Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke to a crowd of about 300 lobbyists, lawmakers and members of the business community at the President Abraham Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center today. Governor Walker highlighted his record that allowed Wisconsin to dig itself out of a $3.6 billion deficit without increasing taxes.

The Quincy Journal has more on Scott Walker’s speech.

Governor Scott Walker leads Democrat contenders in the latest Wisconsin poll.
The Fix reported:

A new robopoll from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling shows Gov. Scott Walker (R) with a slim lead over both likely Democratic rivals in the June Wisconsin recall election. Walker leads Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett 50 percent to 45 percent and former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk 50 percent to 43 percent.



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  1. Romney would do himself a lot of service spending some time in WI over the next 6 weeks. I noticed he had WALKER signs plastered behind him during his victory speech in the primary. That was great to see, but keep it up. WI is ground zero for turning this country back from the cold dead hands of money grubbing communist public sector employee unions.

  2. you can’t poll the frequent voter.

  3. Recall elections are a joke. We have regular elections and term limits for a reason. Unless laws are being broken, or corruption can be shown, allowing a Governor to be attacked with a recall election is ridiculous. He was elected by a majority in a fair election. He should serve his term, and if the people want to elect someone else next time, then so be it….

  4. the liberals will have a serious meltdown if they lose this (which I wager they may…)
    and they’d also have another when 0bama loses….

    they’ll probably start to question why the american public is rejecting liberalism and democrats so harshly? too democrats… they truly feel they are the most enlightened people on the whole planet and too be losing major elections and recalls like this… they can’t rationalize it in their minds why that would happen if their idea’s are so superior.

    I hope they do lose badly… they lost couldn’t block scott walker’s bill…. then they tried to cheat by putting kloppenburg in power… who was obviously a union shill and wouldn’t overturn walker’s bill… and now they here they are with the recall…. which, I have a feeling will fail… if true… they will look like whiny idiots that just can’t accept an election result.

  5. this is a major battle before the 2012 election that we must win!

    support Walker with some $$


  6. What does Walker do if he loses the state senate?

    If he wins the recall but loses the senate, he will be hamstrung. They will thwart everything he attempts to do.

    Are those GOP state senators up for recall getting any help? Anybody know how those races presently stand?

  7. He has done a simply stunningly remarkable job. Those in Wisconsin are so lucky he is governor.

  8. You can’t make some of this stuff up. From a related article in National Review:

    Walker Administration: ” For the first time in twelve years, a property tax reduction in Wisconsin”

    Dems: “One of Walker’s spokespeople used to work at Hooter’s”

  9. This election is critical. If Walker loses, regardless of how, pushing back against the unions will be a lot harder for other governors. I’m glad most of our southern states are right-to-work.

    Slightly off topic, Arizona’s voter ID law was upheld (but the proof of citizenship was struck down) so that’s good, but it’ll now be up to the DMV not to give out IDs to illegals.

  10. Please God let this man win his election again! The people HAVE to sit up and notice. They HAVE to be aware of the Union sponsored thug tactics used to force a recall; the lies that were perpetrated, the outside union mobs that were bused in, and finally the harm it would do to the state if he is not elected again. I think it’s a sham and a crime that he even has to do this, but please let it happen and make the Wisconsin Democrats and Union goons all over the country eat their words and deeds!!
    Walker was elected fairly by people who wanted to see REAL change, and they have. Now let those people stand up for him and do it again!

  11. I want the liberals to spend lots and lots of money on this……..and lose. That’s what happened in Arkansas when they tried to block Blanche Lincoln. $10,000,000. down the toilet. Eventually the Union rank and file will be angry about how their dues are being wasted.

  12. I have to wonder just how much money labor unions have thrown at this election campaign over the past year or so. The amount must be staggering.

    I would love nothing better than to see Walker win in a landslide, just to see the labor unions go up in flames. It might actually restore a little confidence in our political system. If Walker loses, it means that our republic has been so corroded by corruption that we’re probably finished as a nation and it’s time to start learning Russian.

  13. walker all the way….i will not pay for your union pensions and increase in wages….if you don’t like it get a non union job and see what it’s like….I just wish walker would make this a right to work state then we can get rid of all unions for good…useless thugs

  14. Did you know that we are still paying 100% of the public employee’s pension even after Act 10? Walker’s got to stop this madness!

  15. I had the pleasure of traveling outside of Dane County recently and it was thrilling to see huge “I Stand With Scott Walker” signs replacing the stupid group-think recall bumper stickers here in the workers’ paradise. I’m hoping and praying that every thinking person in the state comes out to support this man in June – please keep us in your prayers! The real ideological battle is bigger than this little skirmish, and our state, and our country, and our future are on the line.

  16. It would behoove our side to take REAL GOOD NOTES on how the left has conducted itself throughout this whole sham of an election. If it works locally, it will be tried nationally. These are devout socialists and communists with a propaganda ministry. Internal polling must be real bad, but these fools are going for it anyway. There’s are lot of money and a lot of stagehands.

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