Ouch! Bill O’Reilly Absolutely Destroys Pro-Open Borders Activist Monica Novoa (Video)

This hurt…
Bill O’Reilly absolutely destroyed young leftist activist Monica Novoa tonight on The Factor. Novoa could not explain her position on illegal immigration although she is leading a MoveOn campaign against using the word “illegal” to describe illegal aliens.
Bill let her have it.

By the way… Novoa told O’Reilly she was a legal immigrant but in a different interview she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence.

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  • regularguy

    That O’Reilly even tries to carry on a conversation with this woman illustrates just how FUBAR’d the situation is in our country. We have ZERO need for discourse with leftist radicals, who do nothing but obfuscate the language with their agendas. Illegal alien is, by definition, the term used in Immigration and Nationality Act to describe…illegal aliens.

  • Limousine Barry

    This proves America sucks! What’s the big deal with a few million illegal aliens?

    My Aunti Zeituni is an illegal immigrant who lives on the dole. She is fighting deportation but is still getter her monthly check and free housing.

    I envision more of these cases. And, let me be clear, the Taxpayer is like a big cow just waiting to milk. Sure, the cow has been milked dry and looks like a skeleton. It’s not my money. I don’t care.

    My limousine is running and 12 million illegal immigrants don’t even have one… that I know of. They should be able to vote like my Aunti Zeituni. Good day.

  • CommieJuice

    Constitution – Bad
    Federal and State Immigration/Invasion Laws – Bad
    1st Amendment Rights/Freedom of Speech – Bad
    English As the National Language – Bad
    Legal Immigration – Bad

    Open Borders – Good
    The Unnamed Invasion And Occupation of America – Good
    Turning America Into Mexico – Good
    Foreigners Dictating Who Can Say What – Good
    Spanish As The National Language – Good

    Does that about sum it up for these south of the border commies trying to dictate to us while invading MY country with this I-word is bad crap? Luckily for me, the 2nd Amendment protects the 1st, and I’m all about both!

  • These Aztlan types believe in open borders. They don’t believe in discussion, only demonizing anybody who opposes their agenda. So I will demonize them right back with FACTS, not epithets. They don’t answer direct questions because their agenda relies on stealth and subterfuge. They believe in the demographic “Reconquista” of the U.S. southwest by Mexico. They hate anglos whom they believe stole those lands from Mexico. Today they act “peacefully” and non-violently because the demographics don’t favor them, but tomorrow they will promote violent insurrection and secession. Don’t waste your time conversing with them, our job is only to expose them for the traitorous fifth column they are. I say this as an American of hispanic descent, so I know what I’m talking about because I know who these people are. They are AZTLANISTS and MECHISTAS. The lowest filth you will find on American soil.

  • Kate

    Back to the indoctrination center for you girlie.

    Pick and choosing which laws to obey is just insane. Anarchy. Liberals want total destruction of our country and a socialist one in its stead. Just like all the failed socialist countries in Europe. Facts that show socialism doesn’t work means nothing to these people. It is all theory. What they want the world to be.

    One question I would like answered is just how many words are these liberals going to make racist? They have so cheapened the term that it almost means nothing anymore.

  • Kate

    Funny how every other country in the world has enforced borders but the US is evil and racist for wanting to protect its people. They just ignore this little fact.

  • CommieJuice

    BTW! 0bama has a story on yahoo news about blacks being superior in the gene pool to whites or multiracial people. That’s why he married Moochelle, because she has superior genes.


  • JPeden

    I saw the episode ‘live’. Although OReilly seems to think Obama is a normal person instead of being a terminally deranged, grossly Evil Commie, he is getting pretty darn good at these takedowns.

    Anyone who tries to control my language earns themself an immediate double-down or more from me on the allegedly “offensive” useage. I also let them know they’ve gotten off easy. They don’t seem to have any idea how disgusting their sanctimonious attempt to control my speech/thought is, or how instinctive and certain is my urge to kill them. I’m amazed every time I see someone try to lay down this kind of controllist swill, as though no one is going to stomp the sh** out of them.

