Ouch! Bill O’Reilly Absolutely Destroys Pro-Open Borders Activist Monica Novoa (Video)

This hurt…
Bill O’Reilly absolutely destroyed young leftist activist Monica Novoa tonight on The Factor. Novoa could not explain her position on illegal immigration although she is leading a MoveOn campaign against using the word “illegal” to describe illegal aliens.
Bill let her have it.

By the way… Novoa told O’Reilly she was a legal immigrant but in a different interview she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence.

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  • regularguy

    That O’Reilly even tries to carry on a conversation with this woman illustrates just how FUBAR’d the situation is in our country. We have ZERO need for discourse with leftist radicals, who do nothing but obfuscate the language with their agendas. Illegal alien is, by definition, the term used in Immigration and Nationality Act to describe…illegal aliens.

  • Limousine Barry

    This proves America sucks! What’s the big deal with a few million illegal aliens?

    My Aunti Zeituni is an illegal immigrant who lives on the dole. She is fighting deportation but is still getter her monthly check and free housing.

    I envision more of these cases. And, let me be clear, the Taxpayer is like a big cow just waiting to milk. Sure, the cow has been milked dry and looks like a skeleton. It’s not my money. I don’t care.

    My limousine is running and 12 million illegal immigrants don’t even have one… that I know of. They should be able to vote like my Aunti Zeituni. Good day.

  • CommieJuice

    Constitution – Bad
    Federal and State Immigration/Invasion Laws – Bad
    1st Amendment Rights/Freedom of Speech – Bad
    English As the National Language – Bad
    Legal Immigration – Bad

    Open Borders – Good
    The Unnamed Invasion And Occupation of America – Good
    Turning America Into Mexico – Good
    Foreigners Dictating Who Can Say What – Good
    Spanish As The National Language – Good

    Does that about sum it up for these south of the border commies trying to dictate to us while invading MY country with this I-word is bad crap? Luckily for me, the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st, and I’m all about both!

  • http://countercultureconservative.wordpress.com/ Jesusland

    These Aztlan types believe in open borders. They don’t believe in discussion, only demonizing anybody who opposes their agenda. So I will demonize them right back with FACTS, not epithets. They don’t answer direct questions because their agenda relies on stealth and subterfuge. They believe in the demographic “Reconquista” of the U.S. southwest by Mexico. They hate anglos whom they believe stole those lands from Mexico. Today they act “peacefully” and non-violently because the demographics don’t favor them, but tomorrow they will promote violent insurrection and secession. Don’t waste your time conversing with them, our job is only to expose them for the traitorous fifth column they are. I say this as an American of hispanic descent, so I know what I’m talking about because I know who these people are. They are AZTLANISTS and MECHISTAS. The lowest filth you will find on American soil.

  • Kate

    Back to the indoctrination center for you girlie.

    Pick and choosing which laws to obey is just insane. Anarchy. Liberals want total destruction of our country and a socialist one in its stead. Just like all the failed socialist countries in Europe. Facts that show socialism doesn’t work means nothing to these people. It is all theory. What they want the world to be.

    One question I would like answered is just how many words are these liberals going to make racist? They have so cheapened the term that it almost means nothing anymore.

  • Kate

    Funny how every other country in the world has enforced borders but the US is evil and racist for wanting to protect its people. They just ignore this little fact.

  • CommieJuice

    BTW! 0bama has a story on yahoo news about blacks being superior in the gene pool to whites or multiracial people. That’s why he married Moochelle, because she has superior genes.


  • JPeden

    I saw the episode ‘live’. Although OReilly seems to think Obama is a normal person instead of being a terminally deranged, grossly Evil Commie, he is getting pretty darn good at these takedowns.

    Anyone who tries to control my language earns themself an immediate double-down or more from me on the allegedly “offensive” useage. I also let them know they’ve gotten off easy. They don’t seem to have any idea how disgusting their sanctimonious attempt to control my speech/thought is, or how instinctive and certain is my urge to kill them. I’m amazed every time I see someone try to lay down this kind of controllist swill, as though no one is going to stomp the sh** out of them.

  • jdawg

    This is part of the campaign to eradicate the word “illegal” from everyday use. MoveOn.org says it’s a hate crime to use the term.


  • Robert

    First, she wants to change the terminology to minimize its effect. Then, she wants no application of enforcement, as in ‘able to move about freely’.

    Next, she would undoubtedly want the full range of rights enjoyed by citizens, including voting, and of course government benefits.

    In other words, she wants no consequences for illegal immigration, also described as ‘open borders’.

    So what we have here is an illegal immigrant advocating to demonize the very concept of referring to her actions as illegal immigration.

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  • Will

    Notice how they have to put a pretty face out there on TV. We’re not fooled. These people are absolute scum who want this.

  • Jingo

    More proof that the left are bigots and racists. The associate illegals with only brown people so they want the word dropped.

  • Jingo

    Contrary to or forbidden by law, esp. criminal law
    unlawful – illicit – illegitimate – lawless – wrongful
    Belonging to a foreign country or nation.
    A foreigner, esp. one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.

    Maybe some Mexican or liberal/communist can point out in those two definitions what is racist.

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  • liberalsRstupid

    There is a reason we have the term “Dumb Mexican” in our vocabulary. This is affirmative action.

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  • Tim in Cali

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,I present to you Stalin’s “useful idiot”…These liberals aren’t just indoctrinated,they’re PROGRAMMED to not listen to any other thought. They’re is no such thing as reasoning with a programmed brain…You’re talking to a programmed robot Bill….It really does save me so much time,knowing that !!!

  • Joe College

    Old Communist Russia joke: “The government decided to dissolve the people and elect a new one.”

    And that’s our immigration policy.

    Forty years ago we would have had a barrier along that border that rivals the Great Wall of China if the people slipping in were potential Republicans.