More Bad News… Secret Service Scandal May Involve Underage Hookers

By: Andrea Ryan

It’s bad news when you get fired from the Secret Service for boozing and engaging prostitutes.  It’s even more bad news if it’s discovered those prostitutes were underage.

Newsmax reported today,

Investigators probing the Secret Service prostitute scandal are looking into whether any of the girls involved were underage, Ronald Kessler, the journalist who broke the story, tells Newsmax.TV exclusively.

Kessler warned that more scandalous details of the Colombian cavorting are still to come, including the age of the prostitutes.

Kessler, Newsmax’s chief Washington correspondent, broke the story of the scandal over the weekend. The details have since been confirmed by the Secret Service, and President Barack Obama has called for an investigation.

Up to a dozen agents were sent home from Cartagena, Colombia, where the president was attending the Summit of the Americas.

Kessler, whose reporting partly led to the dismissal of FBI Director William Sessions in 1993, said Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan also needs to be fired, especially as this is the second major scandal he has presided over. He was also in charge when three intruders wormed their way past security to attend a 2009 White House dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“These are not just little errors,” Kessler said, adding that consorting with prostitutes could easily lead to blackmail, which could put the president at risk.

Meanwhile, NBC News reported Monday that a law enforcement source told the network that all Secret Service personnel had been given copies of Obama’s schedule, which they were told to lock in their hotel room safe — raising the possibility of a security breach. The source spoke on condition of anonymity.

Kessler believes that Sullivan, who has been in charge of the service since 2006, has presided over corner-cutting and a general atmosphere of laxness.

He says the Singh dinner, when Tareq and Michaele Salahi and Carlos Allen got through security, was, until now, the biggest scandal the service has faced.

“Most of the agents are dedicated and brave,” he said. “They’ll take a bullet for the president.

“They don’t go ’round going to bars and partying – they don’t even have time to, and that’s part of the problem. They’re so overworked because there are not enough agents, that they don’t have time to have a real life.” …

Kessler said he has no doubt that the agents involved will lose their jobs.

“They will be fired, and there is no question that that is the proper punishment,” he added. “To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line.

Apparently, Obama has established that it’s OK to work for him if you like them young.

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  • GotFreedom

    Does anyone think that this is not what actually happened–that these SS/Military folks were set up or are being used to conceal something else? Would love to hear everyone’s take on what you think really happened; I for one am not buying this story (JMHO)–thanks!

  • Multitude

    “I respect women… especially when they’re young, smoking hot, and on their back.” Barack Obama, as measured by his performance as President.

    Oh wait… Barack says I failed to mention that it’s ok as long as you play Pimp Daddy and give them free birth control pills so you don’t knock up the minor girls. After all, that might cause some to question…

  • bg


    that damn evil Bush.. 🙄


  • StrangernFiction

    “Most of the agents are dedicated and brave,” he said. “They’ll take a bullet for the president.

    Taking a bullet for this president wouldn’t be brave, it would be insane.

  • Sasja

    “They don’t go ’round going to bars and partying – they don’t even have time to, and that’s part of the problem. They’re so overworked because there are not enough agents, that they don’t have time to have a real life.” …

    Say again? Well there were some agents who seemed to have enough time for cavorting with hookers while on the job.

  • RB

    This won’t be a damaging scandal until someone calls ’em sluts.

  • Sasja


    That’s funny, and true.

  • Multitude

    I wonder if the poor girls at least got free birth control.

    I think we finally understand why Sandra Fluke said it was imperative that taxpayers be forced to provide several thousand dollars of condoms and pills per year. As often as Barack Obama’s bodyguards expect a women to be on her back servicing the Sovereign, that’s gonna require a whole lotta condoms.

  • Ella

    With the exception of barack obama those are some cool looking dudes in that photo. Whew.

  • DaMav

    I know one of the agents in the Secret Service. Straight as an arrow, dedicated beyond belief to the mission of protecting the President. Wonder how he feels with these jerks besmirching the service.

    I hope they clean this mess up and fire those who crossed the line, politics be damned.

  • donh

    What is even worse is that the underage hooker was stiffed. The gringo refused to pay the $45.00…What wonders this will do for the American image around Latin America. They may have been rounding up a private stip show for Obama …we will never know. They would take a fall before letting a scandal like this touch the President.

    However, it is interesting that today some erotic secrets are being outted regarding Obama following celebrity boobs on his twitter account . Wikileaks may get a file dump through some back channels….in payback for Obama’s hidden role in this scandal .

