Allahu Akbar… Arabic Now Mandatory In NY Public Elementary School

Allahu Akbar!

This is outrageous.  A New York public grade school has just made it mandatory to study Arabic beginning this Fall.

According to the New York Post,

An upper Manhattan public elementary school will be the first in the city to require that students study Arabic, officials said yesterday.

Beginning next semester, all 200 second- through fifth-graders at PS 368 in Hamilton Heights will be taught the language twice a week for 45 minutes — putting it on equal footing with science and music courses.

One reason Principal Nicky Kram Rosen selected Arabic — as opposed to more common offerings, such as Spanish or French — is because it will help the school obtain a prestigious International Baccalaureate standing. …

The Arabic requirement becomes mandatory in September. But PS 368 is a so-called “choice’’ school and no kids, even those living nearby, are forced to attend it. If the school ever enrolls a student who objects to learning Arabic, administrators will deal with that on a case-by-case basis, Jackson said.

Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’

Our “kids are like sponges”?  Yes, they are.  So, they should be taught about Western Civilization, and our heritage that is rooted in freedom, and individual value.  But, that was removed from school curriculum long ago by the radical secular Progressives.  Now, they want our children be able to read the Quran, listen to the draconian precepts of sharia, and watch Al Jazeera inveigh against Christianity, democracy, equality, and freedom in its native Arabic language.  When Communism aimed its missiles and armies at our nation President Reagan didn’t fold and force our children to learn Russian.

Leave it to the Liberals to try to completely destroy all that is good about our culture and turn it into something distorted, ugly, and dangerous.

Hat tip: Gini

Update:  According to Barenakedislam,

I wonder if they will tell the students in Harlem that the word for black in Arabic is the same as the word for slave? In the Arabic language, even before the prophet Mohammed, a slave owner and trader himself, the word slave – ‘Abd’ – was the same word used to describe Black Africans. Arabs always looked upon Black people as inferior beings. Muslims, today, still do.

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  • Homeschool…

    I did.

  • ebayer

    Actually,I think this is a good idea as long as they’re not getting sharia indoctrination.
    We need good patriotic translators.

  • Sarah

    Upside: They can read the Koran and actually see the hate that it is filled with.
    Downside: Most won’t and will continue to be like the little “sponges” that they are and march, march, march over the cliff, taking the entire nation with them.
    Another in a series of death by a thousand cuts.

  • Remco Kimber

    There’s more here than meets the eye. Arabic is the language of Islam. The eternal Koran, the one that “exists” in heaven as Muslims believe is written in Arabic. Therefore learning Arabic is nothing more than a means of introducing even more Islam to the gullible.

  • old glazier

    I’m sure mayor bloomberg will supply fresh “immigrants” for the errrr..teachers aides(vests optional)

  • bg


    hey, we were warned over, and over, and over again, i being one of
    the biggest pushers of warnings from the warners out there in here..


    scroll for a bit more of much more here, or not..
    just don’t say you weren’t warned.. /gah!! sarc/


  • burt

    These student can’t read in English and you expect them to read Arabic?

  • bigkahuna

    How about learning English first… Thyen maybe a business class or entrepeneurship ?


  • BuddyG

    Sigh . . .

  • stuart

    I think thats great. The kids can learn Arabic words like taquyya, or jizya or even dhimmi.
    The little girls in particular can learn all about Shariah. Just don’t teach them to drive though.

  • mg4us

    that is why we need to take back our schools. . . and constrain the Teachers Union. . . who has been infiltrated with socialists, marxists and racists (pushing an affirmative action agenda).

    Now they are teaching Arabic. . in a school where most students don’t even do well in English or math. . . in Harlem!!!

    Wonder where that Harlem School ranks on Math and English scores?
    Yes. .Harlem. . .as in da’Hood! I wonder if they will uses arabic versus from the Koran as poetry?

    Need to get back to Reading, Writing, arithmetic as well as American Constitutional History and basic traditional science not global warming hoax science.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just another path to mediocrity

  • bg
  • well now

    This being the very Liberal Upper West Side, I’m sure the parents were all for it. On one hand if the kids grow up and become military translators I’m alright with that.
    However i wonder of these kids are going to learn about clitorectomies, stonings,honor killings beheadings, hands and feet being chopped off ,6 year old girls getting married to 58 year old men. etc etc etc.

  • Mad Hatter

    This is the first step that leads to the next step. The next step will be requiring children from these grade levels to dress in Muslim garb and to learn about the call to prayer in order to “enlighten the children, and have them evolve towards diversity.”

