Palestinians Stalk Jewish Students at US University – Post “Eviction Notices” On Their Dorm Rooms

Palestinian students are stalking Jewish students at Atlantic University. The Palestinians recently posted “eviction notices” on their dorm rooms.

This is a harassment. The radical Palestinian students should be expelled.
YNet reported:

Some 200 Jewish students attending Atlantic University receive fake eviction notice sent by pro-Palestinian activists

More than 200 Jewish students attending Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, were surprised to find “eviction notices” posted to their dorm room doors on Friday.

The students later found out that the fake notices were placed by the Students for Justice in Palestine.

According to the Sun Sentinel, the group’s stunt was aimed to draw attention to their claim that “about 25,000 homes have been demolished since the occupation of Palestine by Israeli troops began in 1967.”

Rayna Exelbierd, a 20-year-old sophomore from Memphis, Tennessee, said “We’re taking it very seriously. We’re considering it a hate crime. The flier promotes hate; it doesn’t promote peace. People were scared by it. People felt threatened by it.”

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  • Mikey

    What about the more than 57,000+ Israeli’s killed by Palestinians since 1967?

  • kate

    I am not holding my breath that the university will take appropriate action against the palestinian activists who are harrassing the Jewish students. As we all know, liberal justice suits their agenda, not what is right.

  • Patty

    I could repeat this particular comment on every thread today!


  • Freedm_Fighter

    “The radical Palestinian students should be expelled.”

    No. They should be booted from our country. If they aren’t US citizens, then they can go back to their own country.

  • PJ

    I must be getting old — I am so sick of protesters’ arrogant, obstinate faces challenging us because at age 18 they know EVERYTHING.

  • aprilnovember811

    Please Donate To Gary Stein another Terry Lakin
    Necessary Because He
    Is Now Being Prosecuted
    For Refusing to Obey
    Unlawful Orders!
    Necessary Because He
    Is Now Being Prosecuted
    For Refusing to Obey
    Unlawful Orders!

  • Joanne

    Considering more attacks are against the Jews in the U.S. than other groups or religions, far more than any against muslims, which are actually few in comparison, they should be worried. Muslims tend to act violently against others they hate, and they seem to hate everyone.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Overt race-hatred. Wow.

    Imagine a bunch of white middle-Americans doing this to Muslims at a Texas university?

    That story would go global, and cities would burn, and many would be murdered.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    And if this ever DID “happen” to Muslim students?

    It would, as always, turn out to be Muslim victim-wannabes who DID IT.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Jesus, they’re getting bold.

  • islam equals the religion of intimidation and terror and intolerance and genocide.


    The Jewish kids should simply find out who the people are that is responsible for printing and distributing the threat then workd out a deal where a few 6’7″ Florida State linebackers tpay them a visit. Every action has a consequence and the headchopping splodeydopes from the middle east need to learn that little bit of earthly physics. Send them all home with their a$$ up around their ears. Problem solved.

  • democraps suck

    Time to kick all Palestinians out of the school…oh wait they won’t do that doesn’t fit the demo-turd mentality

  • Adirondack Patriot

    Another example of how colleges have accepted ignorant people under the guise of “diversity.” Intellect has been replaced by insurrection as a qualification for college.

    These are ignorant people who have no business attending an institution of higher learning.

    Kick them out of school and out of the country. If they don’t FAU’s charter should be revoked.

  • Redwine

    Here are the facts about those manipulated demolition statistics and the deceptive story pushing the anti=Israel propaganda by Ari Bussel, from February 2011, in the Canada Free Press:

    The number[of demolitions] resonates so well within the anti-Israel community, that I have heard it several times already, with quite an accusing tone, without any further knowledge. So I tried to find out information myself, but first I responded:

    1) Israel is a country of law and order. The authorities do not just go to demolish homes because they belong to (Israeli) Arabs;

    2) Israel does demolish illegally built buildings, whether they belong to Jewish or non-Jewish citizens of Israel within Israel proper;

    3) When a demolition occurs, a court order would have been issued, signaling a long process has been exhausted;

    4) Israel has engaged in past years in demolitions of houses of terrorists who were engaged in terror attacks against her citizens. This, and at the time “exile” to Gaza, proved to be effective deterrents;

    5) Israel does not demolish homes in Area “A,” which is completely under Palestinian control. [The audience laughed at the usage of “Israeli Arabs.” Today, all Arabs are “Palestinians,” only a right wing extremist would not know to differentiate the two.]

