It Begins… Leftists Call Ann Romney a C*nt, B*tch, Wh*re for Being Stay-at-Home Mom

That didn’t take long.
Right on cue… After White House adviser Hilary Rosen attacked conservative stay-at-home mom last night on CNN the leftist minions chimed in.
This comes from O.G. Darby:

And here’s a tweet from Ho Hum:

There’s much more at Twitchy.

Boy, and to think, it took less than 24 hours from Hilary Rosen’s original comments to these vile tweets for the left to reveal their absolute hatred for conservative women.

Ken Shepherd at NewsBusters reported:

While most everyone in political circles has condemned Hilary Rosen’s slam of Ann Romney, rank-and-file liberals on Twitter apparently haven’t read the memo.

Twitchy has an excellent post documenting all the bile, complete with requisite leftist slams of Mrs. Romney as a c*nt, b*tch, and whore. As Michelle Malkin, no stranger to left-wing hate, tweeted, “Some are baptized by fire. On Twitter, outspoken conservative women are baptized by vile.”

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  • Stella Baskomb

    These spiteful remarks demonstrate their characters but they also illustrate exactly why they are Democrats: intellectually they are unthinking followers of dogma they don’t understand, and personally they are petty, closet tyrants who get off on telling others what to do. They have a lot in common with gang members.

    But they’re smarter than the rest of us. Just ask em.


  • lynched1

    I guess someone should have told me I had to be rich for my wife to stay home and raise our child. Good thing here in America us regular types have that choice to make too.

  • Happy Fun Ball

    Both of these Twits moms did and still do work, every day, turning tricks down at the Interstate truck stop to keep them in Doritos and Diet Pepsi (with an occasion bag of weed) so that they don’t have to leave their basement wombs.

  • Brad

    We found a way for my wife to work from home while our son is in school or asleep. You don’t have to be rich to be home and directly involved in your family’s upbringing.

    As for the vile left, they’re exposing the fact that their families are failing as their parents failed them.

  • Mama Grizzly

    They are horrible beings, these Leftists.

    But . . . lies and more lies . . . just following their leader whose whole person is a lie foisted on the American public. They love to lie about anything that gets them ahead in their estimation, and when they can’t find anything that purports of substance, they denigrate and name-call. Evil. Adherents of destruction. Friends of the serpent. Enemies of America. And they know it, what’s more.

    Well, what can we expect? More of the same.′-barry-barack/

    The unholy minions from the dark HATE the light, goodness, uprightness, cleanness, hope, inspiration, truth. The things the ROMNEYS adhere to.

    Even now, Obama who used his little puppet Rosen to spew his own views–just to get them out there to try and discredit Ann Romney and more importantly, Mitt Romney, our REAL hope. If the president can use his people to “get the message out” then he can deny it, and to those who don’t follow politics, well … it seems very plausible. Someone in the Obama campaign just “made a mistake.”

    Obama’s whole life is built on the political fantasies of his parents and others of that time, but he himself will feel that he MUST do his daddy Malcolm proud–that he was born for this “mission” of bringing America down and under Islam–America must fall–and he has ACTUALLY reached the presidency. Think about it from his perspective. He will DO ANYTHING and SAY ANYTHING, or have others say it for him in the attempt to hold onto power and finish his “job.”

    Because of this psychological sickness residing in Obama, along with the poisoned and false political climate, where someone decent and admirable like Romney and his wife are featured as despicable by the decadent, Obama/Shabazz will feel that THE ENDS JUSTIFY THE MEANS, and will pull out all the stops.

    Pray for the Romneys. Pray for America.

  • Mama Grizzly

    Oh–Michelle just couldn’t afford not to work? MORE LIES LIES LIES.

    Take a look at this (from another thread).


    On Sept. 1, 2004, when Barack Obama was campaigning for the U.S. Senate seat he would win that November, the Chicago Tribune published a long profile of Michelle Obama. Written by reporter Cassandra West, it was headlined: “Her plan went awry, but Michelle Obama doesn’t mind.”

    “A month after daughter Sasha was born, Obama got a call from the new president of the University of Chicago Hospitals, Michael Riordan,” the Tribune reported. “He wanted her to help build a vision for the hospital’s nascent community affairs effort. It was a critical time for her, personally and professionally.”

    “She was struggling ‘with wanting to be a good mother and was on the verge of saying ‘I’m not sure what I want to do [professionally], so I’m going to do what I haven’t done before and stay home,’” the Tribune said.

