Army Veteran Allen West Compares Obama to Neville Chamberlain

Army veteran Rep. Allen West served in the United States Army for more than 20 years of active duty service. He was deployed several times to serve in Iraq.

On Wednesday, after Barack Obama spiked the football from Afghanistan, West posted this tweet comparing Obama to Neville Chamberlain.

The liberal media reported on West’s latest criticism of Obama.

In a tweet this morning, Congressman Allen West linked to an article detailing a suicide bombing in Kabul, the Afghan capital that President Barack Obama had just departed from, and… took the side of the Taliban.

Pres flew into Afghanistan at night for 7 hrs,” West wrote. “As sun came up, Taliban gave its response 2 his Chamberlain like actions.”

The Taliban response was to detonate two suicide bombs, killing at least seven and leaving the American Embassy on lockdown during an extended firefight, according to ABC News. And the Islamist militant group has at least one congressman who is content to blame the president on its behalf for the killing of schoolchildren.

“President Obama obviously does not understand the nature and motivating objectives of the Taliban. I will soon be traveling to the Afghanistan theater of operations to assess the mission and future,” West wrote on Facebook last night. “After already spending much time over there I can tell you there will never be a secure Afghanistan as long as the enemy has sanctuary in Pakistan. Nation building is not our objective, it is to destroy radical islamists whereever they exist.”

West has long used his experience in Iraq and Afghanistan as a campaign tactic, and in an op-ed in the Sun-Sentinel last month said that Obama “has never served his country in uniform, or risked his life to defend its freedoms and liberties on distant shores.”

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  • mg4us

    Col West is right. . .

    Obama used the trip simply for political gain. . the deal with Afghanistan was not historic at all. .talked about working on a deal. . . more like an outline. .

    Obama went there strictly to look like a leader. . .which he is not. . .

  • BurmaShave

    “Allen West Compares Obama to Neville Chamberlain.”

    I could not agree more.

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  • Finncrisp

    Barry was sunning himself and playing golf in Hawaii while being raised by Communists and trained in Moslem schools abroad. The man hates America and does not have any use for free market capitalism. He is just fine with statism and total contol of our lives. His policy of leading from behind is making a horse’s **s of him and us.

    Let’s send him packing this Fall. Worst. President. Ever.

  • Bob

    Neither serving in uniform or being in combat are necessary requirements for understanding and implementing tactics and strategy over there. An ability to have a clear, reasoned understanding, an ability to develop military experts to advise you and an ability to lead rather than using this for political gain are requirements. Obama fails on this.

  • Lady Mondegreen

    The problem, however, is Alan West’s own credibility. He’s a crackpot.

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  • Blackbird

    I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been comparing Obama to Chamberlain ever since Obama started talking about feeding Egypt and Jerusalem to the Islamic crocodile and telling us it would make everything better.

  • What do you expect from a Commander-in-Chief that doesn’t even like the idea of American Victory?

  • TheresaAK

    Unlike the Usurper, Congressman West knows who the enemy is and is not afraid to call them out..

  • Paul in N. AL

    West is only one of very few GOPers with balls. We really need to get rid of these cowards like Boehner, Lugar, Coburn, and McConnell.

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  • bronxdude

    100 % right!

  • Robin

    Having studied the lead up to WWII, I have to say that Chamberlain made the right call at the time. His “appeasement” was a result of understanding that Great Britain was horribly unprepared for war. He bought time. Winston Churchill was not a rabid criticizer of Chamberlain because he knew the sad state of the British military. He provided advice to Chamberlain prior to the negotiations.
    Colonel Travis and the men at the Alamo bought time, too, even though the Alamo could not be defended. Accordingly, under the Chamberlain line of criticism, the defenders of the Alamo did nothing but waste men and resources in a futile effort. Anyone want to say that? Not me. Sometimes leaders must make decisions they don’t like even if people will forever damn them.

  • bear

    robin, #14,

    So, you’re saying that the U.S. military is in a “sad state,” and “horribly unprepared for war,” and just “buying time?” The analysis you provide is as ridiculous as any lefty argument I’ve EVER seen.

