Obama’s DOJ Delivers Explanation of Authority of the Courts

DOJ Backs Obama, But Says Court’s Judicial Review Power Is ‘Beyond Dispute’

Attorney General Eric Holder sent a letter to the 5th Circuit Court today as requested.
William Jacobson posted the letter.
The last line was a real laugher.

The longstanding, historical position ofthe United States regarding judicial review of the constitutionality of federal legi slation has not changed and was accurately stated by counsel for the govenm1ent at oral argument in this case a few days ago. The Department has not in this litigation, nor in any other litigation of which I am aware, ever asked this or any other Court to reconsider or limit long-established precedent concerning judicial review of the constitutionality of federal legislation….

The President’s remarks were fully consistent with the principles described herein.

No, they weren’t.
Here is the letter.

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  • Adirondack Patriot

    Dear President Obama,

    How does my a** taste?


    The Judiciary Branch

  • Midwestengr

    I’d give Holder a ‘D’ (at best) on that “3 page letter”.

  • Militant Conservative

    Wow I’m shocked Obama’s regime is lying again.

    This is going to get ugly.

  • The President’s remarks were fully consistent with the principles described herein.

    Well, in his mind they were and that is what counts. To him.

  • Lorenzo Pilaf

    Love this country; it’s the Government I’m afraid of.

    I recently applied for a building permit for a new house.

    It was going to be 100 ft tall, 400 ft wide, with 9 gun turrets at various heights, and windows all over the place and a loud outside entertainment sound system.

    It would have parking for 400 cars, and I was going to paint it snot green with pink trim.

    The City Council told me to forget it; IT AIN’T A GONNA HAPPEN!

    So I sent in the application again, but this time I called it a ‘mosque.’

    Work starts on Monday.

  • Kate

    It cannot be too soon to get rid of these slime merchants. Lying is all they know. Their contempt for our intelligence continues to astound. I truly loathe them.

  • StrangernFiction

    Surprise, surprise, Eric Holder lying to a Federal Judge.

  • Doj has no shame….lying from this regime is expected..

  • Ralph Kramden

    Translation for “Honeymooners” fans: “Homina, homina, homina. “

  • shibumi

    I’m shocked that the DOJ actually sent a letter rather than just stonewalling, which is the usual response.

    As for the lie, well, liars lie. No shock there.

  • Hugh

    Barry and Eric are a laughing stock. They get caught and actually think people will believe this tripe–too deliciously funny. Really–you can’t make this stuff up–the level of phoniness has reached the level of absurdity. They are a joke but don’t seem to realize it.

  • Patty

    In what could arguably be considered the most divisive presidential commentary in our lifetimes, President Obama attacked the Judiciary for the second consecutive day. Trying desperately to avoid his signature legislation, Obamacare, being ruled unconstitutional; President Obama elaborated on his claim that a Supreme Court ruling against Obamacare would be “unprecedented,”. He suggested that the court does not take its responsibilities “seriously” if they do strike it down.

    Obama is arrogant and ignorant. No matter what happens in the Supreme Court and their decision, Obama will remain the most ignorant and arrogant RULERS in a nation that is ruled by laws and Not by a RULER OR DICTATOR.

    There is no limit to what else Obama will do if re elected. NO LIMIT.

  • kathteach

    Not a bad letter written by the “intern” who was assigned the task at the DOJ.

    Never forget this “sidebar” event that may have triggered a genuine Constitutional Crisis when the Supreme Court announces their vote in a few months.

  • bg


    ht Rush:

    By Thomas Sowell – April 4, 2012

    Political Word Games

    [One of the highly developed talents of President Barack Obama is the
    ability to say things that are demonstrably false, and make them sound
    not only plausible but inspiring.


    It would be hard to become nostalgic about Richard Nixon, who was
    forced to resign in disgrace. But at least you could tell when he was
    lying. Obama’s lies are just as big but not as visible, and the media
    that exposed Nixon is covering for Obama.]


  • democraps suck

    Lying sacks of manure…crooked corrupt they think they are above everything

  • SeniorD

    Back in the dim, dark ages when I was in Third Grade, my teacher, Mrs. LaFontaine, would have me sit at my desk and re-write something I turned submitted if it looked like this.

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  • David

    Have any of you heard of the political question doctrine? Look it up. 🙂

  • American Patriot

    At the college level if I were told to write a THREE page essay and I turned in less than that, my grade would reflect the fact that my assignment was incomplete. One would think that the judicial scholars and academics in the Obeyme administration would realize that three pages MEANS three pages. Oh, and common sense would also dictate that you do not p*&% off a federal judge either, but the Stupid is strong in this bunch.

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  • The court should ask for a 3 page clarification of the last sentence.

  • Valerie

    #18 April 5, 2012 at 5:29 pm
    David commented:

    The people here understand the political question doctrine very well. You don’t recognize a defective brief.

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