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  • Sasja

    Ella, you noticed that, too? Mighty fine lookin’ men (except for, you know).

    Someone tell me when was the last time a Secret Service agent took a bullet for any president? I cannot recall one instance. Seems to me that a president, or others around him get hit, but don’t recall if an agent has been shot by putting himself between the president and the shooter.

    I’ll have to check that out. Curiosity, you know.

  • kay

    Oh – the key quote in my opinion:
    “To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line.”

    Yepper! Embarrassing the president AND possible blackmail is SO OVER THE LINE.

    WAIT – I thought nothing embarrasses this president except white gun hugging religious people. Let’s retake a look at this story then in that light: from the picture it looks like WHITE secret service men (check) who are gun toting (check) and probably are not atheists (check) OK – we have a WINNER. The statement above is TRUE.

    Embarrassing the president is SO over the top.

  • Wow underage hookers in a backwards drug riddled corrupt criminal South American country, who would of thunk it!

    Like I said before, for agents who know what we can get from intelligence probes to think they could hook up with prostitutes and it not get found out is idiotic. But it shows the arrogance and feeling of invincibility that comes with having too much unchecked power.

    I know and worked with some of the agents in the Service, one I call a friend, and by and large they are great guys and gals. These morons have to be really pi*sing them off!

    However, I’m not so sure that “they’ll take a bullet” for Obama is as sure a thing as if he were Reagan… just saying. They’ll do their job. But they aren’t happy about it.

  • Sasja

    Agent Timothy McCarthy. Was hit while protecting President Reagan from any more bullets from Hinkley’s gun. Thankfully, he survived.

  • ChicagoJenn

    If this journalist Kessler is so into deep investigative work, why didn’t he take it upon himself to investigate Obama, his college records, his Rezko property deal, etc….? Kessler is right on top of this story, but where was he when we needed a journalist in ’08. I’m not buying this until all the facts are out (which may never be).

  • Time

    Is it possible that these men were set up.. That the war on woman recently has been heated.. I am sure these men have committed this act before but this time they got caught with their pants down. Is it possible they were set up to take the fall for this all along ?

  • Indiana

    EVERYTHING surrounding Obammy gets slimy! Similar to stink on a POS! The late, great United States of America is now……OBAMAVILLE! I don’t know if I’m more upset that it might be an accident……or if MaoObama and Muchelle Antoinette planned all of this destruction. Either way…….they’re losers……and we lost.

  • Indiana

    #13 Yes they are cool dudes……putting their lives on the line for a “punk.”

  • MrGoodWench

    Time commented:

    Is it possible that these men were set up..
    You mean like that Dominique Straus Kahn in NYC ?

  • tommy mc donnell

    the democratic party-media complex could break the same story about our congress people on any taxpayer paid for junket

  • shibumi

    You know, all of this makes me wonder if O wants to get rid of his Secret Service people and wants to replace them with his own “security force.” This would be an easy way to do it, wouldn’t it?

    /sorry to sound all crazy, but really, aren’t we all expecting O to have security from nation of islam?

  • just-saying

    “To embarrass the president like this…”

    I agree with Kay: embarrassing the president is the least of the problem.

    I hope those who are fired will have the courage to tell the truth about Obummer.

  • YourMaster

    if they lose their jobs the agents should just blast 0bama nonstop during the 2012 election
    and tell stories linking him directly to the scandal and say they were told to set up a prostitution party for him. It doesn’t matter if it’s true… it will do enough damage that 0bama that his image will be badly tarnished. or the agents should release some incriminating evidence on him …there probably is some lying around somewhere.

    btw… was bill clinton getting a blowjob from one of the prostitutes? it sounds like something he’d do.

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  • squeaky

    basically what happens when you run a loose ship…….obama can only be removed from his position at the ballot box and he knows it. in private industry he would have been removed [if even hired] long ago and basically because he wasn’t performing to the position he was hired for. as they say rot from the head down.

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  • nan128

    This is non-news. I’m with Gotfreedom in that I believe this to be a diversion. From what though? Therein lies the real question.

  • wtd

    Diversion . . .from what though? -asked Nan128

    Lot’s of possibilities including (via free republic):

    “double jeopardy in the region – Arab-Islamic nationalism and prostitution

    Syrian / Lebanese Arab immigration into the area is more concentrated in ‘Barranquilla, Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Maicao.’ The bordering city with Venezuela – Maicao (Col) market is probably 90% Arab.

