Pastor Rick Warren: Obama’s Policies Endanger Religious Freedom (Video)

Pastor Rick Warren told ABC yesterday that Barack Obama’s policies on contraception endanger religious freedom.
NewsMax reported:

Acclaimed evangelical minister and best-selling author Rick Warren slammed the Obama administration’s approach to contraception and debt Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

Warren told interviewer Jake Tapper that he is not satisfied with the administration’s compromise on a requirement that religious-affiliated organizations provide contraception coverage to employees, and said religious freedom is at stake.

“The issue here is not about women’s health,” Warren said. “There is a greater principle, and that is do you have the right to decide what your faith practices?”

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  • Franklin Amman

    Is Rick Warren orbiting Earth getting ready for re-entry?

  • Bubba

    Well, loser, maybe you’ll think twice before you allow yourself to be used as a useful idiot. Yes, yes, we all remember how Warren whored himself out in ’08 and gave Barry a platform to brand himself as a “hey…check it out…I’m just a Jesus loving Christian…just like McCain–that’s right, Rich…I LOVE Jesus…and hey…let me just say, I’m the biggest champion of religious freedom and choice that you’ll ever find” mainstream candidate.

    I remember how Warren went to great lengths after being duped and used by Barry to tout how any of his concerns about the commie marxist were put to rest after talking to him for, what, half an hour.

    You know the ultra sad thing? This idiot would probably be down with another redux of a “let’s hear how much Barry loves us fellow Christians” sit and spin session.

    Fool me once, idiot. Fool…me…once…

  • Dittogirl

    Is this the same man that went to O’s inauguration? The same man that was kissing his arse a few years back?
    Oh wait, yes it was! Now we all pretty much ignore the arseclown!

  • valerie

    “The issue here is not about women’s health,”

    Oh, yeah? How so?

    There’s a good answer to my question, and it goes like this: “because contraception is cheap and readily available right now to anybody who wants it.”

    Seriously, he left out a very important part of the answer.

  • IronDioPriest

    Perhaps Rick Warren should have availed himself of the information that was out there about this man before he gave him the legitimacy of the platform of his mega-church.

    How much cover did Rick Warren’s legitimizing treatment give to this anti-American infanticide advocate?

    Rick Warren waded into presidential politics without doing his due diligence, and now he’s askeered. Useful idiot doesn’t begin to describe him. His ego as a famous author and pastor of a megachurch commanded his entry into the 2008 presidential election, and now we all share in paying the price for his ego.

  • Observer

    Rick Warren was & is a useful idiot. Lenin labeled Warren’s type that nearly a 100 years ago and he still has not caught on. Bet he will vote for Teh Otyrant again. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • bg


    well, bg reported it the other day, but hey..

    that GP opened a post about it is way 8) ..


  • susan d

    Gosh, golly, gee-now you get it, Pastor? A little late in the game, isn’t it? Well, better late than never, right? It’s because of dumbos like you that we have a president who is limiting reigious freedom. Maybe next time you will think twice before ever supporting another Democrat.

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  • democraps suck

    When will people in the USA wake up and realize that mooslums hate Christians…and we have a mooslum in charge…doesn’t take an Einstein to figure this out now does it????

  • SturJen

    So a guy who’s been a whore for the Left even gets it, but millions of womyn are still thinking it’s all about big bad Catholics who are gonna take their pwecious birth control pills from their hands.

    Heck, even a broken clock is right twice a day…..

  • BurmaShave

    Hey, Rick, don’t you remember; this is what Obama said was “above his pay scale” ON YOUR DEBATE!


    And, now four years later, you are whining?!?

    You are not much of a judge of character, if you could not smell this rat.

  • bg


    also posted the following a few days ago,
    but just found out the link went haywire..

    one of these preachers is not like the others.. 😀

    [Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California, has
    made tens millions of dollars off his books, such as “A Purpose Driven Life.
    ” He’s made so much that, in 2005, he returned 25 years of salary to
    the church and stopped accepting new paychecks
    . Warren and his
    wife say they are “reverse tithers” who give away 91 percent of their
    income to charity and live off nine percent.