  • jdawg

    This is part of the campaign to eradicate the word “illegal” from everyday use. MoveOn.org says it’s a hate crime to use the term.


  • Robert

    First, she wants to change the terminology to minimize its effect. Then, she wants no application of enforcement, as in ‘able to move about freely’.

    Next, she would undoubtedly want the full range of rights enjoyed by citizens, including voting, and of course government benefits.

    In other words, she wants no consequences for illegal immigration, also described as ‘open borders’.

    So what we have here is an illegal immigrant advocating to demonize the very concept of referring to her actions as illegal immigration.

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  • Will

    Notice how they have to put a pretty face out there on TV. We’re not fooled. These people are absolute scum who want this.

  • Jingo

    More proof that the left are bigots and racists. The associate illegals with only brown people so they want the word dropped.

  • Jingo

    Contrary to or forbidden by law, esp. criminal law
    unlawful – illicit – illegitimate – lawless – wrongful
    Belonging to a foreign country or nation.
    A foreigner, esp. one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.

    Maybe some Mexican or liberal/communist can point out in those two definitions what is racist.

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  • liberalsRstupid

    There is a reason we have the term “Dumb Mexican” in our vocabulary. This is affirmative action.

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  • Tim in Cali

    Ladies and gentlemen of the jury,I present to you Stalin’s “useful idiot”…These liberals aren’t just indoctrinated,they’re PROGRAMMED to not listen to any other thought. They’re is no such thing as reasoning with a programmed brain…You’re talking to a programmed robot Bill….It really does save me so much time,knowing that !!!

  • Joe College

    Old Communist Russia joke: “The government decided to dissolve the people and elect a new one.”

    And that’s our immigration policy.

    Forty years ago we would have had a barrier along that border that rivals the Great Wall of China if the people slipping in were potential Republicans.

  • Ella

    We need to DESTROY the entire left in the voting booth come November. I have no more patience for this crap.

  • squeaky

    our borders wide open while mexico is the exact opposite. at one time i read that mexico has it’s own “racial” problems and encouraging the movement north was a way to alleviate them.

  • Mark1957

    El Salvador’s gift to the U.S. via an open borders policy…….. MS13, the most dangerous street gang in the world.

  • clarityrising

    True fact: 100% of illegal aliens are criminal. If I have to explain that then you must be a liberal.

  • mg4us

    Amazing libtard twist to try to make illegal a racist term. . give me a break. . .

    You have legal which means following laws or illegal which means not following laws. .

    Would she rather they be called “Criminals” for being law breakers. . if so then Criminals belong behind bars. . .

    Illegal is a bit softer, implying that though law was not followed perhaps they did not know the law. . . criminal implies a wanton disregard and breaking of a law.

    Anyway, even if we create a program to let illegals remain in the country and work towards being productive members of our society, they should not be given citizenship as they should forfeit the right to vote as they clearly do not believe in and comply with the laws of our land.

    We also need to revamp our immigration laws to allow those we want in faster and easier., Although with what Obama is doing demonizing success and having government intrusion into every aspect of our lives, those that are productive may want to look elsewhere. . . Australia, New Zealand, Canada come to mind.

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  • jendg

    When Bill O. asked her if everyone got that status, she got quiet. I wonder if what flashed through her mind at that point was boatloads of Haitians and Asians rushing in and realized it is not just Latinos who would be taking advantage of open borders. I approve of a path to a certain legal status, but not citizenship or voting rights for those who broke our laws to get here.

  • DINORightMarie

    @Jingo – exactly!! The term “illegal” is racist?! So, when someone walks into a store and shoots the clerk at point blank range, gets caught and is taken to court, that person is accused of a CRIME, of doing something “illegal” – AKA “against the law;” and that is now to be considered racist?! Orwellian is an understatement!!

    What planet are we on when the Left redefines EVERY term, and we just go along with it?!?!? Think about it – how many terms have been co-opted and/or redefined by the Left?

