New Video “If I Wanted America to Fail…” Exposes Democrat Plan to Destroy America

This powerful video exposing the Democrat Party’s plans for America is making the rounds on the internet.
–You must watch this video–

The video exposes the Democrat energy plan for America.
Don’t ever say you weren’t warned.
Via All American blogger:

Thank you Free Market America for this powerful video.

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  • lizzy84

    “I would prey on the goodness and decency of ordinary Americans.”

    Best line ever.

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  • mg4us

    Thanks for posting Jim. . . a very powerful video. . .

    Watched the vid. . wow. .so true. .but there is more. . .let’s all add to it and make this the cry for November 2012:

    If I wanted America to fail, I would explode the debt by spending billions and trillions on fake technologies and companies run by my crony capitalist friends (who really are my supporters and I am just paying them back)

    If I wanted America to fail, I would print so much money that it would devalue the US dollar and drive inflation through the roof. .first with energy prices then commodities, then food (wait til 2013)

    If I wanted America to fail, I would turn my back on allies while supporting our enemies, sending Billions to the Arab Brotherhood in Egypt, trying to overthrow Honduras leaders, sending a stealth drone to Iran and not destroying it, or asking my pal Putin to wait for me to turn over more secrets and reduce our military even more

    If I wanted America to fail, I would drive up unemployment of middle class American and new college grads, and have Colleges turn out graduates unqualified to compete with China and India for Math, Science and Engineering jobs.

    If I wanted America to fail, I would seize industries like automotive (GM and Chrysler) or Banks (like Citicorp) or even healthcare (Obamacare)

    If I wanted America to fail, I would issue executive edicts and ignore Congress’s authority and would challenge the unelected judges of the Supreme Court on their Constitutional Authority

    If I wanted America to fail I would stack the Supreme Court with Friends and Cronies that are idealogues and not committed to upholding the US Constitution.

    If I wanted America to fail, I would create divisions in the people, stoke the flames of racial hatred, class warfare, and envy

    If I wanted America to fail, I would elect a person with:
    – little to no experience running anything other than their mouth,
    – who hides their past,
    – who had parents from other countries so that their loyalties are divided,
    – who sits in a Wright filled church of hatred (The white man’s greed drives a world in need and 9-11 is America’s chickens coming home to roost),
    – who is married to a lady who was only proud of her country for the first time when her husband got on the ballot,
    – who flies around in Air Force One campaigning, vacationing, playing golf and partying instead of leading the country or leading by example.
    – who is an empty suit and can only speak semi intelligently when reading a script from a teleprompter and getting a pass from MSM (with softball questions, cover ups, and reciting White House talking points and propaganda)

    If I wanted America to fail, I would support someone who has Axelrod on their team, or Rahm Emanual, or Harry Reid & Nancy Pelosi in their party.

    If I wanted America to fail, I would vote for Obama again in November 2012.

    – – – Come November 2012, Let’s HOPE there is CHANGE!! – – –

  • 1RedBeard

    I posted this video on another blog a few days ago, and it resulted in much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the usual liberal commenters. In other words, the video works, and hit the mark perfectly.

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  • MLM411

    Saw this last night…what a great video, this needs to be seen by every voter in America! I agree with mg4us on the additional lines, especially the one about stirring up divisions and racial hatred. I can’t believe these things are happening in the US…never thought I’d see the day.

  • I seen this video few days ago …….Great video

  • southernsue

    mlm, obviously you are too young to remember the civil rights movement.

    all this racial stir is old news to we Americans that lived through it.

    the difference is that black America had a legitimate complaint back then, now, however, no one knows what they want, they have been given everything, including their own half white and half, not American black, african president.

    my point is this film shows us what their side really wants, to destroy America, as we know it and the unfortunate part is that when and if this happens, all races will suffer that are American citizens while the special elites throw us crumbs.

  • Militant Conservative

    No longer ordinary nor decent.

    If I wish to give the next generation the America I grew up in. I must become like my enemy, this is war and the prize is America.

    Powder is dry

  • Limousine Barry

    Yes! I want America to Fail!