    The very basic premise of the accusation stands contrary to a country of law and order, or to the very idea that justice in Israel is applied equally, irrespective if the person being judged is Jewish or Gentile.

    In fact, if the accusation had any semblance to or hold on reality, then the numerous lawsuits against demolitions would not have been heard by Israeli courts, including all those in front of the Supreme Court.

    The number sounds so overwhelmingly evil, that one looks neither to the merits of the statement nor to facts. Pronouncing it out loud already amounts to an indictment.

    I was immediately confronted with the story of the Bedouin village in the Negev that has been demolished now possibly half a dozen times, every time rebuilt immediately with foreign funding and volunteers. How dare Israel demolish their homes, time after time, I was told.

    A friend at the Israeli Knesset did the same. Here is what he found.

    “I could not find any data base that centralizes all the house demolitions. There is also no place that has an accurate count of the number of buildings already demolished and the number of pending demolition orders.

    “On its surface, the number of buildings demolished in Israel is close to the number mentioned, but it talks about ALL buildings demolished, including those of Jews, Druze and Christians that exceeded building allowances or were built without any permit whatsoever.

    “It is important to point out that demolition orders against buildings of Jews and Druze are carried out without any delay and their cost is minimal, whereas demolition orders against Arabs are not often carried out.

    “For instance, in Lod and Ramle (two Israeli cities with Arab populations), 85% of the demolition orders have not been executed and 90% of the construction by Arabs in these cities is illegal, with a predominant part resting on State lands.

    “It is to be pointed out that a demolition of a building of an Arab costs the country’s coffers more than a million NIS (about a quarter of a million USD) due to the need to secure the force carrying out the demolition order, since at every demolition the forces are met with common resistance organized most often by Israeli Arab Members of the Knesset and by the heads of the Islamic Movement.

    “The extreme-Left organizations work side-by-side along the Arab Members of the Knesset and provide funding for a very lengthy and tedious legal procedure and to interim orders against demolitions. Further, they help and encourage Arabs to break the law and build without permits, and raise funds to rebuild houses of Arabs that were demolished.

    “All these organizations disappear when it comes to a house of a Jew or a Druze, and they even call those who built without a permit ‘criminals.’”

    As one looks at the flow of money, the claims raised by my friend in the Knesset indicate that House Demolitions is (a) an area of great interest to non-profit, “human rights” organizations acting against the legitimacy of the Jewish State. The speaker in Los Angeles made the very same assertion. (b) It is not an area of interest to the Government of Israel, which does not even enforce the existing judgments against illegally built Arab buildings. The lack of response to media inquiries serves a supporting role to this assertion.

    For Israel to withstand the attacks against her, she must respond. Truth is on her side, so are the facts and the laws. Even if very few are interested in listening to the facts, when a vacuum is created by Israel’s noticeable absence from the public diplomacy front, one must go by the only information with which they are presented.

  • robert mandresh

    There must be a way to turn this into an opportunity for our side. If the letters of eviction were to be left on the students doors, is there a quip one of us can come up with that would be devasting to the palestinian senses that could be posted alongside the eviction notice? Something that would reference the intimidation yet satirize them. The quip concept I am thinking about may not be appropriate under other circimstances yet with the letter of eviction left up there, the palistinians would not be able to cry foul. Perhaps the definition of dhimmi , reference islam, and reference how Islam feels about and treats all non islamics, in their own country and even here.

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  • greenfairie

    Once again, Jews whenever and wherever they may be found, are conflated with Israel. This is as ridiculous as Irishmen finding Americans with “English” surnames and demanding they get out of Ireland. Which of course exposes what we have known all along, that what’s at the heart of all of attacks on Israel’s legitimacy is anti-Semitism.

  • Hugh

    What a bunch of creeps. They need to be expelled from that school immediately–HATE CRIME alert! HATE CRIME alert!