    Gay. Queer. Hate. Crime. Patriotic. American. Un-American. Discrimination. Tolerance. etc.

    Or how many words have the PC Lefties tried (and succeeded) in banning?!

    The n-word. The s-word (unless it is a “slut walk” that is). The r-word. etc.

    They control our speech, re-define history, our language, and thus control the narrative. And we LET them do it! Why?!

    It is nothing more than a method to stifle free speech, open debate, thereby stealing our liberty. To re-define “illegal” is to make anything and everything “legal” – or else it is raaaacist. I reject that. We all must reject this.

    This MUST stop!

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  • Sam Stone

    The MoveOn people try hard to find those like this woman who is totally unprepared, thoughtless and can only spout the lines that they have had drilled into their pinheads.

    They must not care much about looking foolish in front of millions as she did.

  • crackermike

    I think these illegal aliens like Novoa want to direct the USA as they see fit. Free stuff for illegals!!. Why not just distribute Presidential election ballots worldwide, without restriction, and let the WORLD population elect our POTUS? How discriminitory to prohibit Mexicans, Chinese, Syrians, French, Iranians and N. Koreans from exercising their “human right” to choose American Presidents…..Hey, I just finished voting in the Mexican election, myself.

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  • JenBee

    I also watched this ‘live’ and thought the same thing that Jim in Cali thought: this isn’t just an indoctrinated brain, this is a programmed brain that simply cannot be reasoned with in any way. I also couldn’t help but note that she is just like Debbie W-Shultz in the way she doggedly, stubbornly stuck to her talking points… wouldn’t answer a single question except to someone bring it around to her talking point, working her tired old lines into everything she said. Gotta admit, these progressive libs REALLY know how to stick to a talking point. But yes, they sound programmed, brain-washed even. And like Joe College above pointed out, if the ILLEGAL immigrants flooding our borders voted Republican, we’d have insanely effective border control at this point, probably even lethal tasers to kill the SOB’s!

  • You can use the “i” word anytime you want over at Stop the Magnet. If you are a City of Houston voter we could use your help. We need 20,000 signatures to bring two props forward to enforce immigration law in Houston.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the only way you can legitimately come to this country is with the approval of the AMERICAN PEOPLE not the AMERICAN POLITICAN. anyone that can’t meet that first requirement should have to leave. colonization is imperialism.

  • Little Joe

    Great job Bill! The guest knows damn good and well what she wants, she is just afraid to say it on a Fox News show. She wants open borders and she intimated as much when she said:

    “A person who is undocumented being able to move about in a way that will allow for them to provide for their families.”

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  • Latinos are not even a different race you idiot (Navao)

  • DeeDee

    So, other than not using the word “illegal” what was her point? Shold we just open the borders so the US becomes another Juarez? Maybe we should welcome all of the cartel members so we have people beheaded in the streets. The woman is an idiot and racist to boot. All these poor people who just want to provide for their families. OK, then apply for a work visa and prove that you would be an asset to this country, not a detriment. Once, I was “well, these people just do the work that Americans will not do”. Not anymore, if they are hired because no American will do that kind of job, then get a work visa that states that you are needed to perform such service. Maybe that would be the change that the immigration law needs to address. Of course, when that person is no longer employed in that position, then their work visa will be voided. If they want to bring their families over then they can apply to have their families come the legal way. That is the way that it has been done before and it should still be done that way. Period.

    Thank you #38 for stating that Latinos are not a race onto themselves. That is one of my pet peeves since Latinos are made up of different races.

  • Nina

    To Ella #21 April 28, 2012 at 5:37 am


    Check this out. If this is true, we’re screwed.

  • chuck in st paul

    “We’re here to talk about the ‘I’ word.”

    Okay, lets talk about liberal idiots then.

  • Nina

    To jdawg #9 April 28, 2012 at 12:12 am

    <This is part of the campaign to eradicate the word “illegal” from everyday use. MoveOn.org says it’s a hate crime to use the term.<

    Yes, isn't that the radical muslim way? Make it a hate crime to express ones views or even draw a picture.

