HORROR!… Black Youth Mob Beats, Strips & Robs Tourist in Baltimore As Onlookers Laugh & Joke (Video Reposted)

How Awful.
Black youths beat, stripped and robbed a tourist in Baltimore on St. Patricks Day.
The crowd laughed and joked as they filmed the assault.
(Warning on Content – Language)

UPDATE— YouTube pulled the original video that showed the mob assaulting the tourist so I posted the video from the local news station.

CBS Local reported:

Caught on camera– a tourist being beaten in downtown Baltimore and instead of helping him, a crowd laughs and steals his belongings…

The video shows a man being punched in the face in Downtown Baltimore. You can hear his head hit the pavement near the entrance to Courthouse East.

Instead of helping, people laugh.

Then, the crowd strips him naked and takes his car keys, watch, money and iPhone.

It happened St. Patrick’s Day. Police say the victim was out partying and woke up the next day at his hotel, cut and bruised with no idea why.

“He had every right to leave wherever he was and get back to where he needed to be safely. Their behavior was just criminal,” Det. Nicole Monroe of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

“Not only was he relieved of his property after he was assaulted, but there were a lot of other things done to him that are disturbing to look at, and we want to bring these people to justice,” Det. Monroe said.

Those who’ve seen the video are outraged.

UPDATE: Here’s the original video up to the point where the mob strips him naked.

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  • Stan

    “Their behavior was just criminal,” Det. Nicole Monroe of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

    Um, Nicole, it’s almost as if you want to give a pass to assault, battery, and robbery as “almost-crimes”.

  • David

    The us economy could be fixed if the shvartzes were deported back to Africa

  • Kate

    Charming city with animals for residents. This certainly will cut down on its visitors.

  • Bunni

    Look like John Derbyshire was RIGHT!
    It’s horrible these scum get away with everything, and nothing is ever said against them.
    Such a double standard. Looks like o’s relatives…where is he and jesse, al, etc. on this one, and countless other murders and atrocities * crickets chirping* guess they’re too busy playing golf.

    Happy Easter and Passover to you and your readers, Jim.

  • bg


    your H word doesn’t fit..

    hows about HATE??


    hows about HATE

  • bg


    re: #5 April 8, 2012 at 10:20 am bg

    damn, that posted itself before i was ready to..

    must have clicked something by mistake, or my ghostie is baaaack!! 😀


  • Jerry C

    He’s not going to call it a Hate crime, ’cause the vitim is white.

  • Observer

    Obysmal shock troops are in action again. This iswhat the Chicago marxists believe will motivate their base since the state media ewill not report this. Holder will not prosecute these racist mobs as it motivates Ozero’s base.

  • pst314

    Video has been removed from YouTube due to a violation of their policy against showing ugly truths.

  • democraps suck

    last i looked you can carry conceal in baltimore…why wasn’t it stopped??????

  • Joanne

    These people are trash. The poor guy. I could only watch the first blow to his face. These pieces of trash will just add to the ever ending growing statistics of black crime. If they can’t behave themselves, put them in the military and make them do the craps jobs until they learn some self respect and respect for others.

  • joscefi

    #2 April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am
    David commented:

    The us economy could be fixed if the shvartzes were deported back to Africa

    While you’re at it, do you want to get rid of the Jews and Irish too?


  • valerie

    #2 April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am
    David commented:

    Hey, a$$hole, notice the skin color of that detective? And some of the commenters? Baltimore has its mean streets, and it’s no place for a tourist to wander around, drunk and alone. It’s also got a few churches where the preachers tell their congregations that “Rev. Wright is right.” But it also has some good, strong, black parishes, and mixed congregations of several sorts, as well as a lot of people who moved to the area to build a real American dream.

    Did you hear the detective? Some idiot among the criminals took that video, and posted it on U-tube, and other people identified the victim and some of the criminals to the police. That’s the community, the whole community, working together to put a stop to this ugly nonsense.

    So take your moby comments back to KOS.

  • owl

    Let’s hold our breath until they are all caught? Or, let’s hold our breath until NBC/ABC/CNN decide that this is a ‘hate crime’? Wonder what they could do with the tapes?

