12 Year-Old Cancer Victim Cody Green Becomes An Honorary Marine

12-year-old Cody Green had been seriously ill for much of his short life, but his courage impressed the Marines. (Daily Mail)

By: Andrea Ryan

Honor.  Courage.  Commitment.

These are the core values that define a U.S. Marine.  Along with their solemn code of Semper Fidelis, it is what makes elite warriors of the few and the proud and distinguishes them as individuals bonded together by loyalty and enduring greatness.

Cody Green, a young 12 year old boy in Indiana battling leukemia, shared these characteristics and the local Marine Corps recognized them.  With the “strength and honor and courage” he showed through his long struggle to be rid of his disease they decided to make the brave, young admirer of the U.S. Marines an honorary Marine, himself.
The Daily Mail has the bittersweet story,

Throughout his short life, young Cody Green had admired the bravery of the U.S. Marines.

But after years spent battling leukaemia, it was the youngster’s courage fighting cancer which inspired his heroes to honour his bravery.

The 12-year-old from Indiana had suffered from the disease throughout his life. First diagnosed just before his second birthday, he had beaten leukaemia three times – but the chemotherapy had reduced his immune system and, last weekend, he died from a fungus which attacked his brain.

And standing guard outside his hospital room that night was a local Marine named Mark Dolfini who was so moved by Cody’s continued cancer battle that he decreed the 12-year-old to be a honorary member of the elite military unit. …

Cody’s repeat cancer battle inspired the local Marines, who thought ‘he’s fought as hard as any marine has and because of that we’re going to honour him’. …

The youngster’s father David Snowberger told local station WLFI: ‘They decided Cody, with the strength and honour and courage he showed through the whole thing, he should be a Marine.’

When Cody’s condition took a turn for the worse on Friday night, his family got in touch with a local Marine who said that he would rush to the hospital to be with the boy during his final hours.

Former Marine Mark Dolfini, 39, who was introduced to Cody through Mr Snowberger, presented the boy with a flag and Marine navigator wings. …

In keeping with the Corps motto of Semper Fidelis, latin for always faithful, the Marine stood post outside of Cody’s door all night, saluting Mrs Green as she went in and out of the room, right up until Cody passed on Saturday.

‘The night before Cody passed, he stood guard at Cody’s door at the hospital all night long for eight hours straight,’ Mr Snowberger said.

Mr Dolfini, who was initially hesitant to go public for fear it would take away from Cody’s story, spoke with MailIOnline, telling how he knew he had to spend the night guarding Cody’s door because it was what he deserved.

Honour guard: Mark Dolfini, 39, a local Marine, was so moved by Cody’s story that he helped make the 12-year-old an honorary Marine before he passed on Saturday due to an infection related to cancer. (Daily Mail)

Dwight Moody once said, “character is what you are in the dark”.  May this poignant story be an inspiring reminder that great virtue does exist and may the inner strength of Cody Green live on to carry his family through.

Update:  Here is a video from News Channel 18…

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  • Tony

    Marines are special, special human beings. Tons of respect for them….and I’m former Army and Air Force. May God keep this young angel and watch over his family. And, God Bless Marine Mark Dolfini and the Corps.

  • CBMineral

    What an inspiring story! God bless young Mr. Green for his courage, his parents for their loss of such a wonderful son, and the US Marines for recognizing young Mr. Green’s outstanding character.

  • Matt

    great story.

  • Semper Fi, Cody Green. May you be in Gd’s Book of Life.

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  • an observer

    The Few. The Proud. The Honorable. The Marines.\


  • Sickofobama

    As I began reading the story, I thought maybe Cody was still here.

    The more I read tears welled up.

    What a bittersweet story.

    I’m proud of our military – especially the Marines – especially Dolfini for doing something he didn’t have to do.

    Cody would have been happy that he was made a Marine.

    RIP Cody.

  • Odell Roo

    That is why I love this great country of ours and the men and when who serve galently to protect her and never leave even the smallest of our heros behind.

  • Brae

    I salute you Dwight Moody. When I saw your picture standing guard outside the portal of our young hero, my mind was filled with images of all that represents America of days gone by, and hopefully days to return. Thank you for upholding what is irreplaceable.

  • STLHawkeye

    America’s finest.

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  • mg4us

    Thank you for sharing. . . sad but beautiful.

    Shows the beauty & honor that still exists in our country and by those brave, selfless, compassionate men & women who serve to defend her.

    Reminds me of the saying: if one was stuck in a remote desert, whose country’s troops & flag would you most want to see come over the dune to rescue you? America’s!

    Our prayers go out to Cody and his family.
    I believe he is in a better place with God for “In God We Trust”!

    Know that this brave young man has left behind a beautiful legacy for us to remember & follow.

    Thank you Cody. . And thank you Marines – – Semper Fidelis!

    God bless this little man and the Marine who showed Semper Fi

  • George Semper fi

    Rest in peace little brother…

    Semper fi

  • lizzy84

    Breaks my heart.
    You fought bravely.
    Rest in peace, little Marine.

    A Veteran Plea on Behalf of Bob and Nancy Strait:

  • Economan

    What a great story. A Navy salute to that young man and to the Marines!

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  • randyinrocklin

    great story. made me cry. semper fi!

  • valerie

    Rest in peace, Cody. Hugs to the big guys, and thanks.

  • Big aL

    Semper-Fi Young Cody, You are now a Marine in Heaven with the rest that gave their lives.

  • OldSailor

    Rest well Cody. And thank you Mr Dolfini, SGT Dolfini. You prove the addage “there is no such thing as a Former Marine.”

    Salute from an old ‘Gator Sailor.

  • Janeen

    As a Marine Mom, prayers are with the family as Cody fought the good fight and rightfully earned the title Honorary Marine. Cody, you may now stand guard with your brothers/sisters in Heaven!


    Gotta admit that the eyes got a little moist reading this story. These men represent the finest things in America.

  • Something must be in my eyes….God Bless this great Marine Dolfini for being there and we know Cody has his angel wings now as well. I’m sure Cody was welcomed by those who guard the gates of Heaven.

    Semper Fi!!!

  • Mannie

    Semper Fi, Cody!

  • MVH

    Thank G-d for the ‘net and the UK Daily Mail! Or else the government media complex would make sure We The People would be we the sheeple.

    You’re now serving with Archangel Michael, Cody.

  • dmacleo

    well done Marine, well done.
    rest easy now.
    this former army mp saluted you.

  • Tired Okie

    An air force vet SALUTES both Cody and Sgt Dofini. All the democrat zombies and media vampires put together so not have one millionth the character that either of these soldiers has. God Bless both of you. Eyes are red and vision is blurred.

  • bobdog

    Damned shame. I can’t even imagine how painful this was for his folks.

    This is just one more thing that makes me respect the Marines.

    Ooh-rah, Marines. You did us proud. Again.

  • bg


    Rest In Peace Marine Cody Green, Amen..


  • Marian L.

    Former Marine Mark Dolfini, Cody Green, Parents…we are Mighty Proud of You!!!

    May the God of all Comfort, carry you through this difficult time!

  • MAJ Mike

    Cody Green — another guardian of Heaven’s streets. Shai Dorsai!!

  • The Real Jeff

    My condolences to the family on the loss of their son. What a gut wrenching story. Sgt Dolfini, our good Lord picked you for this most important mission. To give that precious child a little something to ease his soul and for you to Stand the Watch until relieved by the Marines that have gone before, to escort him to Heaven.

    This is the kind of selfless act that makes me regret taking a right turn into another services recruiting office, a long time ago, instead of a left and into the Marine Corps Recruiting.
    God Bless you Sir!