  • Lily

    Michelle O called. She said “American is downright mean!”

  • chuck in st paul

    Once again we see the blinders of true racism displayed. Her meme is totally colored by “latino/Mexican” glasses.

    All animals are equal, except some animals are more equal than others. (Animal Farm)

  • oldguy

    Bill should have asked her if she has ever crossed the border into Mexico and did she notice any Mexican border guards? And if so, why were there Mexican border guards?

  • Toddski

    Like I’ve said a million times……….”LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER”

  • feduptoo

    Remember a few year back, when the illegals and their supporters marched in our streets, demanding OUR laws be changed to suit them?

    A bunch of these supporters went to Mexico to ask then Pres. Fox to help them…on camera a woman said the USA needed to look at being a socialist country!!!!

    Another said that they want more Hispanics here, in order to change our political system.

    Citizens better understand, this whole “support illegals”, is more than allowing the poor illegals to stay here….they want to change our way of life.

    Of course when that bunch went to Pres. Fox, they did not ask him to change his political system and take care of their own people…..because their government tried that once, by saying they were going to raise taxes to take care of their poor.

    Well their citizens became irate, saying they would leave Mexico if they raised taxes…..so instead, the Mex. gov. printed up booklets for their poor, with instructions on how to get to the USA and whom to go to after here, for help, plus how to get on our gov. entitlements!

    US citizens are being used and abused…..time to join numbersusa.com and read voiac.org, time to fight back now!

  • StrangernFiction

    Like absolutely destroying this fool was difficult to do. Is this what it’s come to? Is this what it takes to satisfy us? Wow, Bill “Obama’s not a bad guy” O’Reilly really took it to that mental midget. Sad, really sad.

  • oldguy

    Bill should have asked her if she ever crossed the border into Mexico, and did she observe any Mexican border guards stationed at the crossing? If so, why were there any Mexican border guards at all?

  • StrangernFiction

    If using the term illegal alien is racist, then America having borders is racist. Which means the very existence of America is racist. Welcome to the new reality.

    Stranger. Than. Fiction.

  • Flintstone F.

    How does a person get that far as to be a guest on a national show and have no clue? She came to a singular conclusion regarding a word that she has an emotional aversion to and that should ultimately lead to, uh…mm…never mind, it’s ridiculous.

    An immigrant from Ethiopia plays by the rules because he knows it’s a better life. He integrates into the community and works on becoming a citizen. He knows that this is his one chance to change the world for his family. If he fails he will not be afforded a second chance. It took so much to get to the US in the first place.

    He knows being a citizen in a strong US with a distinct American culture is much better than being a scofflaw in a declining culture with no identity or sense of nationalism.

  • USMC Thomas

    If they replace “Illegal” with ‘Criminal”, no problem.

  • Servo1969

    I believe she knows exactly what the law would be if she could change it. I do not believe she is clueless about what she is saying.
    Here’s the big point…

    She can’t say it. Not in this venue. Not in front of this audience. She must avoid any direct answers because she might say the wrong thing and become useless to the ‘movement’. It’s all about stealth. Appeal to people’s emotions. Get them to stop using logic. Be a cute harmless Latino woman who just wants to help families and children.

    Any question she didn’t want to answer? The answer was ‘Yes”.

  • Patty

    He tried to make her a Czar, He even said “you haven’t answered why you want to make this word Illegal banned.”

    Gave a story of men calling a Hispanic illegal, so they killed him. Not good enough for O’reilly,
    and he kept asking to no avail and then said we have laws and any person from Russia, France, Mexico where ever, they are here illegally until they become legal and these are our laws.

    I loved it when he said, you are on my show and I ask the questions. She didn’t have a leg to stand on. It was like watching a car crash. You go up against the master and you will be taken down in a way you never saw it coming. Loved the moment when she did the aba abu ablah thing. So, young, so stupid and OOPPPSS another I-word, idiot.

