Gross. TIME Crank Defends Hilary Rosen: Says “Hilary Was Right… Her Comments Were Accurate and Inoffensive”

By: Andrea Ryan

Just when we finished scraping our jaws off the floor from Hilary Rosen’s highly offensive comments toward Ann Romney and stay-at-home mothers, another Liberal Lefty jumped into the Democrat mud pit today and defended the degrading slurs.  Judith Warner, writer for TIME, said Hilary Rosen’s comments “were accurate and inoffensive”.  What Warner considers “inoffensive comments” were that stay-at-home mothers “don’t really work” and stay-at-home mothers “don’t deal with issues on how we feed our kids, how we send them to school, or worry about their future”.

Judith Warner got half of it right.  The comments are accurate in the revelation of how the elite Left views traditional stay-at-home moms.  But, she’s, also, wrong.  It’s offensive.

Here’s an excerpt from Warner’s TIME article,

Why did Democrats feel such an urgent need to distance themselves from a comment that was 1) accurate — Romney doesn’t exactly have much in common with the 75% of women who now work for a living — and 2) frankly inoffensive?

A month ago, Terry O’Neill, the head of the Liberal Leftist group National Organization of Women, called Rush Limbaugh a “godsend” for distracting voters from the real issues in the current political climate.  It’s never about principles with the Left.  It’s about politics.  And, I’m sure, this distraction is not one they’re happy with.

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  • Peckerwood

    Read the comments by the Time’s posters. It reeks so bad of left-wing offensiveness it makes this website’s posters look like lambs.

    I hate the left.

  • Funny

    If i EVER said to my wife she dont work I wouldnt be living…. the LEFT are NUTJOBS

  • Woah

    The Donkey party really doesnt get it… THE’VE DECLARED WAR ON WOMEN……

    WATCH OUT…. its time to take back the WHITEHOUSE

  • Mama Grizzly

    This will go ON AND ON AND ON.

    Here’s why: Obama can have all these leftist women speak for him and he can promote the mime that “all women are valuable, blah blah blah” and end up smelling like a rose.

    Two messages get out there via the OBAMA-SANCTIONED AND DIRECTED campaign:

    One is that conservative women are bad, two is that Obama is an angel.

    He gets to have it both ways. And he plays on envy.

    It the BEST SENSE, who isn’t envious of the Romney’s wonderful family and life. I really admire them and I know they’d love it if everyone could have the same opportunities they’ve enjoyed.

    Not Obama. He hates them. He is actively promoting the domination of Sharia–which does NOT support women’s rights, as much as their apologists claim to the contrary.

    The LEFT hates decency. I’m really convinced of it. And I even saw them using Santorum’s nonsense on contraception and all his stuff, as they attempted to link it with Romney. What a bunch of garbage.

  • Jim

    Not surprising that other people on the left feel this way. Find someone saying or doing something offensive, you can be sure that at least 20 percent of people on the left will double down on it.

  • Dave-O

    Warner is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Pass the popcorn while we simply watch these people beclown themselves.

    (BTW, she looks like Rosen’s domestic partner)

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  • Stella Baskomb

    “accurate and inoffensive”

    Sure they are – to the leftwingnuts who are all smarter than the rest of us. No brainer.

  • kato

    Why is anyone paying attention to these cretins?

  • richard

    i never heard of this one, all the obamabots are trying to get a name

  • Winghunter

    Forensic Psychiatrist Explains the Madness of (Modern) Liberalism

  • Buffalobob

    Liberalism/progs is a mental disorder. I heard or read that somewhere. I think Plato said that. Or maybe the writings of Homer. Simpson that is.

  • HeavyDee

    Hey, maybe if Ann Romney would have been able to get a sweet gig like Moochelle did, 300K for a job that was so vital to her employer, they never filled the position when she left for DC. What was she, the Diversity coordinator?? “Hire fewer whiteys!!”….see, I just did that job for free.

  • ploome

    of course, Hillary Rosen, a lesbian, knows all about working Moms

  • Redlite

    Where I come from calling someone a b or c word is offensive.What values about common decency were these liberal idiots brought up with. Any word that is banned by the FCC should not be part of our common discourse. As a kid I remember George Carlins riff on the banned words.

    Also in my town calling someone the c word was about the most offensive thing you could say! And it was probably more offensive than the N or b word.

    What has this country come to that the Golden Rulue doesn’t apply in our interactions with others?

  • wanumba

    Oh, no no no. According to the Left playbook, a Lesbian cannot make ANY valid statement about ANY mother raising her biological children.

    She would have had to borne children and raised them in order to have an ‘authority card.’ She didn’t. Thus her opinions are worthless, sexist, bigoted and culturally insensitive against the maternal-child community.

  • Timwi

    And don’t forget- this is the same woman that dreamed of Obama having sex with her in the shower- and than wrote about it in the New York Times. This is the lady that stated that after Obama went by in a motorcade she got out and stared at the asphalt in adoration that his car had passed on. This is the same woman who has a rich daddy, and married a rich husband, and has a rich elitist life- yet wrote a couple of books on parenting. I don’t think she see’s the irony. Her husband is now an editor at Bloomberg btw.
    From the NYT:
    Judith Sharon Warner, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Joseph Warner of New York, and Max David Berley, a son of David Boris Berley of New York and Mary Flanagan Freelon of Marblehead, Mass., were married yesterday at the Unitarian Church of All Souls. The Rev. Richard Leonard officiated. The bride, a freelance writer, graduated from the Brearley School and magna cum laude from Brown University. Her father is a psychologist and her mother, Zelda Warner, is the director of admissions at the Grace Church School in Manhattan.

    Mr. Berley, a news clerk in the United Nations bureau of The New York Times, graduated from the Cours Charlemagne in Paris and Northwestern University. His father is a translator.

  • Marie

    Oh please please please keep saying this stuff,Judith and Hilary. Please keep it up.
    Geez, where do they get these people?

  • Timwi

    Current tuition at the Brearley School that our sweet little Judith attended: K–XII $36,800 – Per year!!!

  • driguana

    Who are these people? They certainly are out of touch with America!!! And in for a big surprise, I might add.