Dem Activist Defends Hilary Rosen: She “Had Every Right” to Attack Ann Romney (Video)

Democrat activist Julie Roginsky defended Hilary Rosen today on FOX News saying she “had every right” to attack Ann Romney as a stay at home mother.

Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor and suffers from MS.

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  • greenfairie

    Digging themselves deeper, I see.

  • bg


    ht Gini via previous post..

    [*Since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, she has been an
    active Board Member of the New England Chapter of the MS Society. She
    has been a leading fundraiser for advocacy and research for MS.

    * Governor’s Liaison to the White House Office
    of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

    * United Way of Massachusetts Bay supporter

    * Initiator, Co-Chair and Member of the Faith
    and Action Committee serving at-risk youth

    * United Way Board Member

    * United Way Executive Committee

    * United Way Community Impact Committee

    * Involved with the international program Right to Play

    * Volunteers time and leadership to equine therapy
    programs to physically disadvantaged children

    * Volunteers for the annual Scholastic Reading event

    * Volunteers for Partners for Youth with Disabilities

    * Volunteers for the American Red Cross

    * Volunteers for the Perkins School for the Blind

    * Was a Board Member for the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund

    * Received the 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award from Operation Kids

    * Director of Best Friends addressing needs of inner-city girls

    * Volunteer instructor at Mother Caroline Academy

    * Board Member of Families First

    * Served on the Women’s Cancer Advisory
    Board of Massachusetts General Hospital

    * Earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University]


  • Gini

    Every right to attack – of course she has the ‘right’ to attack. Is it intelligent? No. Is it justified? No? But that is of no matter. I think is was one of the more unintelligent moves by the dems and that’s saying alot.

  • MJ

    Democrats HATE mothers.
    I just wrote about it.
    THAT is the attack.
    THEY are the ones that hate women!

  • Gini

    Thanks bg for the compliment.

  • dunce

    She works for CNN which is a major part of the democrat propaganda organization, attacking republicans is what she is paid to do, but she is not prostituting her journalistic principles because she would tell a lie on credit even if she was not getting paid for it.

  • Patty

    It is very true that the comments of women like Rosen have set off a firestorm. It is not a liberal, conservative, republican or democrat matter.

    In the past 15 to 20 years more women went into the workforce. Some with masters and some without. Varying reasons for the explosion. Recent years the trend is leveling off.

    The conundrum for the family unit is economy. Whether the family is willing to make sacrifices and both parents discuss all the scenarios.

    Father may stay at home and that is not being discussed. The mother may have a job that pays more, so there is on scenario. Some mothers want to go back to work because the work better at home by being away for a few hours.

    Now, there because of the economy and this administration failure to do something solid and beneficial for America, both parents work.

    Children are shuffle off to grandma’s house, child care or where ever. Some adjust and some have a tough time. It may not show until years later. As long as there are loving parents a child will adjust and flourish.

    Then there are the children who grow up in a home where they feel ignored and then they are awaken and shuffled to a day care or where ever. No matter what we do as mothers or fathers we feel guilty for leaving are children behind. So, if you chose to work or not, I would hope that before preschool mothers could stay during these formative years at home. In my opinion this gives the parent and child time to discuss and learn together and the rewards later will be a more solid foundation for the child.

    Raising children wasn’t difficult for me as I did stay at home and I actually taught my children a great deal before preschool. They are no thriving and when I ask them how they like there time with me they just loved it.

    I also believe this will make fewer bullies, more productive in class and wonderful adults.

  • Kate

    And who is taking care of the kids while their mothers work outside the home? You leave your children with women you have such contempt for?

    Keep it up Democrats. There are more stay at home mothers than you think. They are aware and they vote.

  • Patty

    They are now, thriving ….. correction.

  • Wisconsin

    Has BHO’s ever been gainfully employed? His list of accomplishes or voluntary organization listed? This is a good “wage the dogs tail”? BUT still keeps the public on an issue most can relate to instead of the real problems at hand.

    I have felt this country sliding backwards since BHO’s appearance, especially on social issues. Anyone else feel that way?

    My two cents……….A stay-at-home parent is the greatest community organizer!!

  • Patty

    I believe we are messing up their youth. It seems the kids are growing up to fast. Times have changed and both parents working is not the best thing for a child. If you want kids you need to be there. Again, if only during their formative years because we truly have problems with some kids today.

    You must understand that children need you, they love their parents instruction. We have to make sacrifices and it may be the Dad or the Mother staying home but that is my opinion.

    Less crime, fewer bullies, less acting out in classroom and a all around more attentive person. I am proud of that.

  • GGMac

    This is great…Rush just said: “If I had a daughter, she’d look like Ann Romney”


  • Patty

    #12 April 13, 2012 at 12:16 pm
    GGMac commented:

    This is great…Rush just said: “If I had a daughter, she’d look like Ann Romney”

    😆 don’t you just love this guy?

  • Patty

    Ann Romney could have gone on disability. She has MS and had Breast cancer. Who really cares what an airhead says about Ann Romney. And is so good and I don’t believe she has been hurt one bit.

    What does hurt all of us is when these people speak a whole lot of evil jumps out. They don’t think before they speak.

    But Rosen is feeling guilty about her own personal life. There are some serious mental and emotional problems there. It is my opinion.

  • democraps suck

    Julie Roginsky ……………just another marxist slut

  • Mad Hatter

    I wonder if Hilary Rosen and Julie Roginsky are going to start saying the same thing about the lazy, never been married, welfare mamma’s with five kids like they said about Ann Romney?

    Oh wait, I forgot. The can’t p*ss off their voting base.

  • Mad Hatter

    They can’t* Typo

  • Patty

    Where I feel that we all could benefit. From less Crime to a growing economy is putting our money on Education. Great moral values and the future for a growing economy is our KIDS.

    I don’t believe things are working so well for anyone these days if our kids are denied at least one parent at home during from birth until at least school age.

    Many of our nations problems would be eliminated and if it took assistance, I am for it. We must not fail our children. The future is counting on them.

  • tim

    “Ann Romney is a breast cancer survivor and suffers from MS.”

    What does that have to do with it? It’s if she, or other stay at home moms, that weren’t breast cancer survivors and suffer from MS, somehow they would fair game to criticize as not having ever worked a day in their lives??

    The argument, as ridiculous and insulting to the intended targets as it is, doesn’t need a defense involving illnesses or the like. Stay at home Moms work hard period, full stop.

    Don’t play into the premise with a weak defense.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    I LOVE ANN ROMNEY! GO ANN! And good job with raising 5 sons…