    I do believe she learned a thing or two and when she watches this interview she “might” see how she “crashed and burned” by the master. Next time if there is another next time maybe she will be ready for the tough questions and answer those questions.

  • sandy

    I have a solution for this motor mouth — go home and you won’t have to worry about being an illegal.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    “By the way… Novoa told O’Reilly she was a legal immigrant but in a different interview she admitted her family crossed into California through a torn border fence.”
    = = = = =

    …because according to her COEXIST (<–read with appropriate symbols) religion, "people aren't illegal".


    So to a One-Worlder, we are all just citizens-of-the-world and have a perfect right to go wherever we want and do whatever we want to do; and those mean nasty archaic governments should just shut up and let the law of the jungle work its magic: Whoever has a big-enough group of people (and sufficient determination) to evict the natives from wherever they reside, gets to stay there in their place; the losers can wander elsewhere because they have no rights against the mob. The idea that "government exists to protect the rights of its citizens within its statutory borders" is completely alien (-to coin a term- hah!) to such idjits.

    [This view is what Western Civ -via our universities- is now teaching its best and brightest. Any guesses as to how long a Civilization can last when its people are taught they have fewer rights than invaders have?]

  • Mikey

    I would have loved to ask her what the Mexicans call El Salvadorians and Guatemalans that sneak into their country illegally.
    And why the Mexicans built a fence with armed guards patrolling, on their border with Guatemala to prevent illegal immigration.

  • Fed up

    I am so sick of this crap I could scream. She should have been handed over to immigration at the studio. She is an illegal and dumber than a freaking rock. Another epic fail by move on and the left.

  • fabio riquetti

    she wants to convert America like the countrywhere she came from

  • Dave

    IMHO this is about Reconquista. Bill tore her to shreds. They will NOT answer straight up questions. They ahve an genda people and that is to take back what they think is theirs. Funny how she doesn’t mention Mexico has some of the tughest immigrations laws on the books and has military on their southern border. She like all the others who are part of this agenda are the absolute most horrible racists in the entire world. She and they could care less about hearing that people are coming from other countries too. This is about flooding the country with latinos and to take it back once and for all. She’s a complete bigot and racist but lies and won’t tell the people the truth because they hide behind this stealth issue like morailty-give me a break. She or they don’t tell you that a big part of their ancestory came from Europe and are caucasians (Spain) and beat, tortured and conquered the poor Indians that were living here. Give back the land Monica your ancesotrs stle form the Indians which includes ALL of Central and South America. What a hypocrite

  • Henry

    Monica was NOT prepared for Bill O’Reilly and she looked rather idiotic and stupid. As she is. Actually, the whole hoopla about NOT using the term “illegals” is as idiotic and stupid as she was on his show.

    ILLEGALS are just that, ILLEGALS. No matter how you dice it, slice it and/or serve it, IT IS WHAT IT IS. If it is “dehumanizing” and/or “condescending” and/or WHATever else they want to call it, the TOO BAD. Stay in your own country and you won’t have to worry about ‘what’ you are referred to as and/or called here in OUR COUNTRY.

    My solution is a rather simple one ~ shoot them all at the borders and then immediately put them in body bags marked “corpse” ~ deporting them back ‘ON THE SPOT’. This way, there is no need to use the term “illegals” on the body bags and there is actually no need to use ANY ‘i’ words period! Viola! End of Discussion…

  • Joanne

    Lefties are just plain ole stupid. It is like talking to a wall. This woman is an illegal alien, entered the U.S. through a fence, and now believes she should be able to call the shots in America. Kick her backside the beans out of the U.S. If she wants to enter the U.S., she needs a passport and must cross a proper border crossing like every other person who enters the U.S. legally. She is a joke.

