CNN Host Gasps in Horror After Student Refuses to Say She’ll Vote for Obama (Video)

The Horror!
CNN Host gasps after a student who took infamous bar picture with Obama refused to say whether or not she’ll vote for him in 2012.
Via Breitbart TV:

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  • Multitude

    Hey, you ungrateful little wench! Don’t you know what that man has done for you? No, not the 50% unemployment for college graduates. No, not the trillions in new debt you’re going to have to pay for. No, not the devastating unemployment for high school kids. No, not a dramatically reduced respect for the U.S. in the world.

    Obama’s giving you free contraceptives so you’re not stuck with a baby when the guys use you for sex. Just think, if you’re lucky, you could bed a Secret Service man, or even a former Democratic presidential candidate like John Edwards! Can’t you see why all the women love Obama? Now get out there and vote for him!

  • PJ

    Slow news day?

  • bear

    To you commie news readers, faux journalists, ignorant and stupid lefties, and committed anti-Americans out there (whoops! redundancy alert!!), “you can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.”

    Your instantaneous, sincere and COMPLETE shock at a less than religious response to the obamster speaks volumes for how much you value objectivity, let alone simple facts and the truth. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed…….as well as BUSTED!!


  • Jeff

    Wow. I did not know there are smart students in colleges….hehehehehe!

  • The problem with these “news” personal is simple. They think that picking a leader is as easy as picking your nose, however with this upcoming election it can also be considered gross. Look who’s running. So I am actually glad we have a thinking college student who will actually take the time to make this all out important decsion. However if she refuses to vote for Obama she will NEVER get a job when college is over.

  • Dave

    It seemed to me the “gasp” was a little tongue in cheek but kudos for the student for keeping her voting choice to herself.

  • anti-bho

    I don’t blame school age kids as much as those teaching them how and what to think.

    Exclusive – Indoctrination 101: Teaching Chicago Students to Protest

  • Jackson

    Vote out the atheistic Marxist as soon as possible, or end up like China during the Great Leap Forward, under Mao Tse Tung. Pray, pray and pray some more, for God’s mercy on this nation and for this nation to stop propogating its evil atheistic secularist culture of death throughout the whole world.

  • sandy

    Something tells me its not considered cool in colleges to vote for Obama this time around.

  • bg



    Dr. Jasser discusses the implications upon our foreign policy of the
    exploitation of Bin Laden’s death for political purposes rather than
    for unifying the US and laying out a strategy against radical Islamism.

    ht AIFD

    April 27, 2012

    Re: The Real War on Women

    [Honor killings are at the heart of the real war on women, as Lee Habeeb
    critically reminds us. But they are not a problem only in Turkey, Pakistan,
    and other Muslim-majority countries. The practice is emerging here in the
    U.S., though you won’t find any mention of it in the Violence Against
    Women Act that passed the Senate on Thursday.

    Over the last couple of years, American cases of violence against women
    in order to preserve the honor of a woman’s family have been reported
    in the media and by human-rights groups, but no police records are kept
    nationwide on these crimes. Congressman Frank Wolf (R., Va.), chairman
    of the House commerce-justice-science appropriations subcommittee and
    a dedicated human-rights champion, thinks it’s important to know more
    about the extent of the “honor” violence occurring here. He has initiated
    legislation directed to finding out and, tellingly, he has done so outside
    the politically correct VAWA.]


  • bg


    “celebrity dude”


  • mg4us

    The CNN host was shocked because she thought the girl knew Obama has a BIG STICK. . . After all, that is what Biden said. . .

    I think she heard Biden say BIG STINK. . . stiNk not stiCk. . that is why she talked about Obama’s smell. BO. . phew. .

    “Hey I though Biden said he has a BIG STINK!! because every thing Obama touches turns to $$$#!T. . . ” was what she was thinking & wanted to say. . .

    Didn’t Obama want a new way to exhort more taxes called “Crap & Trade”? Why trade crap in the first place. . . ain’t is messy. . a real $#!tty proposition I might add. . .especially from this radical fool. . .

    And when CNN host asked about what did Obama say, she told her that Obama didn’t say much . . . because there were no teleprompters set up for him to read from. . . he would sound like an idiot if he spoke without reading from a telepromter.

    Actually, the real reason the CNN hosts were flabbergasted is that this gal said she supports the new declaration of independence . . . independence from Barack & government control of everything!

  • tommy mc donnell

    if CNN knew that girl wasn’t an obama voter she never would’ve been on that show.

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  • Annoyed In Illinois

    There are millions of young Whites who don’t want to let on that they screwed up royally in 2008 and will NOT repeat their mistake in six months. Meanwhile, it’s fun to see the CNN hyper-libs not get their expected 100% endorsement of Odumbo from this sector of the electorate.

    To paraphrase Eastwood in ‘Gran Torino’, come November, “It’s gonna get f***ing ugly around here” for the uber-lefties and their blow-boys in the media.

  • Practical Jane

    So despite the media meme the “cool factor” didn’t translate to a vote. Good for the girl.


    Annoyed – so what is the white lib adults excuse that voted for him in 2008 that are already sporting their Obama 2012 campaign stickers all over their Priuses? Are the youth actually smarter that the adults? Maybe they remember their history better than the old commie farts.
    Or perhaps they see any chance of a good future with this the idiot-in-chief destroying this country with debt.

  • dnb

    Rude of CNN to even ask the question and put the girl on the spot. They should know that a voter’s vote is supposed to be secret. That’s why the voting box is enclosed. Right back to Civics 101 for CNN.

    And it’s lovely to see a well-spoken college student. Hope the Obama team isn’t looking into her background already.

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  • James

    Maybe because obama is the worst president in american history.

  • democraps suck

    If the government educated idiot voted for the turd the first time it will vote for the turd again

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  • oldguy

    Go ahead, vote for Obama again. I dare you! See what happens to you. For one thing you will have to live with, and put up with your parents for the rest of their lives, if not yours.

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