The chickens come home to roost.
Barack Obama’s former nutcase pastor and mentor says “white supremacy drives world policy.” He also told a congregation of brain-dead dupes recently that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “is worshipping some other God.”

The Blaze reported:

That’s weird. Jeremiah’s rant sounds eerily similar to Barack Obama’s “white folk’s greed runs a world in need” line.




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  1. “eerily similar to Barack Obama’s “white folk’s greed runsa a world in need” line.”

    Can’t be. Must be just a coincidence.

    Remember, Obama wasn’t there at Wright’s church when Wright spouted his racist diatribes.

    Or if he was there, he wasn’t listening.

    Or something.

  2. Also, Wright is wrong. Zacchaeus, the tax collector, OFFERED, PROMISED, to give half of his money to the poor after seeing Jesus. Jesus did not tell him to, or order him to as Wright is claiming.

    Judging from the FINE DUDS on “Rev.” Wright, I’d say he has a little need to listen to the Zacchaeus story himself.


  3. . . . that would be MORE than a little need to listen . . .

  4. Obummer sat in this man’s racist church for 20 years ……Americans do you still believe Obummer doesn’t harbor these same views as his spirital advisor?

  5. Jeremiah been smokin some bad $hit mon….

  6. Swap “White supremacy” with “Republicans” and you have an Obama campaign stump speech. /not a coincidence

  7. Sounds a lot like the Communist terrorist Ayers, too.

    ‘”I mean, I think the people who practice white supremacy and who benefit from it are going to have to be stopped. And I think that’s a huge undertaking and I think it takes a revolution.”‘

    Ayers: ‘Revolution’ Needed To Stop ‘White Supremacy’

    You’d almost think there is a pattern.

  8. Says the light skinned charlatan who resides in a wealthy white gated community.

  9. Clarence Thomas ‘is worshipping some other God.”

    Truer words never spoken. Martin Luther King was not worshipping the same God as Malcom X, either.

    It’s not anything … never been about “Black” or “White” but about Christ.


    YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS THREE MINUTE VIDEO – It is how Obama will win the election no matter what. Watch it to the last second.

    People are waiting for the election to get rid of Obama – good luck with that because Obama has no plans on giving up his position. The clock is about to strike midnight in the U.S.

    People need to rise up together – unite America or kiss your *sses and your way of life good-bye.

  11. UPDATE: Zimmerman…Special Prosecutor Angela Corey “no grand jury”…does this end the criminal investigation ?

  12. So voting tabulations done in SPAIN now, with no ability to account at the precinct level. Can it get any easier?

    “Really. Really. Obama wins by a significant margin . . . ” read the papers/and tv news.

    At the same time, the O-Beast has something else up his sleeve. Some “terrible event” that will help make the (above) story sell.

    The “race war” thing is just the start. That guarantees the black vote. That guarantees the 20-somethings’ loyalty in working on his campaign.

    Obama . . . laughing all the way to the bank.

    I think his daddy, MalcolmX, would think he’s gone to far. And that’s saying something.

  13. ++

    “Uncle Jerry”

    [In fact, while other banks in ShoreBank’s boat have been permitted to fail, the Obama administration allegedly pressured Goldman Sachs, Citigroup and others to prop up the bank. According to news reports, this infusion would permit ShoreBank to receive an additional $75 million in TARP funds. The Central Illinois 9/12 Project has described the bank’s ties to the president and his associates, including Rev. Wright and Obama’s self-described “Communist” associate Van Jones. In fact, according to Republican Congressional candidate Joel Pollak, incumbent Illinois Democrat Rep. Jan Schakowsky — one of Nancy Pelosi’s favorite far left House members — has strenuously argued for the bailout of the bank.

    Scum is too kind a word to use to describe the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright. Here is a man who lives in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the very white people he claims to despise. A man who hypocritically uses a lily-white firm to shelter and protect his own millions, though he preaches a poisonous form of Marxism and wealth redistribution for others.]

    “A Disavowal of the pursuit of Middleclassness‘, the heading read.
    While it is permissible to chase ‘middleincomeness’ with all our might,
    the text stated, those blessed with the talent or good fortune to achieve
    success in the American mainstream must avoid the psychological
    entrapment of Black ‘middleclassness’ that hypnotizes the successful
    brother or sister into believing they are better than the rest and teaches
    them to think in terms of ‘we’ and ‘they’ instead of ‘US’!”

    scroll for more here, in connecting links, and threads..


  14. #12

    I’m pretty sure that each state has full control of its own election process. I don’t think the Feds (Obama) can force any state to use this or any other company.

    I do think it is a bad idea to use electronic voting. What was wrong with paper ballots? It would be much harder to fake paper ballots. I don’t trust electronic voting.

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