    Mark my words folks, it’s coming if this is allowed to stand.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    But PS 368 is a so-called “choice’’ school and no kids, even those living nearby, are forced to attend it.

    Is that “choice” aspect accurate? Local people should pull their kids out of there and find out…

  • Patty

    Our Government has a shortage of Arabic translators. There needs to be a reason for this and none other then EAST coast, N.Y. Liberal state will be the first to implement this.

    It is so impossible to believe that we have seen so many social issues come down in just 3 1/2 years. I hope that America is paying close attention to the damage this government has done during these short years, yet, seem like an eternity to me.

    WARNING: Our nation has so many problems and the Debt is all on Obama’s watch. The nation is becoming Socialized and demoralized.

    Our children are being taught by some really bias and liberal teachers. Indoctrinating them and a refusal to teach them the basic to get ahead in this world. Adding on more is not the answer, the answer is to teach our history, math essentials, science and learn English properly. This is evidence Obama and our government is further confusing our children.

    Diversity, Socialization and indoctrination. We need to teach them success and that they can reach for the stars and actually become what ever they wish. And make money and have things the desire and still be contributors and creators in the next generation.

  • donh

    Forcing the study of arabic is forcing study of the Koran. The passages that will be required reading will surely have tales from the life of Mohammed. ….Recitations of the Shahada …..and a spelling out of rules for the payment of dhimmi taxes all Americans must pay inorder to save yourself from a nuclear blast .

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  • rich

    i dont even want them in this country

  • bg


    Patty #17 May 24, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    the reason, imo, is, in the next 50 or so years, the white population will
    be a minority, the only minority, other than the Jews, that will never be
    heard from ever again, and if we don’t start to fight back in earnest,
    then we the people alone will be responsible for the loss of our future
    generations freedom as we knew it.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #21 May 24, 2012 at 12:43 pm bg



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    People forget most of what they learn in public school foreign language classes. Maybe because kids learn languages they’ll hardly ever use. Maybe because the classes weren’t designed by people who really know how to teach foreign language (like the folks behind Berlitz). Maybe for other reasons too. I just know that those classes don’t work.

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  • Patty


    Correct, and many kids don’t even understand the English language. They need to speak correctly in order to get the great paying jobs. The first thing an interviewer looks for is how this applicant uses the English language.

    We have serious problems and this issue in compound the problems. Adding on more classes when the teachers aren’t teaching what is on the books. Not all teachers but a great many of them. We are lagging behind in Science and Math. We need engineers and we need technology to progress into the 21 century.

    Growing our economy and again, Rubio said that every mother or father who puts their child on that bus is expecting their child to get a better education and have even a brighter future ahead of them. We must get a handle on the basics and stop confusing our children.

    Koran could be taught in classes in College but for our younger children, they just need to learn the basics.

  • Patty

    We are not Muslims. We are a Christian nation, Obama or not we aren’t allowing this indoctrination and propaganda in our schools. Parents are sending their kids to Charter schools. They are ashamed of our Education system.

    Besides, Rosetta Stone is a place to learn another language. Schools aren’t the place and taxpayers will not allow this. If the schools are private the government doesn’t have a say at all. Period.

    English, Spanish, French, what next Italian, Portuguese, seriously this is getting way out of hand.

  • Patty

    Sorry, Schools are the place for Spanish and French but Apparently because of Obama welcoming The Muslims and his socialism for All the people he apparently wishes to have N.Y. be the place to start. After all the Muslims have a Mosque being built need Ground Zero.

    Oh, where 9/11 happen and 2,000 innocent people died and jumped to their death.

  • Patty


    Obama Campaign Auctions Off Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton just sent Obama supporters and email saying that he has joined President Obama as first prize in the latest campaign fundraising raffle.

    Here’s a portion of the note:

    Pitch in what you can today to strengthen the campaign — and you’ll be automatically entered to join me and President Obama in New York City, with the campaign covering airfare and accommodations.

    If our opponent succeeds, so much of what we’ve fought so hard for will be rolled back. Health care reform — which many presidents, including me, tried to pass and couldn’t — will be gone. Same goes for the opportunity for millions more Americans to afford to go to college, and a growing economy that works for middle-class families.

    Was there a time when presidents didn’t raffle themselves off? Will the winner be able to throw a tennis ball at a target and dunk the two of them in a vat of water?

    I think second prize is a blender, but I’m checking on this.

