Pakistan army soldiers and other security officials surround a central jail in Bannu, 170 kilometers (106 miles) south of Peshawar, Pakistan on Sunday, April 15, 2012. Taliban militants battled their way into the prison in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, freeing close to 400 prisoners, including at least 20 described by police as “very dangerous” insurgents, authorities and the militants said. (AP, Ijaz Muhammad)

Taliban fighters attacked a prison in northwest Pakistan today, freeing 380 prisoners including 20 very dangerous Taliban terrorists.
The AP reported:

Taliban militants armed with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades battled their way into a prison in northwest Pakistan on Sunday, freeing close to 400 prisoners, including at least 20 described by police as “very dangerous” insurgents, authorities and the militants said.

The raid by more than 100 fighters was a dramatic display of the strength of the insurgency gripping the nuclear-armed country. The escaped prisoners may now rejoin the fight, giving momentum and a propaganda boost to a movement that has killed thousands of Pakistani officials and ordinary citizens since 2007.

The attackers stormed the prison before dawn in the city of Bannu close to the Afghan border, said police officer Shafique Khan. They used explosives and hand grenades to knock down the main gates and two walls, said Bannu prison superintendent Zahid Khan.

“They were carrying modern and heavy weapons,” said Zahid Khan. “They fired rockets.”

Once inside the building, the attackers headed straight to the area of the prison where death-row prisoners were being kept, he said. They fought with guards for around two hours, setting part of the prison on fire before freeing the 380 inmates, including at least 20 “very dangerous Taliban militants,” said Shafique.

One escaped prisoner, Adnan Rashid, was on death row for his involvement in an assassination attempt against former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, said Zahid Khan.



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  1. Friday, it was announced that US Aid to Pakistan was reduced and will be reduced significantly. Two days later, the Taliban waltzes into Bannu and releases Taliban prisoners without much of a problem.

    Now, that’s diplomacy in the Pakistani fashion.
    The Worm

  2. Imagine Hezbollah doing something like this in Mexico, or the NBPP doing something like this inside the USA.

  3. Gotta love the photo…..”Hey, guys let’s hurry up and surround this EMPTY prison!” They admit that it took them over two hours to discover and respond to open warfare at a maximum security (that’s chicken wire and lighted arrows directing escapees towards the screen doors to you non-muslims out there) facility. Sounds like the police forces in cities run by democrats.

    These clowns have and share nuke technology. And the obamster is ON THE CASE. No wonder the infidel government of India is nervous.

    At least (Chief) Inspector Clouseau was funny and stumbled his way to actual success. The obamster’s script writers start every teleprompter moment with, “It was a dark and stormy night because of someone else.”

    BTW, way to go, “secret” service. Apparently their new motto is, “For a good time, call…..,” “Hello, White House switchboard……”

  4. Gee….if only they had an army or something to protect them.
    I would wager that half of the “rebels” were Pakistani security.

    This whole scenario stinks to high heaven.

  5. obummer working his magic to free his brothers

  6. ++

    hah, you ain’t seen nothing yet, wait until Obama &
    Holder NOI & Black Panthers Storm US Prislams.. /s/


  7. Take no prisoners. Problem solved.

  8. Fact: Pakistan transports its nuclear weapons without adequate security in what amounts to a fleet of step vans, for all intents and purposes, UPS trucks.
    How long until jihadis meet UPS van?
    How do we know this has not already happened?
    Could we trust Pakistani assurances that it has not?
    Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. terrorist prisoners escaping has happened before. 2008, 2011, 2012. point is, why in america is this not a huge topic? word on Pakistani streets is that Pakistan didn’t want to feed and house prisoners for free and america didn’t pay to hold and feed them. it took the Pakistan army and police 90minutes to report to the prison during the attack. that’s them turning the other cheek.

    this war on terrorism sure is working.

    pretty senseless to send people over to ‘fight and dominate and conquer terrorism’ when we don’t contain the terrorists we capture. reminds me of a cat with a lizard, it’s all a game for game sake.

    now the u.s. is in negotiations with the taliban. sorry but, this is no longer a war. it’s now a discussion. seems to me, we should’ve done that in the first place. we have officially lost this ‘war’.

    shame shame shame. i’m anti-war all the way and all 2001+ debt and death has been for nothing. disgrace. talk before shooting next time.

    p.s. this **** isn’t democrat or republican. it’s american and it’s faulty.


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