Here’s more of that new tone we were promised. When backed into a corner because she couldn’t think of one thing that has improved under Obama, Democrat strategist Tamara Holder told Hannity that Mitt Romney is “borderline brain-dead”. Nice.

You’ve got to love Michelle Malkin‘s facial expressions during this exchange.



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  1. Two points.

    1. What’s this? A Republican presidential candidate is being branded an idiot by the Dems? Wow, that’s a first!

    2. Tamara Holder has always been a mindless mouthpiece for Dem talking points, but at least she was mildly attractive. Last night I noticed (especially sharing the screen with Michelle Malkin), she’s coming apart. And just look how angry her expression is every time she tries to make a point. Somebody must have told her that it gives her more gravitas or something.

  2. Too bad teleprompter hasn’t told Barry to do anything smart for 3+ years. Tamara looks as if she flies about during a full moon looking for a neck to bite. Another physically repellent dem woman.

  3. Now maybe she can explain how a brain dead guy made $300 million bucks.

    I simply cannot wait for Romney to stand up during a debate and say, “America, here in my hand I have my college transcripts. All of them. Unedited and unredacted. President Obama, where are yours?”

  4. The Duh duh Democrats seem to be getting Dumber by the day.. Next time I bet She just starts Banging a drum ( because They Got nothing to say) or Chanting ” yes we can?” .. I was not sure but I now think Miss Holder lips dont move unless Wasserman moves her hand. ( She is a “Meat puppet” at best. )

  5. i was watching that episode. i kept wanting hannity to tell her to please be quiet and stop interrupting.

  6. An announcement to GP readers: my wanumba and kenya flag gravatar were hacked and stolen today. If anyone sees wanumba and the kenya flag gravatar I used, ANYWHERE as of four hours ago, it’s being used by a hacker. I will NEVER NEVER use those again. I will be reporting to the police.

  7. Holder: ” Facts? We don’t need no stinkin” facts!!!!”

  8. When obama was elected, people were saying how great it was to have such an intelligent president. I thought “Based on what evidence?” Unfortunately, that question still holds true.

  9. MC

    Seriously, dude?

  10. MC, why so contentious? Get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

    sefilermon. How do we know you’re the real wanumba? Just kidding.

  11. MC. Okay, I see you are upset with Jim. What has that to do with wanumba’s name and gravatar being hacked?

  12. Not like it was a “real” property crime.

  13. I’m guessing that the “New Tone” is scheduled to come into play right after the GOP Convention in August…

    …’cause this is the dawning of the age of aquarius!

  14. Wow.. you can tell the utter chaos the Communist party (I Am no longer calling them democrats).. is in now trying to prop up and defend the indefensible 0bama disaster of a presidency.

    She is losing it.. Bob Beckel exploding… it is so funny watching them all throw temper tantrums like 2 year old’s that don’t get their way.

  15. She was clearly pouting when I watched this last night. I think she was getting mad because she had to defend Obama’s poor record and then she turned into an eight-year old crybaby.

  16. They can feel the heat! Hopefully, they’ll get out of the kitchen.

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