  • As one who has studied Arabic, kids learning to read “the camel is in the garden” or “My name is…” is hardly subversive. Ebayer got it right. Our nation needs Arabic linguists for our national defense.

    As for the nonsense regarding studying the Koran, it seems many are not aware that the Bible and other literature have long been available in Arabic. I have some Disney classics in Arabic like Alladin and Beauty and the Beast that I brought back from Desert Storm.


  • bg


    well now #14 May 24, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    what future military??

    more here & here in connecting links and threads..


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  • Patty


    So, this is what that 20 million Promotional monies was for. More taxpayers money to promote the awful failed Obama care.

    And promote Bill and Obama. They worked hard? How was that work you did in the Oval Office, Bill. And we know that Obama is spitting bullets with the Supreme Court. Which WILL overturn Obama care.

  • bg


    Patty #28 May 24, 2012 at 1:19 pm


    Ground Zero Mosque

    more links here..

    yes, we have apparently way too soon forgotten, and shame on US.. 🙁


  • lizzy84

    A little bit of background on this principal..
    Six months ago she was a conference presenter at the “PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION NETWORK NATIONAL CONFERENCE” where Bill Ayers was the Opening Keynote Speaker. {pg.48}

    I’m absolutely sure that mandatory Arabic implemented by a “progressive” chum of Bill Ayers will be all good..really, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Sasja

    My husband attended a private boarding school in France. He speaks and writes English, Arabic, German and French. He can converse in Hebrew and Russian. He taught our sons French and German. The school he attended began teaching languages from day 1 (he was 4-years-old) and continued until he graduated. Also from the first day, they brought lessons home every day. They also attended class on Saturday morning. He has always wondered why most American parents think their children are receiving a decent education.

  • Patty


    Obama is such a pinhead. He is leaving this administration. I am sure of it with one of the worst legacy’s. And it is so much worse than Carter’s. He wants every person to be married, gays, whatever.

    Not God’s plan.

    Then military means nothing as he reduces are might. And Muslims are roaming bad ones this nation.

    The church is under attack.

    I don’t believe that the Constitution was written for Government to mandate and regulate our personal lives. SOCIALIZING, and the money the rich make is bad and it should be everyone’s money. It is so disgusting I am shaking my head.

  • Patty

    our might not are might.

  • Sasja

    This is probably not really important, but the school he attended was run by Jesuits.

  • Patty

    #36 May 24, 2012 at 1:35 pm
    Sasja commented:

    That is why we are 25 in math and science. I picked up from the yard what I thought was trash. It was a kid’s homework paper. That alone, shows little responsibility on the kid’s part. But as I was looking at it, wow, it was multiplication problems. Zeros, showing them and it was 2 x 10 = 20, 2 x 100 = 200 and so on. The kid would be graded F. He could 10 wrong out of 15.

    There you go!

  • Patty

    He got not could.

  • bg


    i believe learning ARABIC should be a CHOICE not a MANDATE..

    wake up, we no longer live in a Republic, we are living in an Oligarchy that
    is well on it’s TRANSITIONING way to becoming a NEW ONE WORLD ORDER


  • Aw Shucky Ducky

    Well, the Arabic tongue is not just the medium of Koranic literature and Islam(-icization), it’s also one of the vehicles – along with, of course, the glorious heritage of Greek-speaking Byzantium transmitted during the Renaissance to Western Europe -through which the classical heritage of ancient Greece and Rome was preserved and disseminated into Western Europe. Kudos to the school for recognizing this! 🙂

  • Combine it with Pig Latin and Ebonics and REALLY teach them how to communicate on the new Liberal Socialist Muslim Animal Farm.

  • Patty


    Hope that wasn’t an intentional insult towards me. For that matter anyone else. We all are free to make our opinions known.

    And, some in my extended family members are great teachers. And I do have some understanding about what is happening in our schools. I had the pleasure of working with severe profound and behavioral children. And it was one of the most rewarding jobs I ever had.

    But that said I did meet many children and I learn from them, yet sadly they haven’t learn much from their teachers. Some were wonderful but for the most part, horrible. Some children lack attention and they are falling in between the cracks. And again I stand by my posts. We must teach our children basics.

    Your ragging on Reagan, speaks volumes on your intelligence. I too, could pick some radical site and see insulting comments towards, Reagan.

    Reagan understood the proper role of the federal government in education: “Education is the principal responsibility of local school systems, teachers, parents, citizen boards, and state governments.” Adhering to this principle, Reagan sought policies that “insure that local needs and preferences, rather than the wishes of Washington, determine the education of our children.”

