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  • Tom in CA

    Dance Cowboy, Dance!

  • Ryan

    Of course he can’t. Obama is the one, remember? He’s infallible.

  • Bronson

    His breath permanently smells like BS

  • CK

    The look on Plante’s face is classic…”LIAR”

  • donh

    Never a mistake…Just give it the full body ” expecta patronus ” ..>

  • Mona

    Again I say, puke!

  • bear

    WE can’t admit it?!! We were the folks who saw this latest threat to our Constitution and demanded “clarification,” as well as an admission from our tyrant-in-chief that it shall not stand.

    The buffoons in the administration have not changed their agenda or their timetable. What they misjudged was how many folks are now on alert to their plans for OUR future.

  • Redwine

    Comrade Barry Hussein’s SCOTUS remarks is neither a gaffe nor a mistake. They were absolutely intentional. Hussein is a Marxist demagogue. He wants to seize total power for the Executive, and make the Judicial and Legislative branches beholden to him.

    Remember, Hussein to Medvedev that this is his last election. If you are planning totalitarian rule, this is exactly how you talk to your comrades.

  • Militant Conservative

    Anti American Democrats made the biggest mistake.

  • Kenny Solomon

    What’s the odds on Mr. Plante still retaining ‘up front’ press room credentials, and maybe even continued employment with CBS after questioning El Guapo’s footstool press secretary ?

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  • TXPatriot

    “A” mistake? “A” mistake?!!!!! Name ONE THING they’ve done that HASN’T been a mistake!

    (Okay, I’ll grant you that THEY are doing them on purpose, so to them it’s not a mistake…)

  • democraps suck

    That reporter will be barred from further news conferences…one can’t question the emperors words…

  • ponderon

    shock i tell you……that obummer own media would actually ask such question and point out that he made mistake……..

  • DomesticGoddess

    It was no mistake. It was a shot across the bow. Hussein knows he has at his fingertips a cadre of brainless protoplasms who are waiting for the “3:00 AM call” from him to protest, riot, intimidate, etc. He is a thug and always will be, and he’s not even keeping his Muslim Brotherhood association a secret. He should be in jail for the highest treason in the land.

  • Skinner

    Carney’s gonna have a tough rest of the year…

  • sandy

    Obama has been pushed along all his life. He never was allowed to fail without someone fixing the score. Now he’s frustrated that the SC may be going to over rule him and that maybe the public would prefer that nice smiling Mr. Romney to him. What we are seeing is Obama the cornered rat.

  • Mitch Rapp

    WOW – CBS must be unravelling to be asking a disrespectful question like that to the boy Press Secretary.

    The LIBERAL MEDIA should be starting to collapse after all their lies, news fabrication and false praise!

    Everything they praised about OBAMA smells like a ripe Cess Pool in the hot summer!
    All of Obama’s spending on phoney energy is unraveling in failed costly investments.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    GSA Federal Worker does Rap Video About Lavish Perks — via Drudge

    Wow, what complete leeches. Everyone clapping and laughing in that audience knows what he is talking about — even if we working, producing folks can’t understand any of the gov-speak lingo.

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