A man dressed in a burka (burqa) held up a Philadelphia bank this month.
It was the fifth burka bank robbery since December 2011.

CBS Philly reported, via ROP:

Philadelphia police are searching for a male suspect who robbed a bank while fully clothed in Muslim garb.

The robbery happened at about 11 a.m. on April 13th at the Wells Fargo Bank branch located in the 700 block of Adams Avenue.

According to investigators, the suspect, wearing Muslim garb, entered the bank and presented a threatening demand note to a teller.

After getting an undisclosed amount of cash, the suspect ran out of the bank and fled north on Tabor Road.

The suspect is described as a black male, mid to late 20’s with a medium build and wearing Muslim garb.

More… This is not the first time we’ve seen this – In 2008 Three Philly burka-clad thugs shot a cop after robbing a bank.




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  1. Great disguise! Can’t wait ’til all the women here are forced to wear those things. Then perverts (and other criminals) can “wander” into any locker room or bathroom they choose.

    It’s easy to figure out why pedophilia is a staple of islam………they want to see what they’re getting before age requires the bhurka.

  2. This is an occupier or group of occupiers.

    They’re taking a page from the Weather Underground and rather than murdering bank guards they’re hiding behind Islam, literally.

    They know that banks are helpless and any bank that says “no burka” would be surrounded with useful idiots in a matter of minutes!

    The next thing we’re about to see is actual Mumbai style terrorist attacks on American business headquarters and business owners themselves.

    Their modus operandi is murder and their warning to detractors will be actual beheadings.

    Make no mistake, Bill Ayers inspired this and he has never stopped being “at war” with America, he’s simply employing stupid children to do his dirty work now.

  3. Throw Korans at the burka-bandit next time. That’ll show ‘em!

  4. Amen, Missy! Dark times ahead. :(

  5. Maybe we should thank them for making the case for outlawing “Muslim garb.”

  6. It happens in England too. The solution is easy. If muslims want to wear a burka in a bank, then you do not get to go in…bank online.

  7. The customer stands there like a dummy, with his hands in his pockets. If he was a responsible citizen, burka-boy’s brains should have been all over the floor.

  8. “The suspect is described as a black male, mid to late 20’s with a medium build and wearing Muslim garb.”

    I’ve got a feeling he’s not wearing that ‘Muslim garb’ anymore.

    Can someone relay ths tip to the Philadelphia police?

  9. Question: Did the robber look like Obama’s son?

    Just “axing”………………….


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