SICK… NY Teachers Union Reinstates Molesters

The New York Teachers Union has reinstated 14 teachers of highly dubious behavior.
Breitbart reported:

What are parents to do when their child comes home from school with stories about “this creepy guy in my class” – and it turns out to be the teacher? That’s a very real concern for parents with children in New York City public schools, where 14 teachers of highly dubious character have been reinstated to the classroom – and two others have been given “desk duty” – thanks to appeals by their powerful teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers. reports that 16 teachers “kept their jobs after being brought up on egregious charges, some sexual, some involving excessive personal familiarity with students.” A few examples: Gym and health teacher Willie Laraque was charged with bending a male student over a desk, leaning in to him and saying, “I’ll show you what is gay.” The Daily News reports Laraque is back in the classroom after paying a $10,000 fine. Norman Siegel, a high school teacher, was accused of pressing his genitalia against a female student’s leg. Siegel only received a 45-day unpaid suspension, “although the arbitrator found that the girl’s charge was likely true” and that Siegel “was previously accused of a similar offense,” the Daily News writes. There’s also a case involving Edward Cascio, a gym teacher who accepted pornographic pictures from a student – of another student. Cascio was back at work after serving his three-month suspension. The district tried to fire these individuals, but the UFT appealed the decisions to arbitrators, who gave the teachers their jobs back. “Why would arbitrators throw kids to the wolves?” asks a Daily News editorial. “Because they make a living deciding such cases – and because they are hired by joint agreement of the Education Department and the UFT.

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  • As a public school teacher, this story absolutely sickens me! These perverts should not only be fired, but have assault charges brought against them. If I were the parent of one of the students, I would be going to the police and filing a report. I would also organize a mass protest of the school’s parents. It seems that mobster unions only understand that kind of a wake-up call. Just absolutely disgusting. Are not the children our society’s top priority?!?

  • Oh, and since teachers are mandated reporters, as a fellow staff member I would be pushing the issue with the state.

  • RS

    No one should doubt the unions’ priorities:

    1. The leadership
    2. Friends of the leadership (like Jimmy “the knife”)
    3. Friends of the friends of the leadership
    4. The Democrat Party.
    5. The union members
    6. Everyone else, like students, maybe

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  • Patty

    It is hard to fire union workers. National Child Abuse Prevention Month and we here this story. I would suggest contacting Child Abuse or the Police Department in Your area, Please.

    You can rest assured that arrest will be made and it some instances if the abuser is rehired the state Attorney Office will immediately take action.

    This is a real way to take the trash bags and child abusers out of our schools. There is another site and after these perverts are arrested and then sad to say back out, there name should show up on registry.

    Our kids have a tough enough time as it is. They don’t need perverted adults in their way while growing up.

  • Patty

    I know someone who was abused and did nothing so my mission in life is to tell anyone and everyone that this will NOT be tolerated in our schools, neighborhoods or churches.

    The abusers love working in our schools and they pick out the most vulnerable of children.

    They have time on their hands and once the stake out their target they destroy a child for the rest of their life. Abuse is not just physical it is emotional and verbal.

    Denigrates and stunts emotional growth. It has affects that go beyond childhood on into adulthood.

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  • geronl

    Have you read about the sex-ed curiculum in NYC? It is the most pornographic, pro-sex agenda possible. The workbook is said to be legally obscene. There is NO opt out.

    It starts at 11 years old.

    They molest kids minds every day

  • tommy mc donnell

    thats randi weingarten’s union, hilary rosen’s pal, so what do you expect. the people that run the union are the same people that wanted kevin jennings as the “safe schools czar.” it you wonder safe for whom, this story answers that.

    union members have to work hard to take their unions back from the political left perverts that have usurped the leadership positions.

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  • Liberals SUCK

    GOOD! Let them bring 5,000 of their pervert friends along with them! Teach the kiddies all about perverts. Show them why Susie has 2 Daddies, and one is a pedophile!

    Maybe with enough outrage and disgust the parents will get off their couch’s and vote in a moral school board – and – TOSS THE UNION OUT ON THEIR FAT BUTTS.

    Until the parents, caregivers and society in general get’s a stomach full of this corrupt and perverse society, NOTHING will be done. Like anything though, it’s not enough that you get hired for a good job – you have to show up every day and do the work. It’s not enough to get outraged once every 6 months, but it takes a daily commitment to fight against this evil.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    A Union knows it has power when you can’t fire its members even for things like this. We should tear down every public school in America. Fire every teacher who was educated in a “education” program. We should rebuild our education system as small, community schools, hire people with real world skills and education in subject matters to be taught, and they should be strictly accountable to the community. Step out of line? Fired. Go home and never come back. Just like every other worker in the whole country. It started with “you can’t fire us for being incompetent and lazy” We’ve moved on to “you can’t fire us for criminal sexual abuse”. They all should go today.

    Kill the Union, kill the educrat bureaucracy, and we can have schools that serve our communities instead of schools that exist only as jobs programs and community extortion schemes. The rotten apples have poisoned the entire barrel.

  • vangrungy
  • Chippy

    Randi Weingarten is the president of the United Teachers Union (UFT) in New York. Her partner is indeed Hillary Rosen. Our children go to school and learn and live the homosexual agenda. When at home they watch television and watch the same agenda. And we are to believe that stay at home moms and Mitt Romney’s wife are the real weirdos?

  • Tim in Cali

    Reason #16,372 to get your kids out of gummint schools…

  • YourMaster

    the unions have no standards – anyone who pays money into them is afforded protection. If they had standards: of no tards, no rapists, no druggies, and no child molesters… there would be no unions. This country really needs to get rid of unions.

