After Ignoring Michelle Obama’s Expensive Wardrobe For Years, Lib Media Is Suddenly Interested in Ann Romney’s Pricey Clothes

By: Andrea Ryan

Last month at the Kids’ Choice Awards, Michelle Obama wore an outfit designed by New York-based, uber-expensive designer, Wes Gordon.  His clothing commands prices in the thousands of dollars and can only be found in the elite stores of the super wealthy.  If you enjoy spending more than $4,000 on a pair of shorts…yes that is three zeroes after the comma…then you might like this little jacket from one of Michelle Obama’s favorite designers.  It’s a steal for only $2,250.  Of course, we never heard one peep out of the Liberal mainstream media on Michelle Obama’s high-priced clothing.

But, that all changed now that Mitt Romney has become the presumptive Republican nominee for president.

Suddenly, the media is very interested in Ann Romney’s choice of pricey clothes…

The fashion house that makes the nearly $1,000 blouse worn by Ann Romney on morning television earlier this week tells ABC News that they had nothing to do with the wardrobe choice, remarking that they’d prefer to stay out of politics.

“We had nothing to do with it,” a rep for designer Reed Krakoff said. “She must have bought it from Saks or Bergdorf’s, we definitely didn’t send it to her.”

“It’s 100 percent a Reed Krakoff shirt, but we 100 percent didn’t send it to her,” the rep added. “We don’t get involved politically.”

The shirt, an item in the label’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection, retails for $990, and for those shopping, is called the “The Reed Audubon Silk Shirt.”

The price of the shirt was first reported by the style blog

Mrs. Romney does not have a stylist, according to an aide with the Romney campaign, and is likely to have purchased the shirt on her own.

A spokeswoman for the Romney campaign declined to comment on Mrs. Romney’s fashion choices.

This isn’t the first time that Mrs. Romney has been tweaked on her fashion choices.

In March, a little girl on the ropeline at a campaign event in Illinois asked Mrs. Romney if her watch was “real.”

Since the MSM has developed a new interest in high-end clothing, here’s a glimpse of Michelle Obama’s expensive, designer wardrobe worn during her $4M tax payer-funded jaunt to Hawaii last December.

UPDATE: Michelle’s Obama’s Mirror has the rundown on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe.

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  • well now

    Anne Romney is paying for her own damned clothes and if she wants to wear a $1000.00 shirt I’m fine with that, it’s HER money
    Moochelle Obama OTOH is a high class grifter gaming the system and using OUR MONEY AND THERIN LIES THE DIFFERENCE.

  • well now

    One more thing…no matter what the Mooch puts on she looks like 10 lbs of sh*t in a 5lb bag. I offer up the the photo accompanying this story as evidence.

  • OxyCon

    I bet Michele Obama’s wigs cost more than everything in Ann Romney’s wardrobe.

  • KornKing

    Doesn’t matter how much of our dough Mooch spends on clothes, she always looks like she’s wearing surplus government drapery

  • SeniorD

    Like everything else Obama and their odious ilk, their relality is not the same as normal thinking adults. Theirs is a blue sky filled with unicorns, rainbow, smiling happy faced animals and never a discouraging word is heard.

    Bridezilla is smart enough to not permit a picture of her ‘South 40’ be published. Her full-time makeup artist (also on the Fed Payroll) ensures she always looks like a Holyweird starlet.

    Thinking adults know better.

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  • bobdog

    Barack, tell me the truth. Does this outfit make my ass look big?

    Why, no, honey. You look like a million bucks.

  • Greg

    OFF TOPIC………… I just listened to Newt Gingrich’s bow out speech and he was impressive. Newt has more vision than the rest of the beltway put together…..Fox news let ED Rawlins trash Newt at the end…. Rawlins is a rino and a puke. other language would be more appropriate but censored.
    Texas has not voted for the primary and I will not vote for a rino

  • Sparky

    The Zulu Queen looks horrid no matter what the outfit, nor how much it cost. She is absolute disgrace as the First Grifter and is a Rottweiler with lipstick.

  • George

    Does this really suprise anyone? It’s the same reason the MSM ignores every other scandle involoved with this adminastration. As long as they support abortion and an ever increasing permenant dependent class, they can do anyting they want. Nothing will ever stick.

  • George

    If a Republican POTUS ordered secret drone attacks that are killing Aphgan children, The Code pinkos would be calling for war crime charges against him. If Romney somehow wins in Nov., they will crawl out from under the rocks they’ve been living under since Obummer got elected. I’m tellin’ you folks, these people worship at the alter of abotion. That’s all they care about.

  • MichelleIndependent

    At least Anne Romney’s clothes fit well and she looks classy.

    MOOch Antoinette aka Michelle Obama looks like a drunken hooker clown in her ill-fitting, tacky costumes.


    When are we going to realize, that no matter WHAT you say about The Obamas, it is racist. pure and simple. The Romneys are Rich…they are EVIL…go get them…

    The media are fools. If they don’t realize, that we can see right through them…that’s good for us. November is coming and the Obamas are going!!!!

  • Jan S

    Just vote them out! It’s the best thing we can do! PLEASE VOTE FOLKS! We owe it to our Children and Grandchildren!

  • Dylan

    That is the difference between capitalism and socialism…. Ms. Romney buys her own, we pay for Missys.

  • Roadrunner

    So, we are supposed to be outraged by what the Romneys do with their money, but no care what the Obamas do with ours?

    No matter how you slice it though, it doesn’t make any difference what moochelle is wearing, it only serves to prove that you can’t polish a turd

  • KornKing

    You can, but it’s till a turd.

  • tommy mc donnell

    hypocrisy in the democratic party-media complex, couldn’t be the democratic party-media complex without it.

  • schatzi

    Comments #1 and 2 – ’nuff said.

  • Spartan

    I don’t give a flip what Ann Romney paid for her clothing. SHE paid for it, I as a taxpayer did not. Unlike the crone headlining this story! And I might add,,,,at least Ann Romney has taste.

    The mooching cow described by MSM as the ‘best dressed since Jackie O’ wears her taste only in her mouth. And that’s a bit sketchy in itself!!