  • donh

    I saw this interview and it was a complete knock out. The left has this very weak position on a broad range of issues that certain laws not of their liking are to be ignored and disobeyed. It starts with the drug culture, and extends into morality involving personal relationships, then they feel entitled to duck taxes, and all this anarchy is justified under some bogus pipe dream banner of ” humanity “, when it is really just irresponsibility and immaturity.

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  • Again!!!!!! we see liberalism being substituted for reality. She says our laws should be more “humain” and that the “I word” should not be used to describe a Mexican who comes into our country in ways other than legal. She says that we should make our laws more human centered, that this is a issue about human beings in need, not about whether or not someone came into the country legally.


    Well, let me tell you this…..Miss Novoa, YOU are an illegal alien! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY! GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM! And guess what? None of what I just said was racist, bigoted, discreminating, or inhumain in any way, shape, or form.

    Now, is what I just said, for her to get out of my country, just my opinion when the law clearly states that anyone who enters my country by illegal means is illegally entering my country, and didn’t she say that America was a nation of laws, or is it merely words that I use because I’m a racist. And that if she uses words to describe how she feels more accurate, didn’t her and O’Reily go back and forth about what and who is “accurate” in describing if a person is “illegal” or you can’t use that word to describe a Mexican who came into the country by other than legal means, and that it’s just my words against her words and neither of us are right?

    See, this is what liberals want American’s to become and that is dumb to what is right and what is wrong, and that is by changing the “language” to describe situations that we see with our own eyes and our sense of right and wrong must be ignored and in their place liberals want us to put in political correctness instead or what is right and what is wrong.

    What that will cause is neurosis, or living in a fantasy world where the rules of life don’t apply like they should. Under the mental illness of neurosis people go about opposing things like Mexican’s coming into the country and being considered being criminals who should be arrested and sent back to where they came from. In the world of a neurotic person we would be welcoming someone from outside our country and reward them with benefits that are paid for by the people who work in this new country and pay taxes to their government for the purpose of offering those kinds of rewards depending on what crime a person who is not a citizen has committed.

    Of course we’d need to get rid of being a “citizen” because citizen’s live in a land that has a name and defined borders. We’d need to get rid of the defined borders and then we wouldn’t need that messy term of who’s a citizen and who isn’t. Now, people who live inside the U.S. are called citizens and live according to rules of behavior, and when we have rules we expect everyone who comes here to also live according to these rules. And anyone who doesn’t must either leave or be arrested and punished.

    I suppose Miss Novoa doesn’t believe in punishing illegal Mexican’s for violating our defined border either does she?

  • Francesca

    #2: Speaking of Aunt Zeituni, is there any way to check to see if she votes in November? Some volunteer to observe her voting place and watch for her? I know that still leaves absentee voting, early voting, etc., but still it would be good to find out.

  • Francesca

    #5: So now the word ‘illegal’ is racist. So if a 10 year-old drives, he is an illegal (racist) driver? So cocaine is an illegal (racist) drug? So trying to board an airline with a loaded gun is an illegal (racist) act? Talk about stuck on stupid. Good grief.

  • And who makes the racism? Swine like Maher who equate legitimate opposition to the historic unprecedented first black racist president in American history whose policies have been the most divisive and anti-American of any president since Mussolini, and Il duce and his brownshirts were no more American than the Indonesian born Sukarno wannabe bin Obama and his Communist by any other name unions KKK Muslim jihadists and NBPP thugs are. Resistance is futile, says Maher, and racist to boot. Liberty or death say we the peeps.

  • Oops. Wrong topic. Oh well.

  • Ms. Novoa should use the education that she has received in this country and return to her native land. She could do far more for those that she seeks to help by changing the system in her country of origin. We gave her a gift and now she should use it to help those that she supposedly stands for.

  • Harchit

    Yeah, Oreilly owned that idiot lib.

  • Richard

    I’ll fix the open borders problem. Border Patrol should shoot to kill all ILLEGAL INVADERS that they see. After the first day……………………….End of problem!

  • gman4691

    The word “illegal” does not describe who the people are…it describes what they’ve done. To call it a racial slur is preposterous to say the least.