This fool stood next to the Madison tea party rally today and just screamed nonsense. It was really weird. But, then again if you’ve been around a lot of far left protesters, this really is nothing new.

Nuts is nuts.



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  1. Reeeeeee Colaaaaaaaaa [Ricola]

  2. Just given a real whack job his 20 seconds of time and I refuse to waste my energy typing on any further on this topic.

  3. I refuse to be near any left wing whackos..including the ones in my family..its just too damn hard to keep from smacking the sh*t out of them.

    And just like refusing to be fondled by the TSA..I dont want to be arrested for crimes of battery.

  4. This comes down to the crux of the matter. The liberals fundamentally believe their right of free speech includes the right to deny another their right to free speech.

    “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views. ” W. Buckley Jr.

  5. Well, at least he cleaned up a little for the occasion. Maybe we are making progess.

    Someone needs to put a pointing sign behind him that says DEM.

  6. Better yet…………….make the sign say ‘one DEMOCRAT in the middle of a Tea Party’.

    Then take the clip and run it as an ad on TV.

  7. Been smokin’ tumbleweed?

  8. Caaaaaaaaallll Fooooooooor Phiiiiilipppp Moooooorrrriss!!
    Nostalgic delivery from a whack-job (not much else).

  9. Diagnosis? Union teacher.

  10. wow, he looks halfway sane compared to this guy….
    call the padded truck!

  11. Must be a high-end movie producer or screenwriter.

  12. maybe he was upset after he learned 0bama isn’t going to pay his bills
    and he can’t force anyone else to pay his bills for him… buy him a car, or a house…

    ….so now for the next 40 yrs he has to continue to live in his parents basement. *lol*

  13. that guy makes as much as obama.

  14. the punisher…with a name like that i’m betting he’s a charter member of the peace movement.

  15. that guy makes as much sense as obama.

  16. For anyone who is old enough to remember….CALL FOR PHILIP MOOOOORRAAAAAASSSSSSS
    cough cough!!! lol

  17. I bet the TEA Party gathering was crime free and they left the place cleaner than when they found it. . .

  18. OT

    Lying Badly: Axelrod Tips CNN’s Suicide Pact with White House

    John King started asking Axelrod uncomfortable questions about Rosen, who is in public relations and communications with former White House communications director and Mao fan Anita Dunn, and Axelrod pointed out to King that it would be improper for a news organization such as CNN’s to have as a paid regular guest anyone who had the sort of ties to the White House that King seemed to be imputing. It was really a very revelatory moment, because it demonstrated the First Rule of Lefty Media Collusion while at the same time relaying a not-very-veiled Chicago thug-style threat to King and his network. I have to say that I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. What Axelrod is saying, in effect, is that the White House and CNN are in a suicide pact, and that King had better not forget it. Axelrod’s veiled threat was so off the charts that King wasn’t able immediately to absorb it.

    please read more, rather lengthy.

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