    Oh wait. They can say that they are unsuitable to be aired on public airways?

    Oh wait. I don’t remember hearing what color the victim was and what color the mob?

    Oh wait. Maybe the mob were all underage and their privacy must be protected? Maybe they were so young they can not be punished for their crime?

    Professional MSM Pooper Scoopers will never give this horrendous crime over 2 minutes of their time. Never. Pooper Scoopers use their most powerful tool, The Silence. They can put it on your front page for a year (Abu Ghraib) or bury it forever. You can not BUY that much power in an election.

  • wanumba

    #2 April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am
    David commented:
    The us economy could be fixed if the shvartzes were deported back to Africa

    You trolling with such provocative and shoddy rhetoric? They have nothing in common with Africans except skin tone.
    They are American products of the Democrats’ Great Society, welfare and all sorts of family planning except FATHERS and MOTHERS MARRIED and taking responsibility for their children.

  • BertErnie
  • JDubya

    Does not fit the narrative.

    Black people beating, raping, killing non-black people cannot possibly be reported as then the whole reparations thing fall apart.

    Doesn’t anyone listen to the wise scholars on Disney/GE/Viacom networks?

    Why was this obviously “white” person in a “black” person’s neighborhood? I know tourists can get lost. I did once, in downtown Baltimore. They are like vermin. They began running up to my car asking what I am doing there. As soon as I realized the situation, I put it in “R” and pulled a Rockford.

  • mg4us

    Too bad the white tourist wasn’t packing a handgun. . .
    would have been interesting to see the media spin it after the perpetrator was found with a hole in his head. . .dead on the ground. .

    who would be laughing then????

  • bg


    David #2 April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am

    yep, send them whities back where they belong..

    hmm, where do they belong (scroll entire thread for more)??


  • bg


    April 07, 2012

    i like what this guy said..

    I turned on WBAL radio Friday and the host was talking about a video which has gone viral on the internet. The video is of a white tourist who was beaten senseless in downtown Baltimore on Saint Patrick’s day by a gang of black teenagers. The callers into the C4 show were very passionate and angered by this video. I’ve heard bits and pieces of this story over the last few days, but I didn’t know what really happened until yesterday. Apparently the tourist was visiting Baltimore on Saint Patrick’s day and decided to visit some of the bar establishments at Power Plant Live which is near the Inner Harbor. The man was going back to his hotel in Mount Vernon, when he stopped in front of the Clarence Mitchell Circuit Court House where a bunch of young people were gathered. This is the most graphic portion of the attack. The Baltimore City Police are currently looking at the video and are seeking arrests. One would assume that a viral video of a man getting beaten senseless, robbed and then stripped by a gang of teens would make national news right? Wrong, yet again the attackers are of the wrong race, and the victim is of the wrong race. It just doesn’t fit the media’s template. I hope the police find the animals who did this. Nobody regardless of race either white or black should ever act like this. If anyone is offended that I called these thugs animals, let me put it like this. Animals are known to attack in packs.


  • Tim
  • MAJ Mike

    Just another reason to get training and a concealed handgun license. If your state does not allow this. MOVE! Do not seek confrontation, but neither a victim be.

    If you do legally carry, practice, practice, practice.

  • Nanna

    This was also before the Trayvon Martin debacle, just as the little 6 year old girl was. St Patricks Day.

  • GrandmaC

    These are animals. In a similar vein, the Mormon church has not considered Blacks equal to whites. Do a web search if you doubt. I am curious if BO campaign will use this to attack Romney. The Mormons were forced to accept blacks but still do not consider them equal.