  • bg


    BurmaShave #12 April 9, 2012 at 4:56 pm

    oh please, it wasn’t his place to play gotcha..

    what has happened to all the critical
    thinkers that used to post here?? :-(


  • Amjean

    What is interesting to me is that more and more persons are speaking out, bringing up Obama’s negatives. Of which there are plenty.

    It appears that people are no longer scared to speak out against him or his socialist regime.
    Or, if they are scared, they are willing to put it on the line for principle and country.

    I applaud them all.

  • bg


    look, i don’t like or dislike him, but imo, he does
    seem to be saying and doing the right things..

    Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency @ 16:55

    Rick Warren on Obama’s “above my pay grade” comment

    more here..


  • bg


    clarification re: #16 April 9, 2012 at 5:25 pm bg

    him = Rick Warren..


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  • http://. WillofLa

    The basic question of “do you have the right to what your faith practices?” To a liberal the answer is “NO, you do not have the right to what your faith practices” if that practice is contrary to Liberalism’s ideology of God given rights, individual sovereignty, freedom to go out on your own and begin your life, and I’m not talking about what Obama said about “us” believing that everyone is, “on your own”. I’m not and you know it. What is protected by our Constitution is you will not be hindered by the government or it’s agents, like the EPA, TSA, OSHA, or any other thing in order to go do what you want.

    You know as well as I do that other people will help you if you ask, in most cases that is. If they have no reason to suspect you of being any kind of threat to them, they will help you. That’s the way it’s always been. But what Obama and liberals are talking about is you not being able to do anything on your own, as they want you to know that they are there to help you. That is a lie. What the government under control of Liberalism is they have no intention of helping you, what they intend to do for you is to “control” you. They will tell you what to do, how to do it, how far, how long, and what to use. When people grow up hearing all that, they have no idea that they can do anything on their own. They have no idea that they can figure out what to do on their own because in some way the government has told them they can’t without their help.

    And as it goes the liberals have put all these messages in the schools, and the government wants your kids younger and younger all the time. Pretty soon they will be just like the Soviet Union used to be where periotically a government representative would come to the village and go around to the families and test the children to see who is better suited to go to government schools, or what, usually heavy industry or a government farm if they lacked the intellegence needed to past the government entrance tests.

    See, like I have always said is that if we tested all the Blacks who wanted to enter the non Black public school system we would have gotten the best Blacks and nothing would have had to have been done to the educational system to accomodate the ignorant Blacks who could not in any way keep up with the level or standard of excellence found in all non Black public schools in America. That’s how we were able to put men on the moon and no one else in the world could do that and the reason why is because of America’s high standard of excellence found in our schools that were not taken over by the government with all kinds of whoever being allowed to get in. There were schools that were set up to deal with kids who had low intellegence and they were called “remedial schools” that just taught “reading, writing, and arithmatic” which was good enough for any kid to get a job regardless of their race. And the remedial schools were not ways to just get White kids ready for a job, they were for anyone.

    I’m just trying to explain that Liberalism is not compatible with anything America was created to promote, protect, and provide for anyone who wanted that thing to be part of their life. Long before Obama the liberals had been trying to legislate human nature out of people, and you just can’t do that no matter how hard you try. What you end up with is imprisonment or enslavement. There is no other way to make sure a human being stays in control because human beings aren’t supposed to be in control, God gave us a “Free Will”. That means you aren’t supposed to try to control them, you are supposed to “guide” them with rules, limits, and some minor restrictions. That way people know how far they can go and still be free to go where they want and do what they want. It’s just like raising a child the old way where you give the child rules to follow. Remember that? Liberalism doesn’t allow for any rules. They have you under control so you don’t go anywhere they don’t want you to go, or do what they don’t want you to do. That it not freedom, that is jail.

  • Practical Jane

    Tool. Fool. Pastor Obot.