Figures. Obama Speaks to Women – Jokes About Dry Cleaning (Video)

Yuk-Yuk... Barack Obama spoke to a special women’s forum today in Washington DC.
He joked with them about dry cleaning.
No kidding.

Real Clear Politics has the transcript.

Obama also touted that women will have greater access to preventive care like “domestic violence screening” and, of course, “contraception at no additional cost.”

“Over one million more women are insured because they can now stay on their parents’ plan. Later this year, women will receive new access to recommended preventive care, like domestic violence screening and contraception at no additional cost,” Obama said to the forum on women and the economy.

“And Soon insurance companies will no longer be able to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions like breast cancer or charge women more just because they’re women.

Obama attempted to tie women being charged more money “just because they’re women” to dry cleaning.

“We don’t know — we haven’t gotten on the dry cleaning thing yet. I mean, I know that is still, that is still frustrating. I’m sure,” Obama said to tepid laughter.

So, now women are “victims” of the dry cleaning industry, too?  In Obama’s world, 99% of us are helpless victims of our free market, living at the mercy of the evil 1%.  Not surprising coming from the King of Victims, himself.   But, have no fear…Obama is, now, going to have behemoth government swoop in and socialize the evil dry cleaning industry.  Because, in Obama’s Marxist world, consumers don’t control the free market…Obama does.

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  • Patty

    Eva Longoria Talks Politics, Pepsi and the End of an Era With Desperate Housewives’ Series Finale

    Says she will be campaigning for Obama, I wanted to Barf!!

    Obama is one of the ugliest men in America. And if his precisely because you can see right though his lies and hate. His personality of catering to the liberal ladies for his Political advantages and liberal women love a song and dance man. LOL!

    Obama’s campaign, as much as I hate to say it, if planned they turned the contraception thing into a winner because Liberal women don’t think much with their mind but with their inner girl.

    He has the Charisma of a Snake!

  • Patty
  • Patty

    ‘Conservative women to White House: You don’t speak for us’

    For the third year in a row, the White House will host a conference to highlight women’s issues — and to tout all that this administration has supposedly done to advance the welfare of women in society:

    The White House Council on Women and Girls is hosting the White House Forum on Women and the Economy where business leaders, education leaders, and Cabinet secretaries will discuss a gamut of issues from healthcare to workplace flexibility to help for small businesses run by women. President Obama will address the diverse group of participants when he gives the keynote remarks in the morning session.

    There will also be breakout sessions where there will be further discussions on ways to help women’s lives better through economic and social policy. Several Cabinet secretaries, like Attorney General Eric Holder and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will lead panel discussions.

    The White House will also be releasing a 55-page report on all the ways various departments and agencies have implemented policies to benefit women. Some examples of those initiatives are focusing on equal pay for women, affordable college education, tax cuts that benefit women, and healthcare policies, like the recent controversial coverage of contraceptives.

    Conservative women see through the ruse. For weeks, the administration has reduced issues of concern to women to just one — the question of whether insurers will be made to cover the costs of women’s contraception. What the White House is, perhaps, belatedly realizing is that women care about more than just birth control. As the nation’s fastest-growing segment of small-business owners, they care about the business climate created by tax and regulatory policy. As moms who fill the gas tank to drive their kids to school, they care about energy prices and education policy. As single young women saving for their futures, they care about the coming implosion of entitlement programs. Women’s political “issues,” in other words, are really not very different from men’s “issues” — even though women themselves are different than men. At the same time that the president insists that women should be members at Augusta, he plays identity politics in a way that marginalizes the women he reduces to gender alone.

    Smart Girl Politics co-founder Teri Christoph says it like this: “Women are tired of the political manipulation of this White House. We know when we are being pandered and played to, and we will no longer allow this discussion to focus on the concerns of a small segment of the women in this country. Women are far more concerned with the lack of action from this Administration and a do-nothing Congress when it comes to jobs, rising energy prices, and our national security.”

    SGP yesterday released a video to tell the White House: You don’t speak for us. Refreshing to know I’m not the only one who feels that way. Who speaks for me? I do.