    From Wikipedia –
    The first reference in Latter Day Saint writings describing dark skin as a curse and mark from God refers to Lamanites. The Book of Mormon, published in the late 1820s, states the following about a group of people who rebelled against God:

    And [God] had caused the cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing, because of their iniquity. For behold, they had hardened their hearts against him, that they had become like unto a flint; wherefore, as they were white, and exceedingly fair and delightsome, that they might not be enticing unto my people, the Lord God did cause a skin of blackness to come upon them. And thus saith the Lord God; I will cause that they shall be loathsome unto thy people, save they shall repent of their iniquities.” (2 Nephi 5:21)

    On February 6, 1835, an assistant president of the church, W. W. Phelps, wrote a letter theorizing that the curse of Cain survived the deluge by passing through the wife of Ham, son of Noah, who according to Phelps was a descendant of Cain. (Messenger and Advocate 1:82) In addition, Phelps introduced the idea of a third curse upon Ham himself for “marrying a black wife”. (Messenger and Advocate 1:82) This black wife, according to Phelps, was not just a descendant of Cain, but one of the pre-flood “people of Canaan”, not directly related to the Biblical Canaanites after the flood.

  • You can see the full and uncensored video here:


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Damn, that had to have been a classic illustration of a sucker punch.

  • wanumba

    #26 April 8, 2012 at 1:52 pm
    David commented:
    You can see the full and uncensored video here:

    You the same David as ….#2 April 8, 2012 at 9:55 am David commented …?

  • wanumba

    #27 April 8, 2012 at 2:08 pm
    Blacque Jacques Shellacque commented:
    Damn, that had to have been a classic illustration of a sucker punch.


    WHich makes one think that the Alinskities specialize in sucker punches so that the society is kept reeling from this event and that event, so as not to allow anyone to sit down and say, “Now wait minute, is this all panic and doom or are we being manipulated marched into knee-jerk reactions?

  • bg


    GrandmaC #25 April 8, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    not a Romney person, but that’s just as relevant today as the Constitution during Muslim/African/Democratic slavery is..


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  • John


    Unedited video. Recommend d/ling it before it gets scrubbed.

  • Ghost

    Remember “Black Hawk Down”?

    I have to stop now.

  • The violence is the point, and the video is used by police to make arrests. But arguing ‘black mob’ and ‘white tourist’ is not a conservative argument. We don’t need color – leave it to Jesse Sharpton. Our argument is, this is a crime, and it’s not made uglier because of one color or the other, and it’s not a less cruel beating because of one color or the other. Evil is evil; it’s not dependent on color.

  • Hugh

    How sad. Where is those people’s humanity? I hope they are caught pay the price. Disgusting.

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  • wanumba

    #33 April 8, 2012 at 3:38 pm
    Ghost commented:
    Remember “Black Hawk Down”?
    I have to stop now.


    WHy stop now when you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do? All we’ve got to work with is a black helicopter and no point.

  • mg4us #19

    He was drunk. If there is one thing more dangerous than a drunk driver it is a drunk carrying a high powered handgun who gets into a bad situation. In fact if he had not been drunk he might not have been in that situation, and hauling out a gun and blasting away at his tormentors would break a few store windows and possibly kill children in the area cause a drunk can’t shoot any better than a drunk can drive.

  • crackermike

    The lamestream media appear to believe that only a racist white person would see anything at all remotely wrong with such assaults. That’s of course why they cover up such racial assaults. Of course, the liberal elites feel so smug and secure in their armed enclaves. They “understand” the “rage” that underlie such black racial hate towards whites. Imagine if you can, the headlines if the races had been reversed, but nobody cares about a “white boy”. Imagine even using the term “black boy”. These racist aren’t against racism, just against racism against their preferred groups. Racism appears to be damn well and fine if it’s against white people.

  • nadadhimmi

    Outraged my ass. These are Holders and Obama’s people and they aren’t going to do a thing about it. Except support racial hate.

  • Kimmi

    This is why the George Zimmermans of the world shoot the Trayvon Martins of the world… because of the actions, behaviors and attitudes of some (note I said some) people who give us REASON to fear and believe the worst.

  • bobdog

    Trayvon ™ is everywhere.

  • Simon Said

    Shouldn’t Taqiyyotomist be in here posting 30 comments on these blacks are just innocent by standers, they know not what they do, its the culture, nothing to do with the race at all.

    Looking at the city, the detective and the news anchor… you think they will spend more time on this case than they already did? Even if they would have killed the guy, they would have spent less time and only put 5% of the resources as they did in Tulsa.