  • Patty

    Public or Private, no child should be subjected to any kind of abuse. And each parent can change this. Call the police first, Start with News in your local area. If that doesn’t work then the Attorney General of your state and if that doesn’t work take it to the Supreme Court. Before it get there, though, it will be rectified. Truthfully, there are too many things work in our children’s school but one most definitely that will never be tolerated is abuse of any kind.

    And talk to your child, listen to their day, do homework with them and in the conversing you can ask little questions, don’t over emphasized because that isn’t good either. Just start with asking about their class, teacher and classmates. You as a parent can listen and learn from your child. That is a start.

  • Patty

    too many things “wrong” in our kids schools but abuse cannot be tolerated.

    Not Work

  • tommy mc donnell

    at one time unions existed to see that the guy who did his job got a fair shake. then in the 1970’s the democratic party infiltrated the unions and took over the positions of leadership. now this is what these leftists do, protect the guy that doesn’t do his job. its the working equivalent of the dole. the union leaders use the union members and their dues for the benefit of the democratic party.

    WORKERS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!! please remove these leftists. don’t let them have control of your unions any longer, liberate yourselves from the tyranny you now work under.

  • Patty

    Nation’s Second-Largest Teachers’ Union Hires Militant Communist And 9/11 Truther…

    The AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS (AFT) is a national union headquartered in Washington, D.C., and is affiliated with the Socialist, thuggish American Federation of Labor–Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). The AFT joined with the NEA to form an NEAFT Partnership in 2001. AFL-CIO affiliation is optional for them since that was always a sticking point. The AFT and NEA collaboration was charted to strengthen the organizations’ abilities to buy politicians’ votes and to negotiate favorable

    Hiring radicals at the AFT is nothing new. Albert Shanker, the AFT leader who died in 1997, was an avowed Socialist all his life.contracts in the twenty-first century.

    Now the AFT has hired a Socialist, Shaun Richman, who is also a Truther and Osama bin Laden apologist. [Sorry, but I think that he needs psychological help with that mindset.] Shaun Richman, the new deputy director of organizing for the AFT, gained his experience organizing for the Socialist Party USA.

    Keep reading…

  • Patty


    As we listen to Barack Obama and the Democrats desperately try to cling to power over the next seven months, remember this joke told by Ronald Reagan about the “Democratic Platform!”

  • Patty

    I wonder if Silverman is a product of one of these schools.

    Comedienne is putting a name to it but this in no way is a laughing matter.

  • Buffalobob

    It’s for the childrens.

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  • greenfairie

    All I know is if I had a daughter and she told me her teacher sexually assaulted her, there would be one less teacher on the payroll by the end of that day, one way or another.

  • Let me chuck a bit of cold water on this firestorm.

    Think back to when you were 16. Remember what you were like? What you did? Now add social media and modern behavior to the mix. Stir well, and add cell phones.

    The fact is: Kids lie. Not all the time, not everywhere, but they do. Just because Little Johnie says the teacher did X, doesn’t mean you can hang-em-high. I’ve seen more kids pop off at the mouth about teachers and see their words go into the gossip mill to be blown sky-high and all around the school before the *day* is over, just like a game of Post Office. And frequently when a kid is confronted about a comment they supposedly made, they will dig in their heels and stick with it despite any logic.

    There *are* bad teachers who do bad things. And students should not be afraid to talk to the higher-ups in the school about them. And these bad teachers need rooted out. But the hormone-soaked gossip-ridden halls of school have sunk far more good teachers than bad.

  • RKae

    Remember, folks, you’re supposed to have different reactions to child molestation allegations:

    Priest? “Automatically guilty!”

    Public school teacher? “Well, kids are more sophisticated these days. Give the guy administrative leave.”

    Satanist? “FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME!!!!”

  • The Elector of Saxony

    Priest? “Automatically guilty!”

    Public school teacher? “Well, kids are more sophisticated these days. Give the guy administrative leave.”

    Satanist? “FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME!!!!”

    Too true. To Leftists all priests are guilty, some priests just have yet to be accused. But Communist NYPS teachers? Oh, let’s have all the evidence first! let’s make sure we don’t convict on gossip and lies! Rumors!

    If the teachers union heads didn’t constantly say things like “I’ll care about students when the students start paying dues” we might afford them more deference. The truth is the whole education system is so corrupted, so filthy rotten, so stinking of graft and abuse from top to bottom that it can never be fixed, everyone involved should be chucked out tomorrow and should explain why they should get their job back. Just being there taints every person involved. It only took 40 years, Teachers Unions, and Communist Federal Judges to destroy what was the greatest education system in the world. Such a shame. My grandparents came to this country speaking no English whatsoever. Their children were taught in New York Public Schools and become physicians and engineers with PhD’s. The district probably spent the inflation-adjusted equivalent of the cost of a happy meal a day to educate them. Today we spend the cost of a Toyota Camry per student per year and we get……? Utter failure. We’d be better off just putting the money in a retirement fund for each kid.

  • dnb

    As long as it isn’t the Catholic Church, nothing to see here. Move along.

  • valerie

    An honest union is a good thing. It’s only when the union leadership starts to make decisions for its members instead of representing its members, that things get out of hand.

    Union members who work for a business, as opposed to the only the union, are perfectly capable of controlling their union. They only thing they need is for union membership to be voluntary. Then, if the union fails to represent its members, the members can withdraw their support (refuse to pay their dues).

    A state right-to-work law will give control of a union back to its members. They can handle it from there.

  • bg


    hey, it’s all good, just ask Obama’s Mama..


  • bg
  • BurmaShave

    Another big reason why school choice is very important even though it is seldom part of the discussion.

  • This is an example of unions becoming destructive. They put their members ahead of their actual purpose. The kids should come first, that’s their reason for being teachers.

    But unions are a legal example of organized crime – pay for protection, mob style. All are forced to join whether they want to or not.