    “Like her husband had been, Riordan was a persistent suitor. He offered her ‘all the flexibility’ she desired. She took the job,” the Tribune reported. “That flexibility is allowing her the time she needs–and wants–to play a visible role in her husband’s campaign.”

    Despite this flexibility in her job, Michelle Obama was well-compensated, earning $121,910 in 2004 and–as the Chicago Tribune would report in a Sept. 27, 2006 story–getting a raise to $316,962 the next year.

    “Michelle Obama was promoted to vice president for external affairs in March 2005, two months after her husband took office in the Senate,” the Tribune reported. “According to a tax return released by the senator this week, the promotion nearly tripled her income from the hospitals from $121,910 in 2004 to $316,962 in 2005.”

  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT.COM redneck

    obama has real class of voters there….the stupid and vulgar.

  • Al

    Keep ’em coming! The more they do this the more women voters come over to our side. I guess we know now who’s really waging a war on women.

  • L.E. Liesner

    The civility of the left never fails to amaze me. Evil people with filthy mouths that disgrace our country, in an attempt to further a corrupt regime’s agenda. These are the people of the Obama army, kind of makes you sick doesn’t it.

  • sandy

    One thing Ann Romney didn’t do is put us 14 Trillion in debt. Lib Dems are pond scum. It won’t work — Mrs. Romney is a lovely well spoken woman and if this is all the Dems have — they should give up now.

    #8 April 12, 2012 at 9:14 pm
    Al commented:

    Keep ‘em coming! The more they do this the more women voters come over to our side. I guess we know now who’s really waging a war on women.

    Yes Al — the classy our candidate is the more voters we will attract. Obama won because he ran a campaign based on Hope and Change. What can he run on today Misery and Poverty?

  • chris

    Wow. And the right is waging war on women? Riiiiight.
    It’s really difficult to comprehend why people have to treat other people in such a vile manner. It such cowardice to sit behind a keyboard and spew hate and smears against people you would never have the guts to say to their face. The Internet has helped hasten the social and moral decay of this country. It’s pathetic and a quite sad.

  • Redlite


    This is just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. These idiots need to have their mouths washed with soap.

    My Mom was a stay at home mother. Back when one income families was the norm. I bet the Founding Fathers all had stay at home mothers too.

    If this kinda crap continues it will be a very long summer. At least it is baseball season and that will be a great distraction from this insanity!

  • Jack

    Would it be to much to ask to see a little bit of indignation from some of the members of congress from our side or are they hiding in the closet wringing their hands? I swear the republicans are totally inept at playing hardball. They’d rather play cricket while the other side plays hockey.

  • Sally

    This is off topic, but I think they even had been running the wrong photo- maybe is not even him? of George Zimmerman.

    The photo “booking photo” taken yesterday looks completely different than the one used universally, which looks as if he is an orange jumpsuited thug.

    So, in other words, they manipulated the photos of BOTH men.

    The 6’3″ 17 yo/o was pictured as a 12-14 y/o child and the 5’7′ or so small man was pictured as a very large, stocky (and mean looking) man.


  • Patty

    NOW Prez: Ann Romney Lacks ‘Life Experience’ And ‘Imagination’

    Back up the bus! After bouncing Hilary Rosen beneath the Greyhound, President Obama and friends might have to throw it in reverse again over the person of Dem surrogate Terry O’Neill. The NOW president suggested to Ed Schultz tonight that Ann Romney, along with Mitt, lacks “life experience” and “imagination” needed to understand most Americans.

    For good measure, in the very same segment Dem congresswoman Maxine Waters called the Republican candidate for president Mitt “Rot-ney.” Classy bunch! View the video after the jump.

    Read more:

  • sandy

    What did Ann Romney do wrong that she has to be labeled C##t and B###h? She gave birth to 5 beautiful sons, none of whom got in trouble with the law. She did this while suffering from Breast Cancer and MS. She has only been married once and is still very much in love with her husband. She can be a role model for young women. Maybe this is what gets them riled up. They have tried to sell Michelle as the new Jackie but its been like trying to sell Salami by calling it Sirloin.

  • Fuquay Steve

    Ah, this is just the beginning. Lord please make them lose the ability to speak (temporarily, of course).

  • olm

    Let them go.
    They are showing their true colors. Colors that have no business running this country.

  • Jack

    Sandy. Were you alive during the last presidential election and witness what they did to Sarah Palin? Ann Romney’s sin is being a conservative women whose husband made a bunch of money legally…period.

  • No Man

    Thanks to Obama’s corruption and ineptitude, 15,000,000 Americans will never work another day in their lives.