    I have been working four long years to make it fail. We are close but I need a few more years.

    And, I want American Baseball to fail! That is the last time I want to get booed by a bunch of Typical White Baseball Fans who don’t even have a limousine.

    I hope gas prices go through the roof. My limousine is gassed up and smoking – is yours? No! I didn’t think so. America Sucks. Good day.

  • Economan

    Yet people will STILL vote for Obama. It’ll be interesting to see after the election what percentage of idiots we have in this country.

  • 1RedBeard

    Econman, it’s not just idiots, although we’re oversupplied with them. It’s also the grasping class, the ones who spend all their waking hours demanding their “free” stuff from government.

    I pray the combined total of graspers and idiots is still under 50%, but these days I’m not so sure.

  • 1RedBeard

    Economan. Sorry. 😉

  • chris

    This is a fantastic video. Leaves no doubt to the leftists agenda.

  • Dawgonitt

    Anybody that Votes for Obama will be supporting this plan and will the Perfect Communist Useful Idiot, and the Blood will be on their hands. Words cannot describe the Ignorance of such a Moron that would help destroy the country from which they live. Tools of Satin to say the least.

  • GoldGeneral

    My only complaint is the ending.

    If I wanted America to fail, I suppose I would not change a thing.

    Should be something along the lines of

    Someone recently said, “In Just Three Years… We’ve Begun to See What Change Looks Like” If I wanted America to fail, He is exactly who I want to be running America.

  • StrangernFiction

    “We will bury you without firing a shot.”

  • StrangernFiction

    If I wanted America to fail I’d be astonished at how easy it would be to accomplish.

  • Bluebay

    Excellent video exposing the enemy within.

  • owl

    Watched this a couple of days ago and thought it the best I have ever seen. Shame it is so long because they played a clip of it on FOX (maybe The 5?) and they needed more.

    Hannity, why not take it a section at a time and run it each night along with your vetting?

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  • Liz

    Stunning. This is what Americans everywhere know is happening, but no one has ever put it to music and words quite like this. It should be made into a musical and go on broadway. Then the silver screen.

  • greenfairie

    These guys mysteriously had their Twitter account suspended then reinstated after conservatives complained.

  • Beached430

    Limo berry get the the hell out of our country deuche bag

  • And since I can’t hear anyone play the video that I watched years ago of a interview of Joe Biden, as dumb as he is, his problem is he can’t keep his mouth shut and let’s the cat out of the bag all the time. I just wish we could have been listening to this useful idiot when he did say something we should have paid alot more attention to at the time. He knew about Obama. He knew who he was and what he was.

    This is what he said that was so prophetic: “Obama will be go through his trial by fire in his first six months”…. (the sever drop in the economy), “….after his first year we will be wondering “what’s going on””….(the change he said he was going to bring was the worse anyone had ever seen),….” and after his second year people will be asking themselves “What have we done to ourselves and our country.” (And look at what he has done to us).

    Can you believe I’ve never heard anyone on the radio, all the conservatives I listen to 15 hrs. a day or heard and seen on any TV program from any show Fox has let alone from any other station. I’ve tried to call Rush and Hannity but can’t get in. The one time I called and did get in to Michael Savage he didn’t take my call in time. I’ve written this and written this. But I’m not trying to give Joe Biden any credit at all, but what I’m trying to do is to point out that they all know what is going on and were able to call it before it even got started what was going to happen to this country from who was elected in ’08. All those who’ve been in Washington long enough to know what is going on, and are part of it would never tell the truth to any of us what has happened to our nation over the past 50+ years, who knew who it was that was taking us down this road, and what will happen to us in the end. They all know, and that includes the Republican Party who would not stand against the Democrats when they told them about who Obama was, and not allow him to become a candidate of the Democrat party. They knew he wasn’t eliagable to be President, but for some reason they stood by and did nothing about it for fear that it would get out to the people of America that the Democrat party was trying to put up a Communist to run as President, and what he would do to this country, and would let the Democrats do to us as a people.

