Chris and Dana Loesch in Madison, Wisconsin at a rally for Governor Scott Walker this month.

A couple of weeks ago Chris Loesch told me that he was under attack on Twitter because of his attempts to defend his wife, conservative radio host, Breitbart co-editor, and CNN contributor Dana Loesch. Naturally, Chris was upset about this. The leftist mob was targeting him just for sticking up for Dana. Well last night Chris’s Twitter account was suspended.
His wife Dana Loesch wrote about the suspension last night. reported:

Earlier this evening my husband, Chris Loesch, had his Twitter account suspended. There have been stories going around of conservatives getting suspended from Twitter over innocuous things while accounts like @KillZimmerman (an account which threatened to kill George Zimmerman) and other such accounts were left active for weeks. After a user remarked about me being raped and murdered, Chris and others defended me.

I’m used to it, it’s part of the territory of doing what I do, enduring hate like this daily. Unfortunately, some progressives disliked that Chris pushed back against it as well. His account was suspended, yet this individual’s account, and the account of those who say far worse to me and others, are left alone.

Late last night Twitter reinstated his account, but then it was pulled down again just an hour later. Far left trolls had coordinated an attack to silence Chris so that they could continue their vile attacks on his wife.

It looks like his account was back up late this morning. Chris is once again free to tweet.

This afternoon I reached out to Chris and he sent me this update:

Twitter just contacted me to say I am back up but it may have affected my follower count for a while… They also state they are aware of the problem and are monitoring my account to stay a step ahead.

I really appreciate your help and everyone’s help on it. It makes me feel better about anything really serious happening to us. God Forbid. LOL

Congrats to Twitchy and Breitbart for the quick response on this.




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  1. If you think abusing the spam flag on twitter is going to shut us up #YouMightBeALiberal #WAR

  2. Demo-turds suck…union thugs suck…leave the country and go live in china see how that Marxism works for you a$$holes

  3. yeah Chris only has two followers and 90 people following his tweets.
    Don’t know what the numbers were before this happened.

  4. Liberals resort to the quality of deep cunning when they are faced with loss. We can expect more of this

  5. The difference between conservatives and liberals in plain sight. We let them rave on, they do everything they can to prevent us from ‘talking’.

    I can’t believe the hate that radiates constantly from the left. These people are constantly in an agitated state. I admit though that there is a large chunk of liberal land that does not spew hate, merely shows confusion and/or makes outrageous claims while saying any made up lie about conservatives – kind of laid back hate.

  6. I like what I see happening.

    Liberals are showing thier true

    Disgusting nature

  7. Why doesn’t somebody start a conservative/free speech version of Twitter? Do that & take a big chunk of their business away. Maybe allow more than 140 characters, too.

  8. This is what they are trained to do at

  9. Leftie thugs and vandals. Typical.

  10. Stop tweeting. Start beating.

  11. lol@#12

  12. “Why doesn’t somebody start a conservative/free speech version of Twitter? ”

    Pleaaaaase do this, take all your retarded, brainless outrage and do it. Make it just as useful as conservapedia.

  13. Please don’t associate this douchebag with warriors, marxism, or any other ism unless it’s jism. He reeks of it.

  14. Libturds have been practicing this for years with voter fraud…I know it’s shocking, but that’s why they want people to vote without ID.

  15. ++

    okay, let me try this vs posting endless links proving
    what Obama & the powers that be are doing to US..



    etc. & vise verse..


  16. This news worth reporting?
    I appreciate the effort of “defending” his wife but is it really newsworthy that your twitter page is interrupted?
    Sounds like my teenager be frustrated if there’s no cell service.
    If you get cut off from twitter find a Real Communication Outlet, Write an oped, call into your wife’s radio show (that no one listens to).
    p.s. Yes I am a hardcore right wing, gun toting son-of a baptist. just not a fan of Whining Dana. too many other more talented female conservatives to read or listen to.

  17. It sounds like prevere is one of those other females upset at the lack of coverage.

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