    And he never would have had perverted Czar in his administration. And kids being indoctrinated Singing Obama songs and then this:

    Teacher tells student he could be ARRESTED for criticising Obama (but says Romney is fair game)

    Besides, this is about indoctrinating our children. And this administration has the market on that one.

  • Tjexcite

    In in 1938 if people knew German they would knew what Die Endlösung means they could have stopped it. But even knowing German meant you are a traitor.

    When they yell Death to America and Death to Israel in Arabic or Farsi. People will know that they lie that they said flowers for America in English. They don’t need a enigma to protect their plans, they just say what every they want in Arabic and no one knows what they said. Same with Mandarin or even Russian. All movie spies know a little of the enemies language.

  • Patty

    Sorry, last post #45 was for a Comment made by TEACHER, AND I AM SORRY, SASJA. 🙁 NOT MIGHT FOR YOU.

    I can’t seem to find this person’s post.

  • bg



    February 7, 2011

    Mansfield Arabic Program On Hold

    [The school district wanted students at selected schools to take
    Arabic language and culture classes as part of a federally funded

    The Foreign Language Assistance Program (FLAP) grant was awarded
    to Mansfield ISD last summer by the U.S. Department of Education.

    As part of the five-year $1.3 million grant, Arabic classes would have
    been taught at Cross Timbers Intermediate School and other schools
    feeding into Summit High School.

    Parents at Cross Timbers say they were caught off-guard by the
    program, and were surprised the district only told them about it
    in a meeting Monday night between parents and Mansfield ISD
    Superintendent Bob Morrison.

    The Department of Education has identified Arabic as a ‘language
    of the future.’ But parent Joseph Balson was frustrated by the past.
    “Why are we just now finding out about it?” asked Balson. “It’s
    them (Mansfield ISD) applying for the grant, getting it approved
    and them now saying they’ll go back and change it only when
    they were caught trying to implement this plan without parents
    knowing about it.”

    Trisha Savage thinks it will offer a well-rounded education. “I think
    its a great opportunity that will open doors. We need to think globally
    and act locally.”]



    we lost, we are all IsaMarxists now.. /s/


  • Patty

    #19 is missing and #23 is missing. That may have the lost post. And on top of this I posted #40, did anyone see the Teacher posted comment? before it was taken down?

  • Patty

    And remember some of the patriots. The store owners in cities who will not serve you unless you speak to them in English. English is our language. There are other opportunities for our children to learn a language. The smarter child or a child who has parents who speak other languages. But don’t pile on when our kids haven’t grasped the basics.

  • bg


    #48 May 24, 2012 at 2:19 pm bg

    The Department of Education has identified
    Arabic as a ‘language of the future.’

    right under our noses, in plain sight, and we
    say more thank you, and faster please!! 😡


  • Lorelei

    If they’re making it mandatory to learn Arabic, they should also make it mandatory to learn Biblical Hebrew. NO language at all should be mandatory until the schools can successfully teach students to read and write grammatically correct English using correct punctuation and spelling…. what the hell, are we just handing our country over to them?

  • bg


    hah, they (our enemies) aren’t a dang bit worried about what the future
    will look like, i mean, between pushing the homosexual agenda, abortions
    and sterilizations, heh, we’re helping annihilate ourselves sooner than we

    oh yeah, check out this scary stuff, just click on
    and follow links, you won’t be sorry, oh wait.. 🙁


  • cardzfan

    Sasje Patty is right, you can’t talk to her like that.

  • bg


    cardzfan #54 May 24, 2012 at 2:54 pm


  • bg


    correction re: #55 May 24, 2012 at 2:56 pm bg

    cardzfan #54 May 24, 2012 at 2:54 pm


  • donh

    Those children are not going to be reading Ali Babba and the 40 thieves…..They are going to be reading some Palistinian Authority written propaganda about Theodor Herzl and the 40 ZIONIST jews.

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  • these kids can’t read or right english yet and after twelve years most of them still can’t. maybe they should forget the foreign language and concentrate on our own.

    #30 timothy…doesn’t know the marxist agenda of randi weingarten’s teachers union. islam is the new marxism.

  • Don’t we want students learning Arabic, so that we can engage with people in Arabic-speaking countries? Isn’t that what President Bush said? Refusing to learn about the world doesn’t make it go away. Plus, the Arabic language has a long, rich tradition. The Bible was translated into Arabic in the 8th century.