    And now this video tells it all. We do not have control over our political parties and it is time we did. The Democrats put a known Communist into the White House and look what he is doing to us. It’s just what Joe said would happen. Joe might be dumb but he knows people who are dummer than he is when he sees them.

  • paul52

    Video makes one stop and think. The man-child gets retired in November or it may be over.

  • If you want America to fail you concock a crisis cooked up between the major oil companies and the government that sets such high processing costs for thousands of mom and pop, and medium size oil companies that it forced them to have to sell out to the majors, thus significantly reducing the amount of oil going to what few refineries there are left which happen to owned only by the major oil companies. That way the government and the major oil companies can make treaties and contracts with foreign oil producing countries who will be given the right to set the price of gasoline for American’s, when before when we had hundreds of refineries and we set our own gasoline prices and sold what we wanted to outside the country, provided energy security and prosperity for millions of Americans who were in the oil and gas industry. Now, we’ve lost control over our own energy resources and are beholding to our enemies as to how much of our own energy we’re allowed to access and use.

  • If you want America to fail you cook a gun sale deal made by the Attoney General and your countries BATF which went around the countries legal gun dealers and took the weapons down to the border with a foreign country and sold them to the biggest dope dealers in the world. And it was all done to cover up a lie your President told before your Congress that 98% of all the crime in that foreign country was conducted by guns bought from illegal gun dealers in America, so since your lie was exposed your President decided to “make it happen” where guns that were used by criminals in that foreign country were bought in America. Your Presidents hope was that the Congress would pass laws that prohibited the legal ownership of firearms which would wipe out thousands of good paying gun and ammunision manufacturing jobs, take a God given right away from the people of America at the same time thus killing two birds with one stone.

  • If you want America to fail you destroy the worlds most successful and prosperous space agency that had taken mankind to new heights in space exploration and the invention of new drugs and materials in space away from American’s, defund all it’s research and developement of rockets and space equipment, and you have your government turn all that your countries space agency had been doing for over 50 years to your countries enemys’ space agency thus dismantling any hope that young people had to graduate from college with degrees in space research and developement of new things, and kill off any chance that a young person could ever hope to become an astronaught or scientist who used their talents to discover new things in space and about exploring our solar system in the future. Now those dreams are dead.

  • If you want America to fail you sell off your nations water resources to foreign countries who claim that it is going to water manufactor’s, but all those countries are doing is stealing America’s fresh water supply so it’s people don’t have any to use to grow food, fruit, and to be able to use as drinking water that goes into their homes. All the jobs that used to be created by the use of our own water supplies is now going to some foreign country who doesn’t care about whether we have water or not.

  • Faye

    Awesome video. Tells it like it is, hope people watch, listen, learn and vote the socialists dems out in November.

  • Hank

    Wonder how long before YouTube takes it down?

  • Faye

    #30 WillofLa
    Interesting comment. Guess I am not aware of our water going to foreign countries.
    Now I am not disagreeing with your comment because I am from Nebraska and we are very protective of our water source, the Ogalala Aquifer.
    My husband is on the county zoning board and the Keystone pipeline has water rights for where their pipeline goes. We have asked a “I wonder” question of will there every be any oil flow through that pipe or will they simple suck up the water and ship it off to Texas, who has been lusting for our water since most of their’s from the Ogalala Aquifer dried up decades ago.

  • Father Dick Burns

    What a powerful message. Thank you.

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  • Don

    If people do not wakeup to the garbage that Obama and the democRATS are throwing over
    the airwaves, then our future will be a very bleak and dismal. Vote out Obama and ALL of his
    allies throughout this nation or become like Zimbawbae (formerly Rhodesia) a basketcase of

  • Walter R. Dixon

    What great Video! of the libs will hate it.

  • Geeman1

    To quote:
    “I want me some Obama money.”
    “Where does Obama get this money?”
    “I dunno, he gots stacks of it somewhere.”
    “You don’t know where the money comes from?”
    “No, I just wants me some Obama money!”

  • My husband has said four the last four years that Obama was out to destroy the U.S. and most of friends have thought he was nuts. Now, more and more of our friends not only agree but many believe he is the anti-Christ come to put an end to us period. Either way it is scary. I hate to think what our wonderful country will be like if Obama is re-elected.

