On Tuesday at a mosque memorial service Kassim Alhimidi appealed to the local community to help find his wife’s killer. The family told reporters yesterday the mysterious killer snuck through the garden and into the back door and murdered Shaima Alawadi in a hate crime,

“The first hit her on her forehead then on her right ear. The third strike was on the back of her head. This was followed by five fast and consecutive strikes on her head and shoulders.”

And, then the killer, according to the family, left a threatening racist note at the scene of the crime.

Appeal: Kassim Alhimidi (right) speaks during a memorial service for his murdered wife Shaima Alawadi at the Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib Center in Lakeside, California, yesterday. He is flanked by his son Mohammed Alhimidi (Daily Mail)

Local authorities investigating the crime said it was an isolated incident.

Now there’s this…
The neighbors of the Alhimidi family told reporters after the initial incident that the sliding glass window was busted from INSIDE the house. The video even shows the glass strewn about on the patio outside of the back sliding door.
(Starting around the 1:20 mark)

Hat Tip Mara

Here’s one shot of the broken sliding glass window from the video.

Authorities are still investigating the murder.



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  1. There was a case last summer in the city near mine. A Muslim man was shot in a van. First reports were that it might be a robbery and local Muslims said it was probably a hate crime and should be investigated as a hate crime.

    Later it turned out the Muslim wife had set up the man to be murdered in a hit.

    But many were saying it might a be a hate crime…once again there is something to this case that might turn out that it was NOT a hate crime, but a family murder.

  2. If Kassim Alhimidi would use a hand mirror, he’ll have found the murderer.

  3. You don’t need to be Columbo or Sam spade to know it was either the father or the son, or probably both together.

  4. I haven’t really been following this, but after today’s post, my thoughts are the same as these first 2 commenters. The father/son are going to play this to the hilt…as long as they can get away with it.

  5. Sounds like alot of other people here are thinking same thing as myself. husband did it.

  6. @ 4 – most authorities are so PC gun shy over being labeled Islamophobic that they may very well get away with it. Especially when CAIR sticks there camel nose under the tent.

    If the crooked and corrupt Department of Justice under Eric Holder gets involved with it as a civil rights hate crime, then it’s a slam dunk they are off the hook.

    This smells of an honor killing by either the father, or son, or both.

  7. All right, I admit it. It was me.
    I must say it was sure convenient that there was a tire-iron in the garage and a note pad handy in the kitchen.

    It’s funny how I manage to sneak in and out without anybody seeing me, but hey, I’m invisible.

  8. Inbred Muslim husband staged the sloppy murder. Under Sharia law he would do a few years. Just wait for CAIR to come to the defense.

  9. “Authorities are still investigating the murder.”

    Authorities are still investigating the honor killing. There, fixed it.

  10. @ #6 Michael-“If the crooked and corrupt Department of Justice under Eric Holder gets involved…”

    If the crooked and corrupt Department of UNJustice under Eric Holder gets involved…

    There, fixed that too. I’m on a roll.

  11. Let the man keep talking.

  12. It’s not surprising that the window would be busted out from inside the house considering that someone went inside the house and murdered her. Typically a person has to be inside the house to bust a window out.

  13. #12,

    Sherlock Holmes you are not.

  14. OK so it was a DYSLEXIC white hispanic catholic member of the guardian angels who did it.

  15. #13 pink tie Republican commented:

    #12, Sherlock Holmes you are not.

    You mean: “#12, is that you Kassim?”

  16. A proud muslim would have claimed honor killing as it is right and just. He must be ashamed of his muslim nature to slaughter innocent girls, but he can’t help it, it’s in his blood, so it’s not his fault. He must have what a liberal would classify as a mental sickness, therefore he is innocent.

  17. I think that what #12 is saying is that the person already had access to the house. I don’t see a reason to ridicule the comment.

    In any case, whenever a woman is murdered, the husband/boyfriend is suspect #1. The police know this, I am sure.

  18. Honor killing! She probably disobeyed her husband. The Koran (written by a murderer-pedophile)
    says a husband shall beat there wives if they disobey them.
    Not making this up. It really says this.

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