This is Eden.
She attended the Tax Day Tea Party rally this week in Las Cruces.

Nice job, Eden.

This is stay-at-home mom, Rachel.

Just so you know… Rachel is one of the contributors here at Gateway Pundit.
Nice job, Rachel. (Love the T shirt!)

A recent report by the Internal Revenue Service showed that in 2010, 98,000 federal employees owed a combined $1 billion in back taxes.



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  1. Hi Rachel! Woohoo for NM! I am a stay at home mom myself(23 plus years) and aside from volunteering here and there, I have never worked either ;).

    mom to 4

  2. I’ll probably get crap over this but I don’t feel kids should be doing this sort of stuff at all no matter what party.

  3. Hi Rachel and Jennifer,

    I’m a stay-at-home mom, too! And since I don’t work, either, I just let my young children fend for themselves and I hang out eating bon bons. I write an occasional post for Gateway Pundit and help with comments, but that’s not real work, since I don’t get my butt out of my house when I do it. At least according to Bill Maher, anyway.

    Never-working Mom to 3

  4. All 98,000 of those deadbeats should be put in jail until the money is sent to the IRS…no questions asked…if you can’t pay then hard labor picking up crap from the sides of highways…F the moochers

  5. Has anyone else noticed this?

    Every single leftwing pollster uses the same part affiliation for Republicans – 24%. That’s all we get – ever – in any poll. Of course this is utterly ridiculous. Exit polls showed us at 35% in 2010 and we’ve only gotten stronger since then. Rasmussen has Republicans +3.

    So how the hell do these pollsters thing we took over 60 seats in the House in 2010 with only 24%?

    Case in point, the most recent ABCNews Poll – 24%. Today’s Pew Poll – 24%. It’s just silly.

  6. Great pics.

    Real patriots. No petrol bombs or broken bank windows.

  7. Any government worker that owes back taxes (other than active military) should be but on administrative leave WITHOUT PAY!

  8. You look great Rachel. Eden is beautiful. I love the signs.

  9. want to really piss off a liberal? start an NRA gun safety course at your colleges and high schools

  10. a stay at home mom is an intergral part of the nuclear family, anthema to the political left. imagine these women staying home and teaching their children their values. we need those children in the government run indoctrination centers where they can be taught correct marxist values.

    when you see one one of those kids with the black clothes, hair, eyes and the pins and needles stuck in them, ask them if the were in daycare.

    look how great government raised children has worked out for black america. i wonder how many of those kids would have liked to have a stay at home mom, or a mom at all.

  11. Citizens of Missouri –

    Missouri please contact your state Senator and Representative and encourage them to support HB1046…….

    Rowland (143)DECLARATIONS OF CANDIDACY (4081L.01P)
    Requires proof of identity and status as a United States natural born citizen for the office of President and Vice President to be submitted with other required certification documents to the Secretary of State
    Last Action: 4/16/2012 – Public Hearing Held (S)

    Senators and Representatives contact info…..

  12. So, the t-shirt reminded me: What’s the deal on Breitbart’s autopsy results? It’s been 6 weeks.

  13. Right on Sister’s! Good for you Rachel!

  14. Bill Mitchell 7

    That’s a great point that doesn’t get stated enough. It should be in parenthesis after every poll quote, but since they won’t do it, we have to remember to point it out every time.

    One of the worst offenders:
    Public Policy Polling

  15. BTW, that Rachel’s quite a looker! (Is that ok to say here?)

  16. #16, JS,

    Last I heard, the autopsy results were being held back, with no release date. WHY? We are left to speculate.

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