  • Pott

    Wow! mg4us great comments! Hit the nails on the many heads just like the video, thank-you! But to Barry the limosine driver..go home Barry because this is NOT your home. You sound like that man from Pakistan in Ct. I drove for one night. He has a limo service and employed me for a night to dive one and then tried to not pay me!! God bless America!!

  • Moe Howard

    Excellent video– it describes the Obimbo and his band of unmerry maniacs to a tee… but where have I heard this before?

    If I were the Devil

    What makes Paul Harvey’s diatribe more chilling is the fact that this, made a half-century ago describes the crisis of our time with perfect prescience.

  • Peter

    OK, First. I am NOT an Dem, nor do I think Pres. Obama is doing a good job.
    BUT, this video is FILLED with LIES and those who support it are IGNORANT of the TRUTH.

    Cars don’t cause polution? Really? Then why is the air in Los Angeles poluted. Is it from all the bugs?

    Wind power and wishes? Really? A nice % of TX power comes from wind farms. In fact we could power the entire US if we set up wind farms all over the Mid-West. Fact NOT Fiction.

    The Canada pipeline. Kay Granger Rep Congresswoman from TX just voted YES for the Pipeline and NO to keep the Oil in the US. FACT: Most of the oil processed in the TX/LA gulf goes to EXPORT.

    Logging? Really? Under Clinton a Dem, the US paid $2 for every $1 received to put roads in so the large mining co.’s to clear cut American forests…some were national parks. Do you think the other admin’s didn’t do the same thing???

    Demonize prosperity? Really? So you feel OK that you pay a higher % of income taxes than Mitt Romney? FACT: A new study just came out that shows the richest 1% pay only about 10% of thier income in taxes while the average American pays 22%. Have YOU seen any of that prosperity?

    Edison and Steve Jobs? LOL….READ History Edison KILLED the electric car because he was being paid by the Oil companies. Steve Jobs made BILLIONS by shipping MOST of those Apple Jobs to CHINA….THIS is your HERO?

    Pres. Obama didn’t create Credit Default Swaps. The banks did. The same banks that paid to have GW Bush elected paid to have Obama elected. Do you think they won’t elect the next president as well.

    Those who believe the B.S. in this video are naive ! ! BOTH parties have VOTED to take away your Constitutional rights ! ! ! Wake UP AMERICA….Vote for candidates like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Ralph Nader. MOST of the others have been bought and paid for ! OPEN YOUR EYES, READ !!!

  • Peter

    How many Foreign countries have Miltary Bases in America?
    None that I know of so why do we have about a 1,000 bases around the world?
    If you want to restore America…..close those bases, bring our troops home, let some patrol our boarders, take the money we’d spend on WAR and spend it on infrastructure, education, Wind and Solar power, organic farms, roads and bridges etc. THEN….we would be getting a good return on our investment! !

  • Moe Howard

    #43 Peter’s last paragraph is the punchline. 3 looneys for the price of one delusional rant.

  • Seth

    And a $60 light bulb? Really? WTH came up with that dull idea, and why have they not been beat like a rented mule?

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  • Wanda

    Wow! This is great! I want to post it on facebook but don’t see a link to do just that.
    Sad to say, the criticism will be the SOURCE of the video, as if conservatives can’t speak the truth; as if this media source because of its ‘bias’.