    Black on white crime, no such thing, just ask Taqiyyotomist. It’s culture on white crime and you don’t get extra time for that, only if its white on black… err white on culture crimes, then you get extra time for that.


    The only arrest made with 5-6 others being sought after was black male, Tyrone Woodfork 20, raped and killed Nancy Strait 85 in her home, beat her husband Bob Strait (WWII Vet) almost to death (both white great great grandparents), robbed the house and took their car. Anyone hear about this? Can you look this up on any of the alphabet networks and find the story? You have to dig to find this story, even Townhall doesn’t give the entire story or details, because according to 0bama and especially Eric Holder, black on white crime doesn’t exist and the propagandist at the media are in lock step with these scum of society!

    Look at what happened when whites kill blacks, you have state and local police teamed with the FBI and US Marshall service. Who looks like a top priority here? A white couple celebrating their 65th anniversary together, one who served in World War 2, the other a mother 6 kids, grandmother to 18 grandkids and about 50 great- and great-great grandchildren or the ruling class?

  • Val Ball

    As a Black woman…these kids are disgraceful.I pray that they are found and locked up for a long time. There is no excuse for their behavior. Once they are in a courtroom the smiles and laughter will be gone.

  • Mike Bell

    Well, those liberals who thought electing a black man POTUS would finally put racism behind us were sure right!

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  • Ira

    Once again, Al Sharpton’s words lead to violence.

  • Ira

    Google “long beach 2006 halloween beating” to see the contrast, and how nothing will happen to these people when they are prosecuted.

  • Ray Winters

    ANIMALS. I am boycotting Baltimore and if I HAVE to go back there, I will be carrying. These people are and always have been animals!

  • Bette

    Did they also look like they could be Obama’s sons?

  • Ryan

    I have ZERO desire to travel to DC or Maryland. Savages! Should be considered a hate crime and the mindless jerks should be caned!

  • ROB

    This is why whites are fearful of blacks and profile them. I will always be armed anytime I leave the house.

  • Danny M.

    Good luck carrying a concealed weapon in Maryland, if something goes down you’ll be in a world of trouble as well. This happening in the inner harbor, surrounded by some homeless and many cameras on buildings, should hopefully speed up the investigation. In a perfect world, he would of had iPhone’s with am anti-theft tracking app. As it stands, #13 Valerie’s post is right on.

  • opstrueinfo

    THIS is not just in this city, it is all over. Including Florida where Zimmerman evened the odds a little bit by removing Tryavon and making blacks country wide stop to wonder if the poor white guy is armed

  • Joey T.

    I grew up near the Baltimore/DC area until about the early 90s and moved because of this crap. There’s tons of animals up there and you have to make a fortune to live away from them because the cost of living is incredibly high. Also in the 90’s my friend was walking to work at 10am on charles street in a busy business district of baltimore and got shot through the chest for no reason. That was it for me, I left, moved south and never looked back. Best decision I ever made.

  • Grounded1

    I saw this video yesterday and actually cried. Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson now? For that matter, where are ANY of our “spiritual leaders”? Our country has always been this way folks. What gives? Is it cowardice to think about relocation? Or would you gather new groups of level-headed Americans that prefer to lead by example. Even if we are all a bunch of silly racist, we could at least behave in public. We don’t even behave as the Christians we claim to be! To see this at all causes a lump in my throat. But to see it from the black kids indicates that they too have become as savage as any other group that fails to take responsibility for themselves. One last and only significant question on race relations: Would you want it to happen to you? Ok, then. Peace. Or at least think about it first.

  • This is proof that people who don’t carry knives or guns should be paranoid, and why those who do go armed don’t need to be paranoid. The cops are never there when a crime happens. You must be able to defend yourself. If Trayvon Martin had a gun then the chances are great that he would be alive today too. Most thugs like these have no special training. They count on people being afraid of them, but when you come out shooting or cutting them they want nothing more than to get away from you. And, remember the saying, “It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six”. Think about it.

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  • Larry Barber

    Da, why would anyone say this is not a hate crime, it works both ways, hate is hate. Charge them with hate crimes.

  • Larry Barber


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