  • Simon Said

    You have the right to concealed carry in Florida. I would suggest all Jewish students to go through the permit course, choose the right firearm (magazine loader (sap) vs revolver, 10+ rounds on a lighter gun is a nice touch, but you really only need 6 guaranteed rounds, only a single round on a 44. mag, but the shooting range is the best place to test what you like the most) learn how to safely handle, shoot and clean their firearm of choice and always carry since nobody is going to help them except for themselves. These kind of situations tend to end with detectives working the case after the crime is committed, not helping to stop the crime from being committed. Remember not to brandish the weapon, only pull when you plan on using it and always double tap to the chest which is always the biggest target, going for a leg shot can help you miss or even shoot someone else. Remember the double tap, just like opening a folder on your computer… click, click!

    It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

  • John

    You cannot possibly believe that academia or the college administration will condemn a Muslim for hate crimes. The very idea would cause them to wet their panties. You are not just fighting their bias and prejudice you fighting the liberal utopia agenda of their ideals.

    This will be ignored by the college and the police because you are not a member of the protected party, they would get cried on by CAIR and justice is not part of the curriculum.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Simon, good comment, good advice.

    I left a message for you on the previous thread.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Simon, it’s #32.

  • FurryGuy

    Antisemitism is drastically on the rise in the US, and yet the average Jewish voter will still reflexively vote for the party (and philosophy) promoting the hatred.

  • Jesse

    These same Jewish students would probably have been liberal-minded enough to participate in anti-Israel protests along side these Muslims had they not gone and done this.

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  • Students for Justice in Palestine

    By the way, we also recognize that we have now granted these students the right to murder us in our sleep the way that our brave Palestinian heroes murder Israeli civilians.

  • susan d

    Dear Jewish Students:

    If you do not like this behavior, STOP VOTING FOR EVERY DEMOCRAT YOU MEET!!! Democrats are the ones who support the Palestinian cause-stop shooting Israel in it’s foot!!

  • Hmmm. Let’s put some real subpoenas on their doors and call it a fair trade.

  • SumDum Phool

    So what exactly is a “palestinian”?

    Never heard of a country called “palestine”. Can’t find any such entity in any historical maps or documents.

    Can’t find any historical information about a government, language, or culture of a unique entity called “palestine”.

    Oh, I did find several things:

    1) “palestine” is a corruption of “pleeshteem”, also known as “phillistines”, a group of people who lived along the coast of Israel (or pre-Israel, called “Canaan”)– they emigrated from the islands of the coast of Greece, and were decidedly NOT Arabic.

    2) “palestine” can’t be an Arabic word, since there is no “P” sound in Arabic.

    3) Romans called Israel “palestine” as an insult to Jews, after invading, conquering, and throwing out the Jews. It is an insult because the “palestinians/phillistines/pleeshteem” were know as despicable lying, cheating, stealing idol worshiping blood cultists, and of course were abhorred by any decent, honest, moral God fearing peoples, like the Israelites.

    4) Before 1948, Arabic “leaders” commented publicy, and on record, “let the Jews be palestinians– we are proud Arabs”. It was only after the Arabic pawn masters realized the political points they could make by inventing a people with a false history and invalid claims that they decided to take on the name “palestinian”.

    5) My grandfather’s documents from pre-1948 Israel list “Palestine” because of the British occupation calling it such, again, an obvious insult towards Jews. But clearly indicating that if any people are “palestinians” it must include Jews, Christians, and anyone else who lived there during the British mandatory period.

    6) Many Arabs now calling themselves “palestinians” are decidedly NOT from the area they now call “palestine”… many (like the monster known as “yasser arafat” actually hailing from Egypt etc).

    7) Jews did NOT show up there with tanks and guns and what not and just take over the area by force. The whole world knows this. The whole world knows that Jews were laughed at by Arabs for settling in what the Arabs considered worthless barren areas, and areas that were infested with insects and other vermin. Only after the Jews drained swamps and made the desert bloom did the usual suspect of JEALOUSY rear its evil head, and cause the Arabs to suddenly decide that Israel was of any importance to them. Heck, they ignored their holy “Aqsa mosque” for hundreds of years. And of course, “Al Quds” is an Arabic form of “holy city”, taken directly from Jerusalem’s official name “Yerushalayim, Ir Hakodesh”- Jerusalem the Holy City.

    But of course, I’m preaching to the choir here, aren’t I?

