FOX News Threatens Lawsuit Against Former Employee Mole Joe Muto

Disgruntled mole faces lawsuit.

Joe Muto, an associate producer for The O’Reilly Factor, was fired this week after he illegally leaked information stolen from FOX News to Gawker. Now Muto is facing a lawsuit.

FOX News threatened legal action against the former employee and mole who illegally obtained and distributed information while employed at FOX. The mole was fired this week.
Yahoo reported:

The legal team representing Fox Newswhich already threatened legal action against Gawker Media over their employment of Joe Muto, a “Fox News mole”says the now-former Fox employee committed a crime and will pursue a case against him, too.

In a letter sent to Muto on Thursday and obtained by Yahoo News, the New York-based law firm Epstein Becker & Green P.C. advised Muto “that your admissions are admissions of likely criminal and civil wrongdoing on both your and Gawker’s part, which will be the subject of further extensive investigation.”

More from the letter:

You should immediately stop providing information and videos to Gawker that you unlawfully obtained while employed at Fox News, and return them to Fox News. You should immediately stop writing columns based on information that you unlawfully obtained while employed at Fox News.

Fox Newswhich terminated Muto, an associate producer for Bill O’Reilly’s prime time show, on Thursdaydeclined further comment. “It’s now in the hands of our lawyers and law enforcement given that a crime has been committed,” a Fox News spokeswoman told Yahoo News.

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  • forest

    This idiot and Gawker are probably in some big trouble here. FNC’s product is information, videos, stories, and that’s what this guy was in there stealing – on behalf of another media organization. The lawyers must be licking their chops.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Fox will promise not to seek prosecution or pay him off in exchange for not spilling the beans. It’s called blackmail.

  • JR

    This idiot can now join the ranks of the blogger contributors to the Puffington Host. I hear those guys make gazillions of dollars spewing their leftist hatred – he won’t miss this lucrative job with Fox even one bit.

  • Stan25

    He won’t go to Huffpo. He has a ticket straight to the very top position at Media Matters.

  • picturerock

    Good. Make them know that this behavior has consequences. It will deter those who might consider something similar in future. I wonder if Gawker will help with this guy’s legal bills, or whether they will allow him to twist in the wind?

  • stonedome

    just another willing marxist comrade in service to the cause

  • You Cowards

    It’s pathetic to see how many of you are cowardly. This is someone who’s willing to speak about the darker side of media and the puppet masters trying to shape the way that YOU think. Someone is willing to stand up and tell the truth about something and you condemn him? Casting rocks as though he were some villain or Judas. You loudly shout down someone who is doing something, that quite obviously, you lack the courage and constitution to do yourself. You place your own ignorance and self service above principle.
    And for that, you are a worse person.

  • JG

    #7 “…the darker side of media”

    Yea, right.

    I won’t even waste time listing the many successful efforts by O’Reilly that have benefited those that your ilk pretend to defend. If you don’t get it now, you never will.

  • Reaganite Republican

    Serves him right

  • Joe

    You Cowards, just shut-up! Fox News is a business and this mole was a spy, sent in specifically to spy, idiot. So what you’re saying is that a competitor of a company can send in a spy to try to steal company secrets? That’s alright with you? That’s what this jerk was paid to do. It’s only because it’s Fox News (which we know all libs hate) that you are pissed. And that he was caught. Try to shame us after all the filth your side does every day? Go peddle your crap somewhere else, stupid.

  • Fuquay Steve

    He was producer for O’Reilly – is anyone really surprised? Come on, it was quite predictable, don’t you think?

  • You Cowards

    I have no ilk. I do not follow politics as you’re all spoiled and whiny children. I am not a christian, I have no agenda. All of these things allow me to see so much clearer than the majority of you that can no longer think for themselves and rely on others to form their opinions for them. I get it very well, you see political parties, you see that the world is wrong but take no responsibility and choose to cast blame and fear at others. You see your own fears and motives hidden in every other face that disagrees with you or reinforces your ignorant views.

    I see people.

  • USMCdaughter1

    #12 – Your superiority astounds even the most cretin amongst us /sarc. Get over yourself. Stealing is WRONG but then, the Left thinks everything belongs to them anyway, regardless of who earned it.

  • Fuquay Steve

    #12 – I think you do have some ilk – it’s also called skid marks and it is all over you face.

  • Larkin

    Uh, excuse me.

    He’s a lib. I’m pretty sure that they’re allowed to pull this kind of crap.

    I read it somewhere. ..or rather, didn’t.

  • You Cowards

    Yes, because I encourage people to speak out when they see wrong, I must be with a political party and hold a hidden agenda to push my way of life on others, right?

    Look at you.

    You people are so jaded, so miserable with discontent and venemous hatred against “Boogey Men” that you are no longer even able to recognize that someone has something to say, and they’re saying it because it needs to be done and no one else is.

    You mind is so locked and forced fed that you cannot even see past these convenient labels that they’ve handed you along with the collars.

    You’re not a democrat, or a republican or liberal or christian.

    You’re just sad people.

  • Warthog

    @You Cowards
    Since Joe Muto probably signed a non-disclosure agreement to get on staff at FOX news, that means he has broken his contract. As he is giving information to a rival news organization, that may constitute theft of intellectual property.

    Please defend Joe’s oath breaking and thievery.

    As for FOX new’s “darker side of media and the puppet masters trying to shape the way that YOU think,” please point to ONE instance where FOX news has done something as egrigous as NBC’s editing of the Zimmerman 911 call.

    I’m betting you can’t.

    Now, fetch your f’n shine-box.

  • Charlie

    You Cowards, yeah that’s exactly what you guys said about Bradley Manning. And then he released stuff about the Obama administration and vois la… he completely disappeared. To you, this guy is only speaking “the truth” because he’s currently talking about FOX. When he or another speaks about other news media… bak cah, bak cah! It’s the same old same old. Not fooling anyone here.

  • JG

    #16 “I see people” – “You people” – “You” – over and over again.

    I envy your ability to know “us” – without even knowing “us”. Dang, how do you do that !?

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