  • driguana

    This man is truly despicable and America needs to wake up fast…..especially the women in this country. I can guarantee you that not one woman around me in my family or work environment supports him or believes one word of his puffery gibberish. Remember the phrase “Bush Lies Peole Die”, well here’s one for the times…”Obama Lies People Cry”!

  • Patty

    Maybe he should be talking about Hair dressers vs. Barbers.

    That is costly for women too. SERIOUSLY, WHAT ARROGANCE. WE HAVE so many, serious problems, talk about billions wasted on green energy, obama.

    Now, the government is pushing more loans for green companies. DEAR GOD in Heaven.

    This man is in denial and he is destroying this nation and we are nearing a 16 trillion dollar national debt. And thanks to Obama he has spend nearly 5 trillion on waste.

    Gun control is coming, Gas prices, Homeless, Food costs, a tank that holds 12 gallons of gas for example is now 50 dollars to fill. It is killing the middle classes and obama makes funnies with the Ladies.

  • S. Wolf

    Dry cleaning? Is Hussein referring to Monica’s blue dress?

  • Befuddled

    Basically the same Oprah watchers who voted for Obama in 2008 will vote for him again in 2012. Obama can club to death every PETA member on the Ellen show ,and still, the women will vote for him. Nothing has changed.

  • stuart

    So dry cleaning prices are now the feminist cause du jour? I thought it was still that toilet seat up or down thing. Forgive me, I am so behind the times.

  • Patty

    OT more idiocy coming from democrats

    Durbin Says We Must Buy Hybrid Cars Because Of Tornadoes: “It’s Your Money Or Your Life”

    Sen. Dick Durbin reacts to the tornadoes in Dallas, Texas earlier this week. Durbin calls for more laws regulating carbon output while he sends a dire warning that we must convert to hybrid cars or lose our life. Durbin says we must spend money now to fix the problem.

    “It’s your money or your life,” he said a press conference. “We are either going to dedicate ourselves to a cleaner, more livable planet and accept the initial investment necessary or we’re going to pay a heavier price in terms of loss of human life, damage and costs associated with it.”

  • Winston Wolfe

    There is nothing – nothing – more unfunny than some humorless boor trying to crack wise.

  • Redwine

    Patty (#3) – Thanks for posting this.

    We really need GOP leaders and the candidates to immediately speak up on these talking points.

  • Sally

    Mr. Obama is so far dis-connected from average people there are no words.

    Dry cleaning? Are you kidding?

    “Regular people” out here wash and iron their own clothes. They buy clothes that are washable (or keep wearing the ones they have had for decades). They might use a dry cleaner yearly for the winter coat (if then).

    I wouldn’t expect him to know anything about a washing machine, hand washing or ironing, however.

    Maybe this is another brilliant strategy to cripple the working men and women who do wear suits. Perhaps it is a swipe at the dry cleaning businesses themselves. Who knows!

    So many opportunites to control and so little time!!

  • democraps suck

    Like I said yesterday when the mooslum talked about Augusta allowing women in…the POS is pandering to women voters now…makes me want to puke every time I hear his lame a$$ talk

  • Sally

    Patty (# 9)-

    WOW. Did Mr Durbin slip and let out some inside info??

  • Nanna

    He was worried about his new sequined dress and matching heels not getting the proper care!

  • obfuscatenot

    Oh please Mr. President solve high drycleaning prices for us, and let women play golf at Augusta- that will fix the economy you’ve ruined by spending our Nation into oblivion. Idiots.
    I wonder how many women Oprah had to fire the other day? Maybe they could get a job in a drycleaners?

  • Texas_Treeroach

    . . . Dry Cleaning? Really??
    Looks like another “tire pressure” moment for the Knuckle-Head-in-Chief.

    Suggestion for Obama: Leave the humor to the your VP. He’s the best clown under the Big Top!

  • lizzy84

    blah blah blah..fake war on women

    blah blah blah..fake war on young black men

    blah blah blah..war on our institutions..class warfare..blame Bush..blame Ryan..blame dry cleaners.

    He’s a crass, little desperate man and not fooling anyone, least of all women.

    And..he MUST be defeated!

  • Patty


    That’s funny!!

  • Patty

    #19 there I go again, misspelling, sorry