  • Greg

    #43 and #44, Peter has followed the Liberals talking points perfectly. And I say LIBERALS. I’m a CONSERVATIVE. Wind power and wishes? Wind power is fiction. Studies have been made that prove, again, that the wind and solar tech is not even close to being able to work yet.
    Logging? they plant more than they cut. It is a replenishable resource!! Do you complain about clear cut wheat farms?? Oh, by the way, the LOGGING Co’s build their own logging roads, Clinton STOPPED the construction of the FIRE ACCESS ROADS, which gave us BIGGER more POWERFUL FIRES, remember?!?! I do, I worked several of them and we had NO access to the fires to fight them.
    And the 1% again. I don’t make $1,000,000.00 a year, but I do pay 15% because I pay myself through dividends on my business. I won’t pay them any more than I have to. If you change the tax structure for that then you raise taxes on lots of SMALL Businesses like ours.
    Edison didn’t kill the electric car, Oil was cheaper than electricity at the time, that is economics, not bad oil companies or people, it’s called E-C-O-N-O-M-I-C-S. TRY IT SOMETIME. The diesel engine was designed to run on grain oil and animal fat but diesel fuel from oil was MORE efficient and less expensive.
    If this guy understood how things work he would be dangerous. If things are so bad with what Peter has listed, come up with something on your own to make it better, don’t just point fingers at others.
    The video is perfect and very well done.

  • I started a business cutting firewood in 1987. There was an abundant supply of dead standing and fallen timber to purchase form the district forest service office.I felt I was doing a service cleaning up the place. Larry the administrator was glad to sell it to me. Then in the early 90’s the gvmt came up with an early retirement plan. The top administrator could receive $25,000 and collect full retirement upon leaving his post.This policy was nation wide and we lost alot of top people friendly to logging who could see its benefit. After that, Gene the guy under Larry moved into his position and was responsible for his old work load as well as his new position’s work load. This happened throughout the forest service. Then came new policies like one foot of biomass required to be left on the ground and an environmental impact study to be conducted before any new timber sales could be done. The price of firewood went from $70 to over $200 per cord retail but there were was no wood available for commercial use. The forest is regenerating and there’s so much dead and downfall that we’d never be able to use it all but now it just sits out there and rots away and is a fire hazard. The timber industry is dead unless it has moved to private ground in this area. What didn’t make sense then sure does now. This pattern has repeated itself in other industries such as fishing , mining and the list goes on. I think you get the picture. Someone is tying up our natural resources all in the guise of protecting our environment. What they are really doing are shutting down the productivity and independence of our country and guess who is out of a job.

  • Anyone who takes this as gospel needs to return to school. This is fear mongering with ignorant messaging, being received and accepted by ignorant supporters.. Nothing more. In addition, the author is using poor critical thinking skills in his deductions. His supporters all need to take a course in deductive reasoning and critical thinking….then come back and utilize it on this video . Listen to Peter’s comments. He’s spot on.

  • TweenerAngst

    Bambi (post #51) I would like to understand your position better so it would help if you could articulate your value-statements with supporting facts. Could you elaborate on the following(?):

    a) ‘ignorant messaging’ – what is ignorant in the video and why?
    b) ‘poor critical thinking skills’ – what in the presentation leads you to conclude this?
    c) What is your view on US energy issues? Perhaps provide the baseline of your position.

    With the glut of opinions expressed in the news and on the web, what may seem obvious to you may not be so plain to others (including me). Help us all understand better by filling in the blanks.

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  • If you listen to some of the things that are said by certain individuals; leaders of our great country ,for a while still! You cannot help but notice that some of our leaders from the President on down ,have actually cursed this country that was established in a covenant between G-D ,[GOD] and the first administration of our land. Words have power ,so you have to be careful of what you say!

  • Chicago KP

    We need and demand change. Mr. Obama is not a leader for our Nation and can’t remain in office for another term, or our nation will sink further into the hole. His press conference today ( Suprise Visit ) from the front proved this. I could not believe what I was hearing, it made me sick to think that he is suppose to be our leader.

  • Chicago KP

    I know I am from Chicago and speek not so well of Mr. Obama. Believe it or not, most Chicago people who work, pay taxes andworry about how they are going to make it over the next few months, really don’t like him as our leader. So don’t think by any means, that all of folks from Chicago really like him. He is not from Chicago. He just lived here for awhile before becomming the President.

  • Dominic

    If I wanted America to fail, I will work hard to get Obama re-elected and make the same mistake twice and may God help us.
    Wake up America, don’t be fooled over and over again.

  • Jay

    If I wanted America to fail… I’d vote Republican!

  • alaskan1st

    And I’d make it sound like it was the other parties fault………..

  • Clancie

    PERFECT. Democrats have always been destroying America