  • YourMaster

    if the atlantic university doesn’t take action and expel the palestinians
    the jews should just do this to them in response to the fake eviction notices.

    if fact this should become the norm every time palestinians do such.

  • TryingNotToPuke

    Who is compiling a list of Jewish students? Where did they get this data? Why were they given this data? Is this a place of higher learning or a terrorist camp?

  • John Gervais

    Who cares? No matter what happens the Jews will vote Democrat in this country. And the Democrats support the Palestians. They deserve the abuse.

  • Shelgeyr

    Forget merely expelling the Palestinian students from school, they should be thrown out the country so hard that they hydroplane across the ocean all the way back to their non-existent state of “Palestine”.

    If Palestinians in general behaved in a manner that could be deemed “reliably sane”, and didn’t always follow Jew-hating kleptocrats, they’d probably have had their own country by now. But who wants to legitimize the overtly rabid?

  • If this means evictions are always wrong … does it also mean Students for Justice in Palestine are in favor of the Israeli settlers on the West Bank?

  • headrock

    “Who is compiling a list of Jewish students? Where did they get this data? Why were they given this data?”

    yeah, that was what struck me as the scariest part. is there really a public source of info that matches dorm room assignments with names (which i’m assuming, god help us all, was the method used)? if not, someone in the administration is providing this data?

  • Jerrold Cohen

    I am a Jew, members of whose family were unarmed and murdered in the streets simply for being Jews. If I were at your university, I would accompany the Palestinians putting out eviction notices. The bulk of the replies above show that you haven’t got the SLIGHTEST idea of how murderous Israel has become, how continually the Israeli government lies, how it has intensely abused massive power given to it by the United States to turn the lives of Palestinians into a shambles, how it has simply demolished homes of thousands of Palestinians, killed thousands of Palestinian children and women, jailed hundreds or thousands without charges, and I could go on for pages. My sentence to everyone who has written comments on how the Palestinians sow hate, etc.: I would sentence every last one of you to a year living among Palestinians in Gaza or the West Bank. YOU PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET IT. Thank the Palestinians for showing you a hundredth of the misery inflicted on the Palestinians by the “innocent” Israelis. I strongly suggest you read online newspapers IMEMC, WAFA, and Ma”an News for a year. Then you might get a hundredth of what is going on. Thank your fellow students for “evicting” you. If you didn’t get it, I’d say you should be evicted, kicked right out of school. You haven’t the slightest idea of what the Israeli are doing to the Palestinians, starting with the Deir Yassin massacre.

  • Charles

    I can only hope that the Jewish students are the children of liberal Jews that support this sort of thing and voted for zero.

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  • We have enough hatred in the U.S. without importing more.
    Deport any Muslim that causes the least bit of trouble.
    The message will get through eventually.
    If not, at least they’ll be outside of this Land of Liberty.

  • SamW

    Gun free zone. You cannot have a firearm on a college campus. Number 20 is a troll.

  • thatcherite

    Seems like this american Islam is just like the one we have in Europe. Hope you enjoy it, its downhill from here.

  • Sandy

    Obama wants Israel and Jews exterminated.

  • John Paulson

    Interesting tactic, but a little creepy. Disagree with the cause…

    I support the groups right to post these eviction notices, but some caveats.

    One each eviction note should in some distinguish that they are a political message. If these notices look too close to the regions standard notice (legalistic), which some confusion can be construed then it is being done wrong. So if some one gets notice, panics for a sec, but can get message in a few more seconds, fine!

    Two, their message should be clear. No threats, no anti-semitism, just a message of how do you feel getting this and how would you think a Palestinian family would feel if they got one?

    Three – Allow for discussion and debate. Threatening and creepiness will only make this tactic worse.

    Now the question is can some Natives Americans or French or any agrieved people do similar?

  • sgmstv

    Let me guess…the Jewish students live in a gun-free zone and have to rely solely on Campus Security to protect them.

    Ahh….that’ll probably be fine. Right?

  • Hankmeister

    Palestinian hatemongers? What else is new?