    Though not all Arabs in south America are “political,” and some are not Muslim, yet, the Arab-Islamic Hezbollah growing phenomenon in Latin America -in recent years- certainly sharpened Arab nationalism which is today very militant-Islamic in nature. A 2008 drug probe finds Hezbollah financing link and a 2009 report shows Hezbollah has active cell on Colombia-Venezuela border.

    So did Chavez’s anti-Americanism, exploiting it, and embedding it into his “anti-Imperialism” sentiments. His pro-Arabism showed such strength that in 2009, a Kuwaiti MP “called to move Arab League to Venezuela.” Stating he “has proved that he was more Arab than some Arabs.”

    His government’s Justice Minister Tarek El Aissami, who is of Arab descent expelled Israeli ambassador in 2009. Hugo Chavez had illegally given more than 270 Venezuelan passports to Arab extremists

    Last but not least: Hezbollah has been using prostitution (Muta) for recruitment, especially since the “holy” Islamic Hezbollah’s Militarization of Sex – Hezbollah’s halal hookups

  • MWTexas

    “To embarrass the president like this and to put themselves in jeopardy of being blackmailed is so over the line.”

    Is it really possible to embarrass this president any more than he has already done himself? He has embarassed this country for the last three and a half years.

  • MN Jim

    Bill Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office and was accused of rape and many cases of infidelity. Ted Kennedy rented a brothel for an event. We now know what a cad JFK was. Several high profile Democrats have been caught with prostitutes, only to become respected news commentators. Based on the heros of the Democrat party, how can you embarass any of them any more?

  • MN Jim

    A $45 hooker isn’t very pretty.
    Our drill sergeant said you might as well stick it in a light socket.

  • Mama Grizzly

    IMO thus = Obama’s fake story to “cleanse” the SS before election, so he can use his COCAINE to make himself feel and look better to the American public like he did in 2008–and do so so so many other things, without scrutiny. He just wants to be able to handpick his “crew” of bootlickers and yes men who will look the other way. This was a probably a shakedown.

    Just sayin’.

  • Mama Grizzly

    So I agree with #1.

  • Indiana

    Maybe Calypso Louie has a few body guards to spare.

  • Dave

    “Meanwhile, NBC News reported Monday that a law enforcement source told the network that all Secret Service personnel had been given copies of Obama’s schedule, which they were told to lock in their hotel room safe”

    I hope this is simple misdirection and they keep a fake schedule in there. For the secret service to rely on a hotel safe is beyond retarded.

  • Drek

    Well, maybe now the Secret Service will start to bleed some details that they know about the relationship between obama and Reggie…….

  • Joanne

    Underage hookers? You mean they were under 9 years of age, because under muslim Obama’s America, 9 years and up is A-ok in the intercourse department……..his Somali muslim brothers know it, so should America start waking up to this reality. Actually, all non-muslim females of any age are fair game for muslims. It gives a new meaning to ‘booty’ call.

  • DeeDee

    In all honesty, there has to be more to this. I am not saying that the SS was not with prostitutes but it seems that it was a concentrated effort to make them look bad. I was in Colombia many years ago and when I was there I was assigned an ex-presidential guard because of the rampant violence then and the corruption and the fact that my husband wanted to make sure that nothing could be said that I did (even if I did not do anything that was questionable) that might give someone leverage. It has gotten better but it seems to me that somehow it was a set up. It is hard to imagine that all of a sudden in Colombia the Secret Service went all wild and crazy when it has not done so before. I would check their past performance in other instances and then make up my mind. If there was a history of cavorting with prostitutes then OK, but all of a sudden they do this. Are Colombian prostitutes so irresistible?

  • GP Fan

    I think the real problem lies with the “corner-cutting”, as I have seen this problem in EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE in the past decade and it’s only getting worse! It’s the MOTTO of HEALTHCARE, but it is really absolutely EVERYWHERE! I think it is the biggest problem we face right now, in EVERYTHING.

    It’s because the name of the game is finding ways to save the company/dept/hospital/etc. money for those OUTRAGEOUS BONUSES, and it ALWAYS involves cutting corners! And the ways in which they do it become less and less important, as they get used to those big ol’ bonuses every time they find another way to cut a few dollars! It is ABSOLUTELY KILLING our healthcare! Get this…the last hospital I was in DOES NOT CLEAN IT’S FLOORS! EVER! THEY ARE DISGUSTING WITH LAYERS OF DIRT EMBEDDED IN SCUM! But I’ll bet the housekeeping managers get a big bonus every year for finding yet another way to bring costs down.

