her a bill for it and all the other stuff.

    And when they leave the White House I don’t want her to steal the china either like the Clinton’s did. Fortunately they were made to bring the stuff they swiped back, well most of it anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Clinton’s were going to try and sell it for a few hundred dollars to spite us. The Obama ‘s a even more criminal and have that entitlement attitude about everything, so they need to be watched extra close.

  • I remember Jackie Kennedy used to buy the most beautiful gowns for state dinners they would throw, and she was always dressed real nice. Jackie had such a knowledge of all the stuff there was in the White House, and all the stuffs history and where it came from. She would give tours with the press and I remember watching it on TV when I was young. I remember the Christmas at the White House she would have on TV that were so spectacular and beautiful. Jackie was such a sweet lady and that’s just it she was always a Lady. I remember her little “pill box” hats she would wear with her lime green knit outfits on of the day.

    But this woman is a Negro dressed up who hates being First Lady because she doesn’t like being watched by the Secret Service who keeps following her around. She can’t shake them for nothing.

  • mcc

    Related to Lamestream Media Madness —

    Look for an upcoming Vanity Fair article, “Life Before Michelle” – (as reported this AM by my local news station).

    It’s the Big Reveal: all you’ve ever wanted to know about Barry’s great love affair — even including the love letters exchanged between the two!

    You know you’ve been waiting for it…but —

    “How embarrassing!” the local reporters cried, “Would you want all that out there?!”

    “How clueless,” was my automatic response. Of course it’s over-the-top…that alone should have set off the smell detectors…

    They’ve obviously never heard of Donald Young.

  • [email protected]

    Manchelle looks like an unmade bed, as usual.

  • Jaimo

    For God’s sake, that woman can’t even put a matching pair of shoes with an outfit. What’s with the mustard flats and a peach sweater and dress.

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  • mcc
  • mcc

    Re #46 — notice you don’t need a man in your life…

    You’ve got Barry!!

  • Bustr

    That really is a fabulous outfit she has on. I just love it!

    I need to follow her when she is about to drop it off at goodwill.

  • Callipygian1

    Mrs. Romney doesn’t rely on taxpayer dollars to fund her wardrobe.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    She has NO class..and she loves to spend the taxpayers money..makes me sick…she is a
    wanna be..another angry black women..the victim. Ann is gorgeous! She could wear walmart and she is still beautiful with 16 grand kids..5 boys..and so classy! She HAS ALWAYS loed America..not like the main depressed woman we have in their now…

    I don’t care how much Ann pays for her clothes…!!! its her friggin money not like the Obama’s who got their money off our backs!!! I just love it!!! that they have money that they earned—even more than the Clinton’s! the dysfunctional perves hahahahahaha!!!
    they are just jealous..and so is every KKK democrat!

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  • The clothes have no emperor.

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