The worst Speaker in US history is feeling pretty good about her party’s chances on retaking the House… At least that’s her bluff this week.

Pelosi says, thanks to Mitt Romney, she’s feeling more confident about taking back the gavel and giving America another clubbing.

No need to worry, though.  She’s been wrong about everything from the Stimulus to Obamacare in the past three years. She doesn’t exactly have much of a track record of success.
TownHall reported, via Free Republic:

Apparently, however, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi thinks that all of this outrageous outrage over the trumped-up “war on women” is such a powerful demonstration of Mitt Romney’s supposed incompetence that President Obama is falling back into the good graces of lady voters everywhere. Err… if you say so…

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that strong evidence of a gender-based support disparity between Republicans and Democrats makes her feel “better” about the chances for Democrats to retake the House in November. …

The war between President Obama and Mitt Romney over female voters intensified this week, with Romney asserting that 92 percent of the jobs lost under Obama were women’s jobs, and Obama and the Democratic National Committee firing back that Romney’s campaign couldn’t even answer whether he supported a major piece of equal-pay legislation.

“I would have said, two months ago, we had a 50-50 chance of winning the House,” Pelosi said.

“Since then, so much changed because women have shifted in large measure to the president and to the Democrats,” she continued. …

“If this is an example of how Mitt Romney is going to run for president, I feel sad for the process and country, because either he doesn’t know what the facts are or he doesn’t care,” she said.




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  1. Ma P., you felt good about keeping the House in 2010, yet all you got was gas from the election returns.

    Here’s to more gas for ya, you Lib-turd. And I don’t mean a refined petroleum product.

  2. White Skeletor!!!! But not as whimsical…

  3. Dems will talk about anything at all, as long as it doesn’t include any reference to their “accomplishments” since Obama took office.

    They’ll stir up gender issues, women’s issues, racial issues, amnesty issues, Romney’s wife, his dog, fictional employment and inflation numbers, “Republicans Eat Their Young” stories, “spontaneous stories” about Sarah Palin, gun control, union “rights”, faux outrage about any news story that gets published, abortion rights, “the rich”, “the poor” and any damn thing they can conjure up.

    Just don’t let the conversation turn to the economy, spending, or the national debt. There be dragons there. That’s what passes for a Democrat reelection strategy this year, and it’s all they’ve got. America’s problems can wait.

  4. She said she had no worries 2010 also. Delusional skeezer.

  5. Yep and right up until polls closed she felt FANTASTIC about 2010 too. In other words, she has NFC (No F***ing Clue).

    Can you believe this woman was once the third most powerful human on Earth?

  6. ++

    Fluke You Pelosi..


  7. “…because either he doesn’t know what the facts are or he doesn’t care,” she said.

    Wow, now THAT has got to be a classic case of projection.

  8. Hey pig-losi the only thing I want to see you take is an overdose of pills and put us all out of our misery…skank

  9. #5….Using the word human and Pelosi in the same sentence is a bit of a reach. And for that matter you could also have issue with the word woman too.

  10. Makes you wonder what they put in the water in the bay area.

  11. In your dreams, dearie.

  12. Guess she didn’t see that poll of Romney pulling ahead of Obama in general and on the economy. Or maybe she did and there were too many big words for her to understand it.

  13. I see Nancy’s still off her meds.

  14. Don’t judge her too harshly. She’s on lots of pills.

  15. Environmental Justice for All

    We all knew she was the prime reason for the passage of Obama care but did you know just how radical she really is. I do believe Pelosi lives her own little world. She is tired and old. History books won’t be too kind to Former Ma Pelosi.

    Her time has come and went. She needs to go back to the LAND OF OZ.

  16. her face my dogs scrotum whats the difference?

  17. pelosi may have a point i’ve read hat 80% of the people that have lost their job in this recession were men. that would be in keeping with liberal america’s political objectives.

  18. She’s the Jimmy the Greek of politics. You are looking live…at a nutjob!

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