  • cardzfan
  • bg


    #59 May 24, 2012 at 3:14 pm
    tommy mc donnell



  • bg


    cardzfan #61 May 24, 2012 at 3:21 pm



  • chuck in st paul

    “soon Arabic will be a global language..”
    yeah, it’ll be the language in all the bomb making schools around the world

  • Observer

    The hundred of thousands of Egyptian Coptic Chrsitians fleeeing the islamofascists for the USA out of fear for their lives after seeing family members murdered by mobs and their churches burned will provide all for the nest 2 generationsthe Arabic speaking traslators we need for the next two genertions.

  • dba…vagabond trader

    Satanic looking chicken scratches.

  • lizzy84

    some links:

    International Baccalaureate Programme,Agenda 21, Earth Charter, and UNESCO.

    Is IB Co-opting Your Child?

    Lovely…The 2009 Christmas day underwear bomber was an IB student.

  • …”Mohamed Mamdouh, who teaches the pilot program, said, “Soon, Arabic will be a global language like French and Spanish. These kids are like sponges. It’s amazing to see their progress.’’ ….

    This is the mindset of those who believe in the Caliphate. This particular teacher needs to be looked at hard. What makes him think that Arabic will dominate the world? A buddy of mine just got back from Europe. There the overworked PC types finally gave in and said that everybody is going to learn English in one elite school. In Eastern Europe he said you could go to a place to eat see Chinese, Europeans, Russians, Arabs and others eating together, all speaking English.

    In Belgium, the train owners had to be so PC’ed that they had to split their MUZAK equally being Belgium, French and German to make everybody happy, which made no one happy. So, they changed the music to English and told everyone to kiss their rear ends!

    Not Arabic, English. We’ll survive this wave IF we get our collective heads out of our collective rears and realize we are in another Crusade, this time, they are pushing against us.

  • stonedome

    isn’t this women a jew? liberalism is a religion and a mental disorder…

  • ilikai

    Helps to know the language of your enemy.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Aaannnd, what do you want to bet that one of the first Arabic phrases they learn will be “There is no god but allah, and mohammed is his prophet” == also known as the Shahada???

    This is what new converts to Islam say. (You understand, right, that that is the FIRST STEP in training those kids to be good little Muslims?) And the REST of what they learn in “Arabic class” is that Muslims are “the best of people” because allah “revealed” that through mohammed. They will also learn that mohammed was “the perfect man, worthy of emulation by all”. And that the koran is the perfect book, written by allah (the original koran is right up there in heaven with god), which contains the perfect code of life prescribed for man by God. And so on and so on. Absolute indoctrination.

    Multi-culturalism (most especially when Islam is involved) is *CULTURAL* *SUICIDE*.

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  • RKae

    Will they also be getting the usual school-system homosexual agenda, too? That’ll be weird.

  • dries

    Arabic + ebonics = lifetime ticket to gov’t gravy train.

    That part of “upper Manhattan” is slightly north of famous piece of real estate also known as Harlem. Inhabited mostly by Dominicans, 80% of whom are on welfare & food stamps. Pale people should not be caught outdoors after dusk for their own safety.

  • Scruffy Scirocco

    Hm. Might be a good thing, so we can actually read what our enemies are writing. . .

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  • Linda

    If I had a child in that school I’d be fuming…I’d tell them like Rep. Allen West said:

    …You can take it to Europe, you can take it to the bottom of the sea, you can take it to the North Pole, but get the hell out of the United States of America,” Rep. Allen West

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  • DEE

    we are # 50 in the world ratings on education how about get us up to speed , why was arabic chosen over other language

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  • jokari

    “Soon, Arabic will be a global language”

    Not if we ‘drill here, drill now’.
    [Notable: Rosen, a liberal Jew brought us this, and the extremely wealthy liberal Chicago Jewish community literally bankrolled Barack Obama’s senate campaign.]

  • The word “Abd” means worshiper from which the word slave was derived as a reference to submission. Abd does not mean black. Black in Arabic is “aswad” feminine “sawda” and plural “sood or sudan” which are the darker Arabs. In addition, during the Islamic rule in medieval time, many salves were white Romans and Caucasians as seen on the orientalist paintings. So unlike in US where slavery was connected to the black Africans, slavery before included multiracial groups. Therefore, the word black in Arabic is not as stigmatic as in English. The history of blacks in the Arab world is simply not as painful as in US. Arabic also is not only a religious language. It is of political and economic importance. Many of my US students who learned Arabic gained a better opportunities in their study and career than their American colleagues.

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