    Some naive Americans are completely gutless by hiding behind the First Amendment in a case like this. These terrorist wannabees have no more “right” to engage in their anti-Jewish pogroms any more than the Nazis did. We KNOW that the vast majority of Palestinians (and Muslim Arabs for that matter) want to see the total destruction of Israel and to be the generation which dumps every Jew into the Mediterranean Sea. In this historical context it’s complete cowardice to enable radical Muslims in this manner, particularly since we can see with our own eyes what hellholes Muslim states have become under Sharia Law and the power of their clerics and mullahs. Haven’t Americans seen the festering cancer of the new Eurabia which is sweeping across Europe because liberty has been perverted to promote the radical Muslim brand of hate?

    Track these haters down and throw them out of this country back to their beloved Muslim lands where they continue to embrace their faith which murders innocent human beings explictly in the name of their Koran, Allah, and their prophet Mohammed. Justice and truth demands such actions to protect our Jewish brethren from such 7th Century insanity.

    “Religion of peace” indeed.

  • ron

    FWIW, the Jewish Journal got the name of the university wrong. It’s Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The “Florida” is never dropped from the name.

    Boca Raton is home to a substantial Jewish population; I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a community backlash there. However, they are also almost all Democrats, so there will be a struggle between two conflicting impulses.

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  • Some Jerk

    There are dorms in community colleges, now?

    Go figure.

  • werewife

    Pack it in, Jerrold Cohen. You won’t be spared no matter how useful you make yourself. At best they won’t kill you first.

  • P. Amboy

    I agree with Jerrold Cohen. The Jews are at fault. Always are. Because of the evil Jews are perpetrating on the innocent Palestinians, all Jews including Jerrold should be banned from this country and forceably removed. They can relocate to Isreal. Once Jews are centrally located, we can arm the innocent Palestinians and put them to work at the one thing they excel at; killing Jews.

  • Bill

    I support the groups right to post these eviction notices, but some caveats.

    All the “caveats” in the world are irrelevant when the message in this case was so clear and given how they selected their targets, even with your caveats it doesn’t pass the “Reasonable Person Test.” I also have to question if they would nullify any violation of uni policy or state/federal harassment and discrimination law since the “political” message was to harass Jews and only Jews as a proxy for Jews elsewhere. If they want to have a debate, there are ways to do it that do not involve harassing street (or hallway) theater that will make the Dean of Students and head of Residence Life break into a sweat. Theses students weren’t being “personally invited” to take part in a debate or discussion. They were being “capped” (personally visibly targeted) for ideological blackmail and extortion to follow their script or face some level of retaliatory action. No “caveat” can cover that.

    This was not a “political” message or covered under fair comment, it was an act of racial/religious discrimination in effect, action and intent. The doors were not random but were those of Jews, not Israelis. (If I were angry at Susan and hit Mary in response, regardless of what Susan did, I would not be an anti-Susanist, but an misogynist.) This action was antisemetic and clearly done to send a message of intimidation to Jewish students (not Israeli ones – but that too is a no-go since it’s national origin), to push them against a wall for them to openly reject Israeli policy in the West Bank to be seen as “Good Jews”.

    It would not be acceptable for post “eviction notices” or even “FYI flyers” on African American students’ (or African international students’ ) doors “asking” or “expecting” that they condemn what is happening in Zimbabwe or Darfur, caveats or not, because they were black. Same goes for targeting arab-american students over Syria or religious/gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia, random white students over the Zimmerman/Martin case, or male students over a sexual assault that occurred on campus. What they did is actionable under existing and well-defended harassment and discrimination regs to which the university must adhere (not just the Kafkaesque university “hate speech” codes or the dodgy OCR letters that came out last year) and they should be leveraged against both the offending students and their club organization (de-recognition).

    (But since this is a favored cause, I suspect that FAU’s response for these students and club will be far more lenient that any of my above counter examples.)

  • Bill

    I just dug a little deeper into this.

    Jews were not “targeted” and the posting of the fliers was done with university escort BUT in violation of university policy. This changes the some of the complexion of my post but it remains a problem since the school clearly violated their own policy in what I must assume was a cause that the “escort” supported. I think we’re still in hostile environment territory even if the doors were random or selected dorms were used since a “sampling” students would have been “capped.” (see my random “X” students analogy above — there was a similar case in the 90s where a women’s group randomly identified a sample of male students a “potential” rapists which put them in deep weeds as well).

  • Tyler

    How silly – everyone knows that there is no such thing as a “Palestinian”

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