Egyptian police beat a Coptic Christian in the street during an October protest.

Islamist leaders plan to ban intimate scenes, including hugging and kissing, from Egyptian TV.




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  1. Wow, therse guys are more strict than Baptists (heh heh heh).

  2. ++

    hah, you ain’t seen nothing yet!!

    don’t believe it’s coming to America??

    your great-grand-children will.. :-(


  3. ++


    April 16, 2012

    British Lord Puts Bounty on American Presidents

    [The first Muslim nobleman in England has been suspended from his
    political party following reports that he put a bounty on Presidents
    Obama and Bush during a speech Sunday in Pakistan. It is not the
    first time that Lord Nazir Ahmed has advocated on behalf of the
    worldwide Islamist causes.

    It's also a damning indictment of how the British political system
    empowered and supported a radical Islamist, despite indications
    that his misuse of the position would convey legitimacy to
    extremist causes.

    that should lessen the anger Obama has been accumulating as of late,
    nay, ever since he was crowned “fundamental transitioner of US”.. :mad:


  4. OUT,
    Kissing and hugging

    Beheadings, beatings, general killing of kuffars and muslims who do not act islamic enough,

    Muslims never fail to act as muslims,

  5. Its going to hard to kiss and hug ,when women are forced to wear burkas by muslim brotherhood..

  6. why don’t you love me like you used to do?
    my hairs still curly and my eyes are still blue..
    why don’t you love me like you used to do?
    Ain’t had no huggin’ and a kissin’ in a long, long

  7. Yah, seeing people hug and kiss might make them want to go rape a child or something…..oops, nothing new there.

  8. this should make the american liberal, the biggest promoters of phonography in the world, happy. someday the intellectually superior liberal will wake up to the fact that they have more to lose from the islamification of america then the conservative. that moment of clarity will probably occur as the knife is being drawn across their throat.

  9. #7…that should be required reading in every school in america.

  10. Don’t worry…. they can still have sex with camels, goats, gerbils, elephants and sheep.

  11. @14 – I was going to say – Hardliners move to ban kissing and hugging from Egyptian TV. Does that mean Men will stop bum rubbing and calling it something else! No wonder the lefties in this country like the muslims. the muslim men hate women and love men on men sex but they don’t call it that. that’s why they bundle up their women in swathes of fabric to the point they’re blinded by mesh in front of their eyes. They don’t like women. Has nobody connected the dots? Our lefties and the muslims? Come on people! Get a clue. Not that I’m anti-muslim or anti-gay. I’m just anti-not calling it what it is.

  12. Funny how the civilians in the video can fit in a few kicks and punches with no objection from the soldiers…..glad we are sending them money so they can beat more Christians. How’s that Arab Spring working out now????


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