Obama’s Attacks on the Family Farm Come Straight From Marxist Handbook …Update: DOL Drops Parts of Regulations Banning Kids From Working On Family Farms

Barack Obama is attacking the family farm – an American tradition.
The administration’s Department of Labor implemented new regulations to restrict children from working on the family farm. This is despite the fact that farm accidents and injuries have decreased over the past several years.

For generations children and adults have worked together on the family farm.
Those days are over.

Senators John Thune (R-S.D.) and Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) introduced the Preserving America’s Family Farm Act, to prevent the Department of Labor (DOL) from enacting its controversial proposed restrictions that would ban children from working on family farms.

Recently, Senator John Thune spoke out against the Obama Administration’s proposed labor rules for youth who work on farms and ranches on the Senate floor.

So why would Barack Obama attack farmers?
Attacking family farms is nothing new. It comes straight from the Marxist handbook.
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh at Canada Free Press reported:

The Marxist-Leninist dogma said, “A small property generates capitalism day by day, minute by minute, spontaneous, and in mass proportions.” The small-time farmer feeding his family, with a little surplus, was seen as an individual member of the bourgeoisie, requiring squashing.

The commie’s strategy was to turn farmers against the richer farmers through class envy and class warfare and it worked quite well…

…Collectivization was completed in 1962 with medal awarding ceremonies. The chaotic and mismanaged agricultural system under communists experienced such a sustained crisis between 1948-1962, that the effects are still felt today, twenty-three years after the communists lost power.

Can this happen in America? Can we lose our land and property to someone else deemed more deserving by constant leftist propaganda? Can we lose our land to wilderness because environmentalists in control force us to move? Or is it already happening peacefully and silently while the population is being soothed with “hope and change”, lies and fabrications on a daily basis?

Americans are asleep, ignorant, mesmerized, doped up, or so corrupt that they no longer care what happens to their fellow citizens, their children’s future, the future of our country, so long as they have a cushy job, mindless television shows, sports, a pay check, perhaps bribes, comfortable homes, club memberships, vacations, and most of all, intoxicating power and control.

Redistributing wealth is the only thing communists know how to do brutally and stealthily well. Those who do not pay taxes or hold down jobs protest that it is their right to steal someone else’s money. They’ve even come up with a new euphemism, they are not stealing the wealth of producers, they are merely forcing them to “share the burden.”

But it is stealing! Every moment of time that we must work to earn money and pay taxes that are then spent by our out-of-control government on non-producers is a moment too long that we are slaves to someone else, a moment of time that is stolen from our limited time on earth.

Hat Tip Byron

UPDATE: The Department of Labor today dropped several of the new regulations banning kids from working on family farms.

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  • Economan

    Communist bastards!

    Our second Independence Day will be when this bunch of Marxists leave D.C.!

  • http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com jennifer

    As a small family farm wife…we have been witnessing so many attacks on our way of life. I am no longer surprised at what is going on, only worried.

  • an’l

    Time for the masses to start ignoring the communist edicts coming from our capitol.

  • tommy mc donnell

    everything the obama administration does comes from the communist handbook. this whole administration is run by marxists and their lackeys. people, especially democrats need to made aware of the fact that their party is run by the SDS. check out the background of the people that are influencial in this administration, all college radicals, some going all the way back to the sixties.

  • Larkin

    Once again, thank you America. (Speaking to the 53%)

    Through your ignorance and laziness, you’ve allowed a home-wrecking maniac into our home.

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  • coolidgerules

    Redistributing wealth is the only thing communists know how to do brutally and stealthily well. Those who do not pay taxes or hold down jobs protest that it is their right to steal someone else’s money. They’ve even come up with a new euphemism, they are not stealing the wealth of producers, they are merely forcing them to “share the burden.”

    Well said by the good doctor. And nothing like a corrupt media to just not say anything to the people about what is going on. It’s a half hour of manufactured “war on women”, “war on religion”, “social justice” for select minority groups, or propaganda BS about man-made global warming. Nothing is real in the national news, and it is getting worse by the day.

  • Taqiyyotoimist



  • Taqiyyotoimist

    Does anyone really think this new law will EVER be used against the Mexican illegals whose entire families, down to the littlest kids, are worked on the farms?

    No — this will only be used against non-Mexican farmers. Just watch and see.

  • http://beatbarack.blogspot.com Ryan

    Thank god. The last thing we would is for those children to develop a strong work ethic (that or food).

  • valerie

    This is all about running families out of business so that bigger businesses can take their place. Somebody who is already rich wants to buy some land in foreclosure.


    Claire McCaskill endorsed this POS in the White House and I am looking forward to the day I can vote her out. RINO Blunt is awfully quiet about this as well.

  • cal rifkin

    Looking at the red/blue America electoral map, one can see where the commies in the White House will focus – rural America, and weakening the hardworking, family values flyover segment is a no brainer!

  • valerie

    Also out of the Marxist handbook: abuse of process by government agencies.

    We crucify them! Oil and gas companies


    also homeowners, and mining companies, preemptively, and without process, unless we are stopped by an expensive lawsuit.


  • obfuscatenot

    Killing “feral” pigs in Michigan, “mad cow” disease in an old Dairy Cow-not in the food system,but publicized world-wide/wonder why? Now this? Too independent of a population, the small family farm-too capable to feed themselves when the Commies shut down the country. They must be stopped, so they need big-brother too.

  • randyinrocklin

    John Thune is another RINO that needs to be primaried, yes he beat Tom Daschle, but he voted to bail out the USPS yesterday. He’s still a big government RINO like Mitch McConnell.

  • Taqiyyotoimist

    Guaranteed there is a loophole in this law that says “Mexicans” or people from “underserved” nations or illegals are EXEMPT.


  • Taqiyyotoimist

    Zombie Walter Duranty is smiling.

  • RWGinger

    If I read the actual Dept of labor release it says these new regs do NOT apply to children on family farms.

  • stonedome

    our government is not our friend! remember, they can only do this to us if we let them. “…if a man would go into captivity, into captivity he will go”…starts to make more sense when things like this happen