    And I hate to tell you this, but it’s only going to get much worse! I find that they usually spend more money, setting up focus groups, investigating, studying, looking for ways to “lower costs”, than they actually would just paying for the damn costs to begin with! I could write pages of nightmare stories, but I’ll spare you. I’ll just warn you, it’s coming to all aspects of healthcare everywhere. It’s based on that old adage, you know, spend a dollar to save a dime. What? That’s not the way it goes? Someone tell that to our gov’t that mandates our healthcare, as they all revolve around what medicare rules/regs allow!

  • Ripped

    I’m sure this behavior is nothing new for the SS they just got caught this time. More than likely they were on a reconnaissance mission lining up hookers for 0bombya, my question is has anyone verified that these were all female hookers and not male prostitutes?

  • 40# i to believe this was all a set-up discredit the secret-service in the eyes of world and america public to bring in his own force in ,thats only loyal to him and begin to help set-up hiself as dictator .

  • owl

    #1, 17, 18, 23 Yep. When I first read it, thought something does not fit. Stinks and I can not figure out why. Then I see and hear The Voice who could have had a son, comment.

    That did it for me. I immediately think he has a large group in the wings that he intends to promote immediately.

    This guy and whoever is running this show, is scary. I guess he could not just appoint whoever he needs to leave in these positions? Surely it is not just to make everyone worry over his health and remove Rosen. Man with a plan and I read today it is the sea.

    Three Supervisors???? Three? I heard some wanting to replace man at the top…………

  • Remember the state run media was quick to jump in and info the public that this wasn’t the first scandal for ss ..the media reported this as one of many scandals for agency….We all know that the media is getting their talking points from whitehouse …if it been 2 or 3 ss it would be more believable ,but 12 and 3 where supervisors is little hard to believe.

  • dunce

    The secret service is likely full of republican conservatives that can not be fired because of civil service rules and are mostly white. Affirmative action will be applied and ghetto policies will prevail. Who really believes that these men just discovered easy women and this is the first time they humped a hooker?

  • Mama Grizzly

    SealTeam 6, Secret Service. . . I dunno but I bet we’re going to see a pattern emerge . . .

  • Westie

    I’m over the “take one for the team” crap about these idiot SS drones. They’re just another group of Government tit suckers in my book. Put ’em on the street and let the DC Elite try to protect themselves. Time for the Rope!

  • bg


    use one scandal to cover another, that’s
    the way Obama shuffles off the Buffalo..

    ht mcc via a previous thread:

    April 11, 2012

    GSA employees spent 5 days in Hawaii
    for 1-hour groundbreaking event

    [The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said
    Wednesday that five employees associated with the recently
    scandal-plagued Government Services Administration went to
    Hawaii for up to a week in 2011 to attend an hour-long
    groundbreaking on space leased by the federal government for
    the FBI.

    Details of the incident surfaced in a transcript of an interview
    between the GSA Inspector General’s Office and a GSA employee.

    The employee indicated to the IG investigator that trip was not isolated
    and that there was another, longer junket scheduled for Hawaii this fall.

    That one would be in Hilo, Hawaii for 10 days and would include
    groundbreakings for a federal building, a post office and perhaps
    a courthouse.]


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  • Martin

    Secret Service agents met women at different places

    The prostitution scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents in Cartagena, Colombia continues to expand

    A law enforcement source has told CBS News investigative producer Pat Milton that the agents and military personnel met the women at “a few different locations, not just one.”

    “Some are admitting (the women) were prostitutes, others are saying they’re not, they’re just women they met at the hotel bar,” King said in a telephone interview. Sullivan said none of the women, who had to surrender their IDs at the hotel, were minors. “But prostitutes or not, to be bringing a foreign national back into a secure zone is a problem.”

    video on the page :

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  • volt007

    The fact no supervisor level people have been fired by Obama, or resigned…the fact this gangsta party was being organized immediate to Obama’s arrival at the Hotel is very strong proof this was all done in service TO the president …..Now a whole team of agents have to fall on the sword because a few courageous locals had enough chivalry to confront men with a license to kill and help the young working girls from being stiffed by a President too cheap to pay a $45 hooker tab.

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