    Your obamessiah just declared the war on terrorism to be OVER. Unless the jihadists have won, how on earth can you compare our military’s efforts to the Alamo?!

    It’s clear that only you and chamberlain believe he made the “right call.” Just ask the Czech people (especially the jews) how that worked out for them.

    Besides women, school kids, Christians, our allies, non-totalitarians and anyone who disagrees with him, who else has your appeasement-loving pal in the WH sold out this week?

    Your head needs to get pulled out before you suffer any more brain damage from oxygen starvation.

  • Linda

    Obama “has never served his country in uniform,

    Or out of uniform…quite frankly I seriously doubt he has worked a day in his life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda

    God Bless Rep. Allen West for his love, sacrifices, and dedication to Our Beloved Country!!!

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  • Old One

    # 11 Paul in N. AL

    And add Orrin Hatch to the list of must defeat repubcs (no spelling error) Hatch being “civil” helped give us Ginsburg, Sotomayor, & Kagan.

  • bg


    i totally agree.. with Congressman LTC Allen West..


  • Patty

    Army veteran rep. Allen West does have a some real insight into Terrorism. Obama does expect some real advantages to the Bin Laden death. And he does feel he was the one who controlled the situation, yet, for a president to feel he can gain votes and that he looks strong against the war on terror and yet, has wanted the troops out from day one.

    The smug attitude and the ego using ads and Bill Clinton to advance his political career is evidence Obama his not presidential material and Allen West has the advantage in that he sees the self serving manner in which Obama use this mission for his own ego.

  • bg


    Chandoo & Obama

    In 1981 Barack Obama visited Pakistan
    stayed with Mohammed Hasan Chandoo

    Obama & Chandoo

    [The taller of the two was Obama, then only 19, who towered over his five-foot-five companion, Mohammed Hasan Chandoo – a wealthy, 21 year old Pakistani student. Chandoo had a full dark black, neatly trimmed moustache, and was dressed in expensive clothes. Nevertheless, Obama was the more handsome of the two. At six foot two, Obama carried himself with the dignity and poise of a model. The diminutive Chandoo, in contrast, came across as more of a practical, businessman type. Obama displayed a visible deference to Chandoo when they were standing together at the vehicle.

    Chandoo was vaguely familiar to me as a participant in the earlier anti-apartheid rallies on the Occidental College campus. In David Remnick’s book, The Bridge, Chandoo’s bona fides as a committed Marxist were well-known to those close to him. Chandoo’s girlfriend at the time, Margot Mifflin, told Remnick that “[I]n college, Hasan was a socialist, a Marxist, which is funny since he is from a wealthy family.” (See, Remnick, David, The Bridge, Alfred A, Knopf, 2010, page 104.) Young Obama, on the other hand, was completely new to me.

    “This is Barack Obama,” Boss said.]

    dang, posted about all that in extensive detail several years
    back, i will never be able to recoup all the info now.. *sigh*

    oh btw: someone had posted a picture of Obama & Chandoo sitting close
    together on a couch in and aprtment they shared in Boston (i think, but
    wherever), and i didn’t copy the link, so to whoever it was is still around,
    please post it again, thank you..


  • bg


    uhg re: #22 May 4, 2012 at 11:24 am bg

    was is still = was, if you’re still


  • Granny

    @22 BG –

    Which begs the question What Passport did he use to travel to Paki in 1981? Not the US . .

  • bg


    Dr. Jasser nails Obama in the end zone.. 😉

    more re: threat of Political Islam (aka: Sharia Law)..


  • stuart

    I have to disagree. Obama is nothing like Chamberlain. For all his fecklessness Chamberlain was still a loyal British subject. We can, in light of subsequent developments, criticize his blindness, and foolish trust in Hitler, but with Chamberlain there was an absence of malice toward his homeland. I no longer believe that to be the case with the Obama administration.

  • bg


    Granny #24 May 4, 2012 at 11:29 am

    yes.. believe people are still trying to solve that Obamanon as well, just
    not the ones that should be.. but then again, they know all about Barry,
    the UN & their IslaMarxist NWO task (click on connecting links & scroll
    threads for more)..

    re: #25 May 4, 2012 at 11:38 am bg

    The Most Unconventional Conservative May 8, 2012


  • StrangernFiction

    Barack Obama is not appeasing the enemy, he IS the enemy.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    congressman west seems to be the only person in congress that is willing to criticize the myth. i wonder if his race has anything to do with it. american tass can’t call him a racist.

    #6…lady greenworld, al gore thats a crackpot, crackhead, crack anything you can think of.

  • Robin

    Hey, Bear #25,
    Why are you so angry? You should really stop projecting your hatred.
    I was defending Chamberlain. I didn’t say anything about our military. Having served honorably for almost 25 years, I know what problems we have. I don’t like Obama and Chamberlain’s duty was to Great Britain, not the Czechs or the Jews. Quit inserting your own limited experience into my comments. It’s childish.

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  • mcc

    Hey, bg #22 — I remember that photo, too, and thought it was Chandoo on the sofa (at Oxy), but is this the one we both remember? It’s someone else on the sofa and in NYC —

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  • Questionman

    Please do tell us how Obama and Chamberlain and how 1930’s germany and AQ are even remotely alike

  • mcc

    Let’s not forget this or our courageous patriots and their families:

    After Bin Laden was killed, Robert Gates was insistent that nothing be revealed about the unit that accomplished the deed. But one man could not keep his mouth shut: Joe Biden…

    “There is an awareness that the threat of retaliation is increased because of the attacks – because of the action against bin Laden,” he[Gates] said.

    Today, that retaliation may have come to pass, as a Taliban RPG killed at least 20 members of Team 6, in “the single deadliest incident for U.S. soldiers by far” in the Afghanistan war. The members apparently were not part of the group involved in the raid, we are told (why are we told this? Won’t it keep the jihadis hunting?), and there is no way to know whether this was an orchestrated ambush targeting Team 6. But it is an important reminder why it’s not just comedy relief to have cynical glory-seekers and complete buffoons at the highest levels of government.

  • mcc

    Some on the Left are waking up, or at least have eyes partially open —

    “I know Obama, I like Obama, I voted for Obama,” Dershowitz said in the exclusive interview. “I hope he is not remembered in history as the Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century, the person who didn‘t see the greatest evil, didn’t recognize the greatest evil of the 20th century, as Chamberlain did not.”

    Dershowitz then goes on to launch an attack on George Soros’ MediaMatters:

    “They are violating their trust to Americans. They are not an objective organization and they have crossed the line into bigotry. George Washington said 200-and-something years ago, ‘To bigotry we will give no sanction.’

    Read more on Dershowitz Tells Newsmax: Obama Could Be ‘Chamberlain of 21st Century’

  • mcc
  • mcc

    Say it ain’t so, Tingles!

    A week after calling Barack Obama “Carteresque,” Chris “Tingles Up My Leg” Matthews said the former object of his affection is “Too much Chamberlain and not enough Churchill.”

    I’m honestly not sure which is worse — being compared to Jimmy Carter or World War II appeaser Neville Chamberlain.

    Regardless, I guess Matthews really has lost that lovin’ feeling.

    Read more:

  • Evan3457

    West’s comments are unkind…to Chamberlain.

    Chamberlain at least thought he was trying to do right by England, after the first World War. Obama KNOWS he’s destroying America’s defense posture. This is a feature of his plans, not a bug.

  • mcc

    Okay. One more who would agree with Col. West:

    Put simply:
    He thought you could achieve peace through appeasement and worked hard with the villains of his time to do exactly that. It didn’t work out too well for him–or the world.

    Much more here – including a cartoon:

  • mcc

    #40 – and I would agree with you, Evan.

  • bg


    mcc #33 May 4, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    yes, that the one!!

    (only not as large lol)

    thank you..


  • bg


    re: #43 May 4, 2012 at 11:56 pm bg

    btw, have to laugh at the “gold slipcover”, as it reminds me of what another poster (AuntieMadder i think, apologies if my recollection is
    off) always says about Obama’s redecorating with “gold curtains”..


  • bg


    Questionman #35 May 4, 2012 at 6:58 pm

    Hitler, The Mufti Of Jerusalem And Modern Islamo Nazism

    Nazism is Socialism*

    there you